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  1. To be fair, it would be more or less possible to do this now. You already choose your age, nationality, date of birth, club preferences, previous experience, type of manager and pretty much all your important statistics. You can even choose looks these days. The rest is just roll play; emulate tactics, behave towards players only as the manager would, act towards other managers as the manager would, buy the same players etc. Why wait!
  2. After watching Stockport fall through the leagues in recent seasons, from their heights in the 90s when they came close to promotion to the Premier League. Good stadium, large fan base, big clubs close by. They might even come with a Man City rivalry if you get them far enough!
  3. It has been a long time since sliders reared their ugly heads! I shall preface this entire post by saying if you are happy with FM11 and enjoying playing, then good for you. I find it hard to see how it is possible to claim that FM11 is better than FM16, however. Or rather, I do not. It was very easy to set up a tactic to exploit the ME in FM 11, and to go on to rule the world by doing so. Games are always more enjoyable when you are winning all the time! The FM16 match engine is not perfect, but it is by far the best available to date. Many of the issues you describe can be fixed tactically (there are some weird full back behaviours, but I find they relate mostly to their match rating, and I do think there is too much crossing in general). In terms of being "forced" to play players in certain roles. This is simply not true, since you have the freedom to change things up as you want with PIs. Take your shadow striker. This is a specific role, which is defined to do a specific thing. It is really part of a specialist tactic which is designed to incorporate this set of specific behaviours. Do not like it? Use a standard AM, and then you can customise until your heart is content. The key element to FM16 is knowing what you want your players to do. Do you want a no nonsense midfielder general, but are playing a 2 man midfield so cannot tolerate excessive closing down which leaves holes? CM(D) with tackle harder rather than BWM. Do you want a wide player who cuts inside and is a major goal threat, but also tracks back? IF(S) with "gets further forward" rather than IF(A) could work. The upshot it, use the specliased roles if they do what you want them to do. If not, you have to tinker; which in fairness is exactly how a football management game should be.
  4. I have a save around 5 years into the future (or there abouts). I would not mind uploading and sending you a link if you are interested. There are quite a lot of leagues loaded, and I am not too far from the end of the season. You can retire my manager and take over as you wish. Let me know!
  5. That does not tell you much. I played as PSG and did not have to change anything except tweaks when I wanted to see what happened or was aiming for something specific and was unbeaten in three seasons. The league has many average teams and my players are far beyond all others in the league. Tactics matter, but if you have something sensible then players are just as important, especially when so much better. I now play as Arsenal. My players are not that much better than other top teams in the league (weaker than a few actually), and the bad teams are also not terrible. I now have to pay a lot more attention to what I am doing, because if I do it wrong other teams have the players they need to hurt me if I get it even slightly wrong. The upshot is that the better the opposition you face, the less leeway you have to get tactics wrong. It is how it works in real life, and it is how it works in game. It is hardly rocket science.
  6. It happens, I had a huge run of bad form in my last season which threatened to derail what seemed to be a canter to the title. It was possibly partly down to complacency (although I did try to combat this as best I could) but one of the main things was that the opposition had changed how they played against me. I had been playing the ball out from the back and using possession as a defensive strategy. What appears to have happened (and it has transfered to my next season as well) is that teams have (a) stopped playing the ball long every time from defence, which often resulting in me recovering the ball quickly and (b) started to close me down much higher up the pitch, resulting in my defensive players having less time to pass the ball and my midfielders having a lot less space to receive it. I have had to rethink how I play, and have added back from directness to my game; if a team is pressing me high up the pitch then they are going to leave space in their own defensive area, so I have encouraged players to exploit such space. The football is no longer exactly what I want, but I am winning comfortably again. I suggest watching a few games on full highlights (I use 2D pitch and a fast speed). Look for what is going wrong, and work out how to combat it.
  7. The first player is 28 and probably at his peak. The second player is 22 and may have room to improve. You are also going to get many more years from player number 2.
  8. Is it the first season? As if not then I can imagine there is whatever you played him last season having an influence. The simple solution to this is do not buy players who are not going to be able to keep happy. If you rotate your squad then this is not a problem (I have only had 2 players complain for game time in the last 3 seasons, both are ageing ex stars who I now have better people in their position), and that is from a first team of 28 players. I am 14 games into my season. In my first team squad only 1 player has started no games (he is transfer listed but on high wages). The most played is 13 (my main keeper who I only rotate out at cup matches), the lowest is 2 (a young striker I am trying to get some game time). In fact only 2 other players have over 10 games started so far (my main striker, as both my backups are youth players and my star winger who has also played a lot due to injuries). If you do not want to rotate so much, then keep a smaller team and bolster with young players happy to get a few chances. If you want to rotate and a player is not happy, sell him and get someone with a better personality.
