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  1. my tactic problem

    The question you have to ask yourself are along the lines of "What do I want my team to do", "How do I expect to score goals", and the like. Decide who you want to be your goal scorer, who you want to create goals, who you want to provide a bit of variation in how you play. Are you looking to build from the back? Play on the counter? Be defensive and keep it tight? Also, you say you are losing games a lot. What is happening? What is going wrong? How are you conceding goals? What kind of chances are you creating. For instance, I can imagine your front two getting very isolated and losing the ball a lot, do you see this?
  2. If anything, I would let the person who created the database mod know about it, since he/she is the one who will be able to try to fix it. I used to make a lot of databases for FM, and getting them properly balanced so they actually work as desired is really non-trivial. Feedback is usually welcomed.
  3. Sounds like there just isn't a huge difference in the reputation of the leagues at that level, which makes sense since FM was not really designed to handle so many leagues in a pyramid. If all leagues and teams have similar reputation then players are unlikely to strongly differentiate between them. To me, it does just seem like pushing FM to the point where it gives silly results.
  4. The question is why would you play this in preference to, say, 4132 or 4312? This 41311 is essentially a slight variation on this, where you pack the midfield to death. I can actually see a use for it when you really want to deny a team any time or space on the ball, and to prevent them from utilizing space there. However, that is a pretty negative reason to use it. The main problem for me, and as pointed out above, is that you pack your midfield to the point where nobody has any space to do anything. What role, for instance, would you give to the central member of the 3 midfielders? In fact, what roles in general would you use? I could imagine using a regista at DM, something like C(S), CM(D),C(S) (or use a mez(S/A) on one side), and a SS/T(A) as the AMC. But if I am going to use such an offensive player in AMC, I may as well place him in a striker slot and play a F9 - which is exactly what I do when playing 4132 or 4312. You could also drop the central midfielder into central defense, push the wing backs up the pitch, and make a 33211, which retains the diamond midfield, whilst potentially providing a better base for wide play.
  5. You already have a defensive tactic, you just described it! Let me explain. You have a defensive back 4; no attack duties there. A good pairing in central midfield to provide some screen for your defence. No out and out striker, so you are not always going to leave one player up who does nothing but wait for the ball. You also drop deeper, play slow and retain possession. Possession football in general is defensive by nature, even the way Pep plays. He does not keep the ball for the sake of it, but to prevent the other side having and using the ball. It is a defensive strategy, ultimately. So ultimately I would not worry too much about needing a defensive tactic, because you seem to have a well balanced one. If you really want to change it up to look more defensive, drop the AMC to DMC, make him a play maker and add an attacking runner to the central midfield to get into the space exploited by your AMC.
  6. The lines exist still, you just have to be reading them. It is also worthwhile keeping the opposition formation widget open. You can then see automatically if they have changed their formation. Finally, you can also tell by watching the match if they have changed how they are playing.
  7. A constructive critique of FM18

    I definitely agree wrt to the UI being a worse in this iteration. Especially scout reports. I do not know what was wrong with the previous system of showing me the best players, and giving me a report to read at my leisure. Having to click through players, and not even having their stats directly visible whilst doing so, is a chore. I think this could be made significantly better just by showing the player attributes in the scouting window. I still find I do most of my player searching myself, with the odd player suggested to me who I was unaware of. On the match engine. Almost all of the problems with long shots can be traced back to not having enough passing options available, forcing players into taking a shot because they have no better option. This leads to shots from weird places, from players without good shooting or long shots, hence badly aimed.
  8. Can someone explain this please.

    Counter does not necessarily mean you are being considered as underdogs. Counter mentality will make you play slower build ups, and also generally deeper. This can help when trying to break sides down who are defending against you, which they are more inclined to do now teams fear you more. In contrast, standard or control can help you get the ball forward quicker, and play with more pace. This can help with taking advantage of teams who are more willing to attack you, since you are able to exploit space by being more direct. Of course, you can always ignore your assistant and play however you feel is best!
  9. Maybe he is faking it to help to ward off the interest being shown in him, because he is so determined to stay at your club and work under your stellar management! In all seriousness, every player has their price. Negotiate higher than your actual price for him, and if they put a counter offer in that you would be willing to accept, then go for it. Mostly, the other team will decide to chase more affordable options. Setting an asking price (if you did not already do so) can also help a little. However, ultimately, if he is attracting attention and is much better than your level, you are probably going to lose him at some point anyway. Especially if he wants a contract you cannot afford. Tie him to a long contract, and accept a bid that you feel reflects his value, and then invest it into the team.
  10. There are more offisides now due to passive players who do not actually touch the ball, but who are forcing the defenders to do things that they would not have to do if the player had not been there. I actually reported this as a problem in FM17, where you did not have this rule. For instance, imagine a long ball is played towards a player who is clearly in an offside position. The defender, who is deciding to play it safe, gets his head to the ball, but the clearance is poor and goes straight to an opposition player. This player then immediately plays a through ball to an onside, unmarked striker, who scores. Should it be offside? To me, and in the game, the answer is yes. The defender made the poor clearance because of an offside player. This player, despite not directly being involved in the play, has caused a defensive error from the defender. Therefore, the attacking side has gained an advantage from a player who is offside, and hence a free kick should be called. This exact situation once cost me a Champion's League final, where I conceded this exact goal late in the game. That players can now be offside even if the ball never gets to them is why we are seeing more offside calls, I think, and more goals disallowed when you would not expect to see them. Take the Rooney example above. Whilst Rooney is onside here, he could have been offside previously, forcing a defender to react in an improper way. Of course, it can also be buggy, and if you are convinced it is, report it. The system can definitely be tuned anyway, since there are many times where offside is called after a perfectly fine clearance that sets up a potential counter attack. Overall, however, I rarely have huge issues with the offside calls in the game.
  11. What have they done to the ME??

