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  1. I usually have goalkeeper distribution set to short. Still I see my GK hoofing it long every now and then. More often than not he hoofs it to the opposition midfield or defence, they immediately whack it back and put their striker through on a one-on-one. How do I stop this madness? I've dropped my defensive line to low but it still happens. Gahhh!
  2. Play as City or PSG and throw as much money as possible at him. He's 34 though. Don't think there's much chance of luring him away from Juve unless they release him when he reaches his late 30's.
  3. Just out of curiosity, why have you decided to show disallowed goals on the summary page within a match? It was disallowed. It does not count. Its not like "oh, they had three disallowed goals, they deserved to win / a better result etc". I don't remember with certainty, but I don't believe full FM includes disallowed goals?
  4. @Marc Vaughan Could we have an "official" response to this, please? Thanks!
  5. This might be pure coincidental, but I have a feeling it is easier to go from bronze -> silver than silver -> gold. I always hire natural bronze staff. The first upgrade is no issue at all, but the second one usually takes several attempts.
  6. I noticed one of my midfielders had the trait "gets into opposition area" in green when I viewed him as BBM. But when I viewed him as a regular CM the trait was no longer visible. Does the trait only come into action if he plays as BBM? Or will he have it regardless of role, but the "gets into opposition area" is not deemed important for CM's so it doesn't show (but he will do it anyway)? Confused! Also, if it is the latter (it applies, but it doesn't show for all roles), it's a bit cumbersome having to check all roles for all players just to check what traits they have!
  7. Well, although the new AI manager won't have your managerial skills, if you set him up with a superb squad (reigning champions + near 200 million worth of additions) I'd assume he would give you a decent challenge at least for a few seasons.
  8. I find it really hard to visualise where my players will be on the pitch in various situations. E.g. when we enter the final third, where will my CM (a) most likely be? My IW? And my DM? Actually I would love to see something in the vein of to the "with ball / without ball" screens found in older games in the series. Although it shouldn't be editable (would open up for all sorts of exploits), it would be superb to easily see "oh, my CM is going to be way too high on these settings, I better change something to fix it".
  9. Here's a challenge: Spend most of the 200 million as good as you can. Improve the squad as much as possible. Resign and get a job with another Italian club. Try to dethrone Lazio. Another challenge: Let me create your tactic
  10. Is everything in the update save compatible? Or do I need to start a new save?
  11. "The game is easy when you are good at it" Hmmm... I struggle to see that as an argument. Everything is easy when you are good at it!
  12. Ouch! Save sounds fun though! And Stoke of all teams, I don't think I've ever even considered managing them. Always cool to read what others are up to!
  13. If not full match, I'd also vote for the option of seeing longer passages of play. Now I see chances are created, but not so much of the build-up. It's kind of hard to identify what needs tweaking when things aren't going your way. Although I see your point about battery life, surely the player should ultimately be responsible for making the decision of what settings to use? The game seems to have quite a lot of auto-save going on anyway, so if it dies sometime mid-match I doubt you would lose too much data?
  14. Thought it could be fun to have a thread where we could post whatever is going on in your save. Career updates, scorelines, transfer stories ... Playing as Newcastle in my first season. Just hammered Leicester 4-0 only to lose 1-3 to Tottenham. Three free kicks from Christian Eriksen, what can you do. It was just one of those days. We even had more CCC's than them! Brought in Tierney on left back, sold Joselu and everybody is unhappy we only got 4 million for him. Heck, I'd pay someone to take that donkey off our hands! Could use some better players, but 9th after 10 games isn't so bad. Hopefully we can finish top 10 and build something from there!
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