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  1. The usual suspects can probably give you more and better details but the way my experiments went a lot of stuff is now hardlocked when the intake preview appears. Whenever I load just before the intake I get the same names and positions. The big difference are the stat spreads of the players and (at least according to my scouts) the distribution of talent and skill between them. About the son topic: I think I had one in 17 but am not sure. It was my cheat file and I simply ignored youth players with low PA. but after some year I saw a random player with my unusual last name in the league
  2. Description: After creating a new second team as Leverkusen most of my players have their squad status reduced (from what I saw usually by one). This does not only affect young talents or old players on their final career steps but also star players with 3 to 3.5 stars in their prime years. How to reproduce: I uploaded the file "PreBug - CreateSecondTeam.fm". Select a manager for the new second team and go a day forwards. A lot of players should now complain about reduced squad status and some more should have a reduced status. Please ignore the results from my games -- I savescummed a lo
  3. Tried it for my armada of scouts. For some weird reason he offered six of them the Chief Scout position. Tried it for the second-rate youth intakes. Not happy with the promises made but the contracts themselves are fine. Same for my reserve team: Bad promises but surprisingly good contracts.
  4. Generally, I like it. I think there is still room to grow -- why can't I drag-and-drop on the bottom lineup to switch positions? Why is there no explanation when hovering over the emojis? Why is there no injury-icon on the overview? -- but it gets across what it is meant to get across and at least on smaller monitors it looks quite nice as well. There are just two things I really, really want changed: 1) The dugout. The AssMan and analysts are getting on my nerves; they update too often with too much irrelevant stuff. Too flashy and more often than not not helpful (no, my 10/12 speed
  5. Description: The tab with assists shows zero values for the locations they came from, both for scored and conceded goals How to replicate: Go under Team Reports -> Analyst Report and click either the "Scoring" or "Conceding" field. Go to the "Assist" tab and the pitch with the assist-location shows 0 values on every position. The assist types directly below are set and look to be correct. (I hope this only show up once; the forum derped on me!)
  6. The subbing rule is not correctly implemented: In FM we can sub five times whenever we want. In reality these five subs are restricted to 3+1 "windows", i.e. the manager can only bring faces in at halftime and thrice during the game; if he wants to use all five subs he has to make a double-sub at least once. Also dito to the age rule. For consistency's sake it should be changed, even if Moukoko can't be in the database. I could somewhat understand if it stays as it is as the old versions gave us already a few months more than real life but a change is still a change I have a similar
  7. A few hours in: ++ The performance. I play on a potato and it runs smoothly. Even better than on FM19 and FM20. Please give whoever is responsible for that a big virtual hug! ++ Players are a lot more dynamic and open with their demands. Especially for teams that had a bad last season or messed up continental qualification just before the start-date have a lot of demands. ++ Tactical changes for one match only!!!! ++ xG stat and more realistic Shots/SoT-stats ++ Goalkeeper and defener ratings! + The presets are far less bloated and can actually work as a basis + It feels like
  8. Has the button to switch positions between players vanished or am I just too blind to see it? /edit: Found it: Team selection -> Players
  9. Both Berlins gave me quite a few dear moments Hertha: 1) Salomon Kalou's last stand. I played him as starting WPa for two seasons where he averaged about 30 scorers a year and one year as sub WPs where he drew similar numbers on a per 90 minute basis. 2) My young players. Redan, Samardzic, Maier, Netz. All delivered and developed a lot! 3) Stark as captain. In three seasons I had not one player throwing a fit because Stark made everyone drop concerns 4) Dilrosun. Just Dilrosun. I began to love him as a winger but as CWB he was even more of a beast. -———— Uni
  10. Wolfsburg will be my obligatory long-term save on the release-version Stuttgart and Frankfurt are both plenty of fun. Nice balance in the squad and at least in the last two years the team role and playing time nicely matched up. Plus, they can both play a lot of formations and tactics. If W(a) are still as strong as in 20, Kostic will be a machine in player hands! Lautern was my beta-save last year. Re-awakened my love for the 4132 and was plenty of fun on the transfer market because in the third league money actually matters.
  11. If I'm not playing Union, Gogia. He is cheap and almost always far outplays his attributes. Otherwise: Fast defenders and Midfielders with high mentals. I guess my go-to South African guy (Phalakmani Mahlambi) might also be on the table but seeing how I don't follow his league I have no idea whether or not he'll be available or whether or not he even exists ^^
  12. I might do Union Berlin again. I had some real fun with them last year (beside the press being idiotic) and they got some really good new players on top. Not to mention that Gogia is my all-time FM-hero! Close seconds are Leverkusen (always on my list but somehow I never get it going because they almost have too much talent, making it hard to choose) and Hoffenheim (I just like their squad; I just hope that this year SI picks the right cutoff date for injuries ^^)
  13. My uncle's roommate's best friend's taxi driver told me that the beta was supposed to drop last week but the poor guy responsible for implementing Brexit and the guy handling everything MLS-related got into some serious discussions about the effects their event chains might have on the other.
  14. Right now I am annoyed by how easily the FA hands out warnings and sanctions over nothing. How can I get close to a pitch ban for (calmly) saying a red card 'seemed a bit harsh from where I was sitting'? It is not even an actual criticism, more like a subjective observation and I am coaching in Germany where such things are among the usual reactions over controversial cards in the last minutes that lead to a decisive goal. Such responses either need to be severely reworded or get more realistic outcomes — it is no biggie if one remembers usual reactions but it still gets on my nerv
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