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  1. What would be some exciting teams you would suggest? Maybe not specific teams, like the level of clubs ie. how you define "big club" Top 4 in the country they play in??
  2. I'm trying to get one of my pals into FM he's a chelsea fan but idk if playing chelsea straight off the bat would be too easy. Are there any teams that you guys would recommend for relative beginners? Don't want him to lose interest after a week
  3. I had the idea that the right back can hold its position slightly to provide defensive cover for the box to box. The right winger can potentially provide width by himself in the final third, especially a player of Sancho's quality.
  4. I am playing a 4-3-3 and sometimes 4-2-3-1 usually as the dominant team in a league (top 4 level). I am a bit confused as to these 2 mentalities and the differences between them. How can I decide which mentality I want to play on?
  5. What is everyone's experience of using this? It has kind of helped me find a direction for tactics as you can see from the screenshot but I feel at times it really stresses on support duties too much, ie. it says a tactic is good if it has a large amount of support duties. May I ask if this is actually a good principle to judge a tactic by or is it a flaw in their system? I was planning to use a b2b instead of a cm(s) in RCM as well as a w(a) instead of a w(s) in RAM but I had to make those changes to make the tactic perfect by their standards. Do those changes make sense?
  6. I have been playing Martial as a DLF(a) the last few games. He has dropped a little less deep but he is more suited to this role.
  7. I have been thinking about this, I would love to put Van de Beek in that starting lineup and perhaps play him as a CM(s) or a BtB but I'm not sure if that creates a risk defensively. I mean in terms of touches, I did expect Martial to get involved in the build-up given I put him as a CF. However, I have read that it isn't recommended to use CF unless you have a really good player in that position (Kane, Lewandowski, etc) so I did switch him to a DLF for a few games which makes his role more simple, hopefully that helps.
  8. I have been running a united save recently trying to give the team some sense of direction which hasn't happened irl. So after some lurking around on the forums I have designed a tactic which does look alright on paper and looked good during the preseason and the early stretches of the season. This approach hasn't worked in real life for united but it does in game I guess. I am trying to play some sort of progressive football perhaps similar to the vertical tiki taka in game. However, it has become frustrating for me at times when we are the stronger team and also have an advantage in ter
  9. I just simply mean if I should add more TIs. Especially I see a lot of people using "be more expressive", "distribute quickly".
  10. Also as you say for now, does that mean I should add onto my base TIs as a go further into my save?
  11. Another question, if I were not to use work ball into box, will my players start spamming shots from deep? Especially if they have something like "shoots from range" in their ppm
  12. What do you mean by a split block? Ok so updated instructions: Positive Shorter Passing, Play out of Defence Counter-press, Distribute to CBs Higher Defensive Line Any PIs I should add?
  13. My initial thinking with the BPD was to provide a different option to going to the playmaker, for example if the central areas are clogged up the BPD can bring the ball to other areas instead of full dependence of playmaker. If I were to choose one out work ball into box and lower tempo which one would be more important, in your opinion? Both does stagnate the play and guys just pass around the box non stop. Also, for counter press, pressing urgency how would you set those up?
  14. Am going to narrow down to either Spurs or United to test this out, so you get an idea of how the midfield quality is. Would the DLP compete for space at times with the DM? Although I suppose AP congests the space outside the box as well. Did not do this deliberately, what problems would that possibly entail? Positive mentality, shorter passing, higher line of engagement + defensive line, offside trap, distribute to CBs This is all I am sure of atm, unsure of work ball into box + lower tempo would be too passive, undecided about counter press, pressing urgenc
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