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  1. Sorry for being an idiot, but the game has a thousand screens and I just can't find them all. I'd like to train my striker to learn the trait "Places shots". I feel I've been all over the training module but I can't figure out how to set this up. I'm sure I did it in previous versions of the game. Help anyone?
  2. Oh, this is an "unlockable". I don't know what triggers it, but it basically means you can now make transfers whenever you like. (If you had voted "no" when you were asked for your opinion, I believe the transfer windows would have remained) Have a look in the game options (cog wheel icon > settings) and see if it is possible to turn the unlockable off mid-game.
  3. @Marc Vaughan Apparently it will be possible to run Android apps in Windows 11. Any chance FMM 22 will support this?
  4. If the amount of data is a potential issue, wouldn't it make sense to implement a (optional) feature to only store the last 30 seasons or so? Let's be realistic, while it is nice to be able to look at some random statistic from forty years ago, how often do you actually do it? Would it be horribly game breaking if it was limited to the last 30 years? I'd say no. But also keep the feature optional, for those who feel they really need to store everything.
  5. Still not as good as Taribo West on CM 01/02.
  6. Don't know how I feel about this tbh. I get what Miles is saying and all, but for me personally it feels a bit "waste" that SI are spending years and years on developing a feature I really couldn't care less about. But to each their own, nobody's forcing me to check this feature out when it eventually launches, I will just keep on playing FM as usual.
  7. Think of the duties as pre-sets of player instructions? Instead of selecting this, that and then some you simply click "attack" and you're done. It's easier. But I dislike that some instructions are locked in. If I want a player do to a specific role/duty but tweak it ever so slightly - I often can't because the instruction is locked. That makes very little sense to me. Surely a manager should be able to ask his players to modify their game.
  8. Sorry, on what screen can I see a player's traits? ("comes deep to get the ball", "dictates tempo" etc etc) Feels like I've clicked everything now but I can't find it. I only notice them in the tactics creator when I occasionally get a warning that a player trait conflicts with a player instruction. Would like to see them all if possible! Thanks
  9. Does anyone have a good (attacking) corner routine to share? I've been experimenting with various things but can't get any results. Currently I am whacking them to near post, the idea is that the tall guy will win the header and either hit the target himself or flick it on to the striker on the far post. One player marking the keeper, a couple of lads inside the box, someone outside the box to recycle possession and a few stay back to avoid us getting caught on the break. Doesn't work. I'm not looking for an exploit or anything, but if I could score from 1 in 15 corners or so it would be massive.. because currently I just go "bah, another corner" and know I won't get anything from it.
  10. I always look for staff with "natural" aptitude. Sometimes I have to go for staff with bronze badges, but they usually have no issues passing the qualifications to achieve a silver badge. However, moving from silver to gold is a real pain. If I have five staff members and have all of them do the exams at the same time, it's not unusual if only one of them passes the exam. So I'm trying over and over and over again. Is it just incredible bad luck, or is it actually harder to go silver -> gold than bronze -> silver?
  11. Is there a reason why the set piece settings are locked / unavailable during a match? I had asked my team to hit corners at the edge of area. That didn't work too well so I wanted to change it. Nope. Another time I had forgotten to assign a corner taker, and my striker was taking them. I'd rather have my winger do it, but.. Nope! Can this be unlocked in FMM22, please? (or ideally in this year's version, but I assume you don't do any more work on the game now..)
  12. My wingbacks won't cross the ball. I give them instructions such as "cross more often" and "dribble less", but once they reach the byline they still hold on to the ball far too long and the cross is blocked. Frankly, I don't care if I have a lot of players in the box or not. I want the wide men to cross regardless, we can fight for the header in the box and then fight for rebounds. How can I make this happen?
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