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  1. ok thanks, by 2 finals do you mean two legs? or there are actually 2 different winners? I think i`m going to go with FLA - I like the look of them and they have Diego : )
  2. I have never done a South American save before. Thinking of doing FLA or maybe a Columbian or Chilean team. How does the Copa Libertadores work? I thought FLA Should be in it but it doesn`t say they are in the competition when you load the game.
  3. Nice point. Honestly though what next? player`s deciding to have sex changes?
  4. Has anyone else noticed that the matches take a lot longer on fm18? The main problem I am having is that the commentary only speed is super fast and just fly`s by and you can`t even read anything but the actual matches last a lot longer? I use the settings in the screenshots, I want the games to be quick and mainly the key parts of the game to be also fairly quick just in commentary that is fast but not too fast to be unreadable. (I have replays set to none)
  5. How do you switch to 2D? I can`t see a tick box that say`s view matches in 3D anywhere it is just set to 3D? I have mine set to commentary only and fast (with fast highlights-key) but is extremely slow. Edit - I have found it now. I don`t like 3D myself and only use it for cup finals. I also don`t like the 3D intro and outro to the game it just slows things down and is completely pointless if you are using 2D, this needs to be sorted for the full game. I really hope they don`t push 3D too much surely they must realise that not everyone can afford a £800+ computer/laptop that you would need to run this game properly. My laptop cost £500 and is fairly powerful but it still struggles!
  6. The team selection screen is now split into three sections, players to left, pitch view in centre and tactics to the right. On previous FM I have had the players position, name etc then condition/shape, morale, apps, goals and avg rating but it doesn`t seem possible to fit any of that in on this version. As I use this screen to select my team for each game i`m finding this highly frustrating...does anyone know a way around this? The whole tactics section to the far right seem`s to be a complete waste of space and could have just remained in a bar across the top like previous versions (I use 125% zoom as I find everything too small on 100%)
  7. I am just about to start a new game in the Portuguese league. I have noticed since the update the layout has changed quite a bit. How do I view all the info you used to be able to see before actually starting the game? Like squad, budget, finance, reputation etc etc
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