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  1. I have to admit I never paid much attention to what the opposition was doing. I tend to focus on my own team and finding a suitable setup. I tried using your tips for a few games now and it seems to be working.. Although I've had a great season with 5 defeats in 38 games, so I might have won these 'tests' anyway. Seems like bit of a 'cheat' though, constantly tapping the opposition button to see what they're doing and adjusting accordingly?.. Maybe some of that info shouldn't be available, such as which roles the opponent is using.
  2. Some users say the game is way too easy this year. Others, like me, can't understand what they're talking about ... So here's a poll - let's vote and see what the majority thinks! FWIW - I tend to go LLM on the enhanced engine, and I don't find that easy at all. I can usually get results against equal teams (won promotion from L2 with Cambridge, yay), but whenever I face stronger opponents I get totally destroyed. I've seen screenshots of users beating Real Madrid with a team from .. Australia? I could never do that, I don't understand how it is even possible. I would probably have lost 1-5, haha. But lets hear it! If you find the game very easy, it might be interesting if you could drop some details from your game, eg. tactics, do you play with any unlockables such as Sugar Daddy, do you have any tricks to complete transfers .. anything to help the devs tune the game.
  3. FWIW I tried applying this to a mid table team in Portugal. After a record of 0-1-5, with horrible performances in every match, I quit. I guess it ties in with the "buy better players approach", but that's hard when there's no money to improve and you end up relegated...
  4. That's a bit weird though? The roles should play very different? (or at least I thought they did!) How about in midfield, can you change between bwm support, cm support ap support and it doesn't matter?
  5. Hah, I love this. Here we all are scratching our heads and throwing special roles, shapes and mentalities all over the place, and then these two super generic setups make you win the league. Great stuff Looping 😁
  6. I've got the same as you. Two coaches, 1 scout and 1 physio. All silver. I'm part of the coaching team too, I have gold.
  7. Can't afford to let him go - I'm playing as Cambridge (promoted to league 1), and when I place adverts for new staff I only get bronze ones. So I'll stick with my poor silver for now. Maybe a bit far fetched to aim for top notch staff in league 1, but then again as long as they're currently on silver and have "good" aptitude .. The sky is the limit! Cheers
  8. Hi Jamie, Three of them have normal aptitude, one has poor. Probably just down to bad luck then? Do you know how long it takes before they can try the exams again? I think a few in-game months have passed now, but the option is still unavailable. Thanks
  9. So I sent my four staff members to take their gold exams and they all failed. Is there anything I can do to increase the chances of them passing the exam? Except paying with real money, I won't ever do that.
  10. I've seen people claiming the game is easy this year, but not me - I do as badly as I always do. Probably down to your tactics. (Would you mind posting them? I'd love to win a game or two for a change! )
  11. No, it does not. You can go on holiday though?
  12. I suppose you could buy the in-game editor and fix it that way.
  13. For 01/02: updates to 17/18 season + various improvements and bugfixes is available here: www.champman0102.co.uk
  14. Cheers Alari! Not the most urgent of "issues" but good to know that you will sort it.
  15. The red/green buttons for accept/reject, yes/no are a bit inconsistent. See attached. Maybe you could go through all screens where such buttons appear (you know better than me where to look), and make them consistent? It seems to be mostly "yes" to the left and "no" to the right, but I accidentally rejected a transfer bid out of habit!..