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    Manager Attribute Growth

    I like this idea, it would add an additional aspect of realism, and give you something to aspire to. If your reputation decreases, or you suffer from a couple of bad seasons, would you also want to introduce negative points, where you have to show the decrease of your manager's ability? That encourages you to stay good, and punishes you for having poor seasons. Obviously, I would expect this to be smaller than the initial increases, but it can realistical show a decline such as, for example, Big Sam has undergone in the eyes of many. Call it not keeping up with the times.
  2. sporadicsmiles

    Holding a lead

    I agree that parking the bus is sometimes required and extremely useful, as long as it is done well. I actually played a game yesterday where I was reduced to 10 men just before half time, and the AI came out with a 424 in the second half (I had a 1 goal lead at this point). I parked the bus big time, I went with a 441 with two DMCs, my wide players man marking the wingers for the AI (which gave me a back 6 at some points). I played defensive, direct with pass into space so my lone striker could perhaps get on balls that were cleared. I think I also played narrower to take away the middle. In the end, we held onto the lead, and the AI created very little and the majority of their shots were from outside the box. However, it was painfully reactive, and I think I had one shot in the second half. That is why I am not a fan of doing this often, it invites pressure and it takes one defensive lapse or one bit of awesome play to get a goal. I trust my current defense a lot, so it works more than not, but it is a huge gamble. You seem to actually think carefully about how to shut down the opposition, and this is the key to defending and parking the bus. You cannot just go set a defensive mentality and hope, you have to identify and eliminate the main threats (although I admit I never quite take it as far as you!). On a similar note, it is entirely possible to park the bus from the start and carry a very real threat up front. This is what I will go for when I play this way from the start (not to protect a lead). I usually play a 4213 when I do this. The pair of DMCs provide a strong central defensive group of players, and the CM will be primed to get forward. I play with both wider players on attack (man marking can be used if I want them to track back). The main aim then is to get the ball onto the flanks where I have pacy players who can be direct (and generate my own counter attacks). Or to use these fast players to counter from defensive corners. This has been super effective in my current save; I beat Bayern away with a beautiful counter attack goal, with about 35% possession and only 1 shot on target (the AI must have been posting on it's boards to complain about unrealistic results). I almost got a win away to Dortmund too, but they equalised late on with a wonder goal.
  3. sporadicsmiles

    SI Bring FML back !!

    The thing is, it is not something that fits into the modern online gaming world seamlessly. It is not the kind of thing you can dip into randomly, have a random matchup, and stop. There is no real instant gratification either. I also think there is a lot of the fanbase (myself included) who has absolutely no interest in it. You can always do a network game, there used a be a subforum or thread for people looking for people who want to start a save together.
  4. sporadicsmiles

    Holding a lead

    I think if you want any further help you will have to post your normal setup, and the setups you have been using when trying to see out games. We can give generic information, but if it does not work, then we probably need to look at specifics.
  5. sporadicsmiles

    Stadium architecture

    I'd just like stadiums to look more realistic, not necessarily like their counterparts in real life. I hate when I visit a stadium and all the stands have huge tunnels everywhere in them. It means that you do not have a huge wall of supporters behind a goal, say, with some clubs who probably should have them. It is purely cosmetic, but it would be nice to see a lot less tunnels everywhere in 2019.
  6. sporadicsmiles

    Holding a lead

    It can help, yes, especially if you have the players to do it. You can still make some defensive changes, like making fullbacks be more defensive, or removing some attack duties, but the best way for good sides to close out a game is to control it rather than backs to the wall defending.
  7. sporadicsmiles

    Holding a lead

    It does sound like you are inviting pressure. All of your changes are quite negative. In particular, moving to a defensive style is not going to automatically make you concede less. It may actually make things worse for you. As you move more defensive, you decrease tempo, you decrease the default defensive line, your passes are less risky and in general you play less risky football. It can lead to you getting pinned back in your own half, which is never helpful.
  8. sporadicsmiles


    They do not want to sell him, so they quote you a really high price to tell you to go away. Or if you are dumb enough to pay that much, then we are happy to sell. Any time you see this, it means a player is not for sale. Stick him on a shortlist, monitor his progress, and maybe you can bid in the future. You cannot sign everyone, all the time.
  9. sporadicsmiles

