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  1. I'm a big fan of it, especially for new players but like everything it does have its limitations. Best used as a guide in my opinion, I'm not sure when it was last updated and doesn't take into account player instructions added by the user. If you try making a 532 with Wingbacks for example its all but impossible to make a 5star tactic. (without setting the middle 3 as Carrilero - CMD - Carrilero) A BBM in a 4231 can work but generally will be advised against due to how much he roams. Read Pairs and combinations when you have chance as that's a fantastic guide also. Your tact
  2. I am actually experimenting with something similar just without the Libero. I would agree with what Experienced Defender says, you need a holding midfielder. I suggest cutting back on the team instructions initially and slowly tweaking to see what works for you, maybe make some of the roles more vanilla as well then experiment from there. It can be a very effective style of play but getting the balance right is key. This formation in particular can be exploited with crosses to the back post if you are not careful. Good luck with it and I hope you can get it working how you want
  3. I just wanted to share some formations I have used over the last few versions of FM that are balanced and a good starting point for anyone struggling or looking for somewhere to start. They generally use the Pairs and Combinations approach and are 5 star on this site - Rate My Tactic (Disclaimer - This site is not perfect but is a good guide, along with the fantastic Pairs and Combinations thread on this site) Are they exploitive - No Are they Balanced - Yes Will you win every game - No Do they work - Absolutely I have tested these over various levels with suc
  4. I'll be interested to see the feedback on here. The 3412 is my favourite formation but in my experience the back 3 gets wildly exposed to far post crosses in the match engine. If you move the wingers to wing back its much more solid but tends to become a flat back 5 when defending which only leaves 2 in midfield. In the ML & MR positions I tend to play a support role but they don't ever seem to add quite enough going forward or quite enough in defence. Possibly a defensive winger on defend may help with the defensive phase but that wont solve your issue going forward. Would love to se
  5. He asks for one that gets the striker scoring and "gets the best out of an AMC" having him take the set pieces does help with this. Its the not the only way he scores, i have had a player there get 25 goals and 20 assists in a season. The IF's also score alot.. Its a fun and exciting tactic which i have completed dafuge challenge with this year. Im not sure why you have replied at all if your not going to contribute to the thread
  6. Have you tried the default 4231 gengen press? If you set the get someone with good set piece skills for the AMC role and set him corner and freekick taker he'll get plenty of goals and assists which helps the average rating (cos AMC seem to struggle with rating on this version), the striker left as pressing forward will generally get 20+ a season, i have experimented with setting him as an advanced forward but doesn't seem to make much difference. This has been my go to tactic for the whole of this version and feel it is very much plug and play, always hit the seasons objec
  7. If I am playing with a positive mentality and have an automatic role in midfield.... Is the player on Support or Attack mentality?
  8. Hey everyone, Does Exploit the left/right flank change any other player instructions other than increasing the wide players mentality's? I have read it encourages players to pass to wide players more. Also is there somewhere I can read what all the Team Instructions do under the hood as the tool tips can be vague. An example I notice is Work Ball Into Box, one would assume this reduces long shots but I have read it also reduces crosses, that makes sense but the tooltip does not explain this. Sorry if this has been covered and I appreciate any help
  9. I appreciate this may of already been answered, but: If I have a roaming playmaker or box to box midfielder, both of these roles have roam from position = often If i then set my team instruction to Stick to positions will these roles change the roaming setting under the hood to mixed or even rarely? Thanks in advance
  10. What is the effect of Look for Overlap when you only have 1 set of wide players playing in LB/RB or WBL/WBR positions? It seems to increase their mentalitys slightly more attacking, would it make any of the more central players Hold up Ball like it would if i had more advance wide players?
  11. I appreciate this would have been answered somewhere but.... what is the breakdown between General training and Individual training as a percentage? Is it 50/50? I was under the impression that the higher the intensity under general the more time was dedicated to it but it seems that the players still train for example 1 hour general but the intensity for that hour is increased not the amount of time. Iv found so far that; General training needs to be kept the same for 90 days minimum to have an impact. Match training even if set to low (half day) still has the same impact as Match traini
  12. I am now 6 games into my season with Margate and sat 2nd in the league P6 W4 D1 L1 F14 A8 I cant even begin to tell you how impressed i am, my team is beyond rubbish and more than often i am having to use youth players who are very very poor as i cant sign many players due to my wage bill being so restricted
  13. wow, unbeaten in 37 games!!! have you made any tweaks? and do you use OI?
  14. Very well done with Rotherham, consecutive promotions is a fantastic achievement. I have been using this tactic in my second season as Margate in Blue Square south, i barely avoided relegation last season as i put them in the BSS by using the editor and changed nothing about there rep players etc. So far this season i have used this tactic for 3 games and i have W2 D1, i especially like the way the defensive winger plays as it never occurred to me to try and implement this but he seems to be getting a lot of assists and key passes. Congrats again and let us know how you are doing in the C
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