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    something wrong wih the transfer market

    Fair enough, I did not intend to give the impression everything in the module is perfect, but rather to point out many things people complain about are either being misused or misunderstood. You are right in that I glossed over a lot of things, and by no means is the transfer module perfect. As you point out, the way inactive leagues are dealt with is not optimal, but I also imagine it is painful to make it more detailed without increasing the simulation time and taking away the gain in performance you get from having view only leagues. Clearly something that needs to be improved on. Likewise, how the AI builds squads is an area that can undergo huge improvement. The later you get into a game, the worse AI squads become. This, however, I think is a separate issue to how the transfer module works. This is more an issue of shortlist building, which is why I did not include it. However, you are absolutely right, but again I guess it is difficult for an AI to critically analyse as well as a human to decide if a player is worth signing. At least without greatly increasing processing time again (which we do not want). Regarding offering players out, the moment you do this you have to expect very low offers. You are basically sending a message that you want to sell this player right now, and you want him gone quickly. It gives the impression you are desperate to sell, which drives the price down massively. Think of this in real life, if someone keeps emailing you that they want to sell you their car (aside from assuming something was wrong with it, I guess FM is not so advanced in reasoning from the AI), you would not offer them face value for it. They want to sell it, you would offer them a bargain price. If you do not want to sell so urgently, you have to be more patient to find the person willing to pay the price you want. Same applies in FM. I think the problem people have is that there is a discontinuity between what they expect to happen, and what would happen in reality. I only ever offer players to clubs when I just want them gone (for squad limit or salary reasons more often than not), and the absolute value of the transfer is not so important. Besides, you can negotiate. On random offers for players. They are testing the waters, seeing if you are willing to sell, and trying to unsettle the player (one or all of these). I do the same, either to see if someone can do business with me, or to try to make a player unhappy. You have to remember also that almost all of these offers are negotiable, and the opening bid is absolutely nowhere near where you can eventually sell a player. Opening bids should be low (although in FM they are often too low, I agree there). You have to negotiate the best deal you can, just as happens when you are buying a player from the AI; low offer from you, high counter offer from them, and meet somewhere in the middle (or pull out). Oh, and you are right about the wonderkid regens, they can always find them easily. I do not know if this is some kind of boost to get the players signed, or if the AI is better at scouting than I am.
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    something wrong wih the transfer market

    Well, I tried, I am sure others will find this useful, even if you did not.
  3. sporadicsmiles

    something wrong wih the transfer market

    Let me try to break it down a bit for you. Imagine you load minimal leagues (say top flight England, Spain, France, Germany) but with loads of extra players (all players from Europe, for example). You have way more active players than you have active teams (teams not being actively simmed at less active in the transfer market, I believe). You have lots of players available for very few playing slots. This depresses the value of players, making it harder to sell for a high price (why pay a high price when you can probably find a cheaper option available due to the large number of players compared to teams?). Ultimately, you will find it harder to sell players for high fees, and it will be a pain to get rid of players on high wages. Imagine the opposite situation. You load many leagues but use the smallest possible database size you can for them. Now you have a lot of teams who want to fill places in their squad, but a relatively small number of players to choose from. This increases the value of players, and AI teams will be more willing to pay high prices to get them. It also means you will probably have to pay higher than expected prices for players too, as teams are less willing to sell if they cannot easily replace a player. You ideally want to be somewhere in the middle. Enough players that any team can find a player for their squad, but not so many that it is too easy. You want teams to be willing to sell because they can find a replacement, and so will be happy to accept a reasonable bid. Just to note, some players are always going to be values highly and be either super expensive to buy, or impossible to buy. World class players, and young players with high potential from clubs under no financial pressure, for instance. I usually find that using the largest default database without adding any further players in does the trick. I assume that the default databases are designed to include players to populate a realistic world, so pick one. Now, regarding selling players (or buying them). If you are actively looking to sell a player, expect his value as an absolute maximum unless he is highly in demand. Nobody is going to pay over the odds for a player you do not want. Likewise, an unhappy player will attract lower bids because there is a chance you will be willing to let him go cheaper because of the unhappiness. If you do not do the same with unhappy AI players (make bids at or around value), you should be doing this. Contract length plays an important role. Within 18 months of the end of a contract, expect that bids will become closer and closer to the value in game (or below). When a contract has less than a year to run on it, you will be very unlikely to get a bid even close to the value, because the players is likely to leave for free. If you are getting lots of bids including selling club wage contributions, then you are probably looking to sell a player (rather than an unwelcome bid coming in). I have never seen a bid for a player I am not trying to sell contain such a clause. I would laugh and reject it instantly. I see it most often when a player is paid more than he is worth, and no other club is willing to pay so much. I recently had a player I was interested in buying, but I decided that his wages were simply too high compared to his ability. I could have included a clause in an offer, but I usually try to find cheaper alternatives. In your example, 100K is what I expect to pay the best fullback in the world. This is absolutely no small for any team. There are very, very few clubs willing to pay a fullback this much money. Since I assume you want to sell him, then I guess he is not good enough for those clubs, and the clubs he is good enough for cannot afford him. The moral of the story on selling players is that if you are looking to sell them, you simply are not going to get huge offers. You should not expect to, and if you do then you have unrealistic expectations and do not understand how football transfers work. You also cannot neglect the influence of wages, which will price out many teams if they are too high relative to ability, and lead to many wage clauses. Do not over pay players you do not think are worth it. For completeness, if you are getting low bids on players you are not actively looking to sell, just reject them, or negotiate them. Every player has a value for which they can be sold, which varies depending on player and on the person who is managing. I'd reject out of hand any offer for a player I was not looking to sell (i.e. I will use in my first team) that contained a wage clause (but I have never seen such). Do not be afraid to make a player unhappy by rejecting a bid, since they almost always get over it by the end of the transfer window. Unless, of course, their contract is running out and you feel the unhappiness may prevent a new contract. To conclude, there is not really that much wrong with the transfer module in the game, it is just not knowing how to use it, what things mean, or why things happen that can lead people to thinking there is. Hope I helped.
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    Aaaaaagh! Disaster strikes

