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  1. So I've noticed that whenever the ref goes away to look at VAR the play just continues like nothing happened. The next attack will be well underway before the commentary tells me e.g. "no goal!" Shouldn't the players wait for the ref to make his decision?
  2. Footix

    FMM19 observations

    Dean and Mikael, feel free to PM me with your tactics ... Would be great to have some success in this game for once! I'm probably too impatient, but really, all those player roles and team instructions is doing my head in. And it all seems so random; my team can play brilliant in one game and then be utterly useless in the next. Don't know why I keep buying this game year after year, I never learn it anyway and every year there's more stuff to learn! The only thing I've noticed being "easy" is maintaining my players fitness. I can select the same 11 for nearly every game unless someone is out injured. This seems like a bug though, and I raised it in the bug forums.
  3. Soooo ... I should stick with FMT 18 for now, then?
  4. Similar to last year, as reported here: If you edit your tactic while in a match (move some players around to other positions, change their roles etc), save it and then load that saved tactic outside of a match, the player roles are all over the place. Wing backs as strikers, inside forwards in midfield etc. It might be purely cosmetic, the roles might be correct under the hood so to say, but flagging it anyway. Cheers
  5. Footix

    No money, no problem

    It's not always about winning, true, but part of the fun is taking your local side to glory. If FM went overboard with realism it would be no fun playing as smaller sides, you would never get anywhere with them. Except for maybe another job at a bigger club. The odds of Exeter or Harrogate rising to fame before 2040 are... slim. To your point, I still remember a relegation dogfight I had with Southampton in CM 97/98 many moons ago. Best save ever! (the following season I of course went on to win the lot, because CM)
  6. I'm on a Huawei P9. Thinking about maybe switching to a Galaxy S9 or a Pixel 2. Not for FM purposes, but... Better performance wouldn't hurt.. 😉
  7. Footix

    No money, no problem

    Do we really want the game to be as realistic as possible? As in, you will never achieve anything with the likes of Colchester and Oldham unless you invest a good 20 seasons? I don't.
  8. Came across a video of a guy playing the game on an iPhone. The match was butter smooth. It's not as smooth on my 2 year old Android device. Will it run as smooth as iPhone on newer Androids, e.g. Galaxy S9?
  9. What mentality are you on? I'm usually on counter and it works great. Not playing as Real Madrid though. If you're on attacking, try dropping it a few notches (balanced or counter), see how you get on.
  10. I'm usually on counter, with tempo set to fast. Btw I don't know what West Ham did, but they're similar at the HT image. All players in the 90s.
  11. The UI in "view match" (where you reload PKM's) is a bit confusing. It's not clear how to exit. There is plenty of room - I suggest you add a text "exit" or "back" next to the arrow. Also, the little "dash" between the exit area and the gear icon (settings) - it isn't clear at all what this is for. I would move the exit button further left and increase the "dash" button area + add some explaining text to it. I don't know what you call the bar it triggers? Action bar? Cheers!
  12. Players hardly seem to lose any stamina / condition, especially after the 1st half. Have a look at the below screenshots, the first is taken at half time and the second at full time. I'm Newcastle, all players started at 100 %. Half time: Bong is the only one below 90, he picked up a slight knock Full time: Bong is at 88. He lost 1 point over 45 minutes while carrying a knock. He's a WB. Everyone finished well above 80. I think this needs some tuning; 90 mins of Premier League action and not even sweating? I would upload the PKM, but when I look in my 'matches' folder it isn't there. I have another match there though, not sure what has happened. Anyway, this seems to be happening a lot so it shouldn't be too hard for you tracking down an example. Let me know if you need more info!