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  1. I don't think I am the only person to think we overachieved and getting to the semi-final flattered us a bit. We have a completely different spirit and confidence permeating the team which is perhaps what has been missing, but from a pure footballing point of view we are some way off. A lack of midfield presence is obvious (perhaps we missed the Ox) but as has been said, playing Dele and Lingard in CM means you have 4 players all who naturally want to be playing forward isolating Henderson and forcing Kane to drop deep. Am I also right to say the only goal scored from open play was Li
  2. I know we are at the point where we want to keep expectations to a minimum as we have had high hopes before and been burned. But. Looking at this side of the draw we should be expecting to get to the final. Not having high hopes for your national team is for losers. Can't imagine the Italians or Dutch at Euro 2020 thinking "let's just get to the quarters and that is a good result".
  3. What I find odd about these 'political gestures' or whatever is the fact that they are flagged up by FIFA or the FA in the first place. If FIFA wanted to stamp this out they'd be better of not mentioning it as the vast majority have no clue what they're doing nor would they bother to research it. By making a statement that they're investigating it brings it to everyone's attention.
  4. He is simply the best to ever play. If people argue against that it is likely because their judgement is clouded by not liking him as a person. Finding stupid reasons like not tracking back just makes them look stupid. If you don't like him just say it, that's fine.
  5. I agree with the OP but I think the issues are deeper rooted in that the defensive side of the tactics creator is overlooked almost entirely. I don't want to sound like a moaner, but the inability to create a press in any form more complex than how much closing down each player does highlights this. Situational pressing, for instance, is impossible to create but is a huge part of modern football. Closing down is a catch all that encompasses all kinds of player behavior that we have no control over. Whenever pressing is discussed with regards to FM in any sort of depth, it is usu
  6. Is that the case even if you give them a specific instruction on the set-piece screen, i.e rather than just have them as "go-back" or "mark tall player" you put them on the post or on the edge of the area etc? Or do the opposition instructions over-rule those instructions too?
  7. @Vico Vito Pep Did you really need to quote the entire OP? Can you edit that it's a right pain.
  8. It's impossible to help unless we know what your entire set up is. You may want to start a new thread rather than fill this one, and look at the sticky at the top of this forum that tells you what information to post.
  9. I'm not sure what you are asking. It's pretty clear from the whole concept of the thread that a team is being built around players who have excellent technical skills and intelligence. Those are clearly relevant to position, I wouldn't worry of your CB's have poor finishing for example. It's clearly outlined in the OP that decisions, concentration, determination etc are all important for the whole team.
  10. One thing that I noticed playing this system with Arsenal (admittedly only pre-season still) is that the IF(s) do sit very wide with that PI 'Sit Wider'. I found the SS would often get the ball and be without support and have to make rush decisions. Or if one of the CM's get's it and is pressed, he could really do with his side's IF dropping in for support. Did you come across this being an issue at all, or were Iniesta, Messi and Neymar just good enough to deal with it most of the time? I'm playing Alexis in the SS role as he is best suited to it and has very good technical's and intelli
  11. I think that can happen. Who knows what they say, they could be slating the whole team constantly. You're better off doing them yourself even though they are incredibly tedious. If you've done enough of them in the past you can usually just hit the right line without really reading anything.
  12. If you are 'just skipping through' how do you expect it to work? It isn't a plug and play tactic. A lot of thought needs to be given to the players that you use in the system. It is by its nature a very aggressive set-up, so top teams will generally do better with it, but the risks to the defense can always be mitigated. To find out how, you'd need to watch the games, which you clearly aren't doing.
  13. I agree, plus they have the funds to do the squad building necessary. Cazorla/Ozil was my initial thought when looking at this system too. In terms of the HB, definitely would need to bring someone in, there are a couple of players I have in mind, they're generally older but at least I'd have the money to bring one of them in as a stop gap whilst I nurtured some younger prospect into the position. Hmmm, might get a save going this evening. It would be interesting to see how a system like this functions in the Premier League too against generally stronger opposition.
  14. In fact, I'm tempted to try and implement a similar system at Arsenal. I generally always go with worse teams and have never had a long term with a big club, plus IRL it is the type of football Arsenal want to play but can't.
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