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  1. The more I read this thread, the more I understand why people get frustrated that they cannot be successful with the game. It seems people are more willing to blame everything except their own shortcomings for anything negative. You never see the reverse, success is always down to the user and never some weird behaviour of the AI or ME.
  2. Whenever I have had to do this, they player usually complains to me and I tell him that registration rules mean someone had to miss out. Usually, they say they are disappointed but they understand.
  3. They were even more fun to play as this year, building them back up without the massive investment was even more satisfying. I will include them as one of my saves, because I always go. There is something about that black and red. Not real life, but a real life simulator, so they are not going to make teams financially strong when they are not. They do give you the tools to do this yourself though, you can just edit Italy until you are happy with their financial clout.
  4. For me there are essentially 3 types of players when it comes to transfers. 1. The players I want to sell, and will accept bids at or below their market value. These are players I have no use for, and want to get off the roster. These are the players I would talk to about a reasonable bid, because every other time I am being unreasonable because I want to sell high. 2. The players I do not want to sell, but would for a relatively modest bid, not too high about their value. These are usually players who either have little potential and I know I can replace for less money/wages, players who have peaked and are on high wages and it is better to sell them now than be stuck with their high wages when they decline, or squad players where I know exactly who I will replace them with and roughly how much that costs. In a conversation, I would tell the players they are going nowhere, and then set a valuation on them and talk to any bidding clubs. 3. The players I do not want to sell, and will only accept stupid amounts for. These are the best players in my squad, they are not replaceable easily or cheaply, and so if you want to sign them you are paying stupidly high to do so. The last player I sold like this was for £90 million to PSG, after being purchased for £10 million and having 2 amazing years (he was one of the best talents in my game). These players will always be on long contracts because I will regularly extend it, especially if I suspect a player may want to leave or there will be clubs sniffing around. In a conversation, I tell him he is going nowhere, or ask him if he wants more money. If it is available I will do the "what do you want to stay" which may give me a promise about a cup I can win (risky, that). The player can be unhappy all he wants, he will normally get over it. Your player seems to me to fall into this category. You will accept what amounts to a stupid amount (in absolute terms). Honestly, I really do not care if I end up upsetting some of my players doing this. Only rarely do they carry on being unhappy once a transfer window is open and nobody wants them right there and then. Then it is often new contract time. You really cannot please all players all the time, and you do not need to get hung up on having unhappy players. Much, much worse is having your squad turn against you because you keep breaking promises. The transfer market can be annoying, but it is far from broken. AI teams try to unsettle your players so they can get them cheaper - they do this to each other too all the time. The user can do the same to AI players. Then you have the choice of selling below what you want, or playing their game and refusing to budge. I get stupid offers to unsettle my players frequently, I just reject them out of hand. I do the exact same as well. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. The real key to the transfer market is to realise sometimes you cannot keep a player and may as well just sell them, and sometimes to realise that you are just not going to land that one player you had your eyes on this year, and try again the next. It pays to be patient, and it pays to have multiple targets including one you absolutely know can be signed during a particular transfer window.
  5. If a player wants to leave, they are naturally going to want to set a fee they see as realistically ensuring they get sold. This will be quite close to their value, to encourage bids. As the selling club, you will want to get as much money as possible from the player, and will as such value him higher. So my advice is that unless you want to sell a player for close to their value, do not even enter into these talks. If there is a huge bid you would accept, but it is unlikely you go for anything lower, then just telling you will not sell him. Yes, you have to live with an unhappy player, but that is life. You cannot please everyone all the time. I find that players tend to settle down again anyway, especially if it is interest that is causing them to be unsettled. They settle after the interest goes away. Your player does want to leave, because he has asked you to leave. If you do not want to sell him, just straight up tell him he will not be sold.
  6. It looks like he is dropping into space in the midfield, so he can either provide a supporting option to the fullback who is going to get the ball, or as an attempt to draw out the defender and create space for the fullback to attack. Of more importance, why do you have a problem with this? Players are not robots, you cannot program them as such. Here, a player made a choice about what to do (a sensible one in my head). Often he would make a different one. If you want to control absolutely what each player does down to the very last movement, FIFA rather than FM might be for you.
