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  1. No worries, that explains our collective confusion! This is the only version I have uploaded. That is why I said I will just try to verify it with the default DB and I imagine there should not be any issues. I will get chance to do it tomorrow.
  2. For the leagues I will have a look if it will just work directly tomorrow. If it does, that is trivial for me to do. If not, I will see if it is easy to modify. Either way I can let you know tomorrow. For the player file, that will only be compatible with the 21.3 database, there is nothing I can do about that unfortunately. It is entirely unfeasible to maintain files for each update if I did not plan it in advance (which I did not here, sorry).
  3. No, that does seem to happen, and I have no idea why. But the league will still be selected and loaded despite this.
  4. Just put key players on long contracts, and say no when they ask. They can't go anywhere if they have a long contract, so if they are unhappy that is too bad.
  5. This is fantastic, I look forward to adding these leagues to my 21.3 save! I remember looking at these leagues a year or two ago and my goodness they can get a bit confusing at lower levels.
  6. The DB changes file should work with any league pack, since it contains edits to people only. The league will should work with any league pack, as long as you do not include files for the countries within my file. There is no reason why they will not work alongside other leagues though. If in doubt try to load the packs and holiday a season with one or two leagues to make sure everything is functional.
  7. Thank you. I definitely put a huge amount of effort into this. And I too would like to thank the guys who put the effort in to the update of the database for the latest database update. The database is in such a better state than when I started this project. The game may never include a lot of African leagues, but the database is so much better than it was before. So thanks to the guys who did that, and SI for making the effort. I hope to continue to do this for the foreseeable future.
  8. Good news to all those who patiently waited. The whole thing is ready for use. Spent a good chunk of my time removing all the duplicates from the update, and I think I got them all. - All 8 nations previously return. I have chopped the 2nd division from Algeria and Tunisia, as the rules have changed in both. I may look at sorting these out again in the future. - To compensate this, Cameroon and Angola have been added. I cannot find any reliable info on either domestic cup competition in either nation, so if you know how it works and the dates, PM me and I can add those. This would have
  9. It is not something I tried, I just spotted it and thought it looked interesting. I know that if I downloaded the skin I would end up spending so much of my time manually watching players like a scout to check my own scouts that I would never actually play any games. That is for the attributes being entirely blocked. The other two I personally do not see as any different to what I already do. I already colour code the numbers with specific colours so I can glance at a player and instantly understand how good he is. Still, that is just me. Generally I am not in favour of removing the attr
  10. I believe there is a graphical mod that hides attributes floating around, for anyone who wants to try a world without attributes.
  11. Well, that is clearly evidence that the game is counting CCCs wrong, because the xG makes it obvious that you did not have 10 clear cut scoring chances. It is probably useful to know what those shots that counted as CCCs were. Having checked it seems that the game is currently counting anything that is on target from a corner as a CCC. Which explains why you have so many. There is a bug report if you want to contribute to getting this one resolved.
  12. This morning when sorting out a file to be compatible I had the wonderful situation where my league would not verify because it had too many teams, where the extra team was one that I had deleted and no longer existed, but hung around until I reloaded the database.
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