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  1. Unfortunately there is no way to replicate CAR. CAR plays like BBM but the difference is; BBM uses the pitch vertically, CAR uses it horizontally. Both are engines of the team. CAR is more defensive one because of lateral movement.
  2. Drop LOE. Why much higher LOE? Is there a rule that tells “top teams must play with much higher LOE”. How can speed merchant WFs use their pace with no space? Ask this to yourself. You have nearly no penetration from CMs. BWMd and DLPs... Change LCM to a CMs/BBMs and your LB is way more aggressive, change his role to FBs. There is no roaming player in this tactic. Add roaming PI to Haaland to create more space for others. Drop GK’s risk taking to support.
  3. You don’t have to use lower tempo with short passing with a balanced mentality. If you see some needless crosses/shots/throughpasses you can drop tempo than. You also use “work ball into box” which drops attacking speed more. Use that only when you see too many long shots.
  4. @neptune'sblue İrfan can play better on APs. You can use Paulo Roberto on CMa/MEZa. DM on defend/support depending on opposition. This will create enough attacking run & support on midfield trio. Try to balance both flanks' attack/support duties. For example if you use an attack duty on a FB/WB use a support duty for wide attacker or attack duty for wide man and support for wide defender. Bear in mind; WBs has get further forward PI activated. You don't need to use focus play for pass & move. Default creates more attacking variations. Using short passing with posit
  5. They are more suited to some short passing or pass and move football. By the way; Paulo Roberto has great technical, mental and physical ability to play on more attack minded roles/duties and İrfan suits more to a playmaker role.
  6. Fenerbahçe is one of the top teams in Turkish Super League. You can take more risks when you manage such team. Consider this when you play against other teams outside Galatasaray, Beşiktaş, Trabzonspor and Başakşehir. You can use your wide attackers on WF positions. You can use an attack duty on one of your "CM"s if you use 3 midfield combination. You can increase DM's duty to support against weaker opponents to increase pressure. You can increase DL & LOE to increase pressure. Counter-press is not coherent with wide attacking width. It is more suited balanced or narrower attacki
  7. Wide attacking width is not compatible with counter-press. Because that increases space between players.
  8. That’s because you use an extremely high tempo. Is there enough time to run into advanced positions for your “WB”s with a fast play like this? Think about its effects when you select a TI. When a higher tempo is used; deep runners will have less space and time to use the ball correctly. They need world class attributes for a fast play if you want them to contribute goals/assists more.
  9. If his attributes do not change and his star ability goes up with quality performances; it means that his home/world reputation goes up.
  10. I almost agree with a nuance. Using an attack duty is not a wise move for 1 CM in a 2 CM tactic. A support duty works better with attack & defence.
  11. You can use a more risky role/duty in front of BWMs. Change RW to IFa with roaming or RMDa. Try it and see if it helps. You can drop team mentality to balanced to make your players more patient in offensive risk taking. If you concede goals from your left too many, you can drop DLP’s mentality to DLPd. In addition to this maybe you can add more offensive support responsibility to LWBs with an attack duty.
  12. I’ll talk about 4-2-4. Try to balance roles/duties a little. Nearly every attacker has attacking runs but who feeds their runs with passes. F9/DLFs can play better in between lines. If your LW is more creative, use him with IFs on LW and change RW to IWs. FBs behind a DLPd is too conservative. Try to change his role to FBa/WBs at least. “stay on feet” why do you use that TI? It is more suited to shape style defensive systems.
  13. Regardless of the subject; I want to share my thoughts about 3D match experience. Because I didn't see anybody write about this. I expected that SI could give us more realistic and aesthetically better 3D match engine with more realistic pitch textures and weather effects. Other than this there could be some adaptive pitch effects depending on the weather. What I mean is when a player runs with ball with a wet weather, there can be some water/snow effects on the pitch/ball. Look at the picture below. This is from FM11. Ten years before. This is great. I tried to c
  14. Who needs human footballers when you have a soccer robot?
  15. I understand your approach and I want to add that PPMs / roles / PIs effect play more according to TIs. But focus play effects passing and forward runs. I tested again. I used universalist roles and no playmaker with a 4-2-3-1. GKs - RFBs - RCBd - LCBd - LFBs - RCMs - LCMd - CAMs - RWs - LIWa - AFa When I used focus to wings; players preferred to pass to flanks more. IWa-Ws-FBs played wider with/without ball. Players dribbled/passed more to wide areas. Forward runs came from wide players. When I used focus to center; players preferred to pass/dribble to central areas more. Forward ru
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