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  1. True. We are in 1st right now, and just won a very tough CL group, but I'm a perfectionist, so I always want more out of my team...
  2. I was looking at the PF role- it looks similar to an AF, but with more closing down. Since I play a pressing/possession game, I'll give that a shot first and see how it goes. Might try the TQ role with the AMC, too, as all three of my AMC's have high Vision, Finishing, and Flair attributes. I do use Positive mentality at times, but probably do need to use it more consistently against smaller sides.
  3. And here's a match I just played, against Lille. Not as defensive as Marseille, but this is generally what I'm up against in most domestic matches: I did make one small change for this match- changed the CM-S to a BBM- and won 3-0, with my main striker scoring twice, but similar results in terms of shots on target, and blocked/long shots.
  4. Update: I've been using the tactic below for most of the current season, and while we are winning most matches, we win a lot 1-0/2-0 with goals coming mostly from set pieces or the CM/AMC scoring a 30-yard screamer. My defense has been excellent (3 goals conceded in 18 league matches) but we're averaging less than two goals a game, are in the bottom five in the league in shots on target and cross completion, and my strikers have six goals between them in 26 matches- two of those coming on penalty kicks. Not getting much from my AMC's, either, aside from the occasional goal from distance. Still having a ton of issues with blocked shots/crosses, as well as excessive long shots. At this point, I'm not sure if it's my tactic, or an inability to break down ultra-defensive sides. This is a bit of an extreme example, but this is the kind of defensive set-up I'm facing in most domestic matches: Here's the tactic I've been using for most of the season: Individual instructions: CM: Shoot less often (both players I use here have a 10-11 rating in long shots, and are even worse finishers) AMC: Take More Risks, Roam From Position I currently have two strikers- one is well-suited for the DLF role, but can also play AF/CF. The other is primarily an AF/CF; he can play DLF, but is a poor passer. I generally play him as a CF-A in this tactic. Have three AMC's- Fekir, who can play pretty much any role, but is getting old and injury-prone, and two others whose attributes/PPM's are well-suited for either an AM or SS role. I feel like my roles/duties are well-balanced, but just can't get the striker or AMC going, and getting frustrated with grinding out close wins. All suggestions appreciated as always!
  5. On the role suitability, I do look at attributes rather than the circles. Definitely agree on the CM's- I've always taken care to have good defenders in both of those roles, exactly for the reason you noted. Thanks for the suggestions- I'll give them a try!
  6. On the width/tempo/counterattacking- I had actually been using a lower tempo and shorter passing, as well as the counter, to do what you suggested about a patient possession game. Most opponents do play defensively against me, and I'd rather take the safer approach to breaking them down. My team does break well on counters, so I'm honestly not sure why I removed it. The width was an attempt to spread out the defense and give my players room to set up attacks, though it hasn't seemed to help/hurt either way. As for role suitability, my wide forwards are well-suited to the IF role. The central forwards are both better as Advanced Forwards, but do have high enough ratings in Passing and Vision to play the DLF role. My thought in using that role was to have the central striker drop deeper to create space for the IF's cutting inside. With the AMC role, I still have Fekir, who is equally good as an AM or AP. His backup is much more suited for an AP role- he's a great passer, but only has an 11 in long shots and finishing. I've made a few changes based on your suggestions (see below) but if you have any ideas on how to improve it, I'd love to hear them! Thanks!
  7. Currently playing as Lyon, and using a 4-2-3-1 system (tactic below) Offensively, I have a lot of quick, creative players, who are good passers, but poor in the air. I'm trying to employ a quick-tempo, high-creativity offense that relies on the front four for goals and assists. My CM's are there to shield the defense and aid in retaining possession. I do currently have the DLF and AM on attack, but have also tried using the right-sided IF with one of the other two on support duty. Generally, two of my front four on attack, two on support. The duties/roles of the other players have remained the same. Defensively, I like to use a high line and counter-pressing to keep the opposition from penetrating too much into my end of the pitch. I know that sometimes can result in too much compression between the lines, but I find that a lower line makes me too vulnerable to teams with good attackers. The main issues that I'm having with the tactic: - high # of blocked crosses, blocked shots, and long shots - low shots on target/conversion rate I've experimented with the passing length, tempo, and defensive line, as well as changing up the AMC role (have used both AP & AM), but the same problems continue to occur. Can anyone help me see what I'm doing wrong here? We do win more often that not, but seem to have a lot of those "25 shots, 8 on target, 10-12 long shot" games that we'll win 1-0 or 2-0, and I think my players can do better. Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. I had to muddle through the first season using Ferri or Cheikh as backups, but in season 2, I promoted Owusu from the reserves. He's been fairly solid thus far.
  9. Should be this one: https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/31296/retain-player-files-for-fmt It says FMT17, but they still work for the current FMT.
  10. I have a couple files from FMT17 that add players from unplayable countries, and they still work on FMT18 and FMT19.
  11. After much tinkering, finally got a functioning 4-1-2-3. I'd noticed when looking at the team report, that we were lacking in some of the mental attributes, so thought it might be a good idea to switch team shapes from Flexible to Structured. That, plus switching the flank attackers from an IF-A and W-S to IF-S and W-A, seems to have done the trick. The team is playing much smarter football, and we've won 6 of our last 8, including a 4-2 thumping of Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey!
  12. I've had good luck with a CF-A as well. Tried using a DLF, but neither of my strikers really has the passing/vision attributes to excel in that role.
  13. Sorry, should have been more clear: changing my outside defender roles to more defensive ones seems to have resolved the issue with crosses, but I've had some issues with breaking down more defensive sides, and thought the FB role change might be contributing to that. So I was thinking that I might try a more fluid team shape to see if that would improve the attack, without sacrificing our current defensive stability. I did experiment with it last night in a match where we were drawing 0-0 to a defensive side at halftime, and wound up winning 2-0. Not sure that the change was the reason we won, but I'll play around with it some more and see what happens.
  14. May give that a go in matches against "lesser" sides- I was using a WB/S and a FB/A, but found that it left my team really open to crosses. Switched to FB/S on both sides, and it's much better defensively, but still have trouble breaking some teams down. I'm playing a front three of IF-A, CF-A, and W-S, and we create a lot of good chances, but finishing can be inconsistent.
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