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  1. Once again, you are talking about Atletico, Inter... try to play with Betis or Fiorentina, Atalanta etc... This is much more of a reference. I did not see any reference with a mid-table team except the tactic creator. The reason why many tactic creators achieve the best results is due to them manipulating the results. So imagine, you have a good run of like 15-20 unbeaten games and you feel like the tactic is something that will success with any team. so you want to upload it, but how to get the most attention? if you can demonstrate an unbeaten season or a championship without any transfers and with a lower classed team... I dont say that the tactic is completely bad, I see beautiful football often, but there is no way that you can achieve these kind of statistics in the very first season with west ham in the epl with this tactic! it has soooo many flaws and weaknesses... it would take the AI at most 10 games to notice these and then there begins the long balls and counter attacks... it is very imbalanced... after like 23 games had conceded 42 goals...
  2. Play with West Ham, Fulham, Everton without transfers and show me the results of the first season... You can play just basic plug and play formation from SI with Liverpool + Kai Havertz, Harry Kane etc...
  3. there you go... you have just one reference except yourselve. this is someone who has played championship. wonder what his results in the epl are like... I dont want to discuss whether it is good or not. but trying to sell the tactic as defensively solid is just not right. the set up is just crying for the AI to break it with counter attacks or just hoof balls for keeper. the reality is the same... I was regularly getting ripped of... it is amazing going forward, but if you do not have superb defensive players, youre destined to be ripped of. I kind of have the feeling that a lot of tactic uploaders are manipulating their seasons to catch attention... even with barcelona you can not get statistics like that...
  4. I have changed set pieces as I dont want to exploit ME weaknesses therefore saved it as another...
  5. thats all I say about "best defense"... btw. championship is not a good reference to demonstrate how good a tactic is or how good the defence/offence is... have been bundesliga champion with frankfurt, wolfsburg and leipzig in the first season and have been destroyed with the same tactics in the epl... some leagues are so weak that you don't really need the perfect tactic to become a champion
  6. Conceding so many goals on counter attack... but it does not surprise me: very high d-line + high loe + attacking mentality + only the two center backs on defend duty... sometimes you just need to have a look at the set-up , in order to assume whether the tactic is really a consistent "game breaker" or not. I don't know how you tested it mate, but this defensive record with west ham in first season? I will never believe that. Tested it myself with West Ham, got trashed at home against chelsea 1-5, lost to wolves at home 0-1 and now away half time against leicester running behind a 2-0...
  7. just finished my exams, finally have some time to play fm, but unfortunately, just yet, for the 5th or 6th time, after the first 2-3 matches, I am getting fed up with the awful match engine and just quit the game again... fm 11 and 12 were so awesome after the latest patches, that I really played 100s of hours, but fm 13 is unfortunately completely different. it really takes the joy out of me, when I just try to watch the game in 3d and just see that awful defending, nobody tackling in, just staring, that almost every 2nd attack from the wings is a goal, those missed 1yard passes, which fell too short and you concede a counter attack and a lot of other things... usually not that kind of player, who gives up quickly, since I like competetions and to create tactics, which I can compete with, but fm 13 just gives me the feeling, that no matter how good your tactic is, due to the awful match eninge, its impossible to get your players play the way you want... so I just decided to turn back to my lovely fm 12
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