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    Transfer mechanics frustration

    Can you not see the correlation between these two statements? The AI is trying, and succeeding, to unsettle your players so they can be sold for less. You can, by the way, do the exact same thing to AI players (and you should be). This is the reason for low AI bids. They are setting the stage for a proper bid later in the window. When dealing with unhappy players from this, I find it best to say I will sell them if the correct offer comes in. It can be difficult to reach an agreement on the valuation, but try to select something you would accept (or do not accept anything). The player is happy, and often the AI will not make a bid because they did not want to pay so highly. So after the window, the player will usually be happy to stay at the club because there is no more interest. If you cannot agree an asking price with the player, he may become unhappy, but again usually he will be okay one the window ends and no bid was coming anyway. It is not foolproof, but it works for me most of the time.
  2. sporadicsmiles

    Why do so many crosses go out for corners?

    It is not only nonsensical tactics that lead to an excess of crossing though, and there are a lot of blocked crosses. I think it relates back to the whole lack of offensive movement thing. My players are always eager to pass to the wings because they judge, rightly, that this is the best thing to do (because attackers are not dropping off or making runs). This means so much play is funnelled down the flanks that a lot of crosses and blocks are inevitable. To the OP, one think you can do is make sure you have supporting players close by, and work ball into the box. In principle, this should encourage a wide player to pass to supporting players rather than cross (as long as the player judges the pass is the better option).
  3. See, now this is my main gripe with the game, and why I did not yet buy it (I have been playing with the demo so far this year). This is simply something I do not see happen correctly. Recycling the ball with an opponent pinned back will see your striker sit on the shoulder of a defender, never mind which role you use. A DLF, for instance, should not behave like a poacher. Or, at least not every single time. I will likely receive the game for christmas (I usually do), so perhaps when I play more I will find some work around. The problem, for me, is this destroys an entire way of playing. I have already worked out I can change things up and try to get the ball to a striker during the transition. Then you see nice behaviour. The attacking phase behaviour, though, is weird and not right. If you try to play through the centre of a striker, patiently, everything will instead go down the wings (because wing back movement is great). And has a comparison, the attacking movement of strikers functioned perfectly in FM18. You could immediately tell different roles apart. Anyway, there is no point to moan. For those who have problems, submit bug reports (it is what I will be doing once I can play the game more fully). On a different note, which I guess has also been brought up, the default set piece setups are just...weird sometimes. As in the assignment of players to positions does not make sense.
  4. sporadicsmiles

