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  1. It is not so simple to see if a player is offside by a screenshot anyway. A player can be interfering in play if, whilst in an offside position, they force one of your defenders to change position in order to prevent the ball going to them. Especially this is the case if a player is offside and a defender clears a ball poorly. The offside player influences the defender's decision, and so is definitely offside. This, I suspect, may account for the third example here, and is one that I think a lot of users miss when they think about offside.
  2. It is not so surprising that a second division Mongolian team are not in the database. The obvious thing to do, if you are really passionate about this, would be to add them to the game yourself. You can create the correct links with Besiktas, and everything will be right with the world. There is very little chance that SI are going to spend a lot of time on Mongolian teams; their football is not strong, and they are not going to be included in the game.
  3. Looks better indeed. I would keep my eye on the central midfield, you may be prone to having both fullbacks and both central midfielders out of position. But see how it works out, A tactic does not need to be 100% defensively sound; so long as you are on average creating and scoring more than you opposition, you should win more than you lose.
  4. This could also be taken as an indication that they have got the game into such an excellent state with FM16 that people do not feel the need to buy FM17. That is the problem with numbers like this, they are open to interpretation. It would take a proper randomised survey of people who bought FM16 and FM17, and those who did not buy FM16 after FM17 to understand why this is the case. I would lean towards the former explanation, since I found that FM16 was immensely enjoyable and there were not a series of ground-breaking additions in FM17 to really spur you on to buy it. For the first time in a long time I did not buy the game at release, but carried on playing my FM16 save until I was gifted FM17. i'd be interested to know if there has been a proper survey done on this though. On the bugs, I have not really encountered that many of them. Particularly, I have found the match engine to be excellent this year, which may be due to the fact I gained a better tactical understanding during FM16. Not to say that it is perfect and cannot be improved, everything can be made better. I understand why some people are frustrated with certain things, such as defensive positioning, or the behaviour of full backs/centre backs when playing with a half back. And of course, those people affected by the competition bugs are rightfully irritated by it; I know I would be if it happened to me.
  5. It is not so hard to get a team to have a different defensive and offensive shape, it is all in how you set up the team, and what instructions you give players. I currently play with a system that defends as a 451 or 541 and attacks as a hybrid 442/424, and it is extremely effective. You do not need to be able to designate an attacking and defensive formation to achieve this, and if you think so then I guess you do not understand fully how to set things up tactically in FM. Take your Barcelona example, you can set this up as a 4141 with Roberto a CWB(A), Rakitic a WPM(S), Messi a CM(A), Suarez DLF(S/D) or F9(S), Alba a FB(A), Alcacer as WM(A) or W(A) depending what you want him to do, and Iniesta and Busquets as any of the more stationary midfield roles. You would see behaviour very much like what you post. You can tweek the PIs to your heart is content to try to exactly replicate the behaviour you want to see after that. The Juventus one you can similarly set up using a 4411. Whilst I will not say that FM is tactically perfect (it is not, and there are many ways to improve it), it is nowhere near as bad as suggested here. Nor is a reversion to the older way tactics were done, with detailed micromanagement of each player the answer either. I mean you can even dictate to some extent what players do during a transition by making sure they are in the right places when you win/lose the ball. And since transitions are by far the most dynamic part of football, they cannot be totally scripted by a manager because they are incredibly situational.
  6. I usually find AI teams with a 4231 tend to drop their midfield quite deep, and push up at least one full back (Chelsea and Man City almost certainly push both fullbacks up). I imagine your tactic playing out something like this. - AI teams receives the ball and plays it to midfield. - Your BWM charge out of their position to close down the deep lying midfielders - AI fullbacks bomb forward, the ball bypasses your BWMs (good teams can avoid pressure like that). You now have a 6 on 4 situation in defence. The "3-1" part of the 4231 and the two fullbacks. Hell, it is 5 on 4 even if they only push on fullback forward. That is a recipe for conceding goals. I'd say the answer is quite clear; your pressing of their midfield needs to come from your strikers, so you are not so horrible exposed. I'd change the BWM to something else, and set at least the two deeper players to close down much more. You will probably have to do some refining to get that working right, I guess.
  7. Thing is, if you do not think the offers you have received are good enough, do not accept the offers and keep hold of the player. By the way, how much time is left on his contract? Less time = less value in terms of what you can sell him for. When buying players, you have to consider several things. Is the player unhappy? How much time is on their contract? What is the financial position of the selling club? Is he a key player? Clubs are more likely to accept bids for unhappy players (you can probably still expect to pay over his contract value mind). It is therefore often a good idea to try to unsettle a player before signing him. Beware though, other clubs will start to sniff around if you do that! If a player has a lot of time left (2+ years) on his contract then the club might just say "no" to you (usually by quoting a value they know you will accept). They will take the risk of the player being unhappy for a while in order to keep hold of a key star. I do this frequently in my game, I try to get players I know I want to keep on long term deals so I can just not sell them and not risk losing them for nothing due to them being unhappy. There is not really anything you can do here, sometimes you cannot sign a player, and that is just life. You have to play the transfer market a lot, and keep yourself up to date on who is available (scouts, and the good use of shortlists is the best way to do it). Finally, when you want to sell a player, you have to know you are unlikely to get a lot more than their value for them. Usually, I will keep a player around who can do a job for me, even as a rotation option. If not, then I will sell him for the best deal I can get. I rarely offer players out unless I have promised them I will try to sell them. I will transfer list players I know I do not need, and sell them for what I can get. I usually just want them off the wage budget.
