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What is everyone's experience of using this? It has kind of helped me find a direction for tactics as you can see from the screenshot but I feel at times it really stresses on support duties too much, ie. it says a tactic is good if it has a large amount of support duties. May I ask if this is actually a good principle to judge a tactic by or is it a flaw in their system? I was planning to use a b2b instead of a cm(s) in RCM as well as a w(a) instead of a w(s) in RAM but I had to make those changes to make the tactic perfect by their standards. Do those changes make sense?

2021-01-11 (2).png

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I'm a big fan of it, especially for new players but like everything it does have its limitations.  Best used as a guide in my opinion, I'm not sure when it was last updated and doesn't take into account player instructions added by the user.

If you try making a 532 with Wingbacks for example its all but impossible to make a 5star tactic.  (without setting the middle 3 as Carrilero - CMD - Carrilero)

A BBM in a 4231 can work but generally will be advised against due to how much he roams.

Read Pairs and combinations when you have chance as that's a fantastic guide also.  Your tactic looks ok but you don't have any penetration on the wings and no true number 9 (apart from the AMC) that doesn't mean your wrong, short passing works well with support duties.  Be careful with Positive mentality along with higher line of engagement plus higher defensive line and offside trap, this maybe overkill unless your defenders are really good and fast you will be caught out by speedy strikers.


Like anything these things are just guides to help our understanding but you still need the players, team management, tactics etc etc to get it all working together.

Best of luck with it.




Pairs & Combinations - The Ultimate Guide (Released) - Tactics, Training & Strategies Discussion - Sports Interactive Community (sigames.com)

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My experience has been pretty similar- it's good as a starting point, but does seem to over-emphasize support instructions. 

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I think it is a nice tool for people who are not sure and want to check they are not setting up something that screams red flags. But it should not be relied on too much, as it is only telling you "this is not a stupid way to set up a team". There is so much more that goes into building a tactic than this. Most importantly the players you have at your disposal. And then you have changes you may make to deal with specific opposition. 

I'm not an expert in the 4231, I'm a solid 433 man with a DMC rather than an AMC. But I think the BBM can work here. Especially in the way you are set up here role and duty wise. The FB(S) on the same side, so fewer worries about being caught out there. And with a AM(A) and DLF(S) you should create space and overloads in the middle. The W(S) I would initially keep and see. His job - aside from providing crosses - will be to provide width to keep the opposition full back wide. In fact with a BBM/AM(A) inside and a winger outside, opposition left backs are going to be tested here. They will have to make a choice which area to cover. This could be a very nice way of playing, especially if the opposition is weak at LB.

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