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  1. Ouch! Save sounds fun though! And Stoke of all teams, I don't think I've ever even considered managing them. Always cool to read what others are up to!
  2. If not full match, I'd also vote for the option of seeing longer passages of play. Now I see chances are created, but not so much of the build-up. It's kind of hard to identify what needs tweaking when things aren't going your way. Although I see your point about battery life, surely the player should ultimately be responsible for making the decision of what settings to use? The game seems to have quite a lot of auto-save going on anyway, so if it dies sometime mid-match I doubt you would lose too much data?
  3. Thought it could be fun to have a thread where we could post whatever is going on in your save. Career updates, scorelines, transfer stories ... Playing as Newcastle in my first season. Just hammered Leicester 4-0 only to lose 1-3 to Tottenham. Three free kicks from Christian Eriksen, what can you do. It was just one of those days. We even had more CCC's than them! Brought in Tierney on left back, sold Joselu and everybody is unhappy we only got 4 million for him. Heck, I'd pay someone to take that donkey off our hands! Could use some better players, but 9th after 10 games isn't so bad. Hopefully we can finish top 10 and build something from there!
  4. I use a CF(s) up top and wanted to change his individual pressing instructions; I wanted him to chase like a mad dog for a while. I can't? The settings only allowed me to press "less" or "standard"? Please tell me I just overlooked something? It can't be that rigid?
  5. So I eventually cracked and bought the game, it being on sale on Steam and all.. Only played two hours, but first impressions: - I can't put my finger on exactly WHY, but I like it much better than last years edition! - New tactic module is excellent and just what this game needed. - Not impressed with the default skin, but luckily @Lucas has us covered. Thank you! - After three friendlies I have scored 11, but my strikers still have no goals. Zero. Zip. Nada. A bit worrying, but as long as we win.. I see people are complaining over striker movement, so maybe there's something related.. Or it could very well be my tactics, I'm no genius with this. - When I first loaded the game I was unable to proceed from one of the initial setup screens (can't remember which one!) as the "continue" button was hidden behind the taskbar! D'oh! I figured it out eventually and hid my taskbar temporarily to be able to proceed.. But how on earth did this pass testing procedures.. Generally the UI feels a bit clunky, I often find myself looking for where to click. Granted, I'm not that experienced with FM, but still.. If users struggle to understand how to operate a game, you're in trouble. Some positives and negatives in here, but in general I think I'll get a good amount of hours out of this. Cheers SI!
  6. When an actual manager says a game about being a football manager is too complicated for him to understand...
  7. ? This article says 25% discount? I've already bought the game so I can't see the price in Google play.. https://www.footballmanager.com/blog/fm19-mobile-and-touch-sale-now
  8. At the moment it's on sale too. Go get it!
  9. Back when I started playing Championship Manager (CM2 - 95/96!!) with my friends, this was always what we were aiming for. Build a team full of superstars and then win it all. I don't think we ever hit the 38-0-0 though, no matter how much money we threw at the AI to buy the best players. Cool to see it can be done. It's fiction, it's the dream many of us have deep inside - take your club and make it the greatest ever. Well done!
  10. Re: training I wish I could leave training to my assistant, but also that he would honour any changes I make. Example: my assistant has selected "movement" as the focus attribute for a striker. I would like to change that to shooting, without necessarily controlling the entire training scheme. I tried taking over control, changing it and then reassign the responsibility back to the assman, but it didn't take long before he had reverted my change. So for the record I now control the team training. Although I don't really want to..
  11. Yeah, occasionally a player or two hit the 7 mark. Feels kind of wrong to praise someone for putting in a nothing more than a decent performance in a 1-3 loss, but if that's the only way.. The new season has started brilliantly though, and everyone is on very good or superb. May it last!
  12. So I lost a few games in a row, morale dropped like a stone through the entire squad and I went on a horrible losing streak. How to boost morale when this happens? Luckily I won promotion anyway, simply because I was so far ahead when the rut started. But I fear for next season!
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