    First Half Goal Bias

    I do not misunderstand at all. Team talks are not important enough to make that much of a difference to a performance, and unless one of the devs (or someone who knows) tells me that players are unaware of a match situation, I will find that difficult to comprehend. The AI changing how it plays, and the player not responding adequately is far, far more likely as a cause here. If you are trying to convince me that the AI, after losing 4 goals of a 6 goal lead is not going to absolutely shut a match down any way it can in the second half of a match, I honestly think you are flat out wrong. Tactical changes made by the AI (or the player) are more important than anything you can say in a teamtalk. Not to say I do not think there should be something specific you can say in such a situation ("Come on lads!! We are still in this!! Go for the win!!"), I just think too much emphasis is being put on team talks in general. I mean, you can see this in matches all the time. You have complacent players in the second half, and you go on to get another goal and often complacency disappears a little. Or you have a bunch of nervous players, but after you score they are no longer nervous. Hell, you even have players becoming nervous during the match because they do not have a goal (or whatever reason they have). The motivation of players is dynamic, and so whatever you say at a team talk is only really going to affect stuff just after you say it. Also, going back to the original post on most goals being scored in the first half. My results tend to indicate confirmation bias at play, or just brains not being good at grasping stats when presented not as actual numbers. I tallied up when every goal has been scored in the first 7 games of my league season (for all teams in my division). There have been 97 first half goals, and 91 second half goals. Assuming goals obey Poisson statistics (they probably do not, since they are not really independent), these numbers are not statistically different. I will carry on doing this, but so far it seems at least for my game there is no difference in when goals are scored.
  10. sporadicsmiles

