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  1. You know what I do? I click "pick team" and press space bar. To be fair, I don't win nearly as much as you do, though. This game has grown so much over the years, it nearly feels like a full time job if playing it "properly". I have jumped ship to FMT. In that regard I agree with the OP; this game is brutal to newcomers. It's a massive load of information with no real guidance of what to do with it all.
  2. How to manage a club!?

    I hope someone on the UI team sees this thread. You know you're in trouble when players can't even start the game without asking what to do.
  3. I have created, applied and saved a custom tactic, but every time I load up my save the roles in the tactic are all messed up. It only takes a few clicks to resolve it (load tactic again), but it is pretty annoying. I hope this can be resolved in a future update.
  4. Maybe FMM 19 will have a special "Dean mode" as an unlockable? Since I started this thread I've jumped ship from Cambridge to Sheff Wed, won promotion to the Premier League and is now sitting 5th after 25 games - 7 points behind leaders Man Utd. While I still feel managing the actual games is pretty difficult (I've tried the advice given earlier in this thread - look at the opposition and tweak accordingly, but I don't know what to do in all circumstances), I think squad building is fairly easy. My team is filled with good to very good players, and I have a feeling I win most games simply because my players are better than the opposition. If you ask me I'd say the game is pretty much where it should be in terms of difficulty..
  5. As a Newcastle fan, I would take that!
  6. OK - during every match my assistant loves to help out with feedback. This would be great if it actually made any sense! Currently it is all over the place: 10 mins: we should encourage our team to play shorter passes 17 mins: we should play more direct passes I can't tweak the tactic for every 5 minutes. I assume this 'advice' is merely based upon statistics, like "IF pass completion is less than 70 % THEN advice SHORT PASS" or something. Might as well disable this feature.
  7. The error message is pretty straightforward, isn't it? Buy the game. Or contact SEGA support if you did buy the game and still see this error.
  8. Skins for touch version?

    I just came here to look for skins for FMT18. Aren't there any? Could someone please look into creating one?
  9. Steam stats below. Somehow I find it hard to believe that FM users are vastly different from everybody else, having 1024x768 as the most used resolution... I'm not saying you shouldn't support 1024, of course you should. But maybe it's time to not consider it default anymore? And maybe this resolution discussion isn't important at all anyway, so leaving it here. Cheers.
  10. I can't believe you consider 1024x768 as the default resolution? Various tools online for monitoring resolution trends have slightly different stats, but in general they all have 1366x768 and also 1920x1080 as far more common. 1024 was ten years ago. Really.
  11. Salvataggi

    Google translate: "Hello everyone I wanted to ask if any of you play with 2 devices (I with iphone and I just bought ipad) because the problem that I was presented is that I can not pass the ipad saves on ipad even if the name on game center is the same .. can you help me?" Any Apple enthusiasts out there to help?
  12. So, my Sheff Wed team seem unable to defend against corners. Again and again I see corners being directed at the near post and BAM! Someone whacks it in. Can I do anything to stop this? It has come to the point where I just sigh and accept I'm likely to concede whenever the opposition has a corner! My CB's have decent (15+) attributes for aerial (= heading?), tackling and positioning, should be OK for Championship level. I'm 1st in the Championship after 19 games, so not a huge issue, but then again my goal difference is 50-39. 39 conceded in 19 games! tactic is 4-2-3-1 btw. Flat back 4, two MC's (occasionally one DM and one MC), AML/C/R and CF.
  13. I had this game! I'd didn't take long for me to regret my purchase though. The game was as great as always, but playing it with an Xbox controller was a true pain in the you know what. You really need a keyboard and a mouse to play manager games!
  14. You will need Wi-Fi (or cellular..) connection first time you load up the game, as it downloads some data. After that, you don't need to be connected.
  15. FWIW - I didn't find the game particularly easy prior to 9.1, and now after the update I am really struggling. :/ Maybe down to me playing as Cambridge and having won promotions to the Championship though, tiny tiny fish in a gigantic ocean. But then again it's no fun playing as Barca and winning everything. Thing is, if the devs intend this game to be a "mobile" game for playing in short bursts "on the go", I don't think it should be too complicated or hard. I get that some folks might play this for hours at home (sometimes I do too ...), but surely the other FM releases should cater for this market? I can't micro-manage absolutely "everything" while commuting to work, as a season (or even an in-game week, heh) then would take an age to finish. Unless I move further away from work so my commute is longer ... hmm ... plot twist ... Don't know where I'm going with this, but maybe something in the vein of "please let full FM be full FM and FMM be FMM".