    You do get notifications that there is a bid for your players, even if you do not have to click accept for the bid. It is why it pays to pay attention to what arrives in your inbox! It also should teach you the good practise of sorting out contracts for players who you want to keep way in advance of transfer windows. A release clause that is low enough to be easily met by clubs is an invitation to lose a player. Never have a release clause in a contract that you would not be willing to accept if it was a regular offer (unless you cannot avoid it). That is life, sadly. Reinvest the money and improve the squad.
  5. It is definitely possible, but you have to build your squad with very long term goals in mind. That means signing players who fit your ethos, the way you play, and trying to develop them into excellent players for your squad. If you have an idea for how you want to play, then you can identify players who fit that style. Further, be picky with your players. Buy players who fit in your squad and your squad ethos. For example, I tend to look for professional players who have high determination and high teamwork. I want to create something a team that is not reliant on a single excellent player, but is more than the sum of its parts. Similarly, I will not worry about star ratings with players, but on how they play for me. If I have a player with 2.5 stars, but who is consistently doing what I need him to do, I will not look to bring someone else in to replace him based solely on a star rating. I will of course keep my eye open for suitable players who may be an upgrade, but not actively try to overhaul my squad every single year. Scouting is key when you want to do this. You really need to spend a good amount of time looking through players to really identify interesting targets. When I am playing as a smaller side, I am shortlisting players who I may want to sign in 2 or even 3 years time, potentially. Keeping an eye on them to see if they develop. I will actively scout myself lots and lots of players who I may not know, using filters to make sure they fit into my squad ethos. Scouting them to get their stats revealed is all I really need to do, and rescouting to get up to date asking prices, happiness, etc. It is very different to playing as a big club where you can afford to just try to bring in a marquee world class signing each summer to keep your squad world class. It is all about the long term. In particular, I always make sure I have replacements for my star players identified, in case a bigger club comes in for my best players. That way, losing my best players is not as important, because I know I can get a player who will slot into the side equally well. Finally, it is all about patience. Do not worry about having a dodgy season here or there, if you are certain you are still on track with your squad building. Always keep the ultimate goal in mind, and do not worry if you are not improving your position year in and year out. You may have a wonderful season and finish 3rd, for example, followed by a season where you play the same, but get a 6th place because other teams around you have better years. Do not be demoralised! It is not easy, but it is rewarding.
  6. sporadicsmiles

    What's your manager name?

