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  1. Well, actually it is not very time consuming, I believe your approach is more demanding. In my variation you still get som input from the scouts. You will get a hint that Player A is strong in an area (rating=3), Player B is medium (2) and Player C is weak (1). This gives you an overall picture of the player without telling you too much. Then watching them play give of course more clues. You start thinking of players like you do in real life, not as a set of numbers. Anyway it is nice to be able to enjoy the game in different ways and no way is of course wrong.
  2. One way to make it more challenging (and maybe a bit more realistic) is how I do it. All you need is Excel and a little knowledge how to use it. Then, after hiding the attributes, I created some custom views on the Squad screen. I selected the attributes I wanted to get a report and once a month I print them to a file (Ctrl+P). In excel I then have a macro thats imports the file and change the values a bit with Excels random function. I then present the numbers, not in the 1-20 scale, but 1-3. That is a bit extreme maybe but the points is... 1) You choose which attributes you want to have a look at. 2) You don't get the exact numbers. 3) You use the scale you think is best for you (1-5, 1-7 or whatever). The truth is that I have taken this a bit further by basing the attribute randomness on the actual scouts attributes. But that is maybe too hardcore for most people. Just to give you an idea what could be done.
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