  7. Oh do not worry about the language thing, like you said, it is not so hard to work out what the roles are, I just wanted to make sure I was not getting it wrong! So you change things a lot? If you want some advice on that, I would take away all of the TIs, and then watch some games on at least comprehensive. Look at what you like and what you do not like, and decide what you need to add back in. Also, give things a couple of games before deciding whether it works or not. You need to look for trends long term, not just short term in a particular match.
  8. You central midfield is basically not going to exist when you are transitioning from attack to defence, because both your players are going to be roaming somewhere around the pitch. This will leave you vulnerable when you lose the ball and the opposition attacks, and give your BWM so much work to do that he will never be able to do it effectively. I'd suggest at least one more static role there, although I do agree a runner from midfield is a good idea in this tactic. I rarely play with the wide players on attack in this formation, because they often start too far forward, but that is up to you. If you are struggling to create chances, try to get rid of retain possession. For me this is a fundamentally defensive tactic. You want to deny the other team the ball by keeping it, and creating chances is giving the other team the ball. It shortens passing range, and makes your players less likely to take on a risky pass. Do you have players good enough to play out of defence?
  9. If I read the roles correctly (my swedish does not exist), you are playing with 3 advanced playmakers in the side? Two in AMC and one in MC? That seems massive overkill. Why do you need that many creators? IT also goes some way to explaining why you are not seeing people make runs behind the line. Your advanced playmakers are looking to assist, not score, leaving only the DLF and AM(A) (again, I think those are the roles) as goal threats. You are not going to get any offensive support from the BWM, and the third AP is again going to look to pass. I am really not shocked you are seeing your team pass around a lot up front, they are designed to do so. Your fullbacks are on automatic. I have no idea what mentality control gives to automatic fullback, and that is an issue. How do you want them to play? Do you want them to bomb down the flanks to give wide support when attacking? Do you want them to advance but stay closer to the midfield to provide width but not too aggressive? Decide which and set them up accordingly. You do have a lot of TIs. Ask yourself why each one is there. If you cannot find an immediate answer, get rid of it. For instance, why are you exploiting the flanks when you have no players on the flanks? Why are you playing narrow when your formation is narrow by default (the narrower you play, the easier it is to defend against you). Why are you retaining possession and working the ball into the box. Coupled to the glut of playmakers, this is asking your team to rarely pass the ball into space or make a through ball. Why are you asking players to be more expressive, and telling them to be less risky with their passing?
  10. I really enjoy this thread, partly because it is a good place to dump matches that annoy you and have a relatively harmless moan about them (I could do that a lot in my current season, my team is currently the kings of switching off at the end of matches and conceding a stupid late equaliser), and partly because it highlights the thought process that different people experience when looking at such results. In many of my matches in my current save (I am Inverness and I have just dominated the Scottish Championship), I have the better statistics in every department. However, I take much of that with a pinch of salt anyway when it comes to claiming I dominate. I tend to have a lot of shots anyway because a couple of my midfielders have above average stats for long shots, and score enough to make it worth while letting them go for it. This means a lot of shots from range (I hover around 50%), which means a lot of poor quality shots. Possession I seem to dominate naturally since I play a 4141 to the most frequently used 442, and that extra man naturally gives me a good outlet for recycling ball. I also do not care about possession, I care about what we do with the ball when we have it. I would only claim to have dominated a match when we have created a lot of excellent goal scoring chances, and we have really limited the opposition to very few shots in general, and no good chances. There does not have to be 30 shots for me to think this, I would rather have only had 5 shots, but they all be good chances. Likewise, possession is a meaningless statistic to quote. I started the season playing a high tempo direct football, and was winning 3 or 4 nil regularly whilst having around 45% of the ball. Most of the time when I feel I have dominated, and not won, it has just been my players having a brain fart of a day. Shots at the keeper, shots at the post, shots just wide. It happens, you just have to move on! Still, like I said, I enjoy the thread, but it would be great if people can also take something from it, not just use it to vent!
