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  1. sporadicsmiles

    something wrong wih the transfer market

    Sorry! I will try to make it better by saying that things like not selling unhappy players is actually a managers preference rather than a rule. Some people in real life would rather sell a player they fell out with than keep him and try to bring him back in the squad. Or you can decide if a player wants to leave, you are better off without him since he clearly is not playing for the badge. I do generally find players get over not being sold quite quickly after a transfer window where you did not sell them (unless you promised to and did not, that is entirely different). Not always though. I hope you managed to find a super regen to replace him with!
  2. sporadicsmiles

    something wrong wih the transfer market

    I will not escalate here. But this is also the response I have come to expect from people who do not want help, they just want to complain. I explained things as best I can, if you do not want to listen you can go on struggling. I certainly tried.
  3. sporadicsmiles

    How do I sell players?

    It entirely depends on the player you are trying to sell, how long is left on his contract, and how much wages he is on (and hence wants) compared to his ability. If you are playing as a top club, you tend to overpay players (or at least the AI and some managers do, I try to avoid stupid wages for players I do not think worth it). That means they earn more than they are worth, particularly as they start to decline. This severely limit the clubs who are are both interested and can afford a player. Clubs that can easily afford the player probably have equal or better players available. Clubs that could want the player may not be able to afford his wages, or if they can they may also have other positions they need to buy players for and are unwilling to spend everything on a single player. There are times when you simply will not find an interested club for these reasons, or other reasons I did not think of. In this case, as some people noted, either find a place for him in your club (you can never have too many rotation options, in my opinion) or find a loan for him (you will probably have to pay most of the wages, but maybe not all). If you can get a future fee option in the loan, try it. You transfer listed him. That is you saying that you want to sell him not close to his market value. Indeed, you are telling clubs you want him out. As a player, I expect to sign a transfer listed player (unless it is by the request of the player) for cheaper than I normally would. Same applies to the AI. So without being rude, your expectations do not match with reality. Also, negotiate offers (and check you do not have an old asking price still set). Teams will not bid what they actually are willing to pay first time, you can counter the offer somewhere slightly above what you are willing to accept and try to meet in the middle. Do the same when you are negotiating to buy a player as well, you will get them for cheaper than making a huge opening offer (if the other club is willing to sell, otherwise you will always pay high). In your example, you sold a player valued at 28 million and listed for 20 million. That is excellent value for a transfer listed player, you should not complain. If you want to sell players for more, you have to wait for someone to come along and make an offer when they are not listed. You have better negotiating power because the other club wants the player, but you have not said you are willing to sell (even if you are, the AI cannot know). So how do I sell players? Firstly, it is sometimes easy if the player is very good for his position. I recently sold my backup left back to Barcelona for 7.5 million. He was valued at 12.5 million, but he was leaving on a free and I sold him in January. That was easy because he is probably one of the top 20 left backs in the game currently, but second best in my team. He wanted to leave, I was happy to sell, and teams were very interested. Players who are one of the best in their position in the world will always be easy to sell. What about players who are on large wages that do not match their ability? In short, usually it takes a lot of time, and you have to sell well below their value. However, since I am normally more interested in freeing up wage budget than I am in creating transfer funds when I sell such players, I will typically set a low asking price, less than 50% of their value. To emphasize this, it is the wages I want to free up here. If you want to free up transfer funds, you need to sell a player in the category above, who is excellent in his position and clubs will race to sign him. Sometimes it also pays to keep an eye on who is interested in players you know in 1 or 2 years time you will probably want to move on but may struggle to do so. In my current save I have Mané, who is, I think, in his early 30s. He is good enough to play for me, but the young players I have are going to be first choice soon and he will not get a look in. Barcelona (again, I feel like a feeder club in this save) are interested, and reportedly willing to pay 80 million. That is an insane amount of money, I would settle for 60 since he is not a key player. If Barcelona come in with an offer, he will be sold, even though he has started more than half the games I have played this season, and played very well on occasion. Not only do I get a hefty chunk of money, but I also have save myself a problem down the line; no unhappy important player due to lack of game time, no issues in having to sell him. Win-win. On a related note, when renegotiating contracts, do not sign players on high wages with long contracts if you do not plan to use them. Either try to reduce the contract length, or the wages. After 30, I try to never have anyone on a contract longer than 2 years. After 33 or so (depending on player) it is a year by year deal. No problem to sell if I can just let them leave on a free. Finally, you have players who are just plain not good enough for your team, but are not on huge wages. Normally I have little issue getting rid of such players since there are usually lower league sides who are both willing and able to pay for the player. In this case, you should be interested neither in transfer nor wage budgets, just to get the player moved on to free up a backup role in your team for a youngster, or maybe a role in the reserves for youngsters too. Also, to stop players getting unhappy and complaining. You will never get a large fee for these players. Set the asking price somewhere just above what you want to accept (usually I have it at 55-60 % of their value). You will likely get offers lower than this. Negotiate them somewhere higher. Maybe with some long term payment plan, so you can have a little extra monthly finance boost. Never ever put a player you do not think will make it on a wage vastly above players in the lower division would make. You will struggle to sell. I would rather refuse to negotiate a contract and lose a player on a free than struggle to sell. tl;dr? 1. If you transfer list a player, do not expect to close to their market value because you are looking to sell. Anything above 70% is probably excellent. 2. Selling an average player on high wage? Accept low offers because it is the wage budget you want to free up. 3. Players who are top quality in their position are always easier to sell, but if listed you will still not get their market value. 4. Do not put players who are not worth it on lucrative long term contracts. Especially as they get older and decline. Short term deals for declining players on high wages. 5. Do not put players on wages above their level in general. You will struggle to find a team who can afford them. If a player is trying to get wages higher than you think is okay, just refuse to sign him or refuse to extend the contract. Saves pain later on. 6. If you are looking to make transfer funds, you have to sell excellent players (or a lot of less excellent ones). 7. Players not good enough for your team on low wages should be sold at whatever price you can get for them (around 50% is fine). Usually you are not going to get an large increase in wage or transfer budgets, so get rid of them and replace with your youth prospects.
  4. sporadicsmiles

