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  1. I noticed that opponents are figuring it out your set pieces strategy, usually after 10-15 matches (the exact time depends). So it may be nice to have two separate strategies and switch among them from time to time.
  2. I know that it may sound a little strange, but if you are facing trouble with the original version, did you ever happen to put the tactic on Rate my Tactic (https://ratemytactic.web.app/) and see what does it say? It can be a nice tool as a starting point, telling you about roles/duties combinations that are not exactly the best ones and pointing you some gaps on your team. Then you can follow its path and adjust the tactic accordingly to what you see on games. It is also a fantastic tool on some level because it compares all the player instructions that come with the roles/duties and mix
  3. Yes, I figured it out that and I created a simple strategy to deal with this situations, as I don´t like micromanaging. Usually I try to change the game with substitutions, if it is not working, I add the TI "Be More Expressive". If it is still not working and the match is on the last 10 minutes, I move LOE and DL to Much Higher, to give opponents even less space. Until now I didn´t suffered any goals with much higher lines, instead we scored a goal on the last minute on one match and almost won a hard game which was 0-0. The strategy itself is not important, I think the most import
  4. Will Russ? Thank you so much for this tip, I will look for him and see where he is. I have also looked at JD Cymru Premier, but few players have caught my attention there. It looks like the poor structures don´t help the players there to even start at a good point, at least not for English based clubs.
  5. Hi Tilling and Blyth. Nice to see some "Welsh Challenge Fans" here, it is one of the most fun challenges I ever did in FM. It is a challenge, it is not so easy as you don´t have so many Welsh players available, however it is not so hard as you still have some good options around (like Christie-Davies, Josh Thomas, Owen Beck, Luke Pilling and Cole Dasilva). Also the youngsters are coming 100% Welsh, so I can create and develop my own Welsh players - and I can have more options at the bench. The fact that Newport, Swansea and Cardiff play on the English pyramid and have good structures also help
  6. Thank you very much for your feedback. So your suggestion is to keep the Anchorman but change the right side - instead of a Carrilero, or a Mezzala with a striker on support duty, or a DLP on Support? Or the DLP on Support would substitute the CM on Support on the left? I used a DLP on Defend as a DMC instead of the Anchorman, however the team behaves strangely and I don´t know the reason for sure, so I prefer to stick with the safer option.
  7. To encourage/help/generate more movement on the middle of the pitch, besides moving up the fullbacks mentalities. it is part of the "center overload" strategy. I did a quick experience removing the underlaps and the focus on the middle, trying to create this effect only with the narrow instruction, but I really didn´t like the results, we played much worse than on the games before.
  8. I will also consider doing the opposite - put the two strikers on more support/creative roles and use a Shadow Striker. It will be very interesting if it works that way, I can also come back to say here what happened.
  9. Hi David. The idea was to use the second midfielder to help the AMC and the strikers a little bit more, but it is complicated to create a 4-4-2 diamond system in which the two midfielders does not cover the flanks well - and the Carrilero is the unique role that does this specifically. Your answer gave me the insight to leave the two Carrileros alone and try to change something on the attack which is not working properly. Thank you.
  10. So after reading many topics here and out of here and playing for 4 seasons with Wrexham - hiring only Welsh players because yes, I like a good challenge - I decided to create a more specific system based on a formation and some concepts I like. I love the 4-4-2 Diamond and its variations and with the creation of Mezzalas and Carrileros, plus the possibility of defending wider/narrow, I know that now we have more options to play narrow than we did before. I tried something more simple (ie Balanced with no instructions, for example) but I don´t like to play that way, I prefer to be more specifi
  11. Thank you for your answer, it makes a lot of sense. I am managing for example Wrexham right now and I am only hiring Welsh players. We are at National League and we now have a very "basic" team even for the division - you see, there is no outstanding player, the best ones have attributes around 9-10 but nothing too good, so there seems to be no specific point that we can explore. Use the players in their favourite roles/positions seems to be the best way then (or at least in roles they are good at). The idea of generic roles is also good, however from my personally experience I tend
  12. I like your way of thinking, michaeldawson75. But sometimes the players look too "normal" for the division (no specific strengths regarding attributes or moves), or even they are too weak to do anything well, for example in very very lower league teams (5th or 6th divisions). In these situations what exactly would you do? I am asking because sometimes i look at the squad, I look at the attributes and I don´t truly see a way to go, so it is nice to hear more opinions about that.
  13. I have been playing with Wrexham for 4 seasons, we are currently in National League after being relegated from League Two. What I see from this version is: you can create something more specific - lots of instructions and a very detailed playstyle - or you can work with something more simple (Positive mentality with no instructions, for example). But with a LLM team you have to be, let´s say, very coherent on roles and duties, and if you work on a more specific playstyle you need to be very logical, because our players lack the quality to compensate any possible flaws. If you really like
  14. Hi slajer. @Cleon once wrote an excellent guide about how he manages the changes in matches when things are not working well. It is a very simple way, much more than micromanaging and understanding what the IA is doing and trying an instruction to react. I for example prefer his method, as I like to play with very specific designed tactics - so any change would disbalance everything. And also because I never guess well what IA is doing. You can find the guide here:
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