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  1. Just to see if I understand, because this is fun. PSG own the tie break with your team, but Bayern own the tie break with PSG. You have to play Bayern and PSG have to play Anderlecht? So you can beat Bayern and overtake them, but cannot finish ahead og PSG. So they are qualified? Phew.
  2. I think there are two reasons. One is that football in general rewards positivity more than negativity. Most games where a team sets out to just defend and hope they get a goal on the counter end in defeat or a draw. That is why it is noteworthy when it works. I can't think of a truly defence first team that has any any success in recent times. There are odd exceptions - Chelsea in their champion's league triumph, Greece in Euros in 2004 (I think it was that year anyway). Then there is the reason why it pays probably more than is should to be risky as a lower team against a bigger one. T
  3. I'll look into trying to write something up. Takes a little bit of work to get things together in a way that is easy to convey to others when it is not something I planned to write about. But I have some ideas.
  4. Having default tactics is absolutely required. Firstly for people who are new to the game and feel overwhelmed by choices, and secondly for players who have neither the time nor the motivation to do a lot tactically. People who post regularly on the tactics forums have long noted that the preset tactics are, quite frankly, really poorly made tactics that absolutely do not help people. They present a misleading representation of how you should build a tactic, and they are so chocked full of TIs that there is no way you could work out what is doing what. They need to be minimalized at the
  5. Yeah, this is annoying, because scouts highly value potential ability in their assessment. This is definitely something it would be nice to easily tell your scouts. "Find me players who are good now" and "find me players for the future". Maybe someone else knows how to do it. Can't argue with you there. In my current save I am being given a bunch of players who are good enough for Vanarama N/S but with apparently lots of potential. I just got promoted to the EPL. Admittedly my scouts are not great at the moment, which does not help, but sometimes they just give you crap when you do no
  6. Typically if I am looking for players to sign now I will make sure that the current ability is at least three stars, and availability is set to "now" or "immediate" or whatever the actual phrasing is. That should give me players who are immediately available and immediately able to slot into my first team. I also filter any players who are below 70% recommended so they do not appear in my inbox. It is not perfect, because scouts can be stupid sometimes. You can add whatever additional filters to try and get the sort of players you want. I usually make sure they have decent work rate and determ
  7. It is just a lovely idea that appeals, to take a single formation and by adapting the roles and duties create many different shapes without changing the formation. This is something most of us do anyway in our tactics (my 433 plays as aa 4231 or 424 in possession), but the 451 has so many variations that are so easy to see. I think that is why people are drawn to the idea. I certainly think about doing this kind of thing at least once per year. I had a lot of fun doing it in FM20, although it did not work out the way I actually planned it to work out because FM20 was a nightmare for teams just
  8. As long as you are taking tactics and team building hand in hand, and know what you want to achieve and why, you will have success. That is the key to the game. I hope it continues!
  9. What are you asking your scouts to report to you? You can tell your scouts what to look for in terms of the ability you want in a player when you set up assignments, so this can be one way to go. This player is also being suggested as a signing for the future given that your scout thinks he has an extremely high potential, and is already good enough to be on the fringe of your first team. Seems a reasonable shout from the scout. Really if you are getting lots of reports that you are not interested in, you need to set up the scouting to find players you are currently interested in. This m
  10. You can already do this, with either TIs, PIs, or OIs (or some combination that works for you). I use forwards to disrupt opposition build ups as a matter of course in a split block. With clearing the ball, it depends on the situation. A defender who intercepts the ball and is under pressure might just lump it forward if told not to take risks. A 'keeper claiming a cross might let everyone push up and then clear it. The latter you can set up by avoiding things that encourage quickly playing the ball. The latter just makes sense to do in general. This is not a blanket statement that the M
  11. I love the 451 and how you can turn it into anything. I will give this thread a proper read when I get the chance, just wanted to say I look forward to it. I'm interested how different it will be in FM21 vs FM20, where it was a recipe to never be able to press the opposition!
  12. I'm going to guess that your idea of a defensive tactic is to set up with a low DL, low LOe, defensive mentality, low pressing, and narrow defending, right? Which is exactly how you bet utterly pounded like this. If you are going to invite a good team to constantly attack you without a coherent strategy and no threat of your own, you are going to lose nine times out of ten. There have been a few threads like this lately, which display a misunderstanding of how defensive football works. I'm tempted to try to write something about this if I can find the time.
  13. Here I mean instead of having my midfield pressed higher up the pitch, I would encourage players to keep the ball a little closer to my goal, with the aim of forcing their midfield to step out to challenge these players. Maybe by shifting the playmaker role to DMC, or by changing the defensive line. Or you can get creative and do things like have an IWB come inside and create an extra body in midfield, which may force the opposition to react. It is hit and miss in general though. If an opposition team does not want to come out, they won't and you have to try to find another way. A F9 w
  14. Not gonna wade into that debate! Just made me smile to myself when I read your post!
  15. The 300m is the games way of telling you not for sale, without flat out refusing to discuss terms. It used to be that the AI would just flat out reject all offers, and people wanted that changing so they would always discuss. Take the hint and move on to another target. Or bid low and try to unsettle the player. When a team bids low for a player who is supposedly not interested, they are trying to unsettle him. If he does not want to join, then just reject and ignore. Since you already noted he is on a long contract just keep rejecting and keep ignoring. That is basically exactly what the
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