  11. It is clear from the video that the RB is trying to man mark one of the players who is attacking through the middle. He follows his run, but either does not have the pace or stamina to get close to him. This is definitely a case of messed up man marking instructions, there is no other way to get that kind of behaviour.
  12. The thing here is that even in real life you rarely see managers wholesale changing their tactics to something completely different. While SAF is the best example of reactive coaching, there are far more examples of coaches stubbornly sticking to playing the same way (as Rashidi points out). Mourinho, for instance, plays in one particular way and rarely deviates. If this means playing people out of position, that is what he does (Rashford/Martial on the left wing, despite both being strikers, for instance). You could make a huge long list of managers who do not change, and a much shorter one for those who adapt a lot. Further to to the point of the OP, did either of the players receive any retraining for a position within the current squad? Another thing to note here refers to the AI managers adapting in match. This they clearly do, anyone who watches can see the AI change its approach during a game. They often do that within the same formation, because it is not just positioning but also the roles and duties that determine how a tactic plays. Plus the ability to go up through the mentality ladder, and add shouts. Add to the fact that unless you have a team of players who are super versatile, a wholesale change of tactic in a match usually necessitates at least one sub, maybe more. On the flipside, where the AI really could improve is to change formation when it is clear that their current choice of play style is leading to them getting absolutely destroyed. I have this at the moment when I play formations that are quite narrow and leave me spaces to exploit on the flanks. I will usually have many excellent chances, and I am usually 3 or 4 goals to the good before the AI decides to change. Often, the goals come after many warnings from exploitation of the space and good passing. Obviously this is good for me, it means easy wins (I once had to play a Bayern side several times who played 4132 with a wide midfield 3 and we put at least 5 goals past them in 4 consecutive games), it does somewhat ruin the immersion. I guess this kind of behaviour is difficult to code and to code consistently, with no false positives.
  13. This is a fantastic thread, I have very much enjoyed reading the first couple of posts (I have not the time right now to look at where you start to talk about the formations, I will do that tomorrow). I really like the way you have taken a sport you understand and applied the principals to soccer, and in such a coherent way. I follow the NFL, so I could clearly see the logic of what you were saying when you make the analogies. In particular I love how you identify the different games in the defence, I also imagine you see the way the AI attacks in terms of the way they blitz your gaps, right? Fantastic. That alone is worth everyone reading this thread taking note of and looking at with their own tactics, I know this is going to make me look at the game differently. I very much look forward to reading the rest of this thread.
  14. What I do when I am trying to build a new tactic is to have a look at matches that I have already played, since I know the result and do not have to be stressing about turning it around. I will watch on full highlights part of the match, and instead of focusing on the play, I will focus on what my players are actually doing and compare that to what I want them to do. So for example I will focus on one single player during all passages of play, look at his positioning, what he does with the ball, what he does in defence, and how he interacts with the other players. I will then try to make changes to change his behaviour to get the right behaviour I actually want. It is time consuming, but it is really the most effective way to try to work out what is going wrong. In your case, I would do this and initially look at how the 4 midfield players are interacting with each other, and what they do during the attacking and defensive phases of play. I would focus on three things initially here. 1. Do you get the ball high enough up the pitch to have a proper goal threat consistently, because you start out with everyone so deep that you may end up not being able to get the ball in good attacking areas. 2. Is there a large hole in midfield when you are defending, because this could give the opposition midfield players too much time on the ball to both dominate possession and pick you apart at will. This I would check any time I play with two DMCs. 3. What exactly are the wide players doing, because they are going to have the tendency to come narrow a lot. Do you have any threat down the flanks, or is everything being funnelled into the middle, which is causing a lot of congestion.
  15. I do not get it? If I had a job and received a job offer but was unable to take it because I could not get hold of my boss, who was on holiday, I would be mightily annoyed with my boss. If a player misses out on a transfer because their boss is away, and they cannot do anything about it because he is on holiday, they should be angry at you. So what the game really needs is an option to tick that means you can wake up if there is a pending player interactions so that this does not happen. I doubt it would be too difficult to implement (you already have a job offer wake up, so the code is there, just need to change the trigger). You can then decide if you want to be a caring manager who lets players interrupt his holiday, or a not so nice one who just wants to chill on the beach.