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  1. Hm, starting to get a hang of it now! Won successive promotions with Salford, starting in the lowest league and is now in the Championship. Finished 7th in Championship last season, horrible start but ended on a 20-ish unbeaten streak. A word on transfers. Should a minnow club in FL1 be able to attract players from Dortmund? Without sugar daddy and insane wages? I don't think so, but one of my midfielders didn't mind moving from Dortmund when I was in FL1.. I now have players from European top sides on my list of interested players, if I only could afford their wages I would compete with the top sides in EPL. Granted, my badge is gold, but my overall facilities, stadium and finances are all well below standard. I don't think players should be willing to move from Ajax and Dortmund to... us. Currently 2nd with half a season to go. EPL next year? Fingers crossed!
  2. Would have been nice to know if someone is looking into this..? Minor issue, true, but annoying nevertheless!
  3. So... When is the FMM Beta coming out? I'm happy to install an APK and do some serious testing! How about it guys?
  4. Steam will be unavailable due to maintenance starting this evening. It will be back up and running tomorrow morning 6 am. Nobody told you?
  5. I don't understand the irresistible urge to play a beta version. Game isn't done. There will be bugs. There will be frustrations. There will be angry threads "Why diz no working!?" I'll wait patiently for the final release. There must be something wrong with me.
  6. I had a goal disallowed, but the game logged this as a disallowed goal for my opponents. Please see the attached pkm. Pro Vercelli scored and had a goal ruled out after 41 minutes, but you will see it has been logged as a disallowed goal for Foggia. Other info that might be useful OS: Android, 7.0 App version: latest (no updates are available) Device: phone, Huawei P9 I am doing the "avoid relegation" challenge While I appreciate it is far too late to have any bugs sorted for FMM18, I hope this report will help you fix the bug for '19. Please let me know if you need any further information. Pro Vercelli v Foggia.pkm
  7. Ah, fair play. I don't remember any of the earlier promo material, I assumed the OP was right.
  8. https://twitter.com/FootballManager/status/1045282952756834311?s=09
  9. Initial reaction: nice. I like it. Any chance we can have a few screenshots from 1920x1080 res? Please?
  10. Still no new announcements? I know you said "late September", but it doesn't have to be 23:59 on September 30th you know..
  11. I'd love being able to tell players to ease off tackles/calm down if they get a yellow card. I lost count of how many times I have had players sent off for two yellows. Currently I see no other option than subbing them if they get the card early. Feels silly.
  12. In case you wondered what happens if you tweak a tactic in a match, save it and then load it up outside of a match. Player roles are all over the place. Will this be fixed in 19?
  13. I tried to setup instructions to have my players do low, cutback crosses. - run to byline/near penalty area - low cross at approx 45 degree angle, aimed at near post-ish Something like this: What I tried: - TI low crosses - PI cross from byline - PI aim near post Didn't really work, they kept whacking random crosses anyway. Some went high, some went to the far post... Any advice on how I can setup for crosses as seen in the video?
  14. I did this in FMC '15. Still remember it!
  15. @Tim70 I believe you might have posted this in the wrong forum section? Dxdiag is part of PC troubleshooting, if I'm not mistaken? This forum section is for the game on mobile. I don't know if you are playing the full version or FM touch, but start here: https://community.sigames.com/forum/263-football-manager-technical-help-and-bugs-forum/ Good luck!