  9. Name one exceptional Chinese player that has ever played football, in the history of the game. There are no Chinese regens who are excellent in the game because they are clearly extremely rare in real life too. Not every country cares enough about football to develop young players into superstars.
  10. Absolutely yes they should! "Manager Stel Petrovskyi sacked from Arsenal post for illegally betting on his team to lose the first leg of the Champion's League semi final against a vastly superior FC Bayern side. Rumour has it he bet 3 months wages". Who wouldn't wanna get behind that!
  11. How long is left on their contract is the first thing to consider. Less time means lower bids, partly because teams think you might be willing to do business, and partly because teams want to unsettle your players so they can get them for cheaper if they run their contract down. The second thing to consider is if these bids are from bigger teams who want to turn a player's head and make him try to force a move away from the club. If they can unsettle him and force you to sell, they will get him for cheaper, and this is good for them.
  12. I think trying to make a point on the inadequacy of CA based upon a single match between an underperforming English side and a very well drilled Iceland side is stretching it a bit, is it not? I think there are reasons beyond the subjective quality of players behind the defeat of England. Lack of tactical imagination, lack of ability to play as a team, inability to break down defences, tiredness, loss of form for England. Being on a high, taking advantage of terrible opposition play, being well drilled, being able to defend a lead for Iceland. These are on the whole things that are in the game. A team can have a spell of bad form despite being filled with good players. I team with poor players can have a run of extended good form. A team of good players can be poorly coached and not achieve their potential. A good manager can extract the absolute best from his players and make them achieve more than people thought possible. I could go on. The fact here is that, on paper (which is exactly what CA is) English players are better than Icelandic ones. There is no real way to avoid this. CA, however, is one piece of a much much larger puzzle, even in FM.
  13. Did you not see Iceland yesterday? Possession and shots mean nothing, goals are what count. I also find it interesting you commit so many fouls despite having so much of the ball. Are you using a heavy closing down game? If so, you are going to drag your own players out of position and it can leave you open to counter attacking.
  14. Handling this kind of thing is part of being a manager. Teams are putting in bids that are too low on purpose to try to unsettle the player so they can sign him for less in the future. I do this frequently, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. It is not anything out of the normal really. In the Jan transfer window of my current save I had two of my star players completely unsettled by teams bidding for them. One player had a bid from Real Madrid which was not good, and they withdrew. He complained for a new contract, I refused, he sulks. Nobody else bids for him in this window. He sits out a few weeks to understand he is not in charge, and I eventually renegotiate his contract since he did deserve one. Player two is the linchpin of my midfield. Bayern came in with serious interest, and they negotiated up to 70 million in the end, all things told. Now I simply did not want to lose thie player in January, so I stuck to my guns and held out for stupid amounts of money. Eventually Bayern give up and the player is unhappy I did not let him leave. We have a conversation about him staying and being important and us winning the UCL (apparently in two seasons, I could not promise it this). He is still unhappy, so he goes and sits out a few weeks until the end of the window. At this point he says he is sorry, and I reintegrate him. There are also time when I have to sell a player because he either will not get happy or is causing moral issues in the dressing room. In that case I would rather offload him and bring in someone else than have him upsetting my players. That is when it works. Currently I am trying to unsettle a wonderful regen from Southampton who they really do not want to sell. He has 18 months left on his contract and is unhappy that Southampton refused a ****** bid from me. He has thus turned down two contracts and I expect that come the start of the new season when he has 12 months left he will be available for relatively cheap (for his skill level). If not I will try to keep him unhappy and get him on a free. It really can work both ways.
  15. I think it would be fair to suggest that you are failing at your aim; you are living beyond your means financially. Although it is understandable that you want to keep all your best players tied down and at the club, that simply is not really what happens at a club like Atletico. They will lose players who perform well, as they have always done. Think Torres, think De Gea to name two high profile examples. Griezmann is likely to leave this summer, Koke and Saul also may. The reason they leave is because Atletico cannot afford to keep them - if they could they would just match their wages (or try to). It is unfortunate, but if you want to proceed as you are, then you will always end up in a financial black hole.