    A lack of attacking movement

    Cheers for the reply. I have not been as active as usual for the start of this edition, and have not kept up to date with the feedback threads like I normally would. As you say, now I know this is not something I am doing wrong, I will happily contribute examples to bug reports. I just wanted to make absolutely sure that it was not just me being dumb before I did so. In addition, feel free to close the thread. I have the answers I wanted and it has probably served it's purpose.
  5. I have been having some issues regarding player movement, and I after reading around and seeing I was not alone, I thought I would get some additional feedback on this. As a disclaimer, I have played a very limited amount of FM19 this far, only the demo, and not the latest patch (which may have fixed this, but I do not know if I will get time to try it before the new year). The problem I am seeing, across a variety of tactical setups and formations, is a distinct lack of sensible movement from attacking players. Strikers, and to a lesser extend inside forwards, appear to be behaving strangely in the attacking phase. They will end up sat on the shoulder of the last man.. and stay there. Almost irrespective of the role I have assigned to them. Now, clearly this is behaviour I expect in certain situations. For example, if your striker has an attack duty, it can be quite okay for him to do this. That is not the problem. The problem I have is even a DLF(S) is stuck on the shoulder of the last man, and does not move. Now, this is to me a problem. A deep lying forward should do what it says on the tin. He should drop a little deeper to act as a passing option at least as often as looking to get into the box. In fact, exactly how the role played in FM18. For me, this is a severe problem, because it is killing central play (at least, the way I like to play centrally). If the striker does not drop deeper to receive a pass, he cannot draw out defenders. He cannot be in a position to make a through ball to an IF or BBM or CM(A) rushing into the box. He cannot help recycle the ball centrally. What I have seen so far is that this means that the only players who are regularly in a good position are attacking fullbacks. Which means they receive the ball a lot, and a lot of attacking is focused this way (leading to seeing the blocked cross animation a lot). It does not feel right. Now, I do not have access to FM, or I would post some screenshots to go along with this showing the movement I want. Instead, I will have to try to describe. Imagine the following formation, which was pretty standard for me in FM18 and I have used in FM19. I only here want to focus on the attacking phase of play. Please also only have a limited amount of time this weekend to play around with suggestions or to actually try to document this properly. Sorry for that, I am still interested in what people think. Lets say standard and structured in FM18. Balanced in FM19 (I think the game also decides it is structured). Minimal TIs, the most relevant of which is work ball into box. Now, there is clearly a plan here to use the DLF as a fulcrum about which I want to create openings for other players. When the DLF drops in deep, he can open space in the defensive line if a DB comes with him. Even if he does not, he will have two players - one either side - who can get a ball to them as they run into the box. There is also the winger and attacking fullbacks should this option not be open (the striker is advanced, or not open), and the DLP, DM, CM create some nice passing triangles to keep the ball as well. Play this tactic in FM18 and you will see the DLF will very often drop towards the AMC strata, get the ball, and often be deadly. You can create a lot of goals this way. Indeed, he can also be the beneficiary of through balls if he runs from deep. Clearly, this behaviour is not seen on every single attack, but you get the picture. What I have been seeing in FM19 is that no matter the role I play (of those tried so far), once we enter the attacking phase, the striker will get forward and stay there. He will not drop back to get a pass. He sits on the shoulder of the last defender and waits. This, clearly, eliminates a good portion of what the tactic I describe above is designed to do. I feel this is wrong. A DLF should not behave like an AF at all times. There is no point in having different roles then (although their defensive behaviour is different and is what I expect). I will also note that the only time I have ever gotten by striker involved in build up play is when I specifically aim to get the ball forward quickly so he can receive it during a defensive to offensive transitions. Then I can see more readily the attacking structures I describe. So, my questions to you are this: 1. Has anyone else seen or experienced this? Or, is this something I have failed to fully comprehend on change between versions, or is this behaviour intended. 2. If this is intended behaviour, can someone explain to me the difference between the different roles in an attacking phase, because I fail to see any. 3. What, if anything, can be done to rectify this situation? If it is tactical, I am all ears (although do note again I cannot try things for a while yet due to work). If it is just the new ME being a bit screwy, so be it. ps. as a disclaimer, this is not a "lets moan at the ME because I am failing to win" thread. The results I am getting are actually fine, and the new ME looks beautiful (aside from so, so many slide tackles which I think will be toned down at some point). This is purely based on my inability to recreate things I could previously create.
  6. sporadicsmiles

    Issues with center play, final third

    You are not alone in experiencing this. There is pretty detailed thread about this here, which you may want to join your pkms to also to gain more visibility. I agree that this is a severe issue. The attacking movement of strikers is non-existent at the moment, and all roles seem to behave like an advanced forward when in the attacking phase of play.
  7. sporadicsmiles

    Players don't listen

    Which in this case appears to be an entirely valid comment.
  8. sporadicsmiles

    What´s up with the (constantly) diving tackles?

