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  1. Good lord you conceded 54 goals in half a season !! I have not conceded that many in my last two seasons combined! I'm a defensive man, I like to build success on the back a mean defense. No wonder I can't think of situations where I would use a formation this top heavy. 4231 is already pushing the boat out. Anyway, as Experienced Defender says, there is logic behind your choice of roles and duties there, and not all 433s are exploits. Still, 54 goals! I'm not over that yet
  2. Out of interest, what teams play a 433 in the real world? I would quite like to go either watch some of their play, or try to find something to read about them. I'd like to see how this works in the real world. Of course, by testing I did mean playing with. Not some download forum soak test. I like to hear about formations that are completely different to how I would normally play, it is how you learn new things. Interestingly, using a defensive or counter mentality with that formation is one of the things I would do if I were to use this. My main counter attacking formation has 3 forwards who do not really drop deep without me explicitly forcing them to mark someone. the only difference is I use pacy wide players rather than central attackers. Anyway, another motivation for me asking you about this was because I was contemplating writing something about the difference between exploits and just good tactic building. You see the word exploit bandied around these forums a lot, but often without a lot of context. All successful tactics exploit something, the only problem is if that something is the ME itself. I thought it could be interesting to see if you had any experience with that!
  3. I'm not sure you can say that just by posting some changes in roles and duties. Have you tested both these formations and found that they work completely differently? To call one an exploit and the other not, you have to show that the latter does not create goals due to some deficiency in the ME. I'd be interested in a write up of that, since it would be nice info to be able to show people when discussing such things. I also cannot imagine every using either of those formations as a basis for my team. It is a last resort lets go and score some goals or die tactic. Even then I would prefer a 424, but that is just me. To discuss the topic at hand, it is a single player game, so I will not preach about the right or wrong way of playing. I would not use a 433, but that is mostly because I do not find it a realistic tactic and it does not fit with how I want to play. Someone else, however, may want to play that way. You buy the game, you play how you want. And like I said, I would be interested in seeing someone write about this in more detail, just from a game mechanics point of view.
  4. I will do as I always do, and either get FM bought for me as a Christmas/birthday present or buy it myself at the steam winter sale, when I am in England. I live in France, and the game is much more expensive to buy here, in Euros, than it is to buy in England, in pounds. No idea why, and whilst I could just find a retailer where it is cheaper, it gives me something to look forward to for the new year.
  5. The young player came back from the SA youth games, where he scored 9 goals in total, played a game, got 2 assists in a 6-0 win (easily my best of the year)... and went off hurt. Luck has not been with me this season, I can take that, it comes and goes. A midweek friendly may be a good idea actually. I am out of Europe, so I do not have fixture congestion, and there are a couple of younger players in the squad who I really want to take a look at. It is not something I usually think about, so I will give that a try. I had one of them complain about a lack of games already, and said fine go play well. He actually had a decent spell, but it all spiralled down. Both players are considered consistent performers. To be fair, they have been consistent all year =P. I do not really think it is a problem of the players themselves, I just cannot get them out of the spiral of lacking form. Which is as much my own failing as their own. Tactically, I would love to get some help close to them in the form of an attacking midfielder. This would certainly create more space for the striker, and take some of the onus off him to dominate that area. The problem I have is that I do not trust my defence enough to play without a DMC. I have young CBs who are good but error prone, and having a defensive minded player ahead of them helps them out a lot. Then again, we have been very solid defensively of late (three 0-0 draws in a row), so maybe I should show a bit