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  1. An absolutely suicidal tactics I tried a while ago: ——————SKs ——BPD(St)—La—BPD(St) IWBa————————————IWBs ———DLPd———RPM ——————SS (or any other offensive role) ———DLFs/CFs—AFa/Pa Very high line, heavy pressing. Very narrow in attack. Speed and passing directness somewhat slower. Disciplined and pass-first. To be absolutely clear: This is bananas. The defense is completely out of position and any goalkeeper that has not good concentration and first touch will cost one or two goals *per game*. On off-days the offensive trio is just creating spaces while the wingbacks rule attacks. But when in possession it gets plenty of chances and forces a lot of opposition errors, particularly penalties and red cards.
  2. I started with Wolfsburg but didn't get it going. This year I am too involved with the team and there are a few disagreements with the database and my feelings too many. So I've spend a good thirty, forty hours trying to switch the attributes around. But it is boring knowing any hidden stat and I tend to either overvalue a few players or completely fail to get them play halfway true to self. In 17 it was easier with a failing team that yet still had many options and, more important, no team dynamics making it so much less difficult to switch the team without hurting your favourites ^^ This year I fell in love with the Leverkusen squad (this offense <3) and have some good sympathy for Bremen and its younger players. Also games started 6 or 18 month in with the failing teams. Gettinh Düsseldorf from dead last in the second league (how???) to bgaining promotion on the last play is still one of my proudest achievements.
  3. On my main file I have one general goalkeeping training every four weeks and during international breaks I train each individual focus once in the first week. However, I am slowly changing it up to switching distribution into my technical week permanently. On my current, more experimental, file I do two general session every five weeks and once every ten weeks each individual training session once.
  4. This. Just a few examples from the Bundesliga: 1) Akaki Gogia. He has a CA for a top second league player and my scouts continuously say he is not gonna make it in the first one. In almost every save I buy him as a player that can without problems start in the CL. He has a good spread of attributes and perfect traits for his preferred roles. 2) Renato Steffen. A player I apparently hugely disrespected in the database forum (gotta collect the stats to argue for some changes!). An average IFa that can do an okay to good job in the right setting. However, his stats are both balanced and at the very max he can hold. Retrain him to an aggressive wingback or Pressing Forward (which he is also well suited for) and suddenly his CA rises by nearly 20 points without that many changes to his game. 3) Robin Knoche. Really good mental attributes. Good defensive attributes and bulk. But he is slow. In a low line or as Anchorman he can be absolutely amazing but due to his low speed he is relatively low on CA despite being able to outplay far better players given the roght setting. 4) Positions and key attributes. Ever trained a winger in speed? Or a goalkeeper's concentration? What those eat out of the ability rating is insane! Maybe one of the reasons in lower league games Target Men and DLP and other roles with fewer key attributes and no speed needs are such valuable commodities: They can have way higher stats all around the board and still be only considered 'average' by the game. Compare a pacy lower league striker and look at his non-speed stats for example!
  5. PFs and PFd. They have the hardcoded instruction to tackle harder for a good while now. But Tackling is none of their trained attributes and most naturals are pretty bad at it. Is there a different attribute or combination of attributes handling how their, mostly offensive, tacklings are calculated? Or is it necessary to essentially keep them on extra schedules throughout their careers/use retrained DM only? Strangely enough they do okay so far but I am unsure how much fine-tuning they need to be playing at the best of their roles.
  6. Regarding IWB: I play them always exclusively on narrow formations lately. They behave quite differently from when set as wingbacks in the same duty. Are the specific instructions (particularly 'cuts inside' and 'fewer crosses') still stored but the cuts will just happen later instead of early like for regular IWB? Normally I'd say narrow play and underlap (even without wingers) cancel out the generic 'run wide' instruction almost entirely but there still is a good difference between the two roles, particularly in the decision when to cross (IWB almost never) and final-third movement (cut inside and run to post vs. staying at the box's border).
  7. I've been playing the CAR role a few times in this formation. While I mostly used them to defend for an aggressive Fullback or to keep and recycle possession, they can also be used for functionally asymmetric formations. Once I played with a WBd and a RMD on the CAR side and a WBs and IFs (or FBs and Wa) on the side of a RPM*. The idea was to essentially cut the pitch diagonally while the RMD runs into the free spaces in the empty half. In this particular formation the CAR was perfect because of his wide action radius. He can position himself to directly send the RMD or to hold the ball and recyle to the RMD. He can play back to the DM or seldomly risk a short run. Just one thing to consider: With a rather defensive Fullback, the Winger either needs lots of good spaces, *really* good movement and/or dribbling, or the CAR in question needs some offensive traits to be more often of assistance. *APa with a Regista as DM also work very well.
  8. Pre-update Leverkusen. Bayern wanted one of the Benders for 45 million. They are rotation players in my book and there are four players on the same role with similar skill. Let's just say it went downhill from there. Bellarabi was throwing a fuss and I botched the response. So there was a minor rebellion on my hand. So more players left that were too angry and some good replacements came for the money. But then others were angry about feeling replaced. So they *were* replaced. After the winter window almost the entire classical substitutes and a few team players were gone. Thankfully I still had the insanely talented frontline and a new talented backfield. Until the summer that is. The offers I got were immoral and I could not refuse every single one!