  8. If you are using many different systems, chopping and changing frequently, and playing a tactic without any clear concept of why, do you really expect it to work? It is mostly a little bit of common sense. I get the feeling you are overthinking things here. I will elaborate on that. Like I said before, there is no reason there should be a tactic which works with every club. You need to have the right players to play in a certain way. Stoke after the promotion could not play like Barcelona of the same era, for example. No matter how much Pulis could have wanted to play Tiki Taka, he could never have done it with those players. The same works for FM. If you want to base play around a winger, you need a good winger. If you want an advanced playmaker pulling strings, and creating chances, you need a good player to play there. Such examples are infinite, and the moral of the story is to play how you can play. On the over complicating things. Do not go too deeply into things to start. You need an idea for how you want to play, a shape that fits your players, and then watch games. Are you playing as you like? If not, make (a limited number) of changes and see if it improves. My current tactic uses only 2 TIs, and I have won 3 premier league titles in a row. Why? I watched the game, I changed what individual players did until they did what I wanted. I had a lot of teething problems along the way, including not being able to win away to save my life. I played with how to counter the other team as well as focusing on how to enforce my own way. It takes patience, but it is rewarding. The other thing to remember is that sometimes the AI is just going to counter you effectively and have a good game. You will lose, and you have to learn from it. That means analysing what other teams do, and working out how to counter it. An example, I noticed I struggle against teams who press me high up the pitch and use attacking wing backs. After some playing around (and a lot of defeats against good teams), I worked out if I bypass my midfield, have wide players in the space the fullbacks have vacated, I could counter reasonably well. It does not always work, but we are in the game. I will probably improve more. The second thing people do not really consider is the players you buy. Do not focus on CA and PA, focus on the attributes. If a player has attributes to succeed, then he is a good player regardless of CA or PA. For example, I have a left winger who is probably one of the best players in his position in the world on form. His CA is 143 (as is his PA). He works well in my team because of his high work rate, teamwork, determination (something my players require as I like my front players to close down), He is also quick, with good first touch, excellent crossing, and is a natural left footed winger. He is a key member of my team, and I do have better players than him if you look at their entire attribute set en masse. The moral here is not just to sign the best players you can, but to sign the right player for how you want to play. I do realise that the things I have said to you here are all kinda proving your point that you cannot just play and win, as in some previous versions. You definitely do have to put in a little work to have success (I disagree you have to be an expert in tactics, because I am certainly no Cleon or Rashidi). If that is not for you, then I guess I cannot convince you otherwise. I just hope I can inspire you to get back into the game. I do hope you manage to rediscover your enjoyment.
  9. When you main criticism is about how the stats for CCCs are counted by the engine, I would say things are pretty decent already. Whilst the match engine can, and will, get better, there was absolutely no need to touch the current version. There are no glaring bugs, nothing that happens repeatedly and breaks the game experience. There are small things, but this is by far the best match engine SI have thus far produced. On my part, I just noticed that a player with a head injury came back with a bandage on his head. Is this new, or was it just the first time I noticed it?
  10. Look on the the bright side. A run of tough games means somewhere you are going to have a run of easy games. The key is going to be making those count as much as possible. These things happen anyway, it is random. I have had crappy ends to seasons as well, just grin and take it on the chin.
  11. Could this just be because of the way filtering works these days? Not every single player shows up in the search function (it depends on your scouting knowledge I guess) so regens, being less well known, may not show up. Alternatively, I am pretty sure you need to have some knowledge of the player to filter them by role. You might be missing a great many players. Anyway, filtering by role does not make that much sense. It is much better to look for key attributes and get the player that fits what you want in. If that means a striker who can play on the flanks, or a wing back who is perfect, then so be it. I can honestly say I have not noticed anything wrong with my regen stats yet. Maybe this is because I simply only consider buying those who have balanced stats. I tend to look at work rate, team work and determination first anyway, and if a player does not pass my standards there they do not get considered further. I think it should also be remembered that players with perfect attributes are rare, and players who are great but lack one or two key attributes that stop them becoming the best in the world are much more common.
  12. I did not even see a problem in the first video, the other team just played the ball around well in midfield, and exploiting the hole behind your midfield. That is always a weakness of 4-4-X lineups; especially against a team with 2 attackers, or one or more attacking midfielders. If that is a consistent problem then you need to play with the midfielder's closing down and tackling, and check that they have concentration, aggression, work rate, etc. The second video is just unlucky, errors happen, and if it keeps happening drop the players involved and see if that helps.
  13. You had a lot of long shots, and did not create a single clear cut chance. They actually did create a clear cut chance. You also only have 6 out of 15 shots on target. You were not creating very good chances, clearly. Looking at the other team, they are playing defensively and hitting you on the break. Which they did very well, and you clearly did not adapt to what they were trying to do. Nor did you change your approach to break them down better. Unfortunately, it is you, not the game.
  14. Glad to see you are doing better! I hope you get another promotion =D.
  15. Where is the main strength in your team? Pacey players? Good wingbacks? Midfield can pick good passes? Midfield are great at tackling? Find your best player's strengths and play to it.