    I will further the call for this. Not just the number of lunge tackles, but the number of tackles logged by the ME and their success rate. I have just played a game where the AI had upwards of 60 tackle attempts, with a >90% completion rate. Which is patently absurd. My team, even without any specific settings regarding tackling, are logging around 30 per game. Now if we were talking about a player getting a foot in, it would be fine, but we are not. This is an insane number of slide tackles.
  9. Use the news feed to spot any activity. The best way is to add players to a shortlist though. If you just want to track them for a transfer window, add them for 1 or 3 months.
  10. sporadicsmiles

    Impact of a large database size

    Database size will just slow down processing, if you can live with that, it is okay. The other problem you may face with using a large database is selling players. Particularly if you have a lot of players active but not many leagues. Teams in inactive leagues tend to be a little more passive in the transfer window. What that means is that there are more players available to fill a certain position in a club, which means there is often a cheaper option available and you may find no interest in your players. If you are playing as Man Utd, you will probably not miss out on anyone in the database who is good and well known even on a large database. I like to keep all top division players when only running a few leagues just to keep the european competitions a bit more realistic for the smaller clubs.
  11. sporadicsmiles

    Players rejecting moves

    I never have any trouble offloading players I do not want either. Unless they are on really high wages that nobody else can match. That is pretty much the only time I will struggle to sell. I also have never seen the AI back off from a clause I would not be happy to accept. It all depends what you are asking and how reasonable it is. 50% of the next sale, for instance, would also see me back off from a player. Still, I get you just want to have a moan (that's fine, we all need to do it). I always thought that players would tell you why they rejected a club? At least in terms of "has no interest in joining the club", "failed to reach agreement with club X" and the like. I have only played FM19 since this weekend, and have not had anyone reject a transfer yet.
  12. sporadicsmiles

    Players rejecting moves

    It never fails to amaze me why people think it should be easy to offload players who are not good enough for your level to teams at your level for a high fee. Looking to sell players will always make their price go down, because you are looking to sell. In this case, nobody can answer your question because we do not know the selling team, the buying team, or the player. The most likely situation is that they did not meet his wage demands, or their not good enough relative to his expectations.
  13. sporadicsmiles

    Seeking experienced advice!

    No frustration, happy to try to help. I did not explain very well, and Rashidi has dealt with this in more detail. However, my point was I do not see what you want them to be doing. They are almost just there because you need them. There is no clear direction, I do not know what you expect them to be doing. Ideally, I would want them to at least support the midfield in a meaningful way. Act as an additional passing option, force the AI to have a man to deal with them. Alternatively, have them close enough to the W(A) that they provide support, a passing outlet other than a byline cross from the winger, and perhaps even helping the winger find space. Rashidi has pointed out the many things you can actually do with fullbacks so I will not go into it again (he understands the game far better than I in any case). Also, you do not necessarily have to have S/A or A/S on the flanks. I will often use A/A on the same flank, if I really want to try to overload that area of the pitch, for example. Or if I have an IF and I want to still have a wide threat. Naturally, you have to balance that with roles and duties elsewhere. On the flipside, I will also often have D/S for the full back and wide player if I want to really protect a flank. Guidelines are not rules.
  14. sporadicsmiles

    Seeking experienced advice!