  9. After finally playing two seasons with England fully loaded in, the entire league is bonkers. With them just marked as View Only, England is kinda stereotypical: Big money for overperforming players (thanks for the money), some bloat, and no real structure on their squads. Once their original squad's contracts are ending (and either get renewed for big, big money or just do a nice swap around the league) and all their mediocre one-season wonders go from loan to loan, they slowly turn into international non-entities. But with them set as playable? Even teams without any chance of ever seeing Europe (although granted, the top teams are pretty much set) have and buy players I would kill for at most Upper Euroleague teams and could very well find a place for in most non PSG/Barca/Real/Bayern/Juve European teams. Not only the stats but also the personalities and traits! As for Liverpool in particular, they just start with a good package: Young-ish players in key positions. Counter-press system and squad. Good balance and good management. Give them an above average first transfer window and they are pretty much set for quite some seasons to come. Kinda like Dortmund on drugs but with far better holding power. I once played a file with Dortmund's reputation increased a good bit. They held their young talented guys and together with the old veterans and their general philosophy dethroned Bayern who only stayed competetive because they lucked themselves into De Light and then bought almost the entire Leverkusen offensive line over a two year period (Haverz, Bailley, Paulinho with Brandt ultimately refusing the contract and going elsewhere). Liverpool has, from my limited knowledge of them, a similar squad and philosophy (only fitting as Klopp build up the current Dortmundian general outlook on football) but more money, reputation and star power and no Bayern in the league who completely overshadow everyone else. Without these bonuses, Dortmund often can't keep up in the simulation and without star youths coming in every other year, they often flounder. Liverpool has these bonuses build in but just more extremely. (Leverkusen *could* be similar but in AI hands their offense is too quickly gone unless the repuration goes fully bananas and their defense (and Team Leaders) can't keep up with them, warranting such a reshaping that they can easily fall into unrest or flights due to management or get into flights due to poor results.)
  10. I experimented with a similar setup a while ago but with one big difference: I wanted to disprove the 'crossing is key' saying, meaning that I played very narrow and with IWB as defenders. While the narrowness was only suitable for top teams (the demands of First Touch, Composure and Concentration were insane!), the IWB were absolutely key players who took apart even way better opponents (for example Bayern while I was playing Hoffenheim). Backed by a holding midfielder, the IWBa had the liberty to run wide through defenses, only cutting inside late and then often passing to the far post where the AF created spaces and the IWBs just had to tap in. I saw this particular play almost every game! In general, I am right now playing almost exclusively IWB in narrow formations, especially when playing with at least two central midfielders: Those block the lanes for the fullbacks to cut into and with no teammate in front of them, they continue to run wide a good while before they have all the options in the final third: Cutting inside for a shot/dangerous pass. Crossing from position to the big men up front, passing back to the centre before running into the box, or just taking some risks. Another tweak I found useful: Counter-intuitively my DLF was a big man (Jumping Reach 18) with 'Tries First Time Shots'. Together with good movement, he is just insanely hard to mark because the IWBa, Ta and AFa are all running around him and can be serviced by him and he could punish them both in the air and on the ground. In the end he had Comes Deep, Gets into Area (Thank goodness the combination is still possible, it broke my heart that Gets Forward was blocked), First Time Shots and Killer Balls with me seriously considering adding either Back to Goal (he is a machine and First Time shots make him still a danger in the box while discouraging longer shots) or Dictates Tempo (To give him more liberties to decide which weapon to use). As for your take, one problem might be having the more offensive midfielder on your more offensive flank. It can work for overloading attacks (particularly with a supporting forward) but opponents will love to exploit this side of the pitch. Personally, I'd switch the miedfield positions around. With the DLF dropping deep and the AP going forward a bit more, they also form a nice connection. If you want to engage your CWB more, teachibg the AP to switch flanks might give him the right incentives. What is your Libero's pace like and has he any forward moving traits? Granted, I played more suicidal with mine but until I retrained my star fullback to be my new pick, he was often too far forward on counters which left my defense somewhat open.