    It depends! I rarely use my actual name, since I like to add a little more fantasy to the game! My current manager is called Stel Petrovskyi, who I have set as Croatian and imagine as a player who played in the WC '98 era. Nothing beats a bit of roleplay to add to the makeup of a game! The favourite name I used was when I was doing a save in Scandinavia; Flóki Vilgerðarson. Inspired by the Vikings character based on the first person to sail to Iceland. The main problem being constantly forgetting how to pronounce the thing!
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    Inherited a Player's Idiotic Broken Promise

    You can usually talk to players who are unhappy about something when you take over, did you do this? If I am going to change the thing they are unhappy about anyway, I will always promise to make the changes. It should clear it up. Remember that FM is trying to sim the real world. In the real world, you do not suddenly forget your work place problems when you have a new manager. You may have expectations for them to improve, but can remain skeptical until they do so. Of course, I personally would not impose the failings of a previous manager onto a new one, but I would probably remain unhappy until I was certain that the problems I had would resolve themselves. If the player is directly unhappy at your for something under the previous regime, I'd submit a bug report, since this is not something that should happen. Players should always be happy to communicate with a new manager to resolve old problems, even if it does not always resolve their issues when they do so. Except in a case where a player has had issues with the manager previously and feels he knows he will be mistreated.
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    How did I lose this game

    You played slowly but high up the pitch, allowing them to have a solid defensive block and your players got frustrated and took a lot of long shots (hence 4/17 on target). This means you did not really create a whole lot (one CCC only). You kept the ball well, but rarely threatened to score (think of Everton and Swansea under Martinez). The AI was trying to counter attack against you, clearly with limited success since they had one shot. However, they got the one chance they needed and they took it (be it a counter, or some other type of goal). You real failing here is failing to adapt to the circumstances. You should have seen that a ball retention style was not working, and that your players were not creating and you should have made some changes to try to mitigate this. Been more direct. Tried to overload a different area of the pitch. Changed formation to give the AI something different to deal with. Ultimately, these matches happen, you just have to take it on the chin and try to learn from them.
  9. It depends on the person, surely. I used to play online with guys on steam when I was a student. As I grew up, it became impossible to be sure I could set aside 2 hours a night, even once a week with a defined schedule. I like to schedule my gaming around my life, not the other way around. Others are not the same, it is very much a case of each to their own. I am with Welshace on this one however. FM is a game I want to play at my own pace, in my own time, spending the time to do what I want, when I want to do it. I like to be able to take a break to do something else without timeout. Or to be able to say "alright, I will leave it there and play something else". It is a game I use to relax, and to challenge myself to succeed against the AI. The only competition is against myself. Not true when playing online with others, for any of these things. As such, it does not appeal to me. The only time I play FM with others these days is when I have a couple of friends visiting and we spend an evening or two plodding through a LAN game together. Taking it slowly, a little bit of friendly competition, chilling out with beers.
  10. Improved graphics will always be good, but as noted this is front end, not match engine. The match engine is the bit that calculates the results based on input, the graphics engine are what shows it to you. For me, it is also important to consider that the game should be able to deliver for people with all ranges of PCs. From high end machines to my crappy laptop I use to play when I am traveling (which can barely handle 2D). It should also not come at the expense of other parts of the game. I would rather take the current graphics engine for 5 years and have them work hard on the general balance and gameplay than to spend lots of time and effort on what is vanity, essentially. Still, always look to improve!
  11. sporadicsmiles

    Controlling poor teams needs to be fun again

    Why would you expect to be able to have instant success with any side? Maybe if you are excellent tactically and getting the most out of a poor team. Otherwise you should be happy to slightly exceed your expectations and make your team better. That is how it should be. Over achieving is very possible though. I managed to take Nottm Forest into Europe in 2 years from the start of the game by making us extremely hard to beat (I Pulis'd it up). But that is an exception for me, I did not expect it, things just came together with the squad. Also, if you see a lot of teams underachieving, then by default there must be as many teams overachieving =P. If you want instant success in this game, pick a rich team or one with good players (or a team who are better than those in their league). Otherwise, small teams should be challenging.
  12. sporadicsmiles

    FM18 price

    Steam summer sale will start soon, I expect you will be able to get a hefty discount around that time. It is normal for companies to keep their titles at high prices, even for yearly releases. Just have to keep your eyes on the prices to get a bargain.
  13. sporadicsmiles

    Thoughts on these 4-3-3 formations

    I am not sure why you are surprised the first tactic is open to counter attacking. You have 6 players on attack duty, it is a massively attacking tactic. You are going to push players forwards all the time. Your flanks will be constantly exposed. You are going to be defending with 3 players in the middle very often when you lose the ball. You need really really good CBs or an exceptional DMC (preferably both) if you want to play like this without conceding chances and goals.
  14. Someone clearly forgot to tell your goalkeeper about the match fixing bung, or he is just super moral! I had a save where Bayern Munich hired a manager who played a wide 4132, with only a single central midfielder. This lead to them getting absolutely pasted by any side with a decent midfield (I beat them 8-1 on aggregate in a Champion's League knockout round match). They somehow kept this manager for 2 years, finishing 5th in the league in the second season. He was eventually sacked, and I took over! Tottenham also won the UCL in a recent season I played, close to the start of the game.
  15. sporadicsmiles

    Change Number of Subs Allowed

    It is, it is just not very straightforward to do it. Definitely go and ask in the Editor forum however, or maybe do a search there since I am certain this has been asked and discussed before.
  16. Low bids are just trying to unsettle players so they can get them cheaper (potentially), and if a player wants to leave it is normal to not offer huge amounts, they are already unsettled and may be available cheaper. You can employ the same tactics on the AI too, it can work and make players much cheaper. On the unkept promise, it sounds potentially weird, so it would be nice to get clarification from someone in the know. However, if you did not use your young players during your campaign where you won the league, I can see how it would fail. One of the issues here is we do not really know what promises actually mean. It would nice to have a much stronger indication of what exactly a promise entails so we can work more effectively on keeping them.
  17. When is this happening in the game? Are you being caught on the break or are you defending narrow and compact. Also, how good are your defenders? If it is getting caught on the break, the simple answer is to be more conservative - especially on the flank that you are experiencing problems on. If it is all the time, then it is difficult to diagnose without further info.
  18. Agreed, it is not the best presentation this year. I admit that most of the time now I just ignore scout reports, and make sure I have shortlisted players I want to scout myself so I can easily find them again. This means I have to do a lot of shortlist tidying, which is time consuming. The previous system was much better in this regard. I actually do not mind the current version for scout reports independent of myself. However, if I personally ask for a scout report, I would like to see that report turn up in my inbox. If I was a real life boss, I would have words with the chief scout about his incompetence.
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    Disaster at Southampton

    Where did you finish the previous season? Have you had an increase in your reputation (for instance, where does it say you should finish in the EPL)? Changes like this can be related to teams taking you more seriously as a threat and denying you space they once freely gave you. Your tactic looks like it is set up to keep the ball for the sake of keeping the ball. When you have the ball, you have players who are on support duties everywhere, looking to be passing options rather than goal threats. You can clearly see this from the lack of goals your team has. I have less idea what is going on in defence, but some of those results are quite concerning on that front too. You will have to give more info if we are to unpick that one. What you really need is direct players in your setup. You say that you want to emulate the high press of Klopp. One of the key things to executing a high press is to have players who are going to be in positions to exploit the space you create when you win the ball back high up the pitch. You do not want to play possession football when that happens, you want to be as direct as possible. The best way to achieve that is to have some players up front who are on attack duty. Another problem I have with the tactic is that you have no runners from the midfield bar the mezalla (who is not going to run towards the box) and no runners from defence either. This is lovely for keeping the ball, but not so great for creating overloads and scoring chances. You will want to think about how you can incorporate runners into your team. Coupled to this, you have absolutely zero width right now. If teams are playing more defensively (and hence compact) against you, you are going to batter against their defence in the centre with no wide outlets. When trying to break down defences, you need to stretch the park as big as possible and force the opposition to stretch themselves out a little in response.
  20. You cannot, as far as I am aware, set up the draft for another country. It is hard coded.
  21. sporadicsmiles

    Defending is broken!

    If it was a general fault, then every single user would be experiencing it. This is clearly not the case. I build most of my sides around not conceding many goals, including sides without star players in defence. Anyway, there is not enough information to know what is causing the OPs problems. There are two very likely options. Firstly, something is tactically wrong (too high line, not enough cover, poor midfield duties, wingers not tracking back, too much closing down, anything). Second, the players are simply not very good and therefore concede goals. I have that problem in my current save, it frustratingly costs me points in games I otherwise dominate (and when we play bigger sides we are never far from conceding 3 or more).
  22. sporadicsmiles

    why is game so slow ?

    I am sure there is some setting relating to hardware acceleration that you can turn on or off (or change). You should check in the settings to see (I cannot look right now), and see that everything makes sense.
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    A pre-season friendly question

    Are you changing the squad yourself? I am fairly certain that the AssMan will play with the squad you have selected, and if you do not change then players will miss out. I am not certain, as I rarely have a squad so big that the vast majority of players cannot fit into a 23 man squad. I am not sure how they do with substitutes at all. Anyway, best thing for pre season is to take the matches yourself, on fastest speed with only commentary. Results are absolutely without meaning, and there is a limited number of things you will learn tactically. So just blast through them yourself, since it allows you to get your team fit yourself.
  24. sporadicsmiles

    4-1-4-1 woes

    You striker here, unless he is absolutely immense as a player, is never going to be scoring 30 goals a season for you. Primarily, he needs to be able to get the ball, keep the ball, and bring the midfield into play when they get further up the pitch. He is going to be isolated a lot in this tactic, and there is nothing you can do without moving players around to stop that. You need to find the balance of roles around him to allow him to get the ball and use it sensibly (and as quick as possible). This will be harder against more defensive sides, as they will have more players around the striker, so he has less time and less space. It is the main problem with this kind of tactic. I'd also take a look at the midfield roles here. Whilst I think the central pairing is fine (I love to use CM(A) in these kinds of tactics), I do not think you need to have attacking players on both wings. You will look like a 424 when you are attacking, and maybe that is what you want to achieve, but it is not always the best. Particularly, against the defensive sides you struggle to break down, you are throwing 4 players against a brick wall. Compact deep teams will leave little space close to their penalty area, and you are flinging 4 players into that zone. They will struggle to find passing options, to have space and to have time. The result of that is usually long shots from silly places, because it is actually the best option. For compact deep sides, you need to draw them out a bit more. The space is usually deeper in the pitch. You should be aiming to be able to probe their defense whilst maintaining a central area where you can recycle the ball if it does not work. In your setup, you can always have a DLP in the DM strata to be the focus of your build up play. He will naturally be deeper, and the AI will have to come out and close him down to deny him the time on the ball. Alternatively, you can focus on creating overloads in certain areas of the pitch, particularly out wide. I find that using a W(S) with an attacking fullback or wingback behind him can often force a CB to move wider to deal with the threat. This can create some space in the centre, if your players are able to get the ball there. again, you will need to have the right roles in midfield to provide support to exploit that created space. As a final alternative, just push the wide players further up the pitch when you play against more defensive sides. This will give you players who start in a more advanced position, and move them further away from any MR/L the AI may be utilising. Again, you need to find the correct balance of roles when doing this, because you are moving players into an area that is likely to be more congested when you are attacking, but it can help when you have an attacking transition. I play 4141 or 433 almost all the time, and I find that having a winger who is really good at crossing can also help immensely in creating goals against deeper sides. All he needs is the space on the flank to whip a ball in to the striker or the other wide player. You do sometimes just have to accept that teams who come to defend can steal points from you, especially when you're players are not that much better than them. Good luck!
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    Help me improve my team

    As noted, what are the point of the playmakers in this tactic? Why do you need two of them in midfield? This is not a tactic where you are going to want to dally with the ball in midfield, you will be eaten alive on the counter if you do that and give away possession cheaply. Are you using this tactic simply because you have heard that it is effective in this year's ME, or do you have a specific plan? If so, what is the plan and how do those roles help you achieve it? For me, a tactic like this is built to be direct and long. You want to get the ball to your forwards as quickly as possible, and preferably after winning the ball in your own half (so the AI has committed men forward and left space for the 3 strikers to exploit). You are extremely weak on the flanks, and do not have cover, so you are going to be attacked like hell back there (you are PSG, buy extremely good CBs). You will score a lot, and concede a lot with this tactic. You can try to make it slightly more solid by using your midfield almost entirely as a screen for the centre and the flanks, to provide defensive cover. You really do not need to worry about getting players forward quickly here to support the attack on a break, you will have 3 advanced players who can support themselves. This is definitely not a balanced team shape.