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  1. I don't think I am the only person to think we overachieved and getting to the semi-final flattered us a bit. We have a completely different spirit and confidence permeating the team which is perhaps what has been missing, but from a pure footballing point of view we are some way off. A lack of midfield presence is obvious (perhaps we missed the Ox) but as has been said, playing Dele and Lingard in CM means you have 4 players all who naturally want to be playing forward isolating Henderson and forcing Kane to drop deep. Am I also right to say the only goal scored from open play was Lingards against Panama. I know this point is perhaps being blown out of proportion in the media, but the lack of chances created from open play in some games is concerning and the chances that we did have that were missed are also not great. I really don't want to put a downer on this though and I certainly wouldn't agree with some of the nonsense that has been posted already, I just think there were some glaring issues, but the most important thing seems to be that the mood surrounding the whole England national team is shifting, which is great news for the future.
  2. I know we are at the point where we want to keep expectations to a minimum as we have had high hopes before and been burned. But. Looking at this side of the draw we should be expecting to get to the final. Not having high hopes for your national team is for losers. Can't imagine the Italians or Dutch at Euro 2020 thinking "let's just get to the quarters and that is a good result".
  3. What I find odd about these 'political gestures' or whatever is the fact that they are flagged up by FIFA or the FA in the first place. If FIFA wanted to stamp this out they'd be better of not mentioning it as the vast majority have no clue what they're doing nor would they bother to research it. By making a statement that they're investigating it brings it to everyone's attention.
  4. He is simply the best to ever play. If people argue against that it is likely because their judgement is clouded by not liking him as a person. Finding stupid reasons like not tracking back just makes them look stupid. If you don't like him just say it, that's fine.
  5. Have a read of that thread. Loads of discussion in there about a strikerless system being used to REPLICATE a real life tactic. Nowhere in that thread is the discussion or suggestion that it is an exploit.
  6. So you agree using strikerless in this instance is a way to achieve something that happens IRL. By definition then, it is a workaround, not an exploit. Still seen no evidence of this.
  7. I agree completely. The ME does not allow for strikers to drop into that deeper positions though, so a strikerless 4-4-2 would better represent how Juve played that game, as AM's attacking movements can closely replicate strikers. Having the ability removed to play strikerless would be wrong when the real issue that needs to be looked at is the defensive positioning of players in the striker strata.
  8. Did you read the first part of my post? Have a look at the pictures in this thread and re-read what I said.
  9. Explain how it is exploiting given what I posted in the first half of my post: EDIT: Also, who is to say what your friend is doing in his save, it could be anything from an incredibly lucky result, to him using the editor to pump money into the club, buy 200mil worth of players and constant reloads. To say it is just his tactic alone is somewhat misleading, unless you can give us some evidence.
  10. A lot of people use strikerless formations because strikers in the ME will not drop as deep as they do IRL during the defensive phase (see other threads recently on this site for discussions on this.) The formation screen in the tactics creator is your defensive formation, if that is the case, there are many teams whol would play "strikerless" when defending - see any Mourinho team, Simeone etc. I don't think this is "to crack the ME" but a workaround for something that doesn't function correctly. A similar issue with player behavior in the ME can be seen with the HB role not dropping between CD's unless the Wingbacks are in the DM strata, I know @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! has spoken about this in a lot of depth. This may warrant discussion, but to me the OP reads that you are just a bit butt hurt that your friend is beating you and you want the game changed to stop it? I'm yet to see anyone actually exploit the match engine with a strikerless formation.
  11. I agree with the OP but I think the issues are deeper rooted in that the defensive side of the tactics creator is overlooked almost entirely. I don't want to sound like a moaner, but the inability to create a press in any form more complex than how much closing down each player does highlights this. Situational pressing, for instance, is impossible to create but is a huge part of modern football. Closing down is a catch all that encompasses all kinds of player behavior that we have no control over. Whenever pressing is discussed with regards to FM in any sort of depth, it is usually only achievable by using certain shapes and occasionally someone who has a deep understanding of football and coaching sometimes gets something working by by using complex opposition instructions. But this is rarely noticed and could well just be a result of good fortune. The key thing here though, which whilst annoying for people who want to dig into things, would probably be way over the head of the average FM player who just wants to play as a big team and sign Neymar and smash everyone.
  12. Move into channels is a build-up instruction so won't affect defensive positioning of your IF.
  13. I don't think this is correct either. The movement and actions you describe would be entirely dependent on the player, his PPM's, the system he is playing in etc. You can't just limit the differences to those specific things. The effect of his chosen duty is also dependent on your team shape.
  14. You can do lot's of things in different ways, so what's your point? @summatsupeer's point is still relevant.
  15. It's a hypothetical situation, no need to read into it. Also, why not? If your one playmaker is having a bad day or being marked out the game you may lack penetration.
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