of faith in them. On top of that, the two best players on my team are on the wings, and they are performing well. So the difficult I have for mixing things up is that I have to weaken myself elsewhere. I definitely have the depth in midfield to mix things up to provide better central support. I'll give friendlies a shot, it cannot hurt to keep fitness for backup players up anyway, and to look at youngsters. I will also have a look to what I can do to take some of the pressure of the striker. So he can either focus on linking or on scoring, not both. EDIT. Ironically, after posting this, my main striker just scored the winning goal against the best side in the league.. who I have never actually lost to. When I am able to play defensive counter attacking football, it is great. Lots and lots of praise for him (which I hope does not backfire) and a start in the next match.
  6. I am very curious to hear how other people deal with returning out of form players back to their best. I am currently struggling immensely to get my strikers into any kind of form. I say form, rather than a tactical issue (which I know most people will jump on here) since the tactic itself is not doing any worse now than it was at the same point last year. We create similar chances, and similar numbers of chances. We have not been stupidly successful relative to the standing when I took over so I do not think the AI is going to treat me any differently than before. In fact, they still attack me both home and away unless they are a much weaker side. My defence is quite shaky when pressed hard, but that is simply because the players are not the best. So currently my real problem area is with my strikers. I play with a single striker alone up front, so I have 3 strikers in my first team squad. Two to rotate and a younger player to get experience. One striker is rated as "good for the league" and another is "a leading player". They have both excelled at previous points during this save, and the team around them has not changed hugely (I am trying to rely on young players in this save). The young player has the potential to be a star, but has missed most of the season either due to injury or being on international duty (and then getting injured!). At the moment, the strikers are out of form. By that, I mean that things they would normally do, they no longer are doing. For example, they lose almost every 50-50 for a ball. They are unable to hold the ball up even a little. Their passing is extremely wayward (to the point that silly misplaced passes lead to counter goals). They are having chances created for them and are snatching at them, or finishing awfully. They, naturally, get poor ratings. Worse, they affect those around them, since the role they play expects them to link with the midfield and score goals. The striker is not expected to be the main scorer in the side, but if he plays badly, I become very reliant on crosses. So, how would you guys go about trying to restore some form to these players? Normally, I would get them to play some reserve football until they start to do well there. But I do not have a reserve side I can use for this (only an U19 side which has strict age rules). I have tried to be patient with them, to reassure them both during team talks and with conversations. I have tried warning them, criticising them, dropping them (as much as possible). Obviously my next step is to just replace them (I already have my shortlist) but I would love to have some tips for getting them playing well. I also have terrible luck. My main striker finally got a goal around 10 games ago (his only this year, he had 14 last season across all competitions), and I could see things starting to click. Then he got injured later in the game! Any and all help will be appreciated.
  7. For the players acting against the manager. Was your reputation set to be too low for the team? Are you breaking promises? Are you treated the players poorly? Being too harsh on them? Squad management is not too hard if you use common sense. For the AI conversion rate. Are you over committing in attack and leaving good counters? High conversion rates imply that teams are getting very good chances against you very often. If your own conversion rate is poor, then you are probably creating poor chances, or shooting from range too much. This is almost always a tactical thing. If you are having too many injuries then you are either overplaying your players with not enough rotation, playing players with poor condition, or training them too hard. I understand you are annoyed and want to complain. However, if you want to get better at the game, you have to learn from your mistakes.
  8. sporadicsmiles

