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  1. BPD with support/attack duty on both wide and central CB positions. Playmaker FB/WB. Playmaker on CF position other than Treq. and a PI which we can set personal tempo for players. Because in real football players don't have the same playing tempo.
  2. I would prefer to use it against top sides when i manage an underdog side for overcoming their high press or counter-press more comfortable with less risks while bringing the ball out of own half. I also use it when i adapt a fast paced attacking style with mid-block.
  3. My tweaks to increase that trio's and your team's overall performance are: Werner as RMD on RW to make him far more dangerous Mount as APs on LW to use his strong playmaking abilities with his stronger foot F9 is good for Havertz. Also DLFs or Treq can be chosen for him to make him drop between lines and be the connecting player Chillwell as CWBa to combine him with Mount as APs Kante on RCDM as VOLs to make him more complete midfielder who contributes both attack & defence Both wide "CB"s as BPDd to make them deep playmaking outlets when needed Ce
  4. Plus, player's low teamwork, creative freedom TI/PI and higher team mentalities increase their numbers too.
  5. That's a different approach that i respect... But for me, these two played exactly like that. In my opinion; Iniesta played like a hybrid of a mezzala & playmaker with using both left & central areas on CM & AM strata while Xavi played like a roaming playmaker who dropped DM strata or climbed to AM. With Messi's intelligent play; triple roaming playmakers dominated central areas with ease. Pep used this trio to create space for wide forwards and they did the job.
  6. This is a high risk orientated attacking football including 7 runners. Yet i won't complain about team instructions because your team is on the 1st place. I will focus to DLP role. DLP is a controller who helps build up play, sets tempo, gives a passing option to teammates, changes the side of play, plays a through ball or supports an attack from deep. This role needs a good mixture of runners and support players around him for the best performance he can perform. DLP on your tactic has 4 runners and 2 defenders around him. This can lower his impact on the game. Which player can sho
  7. If you want to create chances from transitions, you need to apply an attack duty for one of the most advanced attackers. They are all on support and this does suit more to a possession based football than transition based counter-attacking. As you are on top of the league you don't need to do many changes. Also your players quality is way better from best Turkish clubs as seen from the picture. Because no ai manager in Turkish league can transfer a player like Dembele, Robertson, Tonali, Nkunku and Demiral. My ideas about this tactic are these: -Your team lacks goalscoring spe
  8. This is an ultra-possession oriented system with lots of needless TIs. Attacks can be prevented frequently by opposition with such low pace and low unpredictability. But I won't explain those as others explained already. So i prefer writing about something different. Messi's role. You use Messi as an IWs with overlap right. That TI lowers Messi's mentality from positive to balanced and decreases his risk taking about movement, passing and shooting. I don't understand why someone does something like this to one of the best attackers in football history. Sorry but 6,3 match rating for Messi
  9. If i use a possession based 4-3-3 with a defend duty DM, i would rather use 2 roaming roles on 2 CM strata (or roaming PI activated on both) for increasing movement and creating more space similar to Guardiola's Barcelona.
  10. Those formations have space between defence & midfield blocks which a hole player can benefit. You can use a formation with CAM or a formation with 3 midfielders with 2 CMs which use halfspaces. This formation suits more to a direct approach or a higher tempo instead of shorter passing for me. Because you use both strikers on attack and remaning players on support who can attack more.
  11. Not really. CFs also attacks space but not the same amount of an attack duty striker. Sorry but that is also not true. WPa on the left with CFs in front of him use different areas of the pitch. WPa plays more centrally and CFs roams around vertically & horizontally on the left half of the pitch. That is not a bad thing for a 4-4-2. Because there is no DM, a conservative full back with a support duty winger can balance the tactic with one side is attacking with taking higher risks and the other is supporting attacks with lesser risks.
  12. This is a risky one. I won’t complain about left side if it works well. Only thing i would contribute to this system is; if you don’t use a stay wider PI for RFB, it can create a width issue on the right flank.
  13. With that change WBs-WPa-CFs & CMs-Ws-AFa can combine well and CMs can have more space to operate behind AF.
  14. It seems well balanced. But be careful with the space between defence & midfield. There is no DM in a 4-4-2 who helps to secure that space. I would adjust DL-LOE to relax myself. I'm the conservative kind on giving space.
  15. It's not a problem. it's a different behaviour taken from real football like playmaker roles & trequartista's playmaking difference.
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