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  1. It makes sense in theory, but I always found it a bit weird that I can create good chances on "contain" mentality. The whole team participate in attack just like I'd expect them to do on higher mentalities. I think the game might be slightly bugged in this regard..
  2. Some good tips in here. Tried implementing in my current save and results have, if not been great so at least they have improved. Grinded out lots of 0-0's and 0-1 defeats before I suddenly went on a 4 game winning streak. Maybe I'm on to something now.. Would you mind elaborating further on this? What's the "default" tactic and what adjustments do you do in various scenarios? Seems interesting! Hmmm... which tactic beats 4-2-3-1 again? I've had some decent results with a 4-1-4-1 now .. and you're right, most teams seem to play 4-2-3-1!
  3. I've never been any good at FMM 19. I've tried over and over but I always fail. I think it's my tactics. My usual pattern is that I try to create a suitable tactic for my squad. I'm no genius with roles and instructions, but I usually find something that works OK. I play a few games and have decent results / match stats. Then I get played off the pitch in the next match. My opposition can be 'weak' or 'strong' - it doesn't really matter. I get very few shots, if any at all. Little possession, opposition is all over me for 90 mins. I play another game and it's the same. In another game I sneak an undeserved draw. In the next match I suddenly dominate again. I just ... I suppose it's my tactics, they probably "work" against certain formations and "don't work" against other, although I haven't really seen any pattern. Curious to know what you do? Do you rotate between several tactics, as in "if my opponent play 4-3-3 I play <this> and if my opponent play 3-5-2 I play <that>"? Because that's the only solution I can think of right now, and I can't understand how I am supposed to have a squad suitable to play "anything" and still keep all players happy. It just can't be done.
  4. Sure, it's possible. You only get to load a few leagues, that limits you somewhat, but it's perfectly doable to jump between clubs.
  5. That's the best in app purchase I ever saw. Spend a million pounds and get the million added to your transfer budget.
  6. That's a long post right there! Curious, do you have any "device cleaner" app of some sort installed? Knowing Huawei they are quite heavy on the battery saving, device optimizing features, could it be an app wiped your files accidentally?
  7. I can relate. I have never managed Barcelona, Real, Juventus, Bayern, Man City ... the top dogs. For some reason it just doesn't appeal to me. I much rather prefer to start lower and work my way up. When I reach the top division and my team starts winning major trophies I resign, because it's not fun anymore. Why is League 2 more appealing than Champions League!?
  8. FWIW I think it's impressive SI are still managing to come up with new features to this game series. The game is about being a football manager, there's only so much features you can add without going out of scope (a manager would never <insert random feature here>). Granted, this year's main "features" do sound a bit underwhelming, but again, what more can they realistically add. At this point so late in the game series I think it's more a matter of polishing and fine-tuning aspects of the game rather than adding new, large modules.
  9. Not only notches - some brands have introduced "hole punches" in their screens! Like Galaxy S10 series. Now, that I can imagine being a pain to code a game around.. Whole screen is usable except this teeny tiny stupid circle! Can you imagine looking at a player in FMM and his attributes seem brilliant but you can't see his "Strength" attribute because there's a bloody hole there!
  10. Thanks! That particular model isn't available in my part of the world, but it gives me something to compare to. Cheers
  11. FMT is restricted to three nations. I usually load England, Italy and Spain and load all leagues in them. Budget would be around £700 I guess. I can stretch a little if needed, but I'd rather not. 🙂
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