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  1. Footix

    Assistant's Advice Good or Bad

    He changes his mind more often than I change my underwear. I don't pay much attention to him, other than the team selection button (I'm lazy). Besides, staff have attributes too.. If you have an awful assistant, should you listen to him? No?
  2. Joselu scored 4 in a single game! For Newcastle! In the Premiership! Joselu!!!
  3. Footix

    The Ask-SI-Anything Thread

    Hi SI, I'm just curious, how many developers / coders are working on the game (the "main" one)? Is it OK to tell, or classified info? :)
  4. I've logged 30-something hours on the PC version now. Question: I'm seeing so many misplaced passes from defenders to GK's, ending up as corners. It's usually my opponents doing this, and I'm happy with getting the 'free' corners and all (I hardly ever score from them, but that's another debate), but this feels really poor. I don't recall seeing such mistakes that often in real football, but in this game I usually see 1-3 in every match. Is this just me / my tactics? Or are anyone else seeing this too?
  5. I wouldn't hold my breath. The developer team seems to be fairly small, and there will probably be a FMM19. Priorities.. Business..
  6. Have to admire the optimism.
  7. Footix

    2016 vs 2018

    Did you consider downloading the demo and giving it a go? Best way of judging if the game is for you. I've logged a pathetic 20-something hours with FMT18. I had a few hundred in FMC15. Just can't get into it.
  8. If it appears for you in Google Play store, it will run. Might be a bit slow though. The game has two match engine modes, original and enhanced, where the original is aimed at lower end devices. If you go with that it should be fine. Google play used to have a one hour trial period, you could ask for a refund if you didn't like an app. I tried once and I got my money back. Not sure if they still have that policy.
  9. I know. 😀 I must have spent actual YEARS with that game, it's scary.
  10. I don't have it enabled; I have all attributes visible by default. It wouldn't make much difference if it was enabled. As Dean says, it's only a matter of scouting - a few extra taps/clicks. Finding new players isn't a problem. Understanding tactics is. (which roles supplement each other, which mentality to use, which refinements to enable) For reference, I still play CM 01/02 and still think it is the best thing ever. 👍
  11. You know what I do? I click "pick team" and press space bar. To be fair, I don't win nearly as much as you do, though. This game has grown so much over the years, it nearly feels like a full time job if playing it "properly". I have jumped ship to FMT. In that regard I agree with the OP; this game is brutal to newcomers. It's a massive load of information with no real guidance of what to do with it all.
  12. Footix

    How to manage a club!?

    I hope someone on the UI team sees this thread. You know you're in trouble when players can't even start the game without asking what to do.
  13. I have created, applied and saved a custom tactic, but every time I load up my save the roles in the tactic are all messed up. It only takes a few clicks to resolve it (load tactic again), but it is pretty annoying. I hope this can be resolved in a future update.
  14. Maybe FMM 19 will have a special "Dean mode" as an unlockable? Since I started this thread I've jumped ship from Cambridge to Sheff Wed, won promotion to the Premier League and is now sitting 5th after 25 games - 7 points behind leaders Man Utd. While I still feel managing the actual games is pretty difficult (I've tried the advice given earlier in this thread - look at the opposition and tweak accordingly, but I don't know what to do in all circumstances), I think squad building is fairly easy. My team is filled with good to very good players, and I have a feeling I win most games simply because my players are better than the opposition. If you ask me I'd say the game is pretty much where it should be in terms of difficulty..