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  1. In case people did not notice yet, you will eventually get to know the roles of the opposition players, which can help you adjust your strategy. Without having to use a skin to get them.
  2. I think he is referring to set pieces, and how the players react to the ball being cleared. It is also my impression that the defensive player in these situations is better placed to attack the ball than an attacking player left in the same area of the pitch. You can leave someone lurking outside the area, but they do seem to either react slower or be in a worse position to collect the ball. Not always, but it is something I have definitely picked up on. The problems is there is no way to really get a player to mark the edge of the area when attacking to sweep up this type of ball. What
  3. I did yes. This did not help. Anyway I will be stopping working on this file again for the time being for other reasons, so chances are I will not be finding out what this problem means any time soon.
  4. Anyway, the issue with selecting teams from the team pool is still there, so I am going to file a bug report in the hope it will eventually gets fixed. In that case I will leave this file behind again for the moment, so I will not spend time working out why this does not work.
  5. I tried this, it was the first thing I thought of too. Weirdly I still get the same error (with 16 teams). I'm probably just going to end up deleting the offending leagues one by one until it works, and readding them. They are not that complicated in terms of their format so that is not a pain. If I work out what causes this I will post it so we have a future reference.
  6. Hi all, I have an infuriatingly vague error message while trying to set up a file. This was imported from FM20, and I have edited it to bring it up to date. Changing the rules as required. However the problem I have is not in any of the ones I had to modify the rules. I have an issue with a straight up 16 team double round robin league. No other rules, no extra stages. I get this error message. Now that is all well, and good, but this does not tell me anything. Why does it not find the rules? They are certainly there. The league has 16 teams in the DB. Everywhere you
  7. Yes I also have this, and the error message is infuriating vague. What rules cannot be found? In my case I cannot even set up the leagues. I am told "Cannot find rules for division with 16 teams". I have no idea why not, since this is a simple 16 team league that has no issues for setting up.
  8. In terms of winning matches, tactics and players are clearly always going to be the most important. No matter how good your training, media handling etc., if you play bad players in a bad tactic, you will lose. So they will be numbers 1 and 2 on the list. I have no idea which is most important. Good players can win in spite of a bad tactics. A great tactic can bring more than expected from average players. The other things you mentioned, these are the difference between an okay and a great season. They are the finesse on top of the basics. The icing on the cake. Some other terrible metap
  9. I generally avoid Italy because I hate facing ultra defensive 3 CB and 4DM formations that are quite popular amongst the lower ranks of Serie A. When dealing with large squads though I just let my staff do most of the things for players I see no future for, and I will focus my attention on the players I think will make it to the first team. It makes it a little easier to deal with. At least the league is simple, I just had to navigate the horror of the Spanish second division B, with its pointless league stages where more than half my matches were meaningless since I had qualified for the play
  10. This is a thing of beauty. When we say "overload to create space on the opposite flank", we could use this image as a definition. Same goes for "dragging players out of position to deal with the threat", and probably more things we commonly say.
  11. I have never had this problem, which is why I did not mention it. I was also just trying to give the OP info without bias and without things denigrating into another thread where everything gets criticised. There are places for that;
  12. Widgets are gone, but most of the info can still be reached with a single click. All the useful things for your own players (body language, rating, goals, condition) are always on the screen at the bottom. They are not encoded by numbers but by symbols, which is a little jarring to begin, but you quickly get used to understanding at a glance what this info tells you. And it is significantly less intrusive than the widgets. IT does take getting used to, and people do resist change, but this is a good one. The rest of the things you can access with a single click. Well, most of the things.
  13. I played Touch when it was new and classic. And I never really saw the point of it from my perspective. I really do not mind going slowly through a season. I only just finished by first season from the save I started from Beta release. And I am totally okay with that. I understand the opposite point of view, so this is not a criticism of those who like to go through faster. The main reason I do not use it is because you simply lose too much. Yes, it is quicker, but the things that are cut out add to the game and make it more immersive. It just cuts too much of the game out for my tastes.
  14. My first impressions here is that it is awfully symmetrical. Symmetry is not always a bad thing, but it typically means that a tactic will end up being quite one dimensional. I can see what you are aiming for though from the video, so I entirely understand your thinking. I think I said above that there are two ways you can think about setting this up that will give play that looks like this. A W(S) with a CM(A) inside, or an IF/IW with a MEZ(A). A W(S) with a Mez(A) will also work, but you leave yourself with no central penetration at all that way. I actually think the comment you
  15. If you want a "restore a team back to glory" then Deportivo are a good shout. Relegated to the third tier in Spain last season. They have a good basis of a squad but it is not easy to keep them all together. You are better than teams around you in the first season, but the format of the Spanish third division is absolutely horrible. 2 league stages followed by a pair of two legged games to win promotion. So even if you walk the league stages (as I did), you still have 2 knock out ties to make sure you get promoted. So you keep interest. Long term the squad also needs to be rebuilt. There
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