  11. I love the more defensive roles this year. TMs is my biggest favourite so far. The attract balls and are *everywhere* to win and distribute balls. Give them 'first time shots' and 'comes deep' and they really dominate the opponent's half. Solo they can send quick wingers on their way and with 'first time shots' they also score plenty. In a double partnetship they create space and link the game. They work particularly well with PFa in diamond formations in my experience or AFa in flat formations. DLFs is similar. Just with more risks and less 'focus' on him. With star wingers and/or running midfielders absolutely amazing but sadly I have problems finding proper formations for him; I prefer TMs as distributor, CFs as link and am currently experimenting with F9s as creative front. Speaking of, F9. I had hoped to test Bailey more in that role but I fell in love with another formation on the way. Like TM they attract balls and can distribute them well but are more suited for a more controlled play. So I can say little but 'they are good but pretty situational and demand specific types of player'. Right now however I am in the 'big and quick CFs' camp. Retraining Håland every time and playing him with less dribblings. So essentially a DLF but with more potency up front. So far pretty fun but I am not yet finished with fine-tuning him. Also fun: Double CFs staying wider with an offensive narrow formation. They create ALL the space for late midfielders to run into. -------------------- Those were those I had the most consistent success and fun with. AFa probably have the most upside. If they work, they really hammer it in. I had on multiple ocassions lower league strikers hitting triples to heptuples (is that even a word?) in the top leagues. But on the flip side, if they don't work they are consistently scoring 6.2 or lower in the ratings. Poachers are for me another role being so-so. They are having the most cccs and good chances but I have had very bad luck in finding players that can actually convert these chances. I haven't tinkered too much with PF roles. I've had some good fun with PFa while trying to get Labbadia working (although with lots of editor work because key players are underrated and a certain someone is way too good) in a partnership with a deeper player. They score and put pressure on the defense, particularly the first third whereas the deeper player is in the middle third and links the play. Heavily PPM'd the more defensive PF are good for compactness and more adventurous smaller sides that are not walling but play aggressive and fast. In 17 they were in fact my favourite roles; like half my DM players got retrained for my Darmstadt side! Maybe it is time to get another lower league save going? I have absolutely no experience with Trequartistas up top. Players that can play it are almost all going into the AMC slot. ------------- What I wanted to say: Strikers in isolation only work if something is a game breaker. What do you want to play? Who do you have available and what is your club's standing? What do you expect from your players and what is your style? I for once love strikers that do more than scoring and only have like 15 touches. I want them involved in the game! But for some teams height is everything. Others need a creator of spaces. Yet others need speed and intelligence. All of it has its merits in the right circumstances. Sure, with time I can spin it to my liking but especially early on a lot depends on what's given. I can only say what I love most but are they the best roles? In my formation and idea, maybe? In genetal? No!
  12. 'Uses height for low shots' I have a tower of a striker with Jumping Reach 19. I build my system around crosses and other methods to get him to use this aerial superiority. In his first season he scored fifteen times after crosses or corners. All after low passes to the short corner. I have to admit, it made me chuckle. ----------- 'Will never get his deserved respect' Most BBM and some BWM. My workhorses winning balls, securing hyper aggressive fullbacks, giving options at both boxes. Often my most important players on the pitch. Barely get recognises. Ratings stay at essentially the starting value. Reserve players fight for their places because they 'don't deliver'. The media keeps pestering me why I didn't sub them. Big upside: I can keep them longer because virtually no interest from outside. --------------- 'Decides games' My BPD. Four deciding goals, six assist, six critical mistakes. ---------------- 'Can not control passes' Baumann. 9 First touch and average concentration are NOT good for SweepeR Keepers in a very narrow, very patient game from the back. In 75 games against Bayern I had about thrice the chances but his mistakes caused nearly 2 conceded goals per game. ------------------ 'Does not understand his place' My team only had one average winger and plenty of good MC. So I decided to sell him to play a narrow system. Naturally he asked for a meeting where I told him he didn't fit my system. He was livid, telling me I didn't even give him a chance. So I relented and played him as a really aggressive fullback. He was delivering so I decided to keep him. But then he was complaining about his retraining. After that was sorted out, he was angry about my new striker who had winger as secondary position. Even when I assured him they weren't competition, he was not convinced and shortly afterwards demanded a key player contract. By then I had enough and instead of a first teamer in a Champion's League team he was benchwarmer in a mid-class English team before touring Europe on loan. After four years of that he returned for peanuts on a scrap contract.
  13. I always have three similar tactics slotted in with #2 and #3 mostly being tweaks for 'holding' and 'attacking'. I have a rather extensive list of saved main tactics which get loaded in with their respective variations after the previous match or when injuries/bans/discipline is forcing my hand. Should I be forced to *completely* change approaches during a match, I have more to change and analyse than simply pick from two alternatives and pray. Therefore my secondary tactics are the formation for success and minor tweaks. For bigger ones I handle stuff manually.
  14. Is it me or is it really possible to go full Magath all the time with little problems as long as the results fit? I reloaded one of my old saves and saw three sessions programmed into nearly every day, exception being pre-game (2x plus preview) and post game (Recovery, one session and review). With some extra rotation I went through two seasons with Euro League/Champions League and faced no real problems. No mass injuries (in fact they were by far lower than expected), no fatigue except in my two South Americans with their long travels, and no revolution. Sure, I got weekly notifications that the players were unhappy with the training but no player ever came to me with it. Normally I go two per day with one or two extra sessions and very heavy weeks during breaks which seems both realistic and goes well but I wonder if I could go *all* the way to cheese player development even further.
  15. I screamed into my pillow just now. This is way, way to common for me. Granted, one of the games was Stuttgart with Baumgartl and Badstuber in defense but even without that I had plenty of seasons with filler youths to greyed out players in my squad due to heavy injury bugs.
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