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  1. I checked the CM-SU, and he has "gets forward whenever possible" as a trait- that could be why he's pushing higher. Also found a possible solution to my problem. I have a 3-4-1-2 tactic that I created just to play around with, gave it a shot in a friendly against a high-pressing Sporting side, and won 4-0. Not sure why it worked so much better than the 4-2-3-1, but I may try giving it a go against certain clubs this season.
  2. My team was challenging all season- the top 3 (including my team) were separated by 2-5 points from the winter break onward, and we would have won the title on the final day had Barcelona lost.
  3. I just had this happen too- finished 2nd, 2 points off the title. Certainly having a shot at the title on the final day should count?
  4. These are my starting DC's- the first one is the right-sided DC in that video:
  5. Here's a clip from the Juventus match where you can see how we fail to get forward, and wind up backpassing to the GK, who clears it for a throw-in:
  6. I have been using a Positive mentality more often, and that seems to help, particularly against lesser opposition. They should- our squad is rated 3rd-best in La Liga after Barcelona and Madrid. The only area we're a bit weak in offensively is Flair.
  7. Most of the teams that play this way against me match my 4-2-3-1 shape, or use a 4-4-1-1, and tend to press us all over the pitch. I played 2 matches last night against teams using high pressing, and changed my right DC to a BPD, and added "pass into space," thinking that the opponents' high press might leave spaces open. First match, against Getafe, we won 2-0, with the goals coming from a free kick and a through ball to my right winger, who beat his man. Second match, against Juventus, we couldn't get anything going, and lost 3-0. Obviously differing levels of opposition, but like you s
  8. I've run into a tactical issue that I need some help with. Currently playing as Real Betis, season 12. The team is set up to play a patient possession game, and generally, we're successful with it. But there's one style we can't seem to succeed against- teams who play an intense pressing game. Here's my usual tactic- I use Balanced mentality as the default, but a Positive mentality in most matches where we're favored: The intent is to get the ball to the front four, who create movement to open spaces in the defense, and use the CM's to shield the back line and recycle po
  9. Any ideas on how to counter a team that not only plays defensive possession-heavy football, but combines it with a ferocious press? Been encountering a ton of teams playing this way against me the past half-season, and finding it very hard to score, much less win. I've tried a few solutions with mixed success, but nothing that's working consistently. Here's how I usually set up- only PI's are Move Into Channels/Roam From Position on the AMC:
  10. Agreed. I use a higher line/standard LOE combo with "get stuck in," but since I removed the more urgent pressing and prevent short GK distribution, I've found that my attackers have a lot more room to run and create good scoring opportunities. Not to mention less problems with those long passes over the top from the opposition.
  11. I've been having issues with those types of sides as well, and tried something recently that seems to work. I had been playing a split block (front 4 in a 4-2-3-1) and using "Prevent Short GK distribution" with a standard LOE and defensive line. I took off all pressing instructions except Counter-Press, raised the defensive line to high, and added "Get Stuck In." Instead of chasing the opposing defenders like the usual headless chickens, my forwards will now wait for them to get forward, then engage and attempt to win the ball. In both matches I've played with those instructions, we had
  12. I'm using a SS in I'm using an SS right now in this set-up: CF-S IF-S SS-A W-A DLP-D CM-S FB-A CD-D CD-D FB-S It creates a lot of chances and goals, but most of the scoring is coming from the IF and W, so not sure if that would fit what you're looking for.
  13. I've been having the same issue with my Betis side, and it does seem to be the "Play Out of Defense" instruction that causes it. Glad to see a thread on this!
  14. I've now tried 11 different players, and the other 10 all wind up with poor morale. Weird thing is that they're all fine with my vice captain choice, but get upset if I make him captain. Probably going to go with the assistant manager's third choice, as he's the most veteran starter, and has good determination and work rate, albeit just a 13 in Leadership.
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