    What are you trying to achieve with this, though? What type of football are you trying to play there? I will tell you how I think this tactic will go. You have two wingers, so almost all your play is down the flanks. You will create nice triangles in midfield to retain the ball, but most attacks will end up being funneled down one of the flanks. This means you rely almost exclusively on crosses to create goals. Sure, you may occassionally get a good through ball from the center. So you end up seeing a load of crosses either be cleared or go out for corners. You also probably end up with a lot of long shots. Defensively, I guess you are quite decent. I will try to explain that now. You have only two ways you are regularly going to create chances. The most important of those is the wingers. You have two of them, and they are often going to find space (space is always easier to come by on the flanks). The second will be sometimes getting through balls to your striker from the midfielder. You are immensely reliant on your striker in this tactic, and your wingers. If your striker has a bad day, you will not score. And he will have a lot of bad days. You have nobody getting forward centrally to support him, so he is alone in the penalty area trying to get on the end of crosses himself, for the most part. Take your striker out, and the AI is 90% to getting at least a point from you. If your crossing also isn't working, you will not even give your striker chance to be bad. He will have no service. There is no variation in your tactic. There is no plan B, or plan C. There are not different ways you can build up. In addition to this, you have so many players who I do not know what they are for. What is your CM(S) doing in this tactic? What is he for? What do you want from him. What is the point of the supporting fullbacks? What job are they doing when you attack? These three roles do not seem to contribute enough. So what can you do? I'd suggest to ask yourself a few basic questions when you are setting up a tactic. 1. What do I want every player in my team to do? What is their job. For example, in the tactic you post. You want a central midfield player to hold position and act as a pivot/holding player to cover the defense. So you selected a CM(D). This makes absolutely perfect sense to me. Now ask yourself what each of the players is supposed to do. With this, you can more easily pick the roles and duties. I'd even suggest making it into a post here, so you can describe what you want even if you do not know exactly what role this means. Then we can help to guide a choice. 2. How am I going to create chances? This is critical to designing a good, robust tactic. You want to have a number of ways to create chances. In your current tactic, the main way you will create chances is by crosses. However, it is the only way. How could you make this better? Using a role for one winger that cuts inside and see's him getting into the box. This gives the AP another player to pass to centrally, and gives support to your striker by occupying another defender. Suddenly, you open more options, and you are not reliant on crosses. Another example would be to use a SS in AM, and have him get ahead of the striker, who can feed him the ball. There are so many things you can do here. You will also note in both examples I gave you, I have created another player who can score, so taking the burden from the striker. The more ways you can think of making your side score, the better. 3. What is my global idea for how I want to play? Do you want to play like Pep? Like Mourinho? Like Klopp? Like Ranieri? (I play like Mourinho!). This guides how you chose mentality and team instructions. For example, to emulate Klopp or Guardiola, you will use lots of closing down high up the pitch. For Mourinho, you will drop deeper and defend in your own half. There is no right or wrong way to play. It will also, of course, be closely tied to point number 1 - roles and duties will feed into how you want to play. The most important thing to do is ensure you pick a TI because it fits how you want to play. These, for me, are the most basic steps you can take. I understand the game can be remarkably frustrating at times. Even for people who understand the game. Hell, last night I got absolutely pasted 4-0 by Valencia, and I have no idea what went wrong (even after watching the match back). It is an incremental and frustrating learning process, but it is also very rewarding.
  15. Cheers, it was not clear how things fed through into each other with the new layout.
  16. So does the defensive line settings from the defensive setup feed through the attacking setup? Or are these two things now entirely separate? This is my first weekend with the game, so I am just trying to get a handle on how everything relates to everything else.
  17. I'm more just wondering how you modulate where your players now stand up the pitch, more than anything else. For example, in FM18 you could set a deeper D-line to draw your entire team further down the pitch. Since the game is split into attacking, defending, and transition, I am not really sure how to replicate this behaviour. Hence, when I feel that I am too advanced, it is not longer immediately obvious to me how to adjust. Is this now encoded into the mentality? In general I am finding the new tactics module a lot less intuitive (or I am just not used to it).
  18. Can you no longer define how deep your team sits when you are in attack? My team is too compressed, but I no longer see how to solve this problem.
  19. I do not think it looks too bad. The obvious thing for me is you are isolating the AF(A) by having only support duties behind him. You could try to play around with the roles/duties in the AM strata of your side. Since you play with two defensive central midfielders, did you think about using two DMCs instead, but giving them slightly more expansive roles? You then get the defensive solidity to your side, but you maybe can find something different for the players to offer in attack.
  20. As FrazT says, they are trying to see if you will sell, and perhaps trying to unsettle a player too. Just reject the offers if they are too low (obviously the one you show you cannot negotiate). If you can negotiate, try sticking in a number higher than what you would actually accept. If the team is interested, they will make a counter offer. If they are just testing the waters, they will back out. Also, with this, do not be afraid to make the player unhappy by refusing to sell him (just do not promise you will accept bids and then do not). Usually, although not always, a player who is unhappy because you refused to sell will settle back down once the transfer window is finished.
  21. sporadicsmiles

    4-2-3-1: The making of

    That seems like an entirely reasonable setup, a nice balanced set of roles and duties. Try it, and see how it goes. After watching a few games, you will know if you want to change some things based on what you have seen.
  22. sporadicsmiles

    Your managerial "role model" ?

