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  1. I assume you need a special skin for that. I am just happy to hide the numbers... I have created a custom view with the attributes I think a manager should know when it comes to his own players. I then print that view to a file, import the file to Excel. do some calculations (with a random element) and get a result back in a form that is logical for that specific attribute, VO2 max for Stamina and so on. Just for the immersion. I am crazy, I know..
  2. There has been some questions in this thread about hiding attributes , maybe someone already answered how to do it, but if not... It's easy to do by changing four values in Preferences: in the advanced settings for Skin colours just change to 1 (one) in the A-column for all four levels of Attributes. Then you will not se any attributes in the game... almost. The only exception (as far as I found) is when selecting a scout for an assignment, you will see his attributes for judging current and potential.
  3. Thanks! I was afraid I was alone but then we are at least two who are confused. But, as you said, maybe it is because english is not our first language. It could very well be crystal clear for the natives.
  4. I agree, team building is the key. But should team building really be that tricky to code when compared to the match engine? Every manager in the game have a preferred tactic style and to make a template what positions are needed and what positions that are important for that particular style should not be that complicated to create. And they have been working on this for a quarter of a century or more and those working with it is very talented and smart people. And still you may move to a new club and have not one player able to play left fullback but there are seven strikers. No wonder
  5. Sadly I must say that this will probably be my last version of FM, and I played it since the 1990's (CM in those days). And the reason is that it is not an interesting challenge anymore. I don't know the reason, if it is a decision by SI to make the game easy to increase sales or if it is because all these micromanaging we are able to do now make it even harder for the AI to compete. I thinks it is sad that people are forced to make up artificial challenges , using only youth players or whatever, to get the game more enjoyable. It's quite odd actually, we are reading daily that AI will t
  6. Well... my first match after posting the text above, a friendly in the snow. Stoppage time and a pulled ankle ligament for one of my midfielders. It's getting better!
  7. My team is playing the 4th level of Austria. Maybe being semi-pro and not training every day has something to do with it. Or maybe I am a manager genius. Probably the latter, haha...
  8. Am I just lucky or is the amount of injuries scaled down in FM 2019 to the degree that they are almost non-existent? In other versions of FM I remember to have plenty of injuries in match play but also during training sessions. But not anymore. At the moment I have 48 players in the club, and in the beginning of January there are zero players injured. I have had the same "problem" in other saves. If injuries really has almost been eliminated in the game it takes away a big part of the strategy in squad building. To have depth in different positions just creates unhappy backups that will n
  9. qazwsx

    Team talks

    I would like to see a change in the team talks. Instead of addressing Defenders, Midfielders and Attackers as groups I suggest we should be able to address the teams play in the different phases of the game, In possession etc. If I, as the manager, would like to criticize the team when we are out of possession, then I want the entire team to be listening to my wisdom, not just the Centre Backs and Full Backs. We defend as a team and we attack as a team, right? As it is now I may be very happy how we play in one phase and very unhappy with another phase. But it is very frustrating because
  10. Your idea about the realistic camera angle is great. Also your other suggestions to make the game more realistic is well thought out. It would be nice if SI could add a realistic mode of play for those wanting a more demanding challenge. I admit to not having any knowledge about creating complex software, but I guess implementing , as an option, your "rules" what you may or may not be able to do in certain situations could not be that difficult. Then, from SI's perspective, the question is how many of their customers is interested in playing FM this way. Maybe most customers is actually
  11. Fantastic work Tonao! Especially South America is a so vital part of the football world, but not well represented in vanilla FM. Your work increases the value of FM by 100% for me.
  12. Yes, I watch the match (2D) at a speed two ticks above medium, it takes about an hour. But I must confess that sometimes, being down 4-0 or something, I speed things up even more. Once I was so frustrated with my team and being down 1-0 during the second half I left the room and went to the kitchen, eating a sandwich or something. When I was calm enough I went back and we were 3-1 up with five minutes to go. Maybe I have a bad influence... But of course, you are right. Watching the match in FM is not as good as watching a match in real life. But the match engine gets better each year (I
  13. Thanks for the kind words. I will not write anything about my careers, to much work, all my time is spent watching my team play, haha! Anyway, I could really recommend you to try the hide attribute thing. Before I did this my players was just a collection of numbers, I constructed a lot of formulas based on attributes and selected my squads by "magic numbers". Now the players are more like people, if you understand what I mean. I watch them play, and that tells me something about them. I interact with them and get a better picture. They react to my team talks and I understand a little mor
  14. I may have a peculiar way of playing FM. This is what I do. 1) Hide attributes (Preferences/Interface/Skin Colours: RGBA=211,211,211,1). 2) I have a custom view with some of the attributes. It is physical attributes that I think a manager should have knowledge about by performing tests. Acc, Pace, Strength etc. Also some technical attributes that I assume could be tested, Passing and so on. 3) Then I print the custom view to a web page, import the file to Excel and perform some calculations (with a random element) that results in test results. So instead of knowing that player A
  15. I could not agree more. Tonao is doing an amazing job, doing it on his spare time and then sharing it with us for free. And then we get people asking for a faster tempo of his releases?!?!? Sometimes one loses faith in the humanity. If you read this Tonao... thanks for your fantastic work!
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