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  1. I tend to push training pretty hard, except during 2 match weeks. Even during the season, except on match days, I fill every slot and often put the 90-100% group on Double Intensity. Some of this depends upon the personalities of your players. Injury prone players need less. One other use for 'Rest': After two intense sessions, for example Endurance-Resistance-Rest. I've only done this during pre-season.
  2. That's true. Wasn't blaming you and you are just trying to help people with what the game can do. I appreciate that. Anyway, your tips in this topic, and others, are helpful. Thanks
  3. Ok, for defending Direct free kicks, there are no such options, but there are for defending the other free kicks: That's an excellent point. I do get that, and I generally appreciate that the game is trying to simulate real football, but I want to instruct my players to do something different because I give up way too many good chances defending Deep free kicks, more than in most any other aspects of the game, because my players routinely get beaten to over the top passes, so I want to try having them to start behind the play and go forwards. What's confusing is that the set pie
  4. Ok, but I think that you know what I meant (?) There are no options to zonally mark the six yard box, either far post, far centre, centre, etc., vs those options are available with defending corners and every other free kick situation, therefore the only options for my defenders with direct free kicks, if they want to actually defend the opponents going forwards, as opposed to forming a wall or lurking, is to Man Mark or Go Back. What happens is that quicker defenders always beat them back to the goal but what I want is for 2-3 of my defenders to be waiting in the six yard box. A
  5. @Experienced Defender I'd like to zonally mark, but for defending free kicks - Direct, I do not have the option for my players to zonally mark. The only options are: Is this just me? I know that you are a moderator, not a developer, but do you know why they did this? Who would we ping to answer this? I've always mixed man-marking with go-back but maybe I'll switch more players to 'go back.' thanks!
  6. Note that on some team mentalities, FB(a) and WB(s) have the same player mentality. On my current tactic, the same on Positive, Balanced and Cautious team mentalities.
  7. Ok, just for your information: before the Everton game, which was bad for you all around, in the previous nine games, where you had a draw or loss, your allowed 9 goals and scored 6, therefore it appeared that your big problem was scoring, and not as much defense. You wrote that your were dominating in xG. If that was true in the games where you lost or drew, then you might just need a better goal scorer. xG measures opportunities, not the quality of the player shooting the ball. Others already mentioned the problem with your RB overlapping your RW. Another issue is that an IF and Me
  8. Yes. The positioning is not just in defense. For example, DLP(d)&(s) and BWM(d) are all hard-coded to 'hold position' when your team has the ball.
  9. It depends upon how much you are changing. Tactical Familiarity has eight different components. Changing just the passing style might just lower that component, but maybe also tempo and width. Changing mentality presumably will affect many components: Mentality, Width, Pressing, Creative Freedom and Tempo come to mind. If you change formation, mentality and many roles/duties, you will lose a lot. I happen to think that TF has a significant impact but many, who know the game better than I do, seem not to agree.
  10. With limited funds or prospects, I like to prioritize GK and CD (or a good DM). If you can keep just 4-5 extra clean sheets (i.e. draws or narrow wins), that can make the difference between relegation and staying up; even conceding just 1 also will garner some points. Of course, scoring is important in the long run, but you don't know when it will come: you can lose 4-3 but you can't lose if you hold a clean sheet. Remember that, in your overall season squad building strategy, as opposed to an individual game, you are not aiming to outright defeat the top clubs. Staying up will convince m
  11. Agree. I can handle the frustration of conceding a late, decisive or tying goal because my players or my tactics just didn't get the job done, or because my opponent just played well. That frustration is what sports and competition are all about. I have the set piece problems even on lower mentalities. Even late in games, when I switch to even safer team, role/duty and set piece instructions, I've had my players disregard instructions and give up these goals. One time, on an attacking corner, I instructed my entire 4-man back line to stay back - none of them on attack role or duty -
  12. My tactic (2 attached b/c I don't know if this was considered Direct or Indirect (deep)): How we lined up - where are my defenders marking the zones near the posts? - which led to a goal for my opponent after his taker lofted over the scrum to his charging teammate: I see this all the time. I'm guessing that set pieces are harder to program but it's these types of problems with set pieces which sometimes make me quit the game.
  13. Hi, I mostly play on one Main desktop computer but also want to play on a Secondary laptop. On my laptop, I had the problem with the FM21 display being too large for the laptop screen. I fixed that in my laptop's display settings. Then I had the problem where the cursor had to be positioned above the desired 'button' in order to activate. I fixed that through this link, which you provided in another topic: https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360015206497-The-screen-appears-unusual-when-starting-the-game-and-or-I-m-unable-to-click-any-buttons-within-the-game#text
  14. Hi, This may have been reported many times before but here is my throw in tactic: As you can see, I have 3 defensive players instructed to 'stay back'. And this is how we lined up: My #3 is my DL, who is supposed to stay back but instead is close to the throw in. Not the first time that I've seen this on different types of set pieces and it sometimes leads to great counter-attacking chances for my opponent. Most frustrating when I have a 1-goal lead near the end of matches, and I've seen this on my "safe" attacking routines, where I instruct 4-5 men to 'stay back.'
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