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  1. Not at all rude, it was clearly stated, I just kinda did not read the post properly. In my current save I sit at 23% of goals scored from outside the box, which is not out of whack with the numbers reported here. 27 out of 113 goals (including friendlies, leagues and cups). I suspect 4 or 5 of those are from free kicks. I also think some of them are right on the edge of the area. I did not really notice much about this being too much, though. EDIT. I currently can only do the same for 4 other clubs in my save (and this is from club reports I happen to have, which seem to cover 20 games - not really enough to make this mean much). The numbers are: Brighton: 9 long, 23 total, 39% Chelsea: 11 long, 35 total, 31% Newcastle: 4 long, 21 total, 19% Newcastle: 7 long, 27 total, 26% High, but from such a small sample size, it is impossible to draw meaningful conclusions from this.
  2. Wonderful, this is what I like to see. Data, rather than anecdote. Kudos for actually doing this. Looking at this, we have averages in real life of 14.3 with a standard error (1sigma) of 0.83. For the FM numbers, an average of 17.5 with a standard error of 1.6. That would appear to be significant, but it is actually not really obvious that these numbers belong to the normal distribution (they probably should), so you cannot really apply many statistical tests of significance to them. What I will note is that while the mean values are somewhat similar, there is so much more spread in the FM data. This could be because there is a real difference, or it could be because it are fewer data points in the FM test. I recently did a really long test for a database edit of Africa I am doing, so if these data are easy to extract, I should be able to look at this with a much larger dataset. Anyway, it does seem that there are more long goals than should be expected, and especially the spread of the data is really high compare to real life.
  3. This one is going to vary so much based on the tactics used, though. Plus, you are comparing league wide statistics versus one team, which is not a fair comparison. You would really need to look a the spread across all teams. Some will score more than the average, some less. Then you can compare if this 24% is really an outlier (hell, you could do it statistically to show if it is not not). I cannot say either way, but it is misleading to compare numbers out of context like this too. I have noticed a lot of goals from longer range this season, particularly from the edge of the box. I did not look at whether it is more than expected. The way my team is set up also has midfielders arriving late to the box for such pullbacks or to pounce on rebounds, which means they often have very good chances. I do not seem to concede these type of goals too often, but then again I always set up with conceding as little as possible in mind. Here, again, you can see how user tactics can cause huge variation. Your midfield closing down like demons and losing shape, for instance, would leave a load of space for players to run and hit long shots. Plus many other factors. Someone needs to look at the statistics for the entire league over an entire season (especially AI teams) to see if there is a real issue here.
  4. sporadicsmiles

    Question about tactics screen

    First click to sort by selected position. Then shift + click on their position (the one that tells you where they can play). That should do the trick. Unless it is ctrl+click. I do not remember off the top of my head.
  5. I'm fairly certain they will get the achievement. In real life, winners medals are given based on number of appearances, I think (for league competitions anyway).
  6. Based on the regens you get? I'd not say that is cheating at all, it is just reloading the random seed at the start of a game. I do not really think cheating is too big a deal, unless you are doing a multiplayer, or trying to write about what you did. Playing a single player game, alone, you should enjoy it however you enjoy it. If that means reloading when a player gets hurt, or using third party tools, or anything else, entirely down to you. The only time it should matter, at least here, is when someone is, for example, using the in game editor to find all the best regens, signing them, and bragging about their team and how much they won. I still defend your right to play as you want, but you should not brag about it.
  7. There were no glaring problems in the previous two iterations that needed to be fixed though. The ME was pretty polished in 17 and 18. This is clearly not the case for 19, where striker movement is so obviously not right. I suspect there will not be a hot fix, however. Since this is a still a problem after the first patch, and indeed made the beta and release, it must a tricky one to pin down or to get the balance correct without having knock-on effects elsewhere in the game.
  8. sporadicsmiles

