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  1. This may be more of a match engine question, but how is it determined which playing style the AI will use? I'm playing in Germany, and nearly every team uses one of the high/extreme pressing, high-tempo styles. It's like playing a Bielsa side every match. Shouldn't there be more variation from team to team?
  2. Same here. I'm playing on Touch, but have had several players accept offers with Chinese clubs. It doesn't seem to happen as often since my team's gotten better, but I'll usually get a bid or two every winter transfer window.
  3. Like you said, the AP being more mobile/willing to roam than the DLP really helps. Thanks!
  4. I changed the DLP to an AP, and the tactic is working MUCH better now. Still working out some issues against high-pressing sides, but overall, looking a lot more like what I'd intended it to. Scoring a lot from counters and cross-field balls where the AI press leaves an unmarked forward on one side of the pitch.
  5. Attacks usually play out with recycling possession around the edge of the box, or cross/pass/shot attempts that get blocked. I'd added BME because I have a lot of creative players and good passers. Did try something I hadn't done before in my last match- dropping the mentality to Balanced- and we were much more effective in the final third. I'll give that a go for a few matches and see if that does it.
  6. Made a couple tweaks to the tactic- removed Prevent Short GK Distribution, replaced it with a split block (front 3 and the MEZ), and added Be More Expressive. The tactic has been very effective defensively, but we can't score consistently, and struggle to get penetration in the attacking third. I've tried adjusting the tempo, adding WBIB, changing the DLP to an AP (or even a CAR) but nothing works for more than a match or two. I feel like my players are well-suited to the roles/duties, and the tactic seems sound, so I'm at a loss as to why it's been ineffective offensively. Any sugge
  7. Played a few matches over the weekend using an AP in place of the DLP, and I didn't really notice much difference. I've also been experimenting with the Be More Expressive TI, which appears to help a little against the high-pressing sides. The one thing I did notice is that the AP version seems a bit more effective at breaking down sides who park the bus, while the DLP version seems to work better against the big clubs like Bayern and Dortmund.
  8. This is my starter on the left side of CM- his backup has a fairly similar attribute spread, just not quite as good:
  9. The reason I went with a DLP there is because the 2 players I have for that role are pretty much DLP/CAR types. Both have excellent Stamina, Vision, and Passing attributes, but are poor in Dribbling and Flair, and don't provide that much offensively other than their passing and the occasional goal from a long shot. Tactic is working OK so far (3 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw in the 6 matches I've played) but struggles against fast, high-pressing sides. Had a match against Hertha last night where we only had 5 shots all match, but won 1-0 thanks to a long-range goal from the mezzala. Hertha aren
  10. Looking for some feedback on a new tactical set-up. Playing as Wolfsburg, season 6. Team is a top 4 side, finishing in the Champions League places the last couple seasons. As we play a lot of high-pressing sides, I'm looking to play a possession game, using our movement and passing to open up space in the opposition defense. Does this selection of roles/duties/instructions look like it will get the job done? I've debated whether to use a carrilero or a DLP on the left side of midfield. The two players I have there can play either role. One is a bit better CAR, the other a bit bet
  11. One other thing I've noticed- seems like a lot of the teams that give us trouble are quick, or play at a very high tempo. The high-tempo sides also give us trouble defensively, as my defenders just sit there and watch them pass it around, and they'll find a gap in my back line. Using a covering DC helps some. Also, does the match engine take team reports/attributes into account? Because it seems like a lot of the teams that play a gegenpressing tactic shouldn't be able to, or shouldn't be effective with it. I get a team like Dortmund or Bayern being able to play that way. But some team in
  12. I get regens from all the playable countries (even the ones I didn't set as active) but very few from Africa, Asia, and the non-playable European countries like Albania and Bosnia.
  13. Made a couple tweaks, but still having the same problems. Adding counterpressing has helped with winning the ball back. Also using a split block with the front three set to close down more. Any other suggestions? What's especially frustrating is that the AI seem to have decided that attacking gegenpress is now their default tactic, and it feels like I'm playing against Bielsa's Leeds every match. Not fun.
  14. Mostly the high level of closing down in the final third- it's like we'll get into the attacking third, and then just can't get anything through the AI defense. Try a through ball? Blocked. Try a cross? Blocked. Manage to get a shot off? Blocked. Get a runner open? AI defender comes out of nowhere, closes down the pass, or tackles the runner. And there's no pattern to it- we're just as likely to encounter this against a team in the bottom half as against one like Leipzig or Bayern, who I would expect to struggle against. Honestly, though, my team does win more often than not, and we've fi
  15. I don't use the Higher Tempo instruction any longer. The main issue I'm having is with the pressing/closing down itself. My team is a bit slow, but we rate highly in most attributes that would seem to counter a high press (Strength, Balance & Work Rate in particular) so I'm trying to figure out if there's an issue with my tactic causing us to struggle against such teams, or something else.
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