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  1. OK, so I just discovered a bug. Latest update. My opponent (Grimsby) scored, but was ruled out. The game registered this as a ruled out goal for my team (Plymouth). PKM attached, the situation happens after 19 mins. Grimsby v Plymouth.pkm
  2. Just to chime in, I can live with the fact that other clubs bid higher than my initial offer, but what really puts me off is that I cannot then make a higher bid?! Me: 100k Club X: 130k I would bid whatever to have the player, but the game won't let me - the player just signs a deal with Club X? Come on..
  3. The logic behind some of the roles: - WB goes forward, BWM covers - BBM goes forward, FB covers makes us somewhat less predictable - CF does his own thing. I have tried all the roles, settled for CF as that seemed to be the most consistent performer. I'll test out your advice, thanks. Your suggestions all make sense, although I believe I have tried most of them already.
  4. OK, so currently I am using the formation / roles as below. Balanced mentality, mixed passing, mixed passing focus, mixed GK distribution and normal tacking. I play the offside trap. To be fair it works OK, we win more than we lose, but I recently went on this horrific streak, losing 7 out of 10 (1 win, 2 draws). Then all of a sudden things picked up and we started winning again. I don't know, something about this game seems so random.
  5. I hate when people say it's easy - it makes me feel so stupid! Maybe I'm over-complicating things, but I never seem to get the tactics right! a) I carefully design a tactic with player roles that complement each other ... b) ... only to find that I don't have suitable players c) I try to create a tactic that fits my players ... d) ... but that doesn't work either - the player roles are probably unbalanced or whatever It will never happen, but I wish SI would scrap these "roles" altogether and instead give us individual instructions. I'd like to tell this guy to run forward, that guy to stay back, without setting them as "AP" or "BWM" or whatever - sounds like they get a lot of instructions "under the hood" which I don't want. Sigh. If anyone has a "plug and play", good tactic, feel free to post it here...
  6. For what it's worth, I think it's really hard. Especially the tactic part. The match highlights are so short, it's hard to tell if your players are doing what you want or not. And all those player roles... I don't know if my striker should be a poacher, advanced forward, complete forward or whatever, I know I want him to play up front and score goals! 😂 I tend to play with weaker teams though. Maybe the game is easier if you go for Barcelona or PSG.
  7. All those bugs were in the game?! Good thing they've been fixed, but... Wow. That's a long list. Edit: will there be a transfer update after the January window, or was this the final update for '17?
  8. My first impression is that this is a good game. Several small improvements from the '16 edition, all contributing to a better experience overall. My observations: + EME plays better on my phone (Huawei P9) than last year's edition (or at least I feel it is smoother, might be placebo..) + extended player interaction is great + no more BWM's and BBM's at weird positions (AMC, DMC) - most goals seem to be long shots. Players should be more patient and not fire from outside the box all the time - I really wish for a filter on the scout results page. 10 pages of players, I'm not interested in e.g. neither the GK's nor the 30+ guys - no new roles. :/ All in all, well done SI.
  9. The formation is your defensive shape, they say. Movement is configured by assigning roles and duties. I don't know about everyone else, but I think it is a bit hard to visualize where my players will be when attacking. Where will my CM(A) be when we're approaching the final third, how about that WB(S) on the flank.. Could it be an idea to have a screen in the tactic creator, showing where your players are likely to be in the transition phases/various areas of the pitch? A bit like the wib screen of past CM's, although not editable.
  10. If you see a player not performing the way you want, how do you determine whether or not it is down to - wrong role - wrong duty - wrong PPM'S - wrong player - none of the above, the player is just having an off day I find this ridiculously hard. I can see "you're not doing what I want you to do", but going from there to identifying the cause is too much of a trial and error process. I feel like I don't have a clue really. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. Any news yet? Come on! Tell your marketing staff to release *something* ! This dead silence is not good.
  12. Back in FM Classic 2015 I found it annoying that my assistant automatically taught my players PPM's. Although he was in charge of the general training, I didn't like this aspect of it. Is this still an issue ?
  13. Playing as Newcastle. Just went from destroying WBA 4-0 to this. My team mentality is 'defensive'!
  14. The game lasts for 30 years.
  15. I wish the assistant manager was a bit brighter in his team selections. I often use the auto-pick feature, and my assistants all have a nasty habit of picking nearly identical players to the bench, i.e four midfielders, one keeper but no defenders or strikers. Also, if my formation has i.e a bbm and a bwm, and two of his selected players prefer these roles, you can be certain he switches them around so the guy who prefers to be a bbm plays as a bwm and vice versa. Third, I find it funny when I ask for his opinion on my two keepers, he tells me one is clearly better than the other and should be first choice, but still he picks the poorer one for the team. What is his suggested team based upon anyway? It seems totally random, but I suppose it is not.