    FM19 Tactics by TFF

    Only if you want to rely on exploits to win games!
  9. This is the one thing everyone who has read or commented on this thread needs to take away as a fundamental message.
  10. sporadicsmiles


    The only time I ever even notice processing times is at the end of a transfer window when there is a lot to process in a short space of time. Otherwise, my machine breezes along between matches. I have not noticed a significant change, either quicker or slower, from FM17.
  11. I cannot imagine this being the case. There are so many factors that go towards a goal being scored. With passing, the style of play you have will make a difference too. If, for example, you play a possession style, you will see more passes per goal than if you play counter attacking. I have a counter attacking tactic I use against stronger sides where most of my goals come from moves with less than 5 passes in total, for instance. I definitely do not think there is a bias in the ME or from the AI towards scoring goals after lots of passing. The way to determine this would be to plot the number of passes it takes to score a goal. Make a bar chart and see what the distribution looks like. I'd imagine some kind of Gaussian whose center depends on your style of play, and with a secondary distribution towards very low number of passes (goals from corners, free kicks, counters, mistakes, penalties, etc).
  12. Ajax are in a worse league than Leverkusen, and cannot pay the same wages. Dutch sides rarely hold on to their best talent. The transfer targets for teams are calculated at setup, and evolve over time. As soon as you start a game in FM you deviate from reality. If no big teams are interested in the game, then there is no inflation of the value. It is a good thing that the game does not progress the same way each time, that would be dull. They sold Kluivert for 15 million to Roma. Suarez cost about 22 million I think. Dutch football is not a financially powerful nation in football. 25 million would be the 9th most expensive transfer in Dutch football. It sounds entirely reasonable. It would also depend on how long is left on his contract (I do not know this). Honestly, I have seen nothing from de Jong to suggest he is going to be one of the best midfielders in the game. I suspect he does not have a fixed PA in the game, but uses a range of values that changes in every save. The same foes for de Ligt, who looks promising but he has hardly set the world on fire with his defending. Like I said above, a player in Holland will be cheaper than one in Germany, say, because the league in Holland is worse than in Germany. There is less money, less prestige, and players would prefer to play at a higher level.
  13. No disrespect received, we are each allowed our own opinions on the game. I do not claim to be right, just to share what I myself do. 37 games is not so excessively different to other leagues around the world, to be fair. In my last season (I am playing in Germany) I played 51 competitive matches. Red Star (who won the Serbian league) played 45. Hence I am fairly certain advice on squad rotation is pretty standard for the game. This included playing 2 matches a week for a good half of the season (the Europa league is a nightmare for rotation). Even with 51 games, the only time I used full squad rotation was when I played weaker teams in the cup. I never had any injury crises during this time. We fell apart at the end of the season, but I have a young squad and we were unexpectedly challenging for the title. The other way to keep players more fit is to reduce the training intensity when you are in a period with multiple matches per week.
  14. The key to squad rotation is to trust your backups, pick your matches and avoid the urge to change all 11 players. Your backup players should be at your club because you know they can play well enough to get a result. Maybe not as good as your first team player, but well enough that they are not a liability. Get rid of any backup player you do not want to play, there is zero point having a player like that. Your senior squad should all be able to play for you. Complement this with youth (Partizan have a good youth setup, right?), especially as emergency cover in an injury crisis. I like to have at least one (preferably more) young players who are able to start 5+ games for me in a season. The very best youth prospects, so I can them experience and improve them. My squad will usually be; 11 first choice players + 1 backup keeper + 2 backup fullbacks + 2 backup CBs (preferably with one youth, I do not rotate CBs all that much) + 2-3 backup CMs (depends on formation, one youth player here) + 2 backup wide players (+a youth player if I have it) + 1-2 backup strikers (depends on formation, I usually play with one striker so I have one backup). That is 23 or 24 players in my first team, including 2-3 young players. Every player I have is able to play for me, or they are sold and replaced. You can adjust this to your own tactic. The next step is to pick your matches. You are stronger than most teams in your league. So pick the games carefully. Got a game against a relegation contender at home? Perfect chance to rest some players. Midtable team but followed a few days later but a vital game against a rival? Rest players. When you are strong, there are a lot more chances to rest players than when you are weak. Finally, you do not have to rotate your entire squad. I would suggest not to do that (I only do it if I am playing a low league side in a cup, or I am qualified from my UCL group and absolutely need to rest my team). You can rotate 2-3 players at a time. Decide by who has the worst condition or who is at most risk of an injury. Over time (and it takes longer than for your first team) your backups will also develop partnerships with other players, which lessens the impact. Also remember if you are 2-0 up and cruising at half time, you can take off a key player to rest them too. That is almost as good as resting them. You just have to remember that the goal is to win matches. It does not matter if you win 1-0 with a backup striker who cannot lead the line as effectively as your main guy. This may be preferable to winning 5-0 but losing a player to injury because he played too much. Hope that helps a bit. I love good squad management.
  15. sporadicsmiles

    Help with a 3 striker tactic

    I'm not sure what you expect to happen, really. Any tactic with 3 strikers is going to be seriously deficient in midfield or in defense (depends how exactly you set up). They will always be weak out wide. You are going to concede a lot of chances and you are not going to dominate games. You will expect to win by scoring more than the opposition, and be prepared to concede a lot yourself. This sort of thing is not a grind out result type tactic. The way people survive the pressure is by scoring more goals. As you have found, setups like this are not balanced and are exploiting the inability for the AI to cope with 3 strikers (I will not comment on my feelings on using this, everyone can play the game how they want). I have never played like this (I am a grind out a result kinda guy), but I would assume you need extremely good CBs to make it work. And probably two midfield work horses.Having pace up front is also good, you will get a lot of counter attacking chances with 3 men up front, and pace is lethal on the break. If I were you, I would actually stick with dropping a striker into the AMC slot (you can retrain one of your strikers to play there), and work from there. I had success with a 4312 in FM17, which is not a million miles from what you play with the 523. Or just stop buying strikers and invest in the defense! Do not let Arsene Wenger influence you too strongly!