    I did once spurt tea from my nostrils at a late winner, does that count?
  23. sporadicsmiles


    So is the game bad because you went on a winning run, or because of the losing run? The obvious explanation here is teams taking your more seriously and playing better counter attacking football, coupled with complacency.
  24. sporadicsmiles

    Time To Quit The Game?

    You do if you want to be able to transition between match engines. Any tactic that uses some kind of exploit will cease to function when that loophole is closed. You can see that happen many times over the years. Currently, the AI struggles against hyper aggressive tactics, which is entirely a problem in the AI coding (some of the hyper aggressive formations I see on here I know can be destroyed person vs person, I have tried). Your point that you do not need to understand tactics to succeed is technically true, but eventually you will have to start from scratch again and discover the next exploit. If that is the way people like to play, I have no issue with that, but for me it is not the sensible way to play. Currently, I am playing with the exact same tactic for around 4 iterations now, pretty much (variations are mainly based on the players available). I sincerely doubt many of the successful tactics from FM15 can be directly implemented without change in FM19. Well, perhaps I was too general in my previous statements. I could change it to we seek perfection. That perfection may be in result. It may be in getting a tactic to work perfectly how we want. Nevertheless, we seek perfection. There is no such thing, however. No team plays perfectly all the time either. Even Guardiola's sides will occasionally not play well. And to be fair, if you cannot get your tactics to do what you want, then it is most likely a problem in understanding how to translate your ideas into the game (not always, there are some thins you simply cannot do on FM yet, like pressing passing lanes). I can also point to the fact that people are able to create tactics which do play nice football. Anyway, ultimately, everyone gets different enjoyment from different things, and that is fine. I will not try to convince you that you are wrong here. Your opinion is just as valid as my own. I would love to see further improvements to all aspects of the game, and discussion on what people do not enjoy or find annoying is key to that.
  25. sporadicsmiles

    Time To Quit The Game? Part 2

    I'd just like to say that 88 points in only 5 less than Barcelona obtained in the 17-18 season (93 points). It just sounds like there was nothing you could do about Atletico. It happens sometimes. They just got it spot on for a season. Even beating them twice would not have helped. I'd just take this one on the chin and see what the next season brings. If you want to focus on something, it would be turning some draws into wins, and some defeats into draws (the 93 point Barcelona season had 9 draws and 1 defeat in it). Either way, I would not call this an atrocious season. It was more a stunning year for Atletico. If there is one thing I can note from your tactic, it is the surfeit of attacking duties. With 3 attacking duties in midfield, you are going to be creating a disconnect between attack and defense. You will also be pushing a lot of players up against the defensive line, which may limit your passing options if you have an opposition pinned deep. Your only real creative force is your DLP, and perhaps Messi on the occasions he drops deep enough to be in midfield. This, perhaps, can explain the lack of ideas. It could also leave you quite vulnerable to counter attacks, with most of your midfield high up the pitch, and only one central player who can feasibly cover. For the new tactic, I have similar comments. You have 4 attacking duties for your front 5. This is going to push all 4 players very high up the pitch and once again can limit your passing options in the final third. One think you can consider here is using your striker to drop deep and create space for the two wingers (a CF(S) or DLF(S) for instance). You should try to use one of the strikers to create space. When I play with a 433 like this, I use two players to create space. A central striker dropping off the CBs to try to draw them out and create space for the inside forward/CM(A) that I use, and a supporting winger with an attacking fullback to try to draw defenders out wide to create space in the middle. This, in my opinion, is what your tactic currently lacks. Everyone is trying to exploit space, but nobody is creating it. With Messi, you could also try to play him as an AP from the wide position. He will drift inside and create an extra body in midfield, and will be a pain for the defense to pick up. Couple him with an attacking fullback to create overlaps, and you could be in business (I'd switch RPM to DLP and swap the sides of the PM and Mez if I did this, though, less players getting in each other's way).