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  1. Are the default tactics any good? If I go with a default tactic and no TI's or PI's, will I have a chance to be successful? I realize I have no chance of creating a tactic, I win big one game and then get thrashed the next, I don't have a clue what works and what doesn't. So I'm thinking default might be a better idea.. If of course the devs at SI put something decent in the default tactics folder..?
  2. I only play the "beat relegation" challenge, and I never pick a strong team. I just don't have the patience to play a proper save, and I've never been interested in playing as Barcelona or similar. So there I am. I usually abandon the save after 5-6 matches and start over with a different team in a different league.
  3. It's a game. It's all 0's and 1's basically. How is learning how to play it and understanding how to react to certain patterns "low level of intelligence"?
  4. I'd like to see longer passages of play. I find it really hard to determine whether my players are doing what I want them to or not, as the highlights are so short. More footie please.
  5. I find loaning players out is necessary if (when) you get a fair few decent prospects. Imagine you have two players you start introducing to the first team in season 1. By season 2 they are not quite up to standard yet, but now you have additional three players you want to give some first team action. And next year you have two more. I find it nearly impossible to give all of them the necessary time on the pitch while still fielding a competitive team. So, loaning them out is the only sensible option. Then I can keep the 1-2 best ones myself.
  6. A cry for help

    For what it's worth, I would love it if someone would help Looping out here. Watch the matches and get back to him with explanations on why things went wrong. I'm in the same situation as him, except that I haven't opened any threads. Just reading others. I don't think I could differ between a player issue and a tactical issue if my life depended on it! I would learn a lot (hopefully!) from a thread like this, maybe others would too.
  7. 4123 DM tactic

    So ... you have 4 people orchestrating the attacks (3x AP and 1x RGA), and one guy to finish them off. I suck at FM, although I think you should look to replace some of the AP's with other roles?
  8. You know, I would be positive if the mobile version went in this direction. The current FMM is trying to be as FM as possible on a 5" screen, and I find it tedious to click all these teeny tiny buttons for all the various options. Hell, on team selection I tend to do "clear squad, auto pick, done". I don't even take a good look at the players and decide which ones to play, because it's all so small and clunky. On a PC though.. with a mouse and a large screen.. nope.
  9. Purchasing FM 2017

    For what it's worth, I'm still on FM 15 (and even more CM 01/02!)
  10. FMM 2016 - updates?

    Pretty sure SI don't care about older versions once a new game is out. Head over to the fan site fmmvibe.com, maybe there's some unofficial content you can download.
  11. Fm2017 or Fm2018

    To point 2, the older game should be listed amongst your other apps in Google play. Just go to "My apps" and swipe to "library". I'll leave the first question to SI..
  12. Purchasing FM 2017

    Some corners are longer than others, lol I just don't see the point, if you haven't bought it by now then why not wait until the next one.
  13. Purchasing FM 2017

    Why buy FM17 now, when FM18 is just around the corner?
  14. General Tactics Question

  15. I did it, but can't remember if anything specific 'triggered' it. I won a game I didn't deserve to win, similar to your screenshots. Let's hear from the devs? @Alari Naylor@Marc Vaughan