    Potential ability 198?!?

    You mostly will not notice a player with super high PA unless you are specifically using an editor to find them, or they happen to be as good as this guy. I used to play around with increasing the number of regens from small countries so I would have to check CA/PA versus time often to make sure enough good players were generated but that not so many the game was saturated. There are many players with high PA who never get near it in terms of CA. Players who could have been wonderful, but were not in reality. This guy is young enough to potentially make it all the way.
  5. sporadicsmiles

    Can I incorporate a Segundo Volante?

    I like it actually, it looks like a solid enough formation (I hated playing this formation in a save in Italy on FM17). If you want a SV, why not? You could stick him as the left DMC, and see how it goes. You do not have to worry too much about cover if you are playing much weaker teams. A 3 man defense should already be quite decent against counter attacks.
  6. sporadicsmiles

    AI Tactics

    Nothing. I will just be prepared and know what I should be looking for at the start of the match, to see if I have to make any tactical adjustments to counter something that looks dangerous or exploit something I see. This, for me, is the most important information you can get from this. You are no longer going in blind on how you expect a team to play. Man City are going to attack you fast and hard, especially on your right flank. Armed with this knowledge you can carefully watch the start of the match already knowing what you are looking for. It makes things simpler. To be more specific on things I would look for, and then change. They are playing with an attacking mentality with pacy forwards. I tend to push both fullbacks up and leave a DMC to provide a little extra defensive cover. If they are fast and direct enough, I may need to stop one of the FBs running forward. However, it entirely depends what I see. Given they have a Treq up front, he may not even get the space with 3 more central defensive players and their fast attacking, whilst leaving me short at the back, may not be dangerous enough for me to worry about. I'd also look to how much space Gundogan is getting, how how much influence he is having on the match. Make sure he does not get too much space, but I try to do that with playmakers anyway, so long as it is not disrupting my midