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  1. So I read some articles about split block and mid block as a defence tactic. The idea seems to reduce vertical gaps in your team. However, when using a 4231 with two CDMs, do you think it is necessary to use this kind of a strategy? For instance, when I have very high LOE and standard backline, I still have two CDMs covering when the opposition gets past the pressure of my front 4. I kind of have the impression that split or block defending makes somehow sence for formations without CDMs, or am I wrong?
  2. I would like to discuss about ways/methods to improve youth recruitment. In my current save, I am 8 seasons into FM with FC Cologne in Bundesliga, I have a very high reputation and State of the Art Youth Facilities. Somehow, my opponents such as Schalke, Leverkusen, Bayern München, Hertha Berlin are consistently producing 5 Star 150Million Euro youth players. Me I just produce useless 3.5 star talents... It can not be really due to reputation. I am current Bundesliga champion and Champions League Champion. I have won the Europa League and the Bundesliga twice and had multiple CL semi finals. A
  3. The "stay on feet" plus standard defensive width has really worked wonders so far. 7 Games and won all 7 comfortably. Look at this Even dominating a disgusting antifootball side xD
  4. Thx very much, found the one post with 4123. In terms of defensive setup, beside the mentality, it looks similar to my setup: very high dline (i have high dline but attacking mentality) very high loe, prevent short gk distribution. I changed the defensive width from narrow to standard and also told my players to stay on feet. The two games I played, I could observe that at least the AI can not come very easily to goal chances and outplay my midfield by just passing the ball wide to their full backs and then running towards my full backs without anyone near. However, this game in the derby is j
  5. Could you maybe post the link here aswell? Or can you tell me how I can find your thread? Its not about winning for me, as you can see, I have already won every single cup once or twice in my save. Its about trying to understand the mechanisms and how to effectively press defensive AI without changing my formation and my tactic majorly.
  6. I have state of the art youth facilities but still I can not recruit talented players All I get is 3.5 star rated players as FC Köln in 8th season. But my competitors have 4-5 wonderkids produced in their youth system. What else do I need to look for to improve recruiting?
  7. Well, honestly, I've given up on trying to make a more "solid" and "balanced" tactic. Switched to my previous tacitc (the one with attacking mentality), did some minor tweaks and this is what I got as a result. I am really not into having as much possession as possible. Just wanna try to explain myself, why I have more success, defensively, offensively, as well as in terms of winning silverware, when I go gung-ho.
  8. Theory is nothing worth, if you can not translate it on the pitch. There have been very very exceptional young German managers in the last few years who were compared to Tuchel and Nagelsmann, who were top of their classes (same academy Nagelsmann visited) but still failed extremely bad. Hannes Wolf is one greate example. Top of his class and now even in Belgium, has been fired like after 4-5 weeks (37 years old and already been fired at 4 different clubs). I will wait for Pirlo's first serious appearances in the champions league whether these things he has written in his thesis are applicable
  9. Post #8, #10 and #15 of your original thread. I answered your question that early into it. @herne79 has also mentioned this more than once in the previous thread and here. A great comment was here: --- You posted that your actual issue is that the AI keeps the ball too much. In both threads now, you've been told why you're struggling. Simply put - your pressing is ineffective. As mentioned in the quote above - I used (a few seasons ago now, but still against all teams, attacking and defensive
  10. Yes, but deactivated counter. Should I not play with counter pressing? Thought this would not influence my possession stats or process of creating chances. But I had counter press always activated. Even in my best defensive season.
  11. Honestly, couldnt have success with the tweaks I tried without pass into space and counter and still did not change anything. Still got like 38% of possession against park the bus teams. I even played cautiously at home against relegation battler, which helped to improve possession stats but no goals scored. Maybe, I just dont understand the game Have given up on that and will just try to tweak my former tactic which may be "too aggressive" for the likes of many people here but at least I can reach top four and a semi final in europa each year with it. Its also very funny that I had my worst
  12. Got it, same probably applies to the 4123 with wingers, right? Wonder how liverpool can manage it so well irl. They also play with a 433 rather than a 4231
  13. What exactly does influence player positioning in pressing the most? Team mentality, individual mentality, player role, or duties?
  14. Actually, I wanted to try that one in the scnd half of the season aswell. I also hope this way the two CMs playing close to the flanks would provide more help for the full backs. I tried a combination of CM(a) and bbm, I had some success against bayern etc. but the moment another 532 side came, I was lost againt...
  15. This, actually is what convinced me finally after like 6 seasons in my current save. I really could not get the 4141 work against these weaker teams. Especially when they play with 3 centre backs, my striker runs like a headless chicken. If I tell him not to do it the centre backs just play to each other. Either a scnd striker or an AMC is, what I hope at least, the solution... Also what would be the best way to tell the AMR/AML to not press the centre backs but rather stay closer to the opposition full backs in the opposition third only?
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