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  1. Since last year I think flanking BPD(St) with "Brings Ball out of Defense" PPM and "stay wider" PI are pretty good in their movement and support. They stretch the field and can run up the sides until almost the height of the opponent's box and thus give good support for more aggressive Fullbacks or players cutting inside late (IWBd/IWa who stayed wider really brought the side to life for me!). I don't play with only one CD too often too properly compare both options (judging by the build-in analysis it looks like something the devs didn't really think about using, so I see it as a potenti
  2. First of all: This is a pretty attacking formation that goes against a lot of "conventional wisdom", so there is a lot between the extremes of "this should never work" and "Somehow it works". Personally, I'd try to get more balance in the defense as the right side is woefully unprotected. There is a lot that could be done but if it works out defensively and the problem is the offense, you can leave it be. To get the offense scoring better, I'd personally try to create more options and paths to the goal. The simplest way could be removing the WBiB-TI. Your offense line is just support
  3. Generally speaking, my youth and reserves have three rules to training: 1) Mental stats! While they grow with age and experience on their own, in my opinion they are key to a smooth transition between teams. High mentals make it a lot easier to play them a few minutes in the first team and for some reason they really make them explode in the youth leagues. Shadow Plays and Transition-Press are a staple of my regular schedule. 2) Individual training. I often go double match training or at least two days trainings that include role training. Attack/Defense have a few, as is a lot of ma
  4. A small but crucial correction: It is not a "can" but a "will" -- If you buy the editor, it will be automatically added to every compatible save file.
  5. Forcing the opposition inside is essentially meaning defending wide and trying to defend the pitch side-to-side, stopping most crosses entirely. This naturally means that your fullbacks are engaging wingers and overlappers more often and that they are thus missing in the centre. Similarly your Central Defenders might venture more outside which means you concede aerial superiority in the box whenever a cross actually gets through. I'd advise you to look at 1) How the crosses happen in the first place. Are your fullbacks overrun by doubled-down flanks? Are they overrun by pacier wingers?
  6. I played your left side in a 4231 in 19, just more hyper-aggressive with an IWBs. It looked well, even if the high outer flank was often left blank. What helped in getting the desired movement was telling the CAR to run wide. Giving the (inner-footed) IWBs some central-play PPM also helps but is not that essential. That way there is a better chance they align properly with the CAR starting wider and providing a wide outlet. I agree with previous users that an RMD might be too much behind an AFa in this formation. What could(!) work however is using an IFa with the PI to stay wider
  7. Weird. Once I am not on a potato anymore (so anytime after Christmas) I can do some proper tests but I am quite sure I never got the WBs to act like the [Bal] WBau with contrary instructions. And I tried it every year because I'd love to stay with "proper" roles.
  8. Is it really? I am playing with this setup for a long time now and the general positioning and movement between WBau and WBs is fundamentally different. While the WBau still goes forward with his instruction, it is far less dynamic than the "true" role and a lot more solid defensively. The WBs with the clickable instructions almost immediately goes for the overlap when the winger has the ball, the WBau shadows his counterpart more and only overlaps cautiously once the Wa orients himself more into the middle.
  9. I play very similarly with my Wolfsburg squad. I mainly have three big-ish changes on roles and a few minor tweaks to account for the players available. 1) I use Brekalo as an IFs on the left. He has a lot more pace for similar levels of creativity and with some proper training and luck his mentals will be on par after the first season. For that to work I either train Possession myself or get the best coaches available and put Brekalo on "Final Third" individual training for the first season. For me the two trained stats went from 11/9 to 13/12 after the first year after which I changed h
  10. The usual suspects can probably give you more and better details but the way my experiments went a lot of stuff is now hardlocked when the intake preview appears. Whenever I load just before the intake I get the same names and positions. The big difference are the stat spreads of the players and (at least according to my scouts) the distribution of talent and skill between them. About the son topic: I think I had one in 17 but am not sure. It was my cheat file and I simply ignored youth players with low PA. but after some year I saw a random player with my unusual last name in the league
  11. Tried it for my armada of scouts. For some weird reason he offered six of them the Chief Scout position. Tried it for the second-rate youth intakes. Not happy with the promises made but the contracts themselves are fine. Same for my reserve team: Bad promises but surprisingly good contracts.
  12. Generally, I like it. I think there is still room to grow -- why can't I drag-and-drop on the bottom lineup to switch positions? Why is there no explanation when hovering over the emojis? Why is there no injury-icon on the overview? -- but it gets across what it is meant to get across and at least on smaller monitors it looks quite nice as well. There are just two things I really, really want changed: 1) The dugout. The AssMan and analysts are getting on my nerves; they update too often with too much irrelevant stuff. Too flashy and more often than not not helpful (no, my 10/12 speed
  13. The subbing rule is not correctly implemented: In FM we can sub five times whenever we want. In reality these five subs are restricted to 3+1 "windows", i.e. the manager can only bring faces in at halftime and thrice during the game; if he wants to use all five subs he has to make a double-sub at least once. Also dito to the age rule. For consistency's sake it should be changed, even if Moukoko can't be in the database. I could somewhat understand if it stays as it is as the old versions gave us already a few months more than real life but a change is still a change I have a similar
  14. A few hours in: ++ The performance. I play on a potato and it runs smoothly. Even better than on FM19 and FM20. Please give whoever is responsible for that a big virtual hug! ++ Players are a lot more dynamic and open with their demands. Especially for teams that had a bad last season or messed up continental qualification just before the start-date have a lot of demands. ++ Tactical changes for one match only!!!! ++ xG stat and more realistic Shots/SoT-stats ++ Goalkeeper and defener ratings! + The presets are far less bloated and can actually work as a basis + It feels like
  15. Has the button to switch positions between players vanished or am I just too blind to see it? /edit: Found it: Team selection -> Players
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