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  1. I get regens from all the playable countries (even the ones I didn't set as active) but very few from Africa, Asia, and the non-playable European countries like Albania and Bosnia.
  2. Think I figured something out- it's actually the AI mentality that's causing the problems, not the pressing. The teams I'm having trouble with use an attacking mentality, so perhaps I just need to adjust mine accordingly.
  3. Mostly the high level of closing down in the final third- it's like we'll get into the attacking third, and then just can't get anything through the AI defense. Try a through ball? Blocked. Try a cross? Blocked. Manage to get a shot off? Blocked. Get a runner open? AI defender comes out of nowhere, closes down the pass, or tackles the runner. And there's no pattern to it- we're just as likely to encounter this against a team in the bottom half as against one like Leipzig or Bayern, who I would expect to struggle against. Honestly, though, my team does win more often than not, and we've fi
  4. I don't use the Higher Tempo instruction any longer. The main issue I'm having is with the pressing/closing down itself. My team is a bit slow, but we rate highly in most attributes that would seem to counter a high press (Strength, Balance & Work Rate in particular) so I'm trying to figure out if there's an issue with my tactic causing us to struggle against such teams, or something else.
  5. I've played most of the season since my last post, and this is the current version of my tactical setup: Using a split block, with the front three set to close down more. We're doing well overall, but still struggling to beat teams that use a gegenpress approach. Any suggestions on how to better cope with these types of teams?
  6. I made the changes Experienced Defender suggested, and it's working pretty well so far. 9 wins in 12 matches, and 2 of the 3 losses were to Dortmund and Man United.
  7. Wasn't sure whether to go with a support or attack duty, but I agree with your and ED's suggestions. I'd been using the high tempo as a defense against high-pressing sides, but I think we're strong enough to play through the press against most teams. One other thing- would a HB give me better defensive solidity than a DM? My starter there can play either role (along with DC) so I was considering that change, but not sure if it would create issues with attacking transitions since the HB drops so deep.
  8. Gotcha. This is what I've come up with so far as a starting point- any suggestions? I'd like to keep the counter-attacking aspect to some extent, just less defensive and more pro-active attacking-wise.
  9. Need a little help tweaking this tactic. Playing as Wolfsburg, season 4. The tactic has been fairly successful this season (2nd place Bundesliga finish and last 16 of the CL) but towards the end of the season, it felt like the AI was figuring us out a bit, so I'd like to get some ideas for improvement going forward. The idea is to defend with a low block, then hit teams on the counter, using the DLF to hold up the ball and pass to runners. Offensively, we generally do well, but tend to have problems with teams that use a high press in combination with hard tackling: - The runn
  10. Same here. My starting AP has a 19 in free kicks; his backup has a 17, and both have high ratings in long shots. :)
  11. Used this formation in my last 2 matches- a 2-2 away draw against Man United in the Champions League, followed by a 5-0 home demolition of an undefeated Bayern side:
  12. Switched from a 4-1-4-1 to the 4-4-1-1, as I found my striker was getting isolated, and not bringing the runners into play. Seems to be working better offensively, but still defensively vulnerable. Thinking about taking the pressing down a notch, and replacing it with tighter marking. Also experimenting with using Be More Disciplined since my team is a bit lacking in flair & vision.
  13. Same here. My defense is fairly solid, but prone to the occasional brain fart, and we give up some high-quality chances as a result. I've also had some issues with high-pressing sides cutting off our passing lanes and making counters difficult. Seems like I'm either winning 5-1 or losing 1-0. But it's a lot more entertaining football than what I had been playing, and with better players, it should improve.
  14. I gave that a run in the last 3 matches with my Wolfsburg save, and got 2 wins and a draw. Gonna work on finding a better AP in the upcoming transfer window, but overall, very promising stuff. Really liked how the striker plays, as I have one that's very well-suited towards ball retention (he's a natural TM) and I'd been trying to create a tactic like this, where he holds up the ball and lays it off to the runners. Definitely looking forward to more of your articles!
  15. So would you use a BWM-D in the DM position, and an AP-A and CM-S in the central midfield?
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