    Won every league game. 38-0-0

    Official name changes would be my guess. The first thing I do is download something to change all the competition and club names to be more official. That can be a lot of edits. Interesting transfers too. I am currently managing Manchester United (I am a rare fan who was actually born in Manchester), but I plan to go about things in a completely different manner. Gradual change with a focus on youth, if possible, to create my own class of 92.
  9. You can see the role and duty information on the right hand side of the screen. To the OP; what exactly do you want? As in, what are you looking to get out of this thread? Tactical help to improve your tactics? Ideas and guidance on how exactly to build something from scratch. It is not very clear from your post.
  10. sporadicsmiles

    The Perfect Tactic of the Future

    There is not one set of roles or duties that will work very well. You can easily use different roles and duties within the same base setup. It will depend on your players, their relative quality to whoever you are playing, and many other things. Your question simply does not make sense. Or rather, there is not an answer to it.
  11. Use personal instructions rather than team instructions for the amount of closing down, so you can tailor each player. Or use opposition instructions to target specific positions.
  12. sporadicsmiles

    Sods law

    I am fairly certain that SI games are not responsible for your mouse drivers being out of date. Nor do you have to buy any micro transaction, it does not impact your game at all. But congratulations, I guess, on winning what is probably the weirdest moan thread of the year, after only 12 days. That is impressive. And if you seriously would like help with the mouse, check both your graphics and mouse drivers. You can do this from device manager (if you are on windows). Or you can check the bugs forum to see if others have suffered something similar and how it was fixed for them.
  13. sporadicsmiles

    Are Loan Demands Unrealistic?

    There is no rivalry, I guess? Maybe they just want him in and around the first team squad. I also do not loan particularly good youngsters to anyone, even if they are willing to pay. Sometimes getting them to be trained how I want, tutored how I want and playing 4-5 matches in a season is better than a full season on loan.
  14. I think you choose a poor example to show the benefits of a two footed player. I would always take a one footed good finisher over a two footed average one. I can set up to try to make sure my striker gets most of this chances on his good foot. I cannot make the two footed striker score. Wingers are where you can start to point out the beauty of a two footed player. Let us imagine a player on the right wing. Either two footed, or right footed only. What is the difference? Well, the two footed player is going to automatically be more versatile and unpredictable. He can run down the wing and cross. He can cut inside and shoot. He can pass with either foot to any position. This is a significant advantage over a one footed player, who can only really do one of these things effectively (depending on the foot he is best with). So, to be, a two footed winger is absolutely better than a one footed winger. You can play him on either side of the pitch, as a winger or IF. That is such a huge advantage. He does not need a boost to any attributes (the footedness comes from CA anyway, so the more two footed, the less CA for attributes). This also relates to your third question. A player can cross wrong footed, but it will likely be a poor cross (I can kick with mu wrong foot, just not that well). You can probably see it as a decrease in the crossing attribute scaled by just how bad his second foot actually is. Wrong footed wingers are definitely a lot less effective that correct footed wingers. Two footed wingers can do anything you want.
  15. The game is not broken. What is broken is your understanding of how to deal with player unhappiness. If you make a bid for a player, which is rejected, and that player becomes unhappy at his club, do you count this as the game being broken also? As people have pointed out, why are your players unhappy. Why do they want to leave. These are the first two questions you should answer. The player tells you. You have a load of responses you can make when he tells you too. Address the issue, whatever it is. You also really do not have to get this worked up about unhappy players. They often stop being unhappy once the interest in them fades. If you do not want to sell, just do not sell. It is okay to be firm on this. People stress way, way too much over this. There should never really be negative consequences if you manage the squad right. For example, never let the contract of a key player get below 18 months and you will never lose an unhappy player for free. Also, it is patently stupid to suggest that players should never be interested to leave huge clubs for other huge clubs. Or there are no valid reason. The two obvious ones are more playing time and better wages. The former, particularly for rotation players, is one of the main ones in you will encounter. It makes perfect sense.