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  1. I have the same issue. 15 notifications but transfer window shut and no offers when i click. Any confirmation as to whether or not this is a bug? Or am i just missing something?
  2. If I am playing with a positive mentality and have an automatic role in midfield.... Is the player on Support or Attack mentality?
  3. Hey everyone, Does Exploit the left/right flank change any other player instructions other than increasing the wide players mentality's? I have read it encourages players to pass to wide players more. Also is there somewhere I can read what all the Team Instructions do under the hood as the tool tips can be vague. An example I notice is Work Ball Into Box, one would assume this reduces long shots but I have read it also reduces crosses, that makes sense but the tooltip does not explain this. Sorry if this has been covered and I appreciate any help
  4. I am by no means an expert but I have used this formation quite frequently. My first thoughts would be; I dont like the BBM, he will occupy the same space as the AMC, personally I play an BWM support next to CMd and give the AMC the creative role. Also as you are a couple of seasons in and quite strong I would tend to start more games with a Control Mentality. With Sunderland in the first season I play Control at home against all but the top 6 and i generally do well. You've drawn a blank in 3 of your last 6 and don't seem to be conceding an awful amount I would say you need to impose yourself more.
  5. @Dan BHTFC Great database Dan, your hard work is much appreciated. I started my save on 17.2, now its updated to 17.3 will i have any problems or can i continue with my save?
  6. I appreciate this may of already been answered, but: If I have a roaming playmaker or box to box midfielder, both of these roles have roam from position = often If i then set my team instruction to Stick to positions will these roles change the roaming setting under the hood to mixed or even rarely? Thanks in advance
  7. https://uk.gamesplanet.com/game/football-manager-2017-steam-key--3090-1?ref=gocland £29.99 - looks like that includes Beta too
  8. What is the effect of Look for Overlap when you only have 1 set of wide players playing in LB/RB or WBL/WBR positions? It seems to increase their mentalitys slightly more attacking, would it make any of the more central players Hold up Ball like it would if i had more advance wide players?
  9. I appreciate this would have been answered somewhere but.... what is the breakdown between General training and Individual training as a percentage? Is it 50/50? I was under the impression that the higher the intensity under general the more time was dedicated to it but it seems that the players still train for example 1 hour general but the intensity for that hour is increased not the amount of time. Iv found so far that; General training needs to be kept the same for 90 days minimum to have an impact. Match training even if set to low (half day) still has the same impact as Match training for 3 days (minor boost to Def Pos or Attack Movemenet etc) Additional training is seperate and done in a players own time So if it set average intensity Balanced general training, then set my CB to Limited defender training under individual what time is spent doing these two activities?
  10. Hey Kuchiki, take a look here http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/437910-FM16-Youth-Academy-Challenge
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