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  1. Played for three hours and I am enjoying the game. It helps that I've managed to stumble upon a half decent tactic this year, fingers crossed there won't be any huge ME updates to break my tactic! However ... I just have to say, media interaction seems to have been taken up a notch this year, more questions from journalists and now they often ask follow-up questions to the first one. Don't like! The xG stuff seems more like a gimmick than anything else. What matters is getting the ball in the back of the net. When we win 4-1 I am happy regardless of what the xG says. Similarly,
  2. Regarding weekly / annual salary. The norm where I live is to talk about annual salaries, but I just can't do it in FM. I am so used to thinking in terms of 'per week' - if a player suddenly wanted 2.3 million per year I wouldn't know what to make of it! Is that high? Low? No idea! How much is that per week you say?
  3. Doing the "avoid relegation" challenge with Benfica, to familiarise myself with this year's editon. Needless to say we are wiping the floor with most opponents, but unfortunately we could only draw 0-0 with arch rivals FCP. The tactic I've put together seems to do pretty well. Next step will be the mandatory Newcastle save.
  4. @michaeltmurrayuk Thank you so much for doing this. Mucho appreciato!
  5. Absolutely. I forgot to mention, but I use UK sterling too. Weekly wages. Anything else is just... Wrong!
  6. Maybe I'm weird, but I just came to think of it. FM is very well translated to my language, but I play it in English anyway. It's just a matter of habit, when I started playing CM back in the day the game was in English and I've just stuck with it. I don't understand every word, but I can usually understand the gist of things. I am sure things would be easier if I played in my language, but for some reason I don't. It just doesn't feel right. What about you? Do you play in your language? (I once heard about people going all-in and setting the game to e.g. Portuguese if they were to
  7. Every now and then, not always but often enough that it is annoying, my click on <whatever> isn't registered and I have to click again for the action to trigger. I can't reproduce consistently, it seems to be completely random, but it's affecting the entire game. Anyone else having this?
  8. Hi When opening the FMM 21 app it automatically tries to connect to Google Play Games. I don't have this app installed so it's a bit annoying having to cancel this dialogue box every time. I've checked under settings and the option "Display Google Play Games Pages" is inactive. Is there anything else I can do to prevent this from happening or is this a bug? Thanks
  9. All the UI issues ... do SI still support 1024 x 768 or whatever low-res they used to showcase the new games in? If they do I suspect it's a matter of not having time or resource to create proper layouts for all the various monitors out there. More like "make it look good on the lowest one and then scale up accordingly". Result: lots of empty space on higher res panels.
  10. Have to say, I'm really enjoying the new match day layout. And the matches are more fun to watch than earlier too, although that might be because I started with a top team to get used to the new game and I'm hammering everyone. But I'm seeing some really nice plays out there. I hope someone more skilled than myself can come up with a dark(er) skin though. Those white panels, especially in the inbox and on the "calendar" (while the game is progressing) are hurting my eyes.
  11. Was about to start a save but my game crashed at the board room screen. Logged a crash report in Steam and will try again later today.
  12. I think I need to report a bug. I'm moderately successful this year! I'm not supposed to be winning matches! Nice one, team SI!
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