    I do not really understand this thread at all. Instead of blaming changes that, quite simply, did not happen, you should really look at what has actually changed that can cause changes in the way your team plays. Overconfidence? Poor form? Raised reputation (hence more defensive AI)? New players who do not fit their roles? You are the manager, it is your job to understand what has changed and counter those changes yourself.
  12. This is by no means a bad looking formation, and on the whole I really like the balance of the roles and duties. You have also identified some clear weaknesses in the play, which is the biggest challenge! Let's consider things one step at a time. The slow build up play is not that surprising, if I am honest. You are quite deep naturally, are a defence heavy formation, and are looking to build from the back. All of these things can make the build up play slow. You also lack a definite playmaker (not that this is a problem in general), who is more likely to try a risky defence splitting pass. The solution? You can try to play with the tempo, the team shape, the mentality or the defensive line. The build up play down the left. You have to ask yourself what you actually want these players to do. Do you want your winger to bomb down the wing and get crosses in? Then you want him to have an attack duty. Do you want the fullback to provide more width, or act as a supporting option in midfield? You can alter him too. The best thing to do is to play around with some combinations to see which gives you the playing style you want to see. On the right hand side, you face the same problem. With a defensive anchorman you can in principle try to push forward a little more with both wing backs. I assume you want the WB to provide more width? Then you can try to set him up more attacking, and the IW on support. Or leave them both on attack and observe. A WB(A) may naturally push the IW further inside. Finally, you have a DLF(S) as your only attacking player. He is not by default going to look to score all that much, but more to bring other players into the attack and help create for them. This may cause issues if there is nobody in the box for your wide players to cross to. Further, it is so easy to see him get isolated in such a formation, and marked out of the game. Again, you need to find the balance between getting him involved, and having him as a goal threat. It depends on the player too. If you have a fast, skillful player who can dribble, you may want to get him the ball early so he can take on the defence before they are set. If you have a strong player with vision, he can do your DLF role you want of him. A tall player who is excellent in the air, you want to get into positions where he can win headers - either in the box or from the goalkeeper.
  13. Dumb Board Stadium Decision

    What L2 side would have a stadium of that size? None, unless some historically large side falls down the league. There is no point in having a huge stadium that you are not going to be able to fill. Better is to build a small - and hence cheap - stadium that has expansion capacity should you have increasing success. If you do not, you are not lumbered with a huge stadium and the debt from building. Look at Bournemouth, or Burnley for example. Traditioally small clubs who have had meteoric rises of late to the EPL (particularly Bournemouth). The Vitality Stadium holds 11,360 people. Only Burton Albion have a smaller stadium in the top two divisions, and further it is the 9th smallest ground in the top 3 divisions of English football. As Bournemouth are easily the only club to do something comparable to your aims, a small stadium is in fact exactly accurate in this situation, even in the EPL!
  14. I was under the impression that FM 18 came with a copy of FM touch, and that they are not separate things? If you buy the game on steam, you should get both versions of FM in your library. At the very least, that is what happened to me. I have both versions, and I have never bought, nor played, touch.
  15. It is not shocking that the offers you get for players you are clearly looking to move on are low. If you do not want a player, the AI expects to pay as little as possible for them. In fact, if I want a player an AI team no longer wants, I expect to pay a lot less than their normal asking price to acquire them. If you are offering players out, do not expect to receive their value, or even their asking price. You are putting up a big flashing sign saying "I DO NOT WANT THIS PLAYER PLEASE COME AND TAKE HIM", and clubs will oblige. In my Man United save, I did not try to sell many players in the second season. I did, however, sell Mata to PSG for around £60 million. So it is not impossible to get high offers. The point here was that I had signed him to a new contract, and I was not actively looking to sell. They put in a bid, and I negotiated it to the point where I decided it was a good enough deal that I was not going to refuse. I could buy a replacement I had my eyes on for less than the fee, who was more natural in the position I was playing Mata. I also rejected a tonne of offers on some other important players. Take Shaw in your example. His contract has a year left to run. You offer him out, saying to the world you will not renew his contract. A club who has an immediate need will put in a low bid, because they assume you think it better to lose him for a fee than for free next year. They know, however, that you are very unlikely to resign, and he is going to be free to approach in January. He has no market value at all in this case, as shown with the bids. I actively monitor players who have 18 months or less on their contracts for this exact reason. You can often pick up a bargain if you bid before a contract extension is offered. It is a great way to get some experience in a side. How many of those players are in a contract year? Any of those that are will have equally low market value. The most important thing to remember is that the AI is not going to give you more money than they think they have to. Offering players around is what you do when you really want to get someone out of the club and do not care about how much money you get in return. That is the only time I use it. Otherwise, I just transfer list a player (you will get offers), or just set a reasonable asking price and respond positively to news items regarding a team putting in a bid.