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  1. Agree with the poster above. I don't know quite how to describe what I've tested with it apart from saying that its interpretation of a 'good' tactic is extremely narrow and doesn't really reflect what can work in game.
  2. Great thread and analysis, thanks for the effort that you've put into it. FWIW - The argument that if the formation and roles etc are posted in the OP then people will then ignore the rest of the tactical discussion is fallacious IMO. I think that on the contrary, it makes a lot of the analysis and screenshots posted throughout a lot easier to digest and helps the reader understand what they are looking at if that information is available up front. Most people come to this sub-forum for insight into the game and tactical discussion related to FM. People will always copy stuff and treat it like a plug-and-play if they want to, but those aren't the type of people that these threads are aimed towards anyway. Just because some may try to mirror it doesn't mean that the info should be denied from the rest of us if it would enhance what is written. That said, people can structure their threads however they choose to, and moaning about this is and calling out posters is pretty bang out of order.
  3. I've noticed that I don't have the option to ask the board for more scouts since the beginning of my save. Finances are fine etc. Is this a bug or something I've missed?
  4. Never trust what your coaches say about wingers, I've had so many reports from 18CA 19PA scouts who say a guy is 4 stars but his attributes generally are terrible, but he has 17 acc and pace. It seems to be weighted far too heavily for wingers. Generally, you're a far better judge by using attributes to compare against other players in your team, the league, and you know your system and what attributes are needed for what roles. Pretty much ignore stars, coach ratings etc. The only useful coach items are the ones that tell you about consistency, injury etc.
  5. Thanks for this post. I feel like this is a point that is missed by a lot of people. Particularly at big clubs that have European competitions who may well go deep in cups as well, almost half of the season is spent with 2 matches, and in the second half of the season they may only have 2 or 3 sessions in one of those weeks which aren't rest/recovery or match prep which is likely ramped up for those big matches. If you're really keen you can add a really hot prospect or two into first team training for a week where you know there is a good amount of training and then remove them, or as I do sometimes if I think I may have them on the bench, put them into first team training for the week and leave them in there through the match day so they get the experience too (not sure if this has an actual affect on their mentals etc or not though). I used to drop all my decent prospects in with the first team training until this lightbulb moment. I have seen a certain improvement in my youths development since I've stopped doing this. I feel like this info should be pinned somewhere or added to a 'important tips' thread or something.
  6. This happens to literally every winger. I believe it was a way of ‘nerfing’ the overpowered crosses. You can’t reliably get players to hit early crosses no matter what you do, or who the players are. Hopefully it’s looked at for the next release.
  7. This is great stuff. I have been preparing a thread which is very similar in style to this one, mostly inspired by Conte's Inter. Funny to see you've used an extremely similar setup to me but of course a different formation. It's also my favorite style to watch and great to see you having a vision up front before you start making something in game, something I'm a big advocate for! Look forward to the rest.
  8. Mentoring, if I click "ask assistnat to assign" he will combine youth players into various groups, but manually doing it you can't add players that aren't in the same squad. Is this intentional? It's annoying either way.
  9. This is great, always enjoy your threads. It was touched on above, but how did you feel "Much Higher Tempo" affected things? I've rarely got on with that TI in lower leagues as it tended to result in a lot of wasted possession, on various sysytems, because their composure and decision making is just not up to scratch.
  10. Individual Training: Assigning a role and duty of course shows you what attributes will be affected by this, some duties affect which attributes are focused on (I.e a pressing forward on attack will include finishing, on defend duty it will not). If the duty assigned doesn't change the highlighted attributes, is there any difference in the individual training? In my case, a ball playing defender on cover or defend duty covers identical attributes. So is it relevant at all?
  11. No, not if your usage is for mostly FM. Screen size shouldn;t be ignored, and the portability of the macbook is undoubtedly great, but if your main usage is FM then Windows is simply a better option.
  12. At what point does your head of youth development affect the youth intake? i.e it is currently 11th Jan (France) and I've replaced my above average HOYD with an absolute perfect chap. Is this years crop of youth already 'set' or will he affect them?
  13. Hey that's great news. Get some more games under your belt with it to see if it was a one-off for sure.
  14. Have you read the below? https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/465977-developing-my-4123dm-wide-tiki-taka/ This thread, and the 'possession with intent' thread linked within were proper light bulb threads for me. You obviously dominate possession but perhaps struggle with goals. The thing that first strikes me is your Ti's are perhaps stifling your attacking players. Your mentality is already neutral, and all 4 of the Ti's are discouraging any kind of direct or risky passing. Perhaps consider dropping 1 or 2 and see what affect it has. For instance, I personally wont use 'work ball into box' on lower mentalities when an playing attacking style of football as I feel it really stifles progressive or risky passes/through balls. I'm not familiar with the squad, but the usual advice of looking at the attributes and traits of the players in the positions you've chosen would stand too. If you have a guy who you don't want dribbling but has the trait 'runs with the ball often' that is obviously a mismatch.
  15. Hi Guys, just picked up FM21 on sale, I've not played since FM18 and really enjoying delving into training with the help of these forums and Rashidi's posts and vids. I'm just looking for some general advice on pre-season, I've done a bit of searching but not found quite what I'm looking for. I know there is no "do x, y, z" for the perfect presason as it will depend on a lot of things. Are there, however, some general rules of thumb that can be followed when it comes to fixtures and scheduling them? I realise that matches help improve tactical familiarity, but how often should they be played? I think previously in older versions I would schedule a pre-season game every 4 days or so against weak opponents, and gradually get them slightly harder and finish with an easy game for morale. Is this still optimum, or have the changes to training (since FM18) changed how this works? Thanks!
  16. I agree with the OP but I think the issues are deeper rooted in that the defensive side of the tactics creator is overlooked almost entirely. I don't want to sound like a moaner, but the inability to create a press in any form more complex than how much closing down each player does highlights this. Situational pressing, for instance, is impossible to create but is a huge part of modern football. Closing down is a catch all that encompasses all kinds of player behavior that we have no control over. Whenever pressing is discussed with regards to FM in any sort of depth, it is usually only achievable by using certain shapes and occasionally someone who has a deep understanding of football and coaching sometimes gets something working by by using complex opposition instructions. But this is rarely noticed and could well just be a result of good fortune. The key thing here though, which whilst annoying for people who want to dig into things, would probably be way over the head of the average FM player who just wants to play as a big team and sign Neymar and smash everyone.
  17. Is that the case even if you give them a specific instruction on the set-piece screen, i.e rather than just have them as "go-back" or "mark tall player" you put them on the post or on the edge of the area etc? Or do the opposition instructions over-rule those instructions too?
  18. @Vico Vito Pep Did you really need to quote the entire OP? Can you edit that it's a right pain.
  19. It's impossible to help unless we know what your entire set up is. You may want to start a new thread rather than fill this one, and look at the sticky at the top of this forum that tells you what information to post.
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