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  1. I didnt't understand the answer. What is the correct of those two? Only the UEFA ones don't work with other Italian league files, or EVERY ONE of them???
  2. A quick question. NONE of the international competitions (CONCACAF, UEFA etc) won't work with any other Italian league patch? Or only the UEFA ones?
  3. Hello. When will the next update will be? I have lost with the change of timeline. Will they be the 1st of each month?Like 1st of February?
  4. Adding the competitions files destroyed the Italian league for a reason, so I cannot load it at all. It gives a red exclamation mark and asks for another number of teams in each league.
  5. Either way, it's really IMPORTANT that there will be a 2-D engine!!! It's a trademark of FM we loved, and the best way, at least for me, to fully comprehend what is going on the pitch, and if you want, to be able to ''imagine'' what a little cirlce is doing on the pitch., Whether it is a flamboyant pass, show dribbling etc Let's hope they release more versions of 2-D and/or update it for FM 2025. It is amazing and they are very correct not to neglect it, and consequently us players. I am very happy on this matter for SI
  6. Dave, when approximately will the new August update be released? I mean in early August, middle or late?
  7. Yes yes I mean the player's and/or manager's preferences to transfer their players to Saudi Arabian league. I mean this trend with all those transfers now. Ok, so I guess I will be waiting for August! Perfect!
  8. Dave, does this work implements changes in Asian leagues, so that players might prefer to be transferred in clubs there?
  9. Hello!! Great work!!! Right now, I cannot download the file, it says that it doesn't exist. Is there a solution? Also, does it work with the latest 23.2 update?
  10. Hello. Does anyone know when the transfer window closes for Greek teams? I mean for every transfer, even for free agents. Thank you in advance!
  11. Hello my friend!!! I believe the next update should be at 2nd of September?? Because the transfer window closes there?? Also will the packs continue for the free agents until September 15th?? PS AMAZING job!!!!
  12. Wait, doesn't FM contains already nations league?
  13. Eccellenza A Veneto requires 18 teams and it finds 19. League cannot be loaded. Started at 22.4.0 database.
  14. Ok a question...Is there a way to use it with the basic database (22.1.0)??? I can load the editor file, but English league is all greyed out, cannot select leagues and when I start the game it loads only the 4 first league divisions
  15. Yes but the thing is that I have many league files which have not been updated to work with the latest database (22.3), they only work with the 22.1, so I cannot start a new game with the 22.3 . That is why I asked whether the previous version of those files exist
  16. A lot of DUPLICATE PLAYERS. And I mean A LOT... I will have to test the editor files I have, in case something collides... However, my other editor files won't work with the 22.2 database. Your files won't work with the 22.1, so can I download the 22.1 version of your files somehow????
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