    First Half Goal Bias

    I think if you are 4-0 up after losing the first leg 6-0, then the AI is going to completely try to shut up shop on you, and play defensive football with a lot of time wasting (and probably many fouls to break up the flow of the game). One thing I have not read people saying here is that they go completely gung-ho looking for the remaining two goals. If the AI has changed it's tactics (and it most certainly will have done), then you cannot expect to have similar results in the second half by doing the same thing. You need to be extremely aggressive in response to the much more defensive outlook and absolutely hunt the goals down. You can see that the AI does this when hunting for goals, I can remember numerous times where I try to see a game out and the AI gets extraordinarily attacking to push for the goals it needs. You absolutely have to change things up in response. In regular matches when you are winning by a large number of goals, you will also see the AI going more defensive when it knows the game is gone and just wants to finish without conceding more and get the game done. The same things apply, except there is little point in going gung-ho here, and players often will just leave things the same, bring on subs (who will not have motivation since the game is won), or change so they are also just seeing the game out. I'm not sure if there is a bug here, so much as people do not understand what the AI is doing tactically, and hence are failing to respond properly.
  11. Well, your DMCs do not disappear when you are attacking, and even if you want them to sit deeper they can still be an attacking threat. He has excellent attributes to be someone who is spraying the ball out towards your more advances players (good vision, decisions, passing). He is admittedly not the greatest defender in the world, but playing with that formation, in defense he will mostly provide a defensive screen, either forcing the other side to attack out wide (and super header defender can deal with that) or take long shots. He may be exposed on counter attacks, but you should gain better attacking penetration. It is all about philosophy of how you set up. When I have players by default in a defensive setup, I tend to be more expansive with their roles. You could also try to play him as the volante. That way, he is getting into advanced areas where he passing, technique et al can be used to create. Indeed, your volante is going to be a hugely important player in this tactic. He provides the central link between the two units in the formation, and will probably be the create force when in attack (if you do not go with a DLP alongside him). I usually have a 3 man midfield (DMC, 2xCM), and often my most creative player will play as a CM(A) alongside a more traditional playmaker. The ability for the CM(A) - a role not too dissimilar to a vol(A) - to pick an unexpected pass or do something incredibly creative can be absolutely invaluable. I like the idea of pulling an attacker back though, making a 4231 with 2 DMs. I have often struggled against very direct versions of this formation. They can be hard to break down - meaning I have to commit to attack - and dangerous on the counter. If I were you, I would first come up with the exact style of play I want, and then try to set up around that, and then try to fit players in the tactic. If it is not working for a particular player, then you can make a change. Ultimately, I think McAllister has the attributes to do pretty much anything you want him to do in midfield (with the exception of being a purely defensive midfielder). Any of the creative or dynamic roles I think he would excel at.
  12. You can always play your star midfielder as a deep lying playmaker in the DMC strata if you want to go with this tactic. It could be nice to have someone pulling the strings from deep, and you are going to have to rely on getting the ball forward quickly, so a player who can spot and execute a pass would be good. One problem of playing like this is that you are probably going to concede more goals, so you will have to score significantly more. I did a thread not that long ago exploring this tactic, and it is something I would only ever use while chasing a goal. The amount of micromanagement I had to do to ensure my midfield was not completely overrun was overwhelming. With all the space you leave in midfield, teams will dominate possession against you, unless you counter specific threats in each and every match. I would probably concentrate on taking a less offensive tactic and making it better at scoring goals whilst being as tight as possible at the back. But that is personal preference, and I generally like to make sure my defense is solid first and foremost. Also, the defender you highlight as being one of the best.. I do not think he is that good really. Average anticipation (which is bad for a tactic like this), not that quick, and not great at marking or tackling. The one thing he definitely has is power in the air. With the right corner setup you could get quite a few goals from him. He is going to be able to deal with aerial threats defensively too, but against balls over the top, or players running into space? Not so sure. I'd try to invest in a CB with high anticipation and positioning to complement this guy (maybe you already have this). You can then have a defender who is excellent in the air, and a defender who is excellent at stopping moves before they really start. Even better would be to have a player with good anticipation, positioning, and good in the air at DMC, who can sweep in front of the defense and help break up counter attacks before they get threatening. I know this is not help on being more attacking and scoring more goals, but cutting out the number of goals you concede would also help.
  13. The thing is, I can totally see the examples you post as being reasonable and happening in real life. If Mata were available, I would expect a big Spanish club to go for him. Blind is also an excellent signing for a club like PSG (or most of the second tier of European football, which PSG are in). He is a good player and he is versatile. As someone pointed out earlier, a lot of people report problems with this, and I think it is entirely dependent on the size of the database you are using. I think this can be improved to ensure most games are balanced, but I do not think it should be hard to get rid of top quality players. There is an inherent risk with doing this though, that you put the finger on yourself. If you are spreading payments over many seasons, you are assuming that you can make enough money in that period to cover it. Whether that be by other transfers, or by moving up through the leagues and accessing more money. However, if you failed to do this, you would quickly find yourself in trouble financially and start to get smaller and smaller budgets. There is risk/reward in all strategies, and if you can make it work then great. I tend to go the other way to you (unless I have a lot of money) when selling players. I like to have instalments that are equal to or greater than the instalments I am paying myself. It balances the books. I think this is all down to how you play the game. Depends on the players and the clubs, but in general the transfer AI needs to be improved. It does feel a bit basic at times. Some clubs do tend to buy a lot of players that do not play so much though in real life. I think it depends on the player. Sometimes there is intense competition for players, sometimes there is not. Stick this with what I said above, the transfer AI needs some improvements to better spot things like this. The problem here is linked with the point about spending money on players the AI does not need or use (or cannot register, which seems to be a problem for Lozano). I think it is reasonable to have a low asking price to sell a player they want to get off their books ASAP. I do the same, and for a club like Man City recouping the transfer fee paid is not really an issue. It depends on the players and how you respond to them, I think, but it probably can be improved. However, I think it is quite toned down because I can imagine the absolute s**tstorm we would get if players were constantly demanding to leave and then not playing. Besides, I think examples of players not leaving despite interest and getting on with it are as common as those forcing a move. I assume we do not hear about the former in the press as much as the latter. A good counter example would be De Gea and RM. RM constantly unsettling De Gea, who wanted to go, was not allowed, got on with playing, signed a contract when RM were no longer interested. Although you point out it is hard to resist, the simple solution here is just to not go around manually searching for players all the time, and rely on scouting. This is not so much a bug or a problem so much as a personal preference you have. I will rarely rely on manual searching because I find it really boring, so I just rely on what my scouts find, and paying attention to players who are playing well for their clubs. I do not really imagine this changing, because it would affect the casual players with very marginal benefits to a few players like yourself. I'd suggest some more discipline on your part =P. I do agree about youth intakes though. There should be an option to scout youth intakes, or a special report from the scouting team point out several players they have spotted who they think could be stars. I think you make some interesting points that definitely warrant further discussion.
  14. We cannot really know what is going on unless the OP also posts the income and we can have a look at the net profit (which I think is what tax is calculated on).
  15. sporadicsmiles

    When to sell dead wood

    For me it entirely depends who the player is, how good a servant they have been to the club, and whether they can be used as good tutors or not. Obviously, I will also have to factor in wages, but I try to plan ahead so I have a younger player who has been an understudy for a couple of years already at the club ready to take the place of the older player. If I want to get rid of them, then I just list them for whatever fee I think appropriate. Since it is an older player who I do not want, this is usually between 50 - 75 % of his value. I will accept any offers I get for him, whatever point in the season. You really should not be in a situation where an older player is integral to any of your plans. If I plan to keep him around, I will often try to restructure the contract to be more appearance and reward based rather than up front wages. You can sometimes do this, and it reduces the burden of the player (and players with a strong affinity with the club will often accept lower wages anyway). Depending on age, one or two years for a contract, and I can reassess at the end of the season (or contract if two years). Like I said, I do like to keep a bit of experience around both to have leaders in the dressing room, and to have tutors for younger players. I will try to get coaching badges (if they are interested) as well, since I like to think part of my duty is to safeguard the future of any player who plays for my team.
  16. Where does admirable dedication stop and obsession begin?
  17. So I am now testing some of the things I learnt at Barcelona in a new save with Arsenal. I am happy with how I did there, but I wanted to be a slightly less amazing side. Arsenal are a great fit for this, since they are a side you can roleplay as looking for a new identity (and I like that kind of thing) after Wenger. Anyway, the setup is pretty much the same as I posted earlier (except everything is on the other side, because I have better IFs on the right). I am playing with the database update for the 2018 season, and the only player I have added to the squad is Savic, since Arsenal needed some improvement in the midfield. My first match is against Chelsea, and I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. You can see, we nailed them with superior finishing, and played some excellent football. We did not dominate possession but we did complete 572 passes (83% completion). So things are doing pretty much what I want. I will keep you posted. Also, we scored a couple of goals where we built things from the back after getting the ball back from Chelsea in our half. Very pleasing. I also wanted to come back to crossing here. Two of my goals came from what the game counts as a cross assist. However, if you watch these, they are not hit and hope crosses from far out wide. One of them was basically a pull-back from about 5m from the post to an open goal, and the other was more a pass when the Mkhitaryan had got into the box, to Welbeck who was in space. Both were along the ground, and both were entirely consistent with playing "the Pep way". I wanted to point this out because it is something you should not entirely rely on the way FM collects stats for. If I looked at the game in isolation without watching, I will see 2 cross assists. I could conclude things are not working because I do not particularly want to rely on crosses for my style of play. However, it is misleading, and both crosses were in actuality really good passes directly to someone in a scoring position.
  18. Haha, well I am amazed you are thinking about FM at all in that case. I am only a little jealous of you there.
  19. sporadicsmiles

    Has anyone tried...

    Why would you play defensive football with a flat 433? Genuine question, because this is a tactic you use to score as many goals as possible (even in the absence of any exploit).
  20. Are your youth and senior playing scouting ranges different? You could, for example, only have the youth scouting range for your league, but a national scouting range for senior players. If not, it may be a bug.
  21. sporadicsmiles

    Who manage own city football club?

    I'm from Manchester, so I often end up with at least one throw away saves with one of the big clubs. As a Huddersfield fan, I do enjoy playing as them too (although it has been a definite struggle this year). The closest club to me geographically is either Oldham or FC United. I have played as both. Typically, however, I will pick a club based around what I want the start of my save to be like, and what my aim is.
  22. I am curious why you would use a RPM? I mean, I get the idea behind it but I did not find it to work at all in this kind of formation. He roams around too much, and I found it left me a little short of passing options in the midfield. Given he tends to get a bit closer to the defensive line, I found it ended up with 5 players very squished against the defensive line. It limited my movement a bit. Then again, I like to create movement by having one or two players a little deeper, a player rushing from midfield and a player cutting in from the wings (plus some kind of role where the striker moves laterally or deep, take your pick). Like you say, there is no right way to do things, just different ideas based off our preferences. Indeed, the tactic I posted earlier I would certainly change if being used with a team that did not have Messi in it. It is partially designed around getting the ball to him a lot. I do like structured for this kind of thing, too. While you want players close, you do not want them sat on each other for passing. It is too easy to close that down. One of the things I think is that to do possession football well, you need to make the other side chase your players around the pitch as well as keeping the ball. Drag their shape around, and tire them out.
  23. It also depends what you mean by crossing. I do not want my wide players to aimlessly cross the ball, because they are not going to be strong in the air and it goes against the ethos. However, I am more than happy for them to cross the ball if there is a great chance someone on the other side is going to score.
  24. You are right, of course, but within the confines of what is possible in the ME, we have to make do really. The crossing is obviously not ideal, but you can mitigate this a little by having a supporting fullback close by, a midfield passing option inside, and using work ball into box. I think the most important thing (probably for Guardiola and for the tactic in general) is to have a player out wide as a passing option and who can stretch the field and create central space. I actually do not use wingers in the current version of my tactic, but rather attacking fullbacks to provide width and stretch the field. There is still too much crossing, but I do not find it overkill right now. WB(D) is a reasonable alternative, since they will stay wide, but more in the midfield than up front.
  25. Woof! You are doing even better than I am statistically then! Very impressive. I do also find this type of tactic produces some wonderful football to watch as well.