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  1. Francisco Geraldes from Sporting CP- signed him for my Lyon side, and he scores 4-5 goals a season from free kicks.
  2. I've played as Lyon on the last few editions of FM, and almost always seem to get good youth players. I had several regens on FM14 that turned out to be key players for the club, and probably another dozen that I sold off that turned out to be solid players for other clubs.
  3. Very confused by the player promises. Playing as Lyon, and Gonalons came to me the summer of the 1st season, and said he wanted to move to Monaco so he could play in the Champions League. I offered him out, no takers. He said he appreciated the effort, and gave me more time to move him. Offered him out again in January, again, no takers. Two days after the winter transfer deadline, I get a message that I apparently "refused to let him move." Players ask for a team meeting, say I'm being unreasonable not letting him leave, I agree to let him go, squad morale is now poor. What else was I supposed to do? It's not like I can force teams to bid on my player, and I wasn't asking for the moon. Gonalons is valued at 8 million euros, and I wanted 12, which considering he's a key player, team captain, and still under contract for another 18 months, seemed a fair fee. Also, we're currently tied for 2nd, while Monaco are 9th, and 20 points behind us in the table, so if Gonalons wants Champions League football that badly, his chances will be much better if he stays. EDIT: And now I'm getting a question from a reporter: "Gonalons has been trying to force a move away, and has reacted badly to the news of a rejected bid from Monaco. How do you intend to handle this?" I CAN'T REJECT A BID THAT WAS NEVER MADE!
  4. What happened to the drop-down menu where you could see all the leagues you have loaded? EDIT: Never mind, found it under the search screen and "Nations."
  5. Sorry- meant that you had to find the leagues through the search menu, under the individual countries. No list.
  6. One thing I didn't see that's been on previous editions of FM: there used to be a drop-down menu where you could view all the leagues you had loaded. Is that only accessible under the search menu now? Liking the new interface otherwise.
  7. Age profile of FM players

    43 years old, started with FM08.
  8. I support Liverpool, so for me, it would be United, Everton, and probably Man City, Chelsea, and Arsenal. Also prefer not to manage the ultra-rich clubs like PSG, Madrid, Barca, etc.
  9. Football Manager snacks/drinks?

    Mountain Dew or Coke Zero and cigs for me, though I'm trying to quit the latter...
  10. About 25-30%. I play in France- most of the best French players either play for a big EPL/La Liga side, one of my domestic rivals, or are already at my club. So it's usually easier to buy foreign.
  11. Usually manage as Lyon, but thinking about giving Hamburg a try this year since they picked up Julian Green on loan.
  12. Me as well. Most of my long-term saves have been in France.
  13. I signed Sakho for Liverpool back on FM08. Did pretty well for a few seasons.
  14. Funniest player name

    Found a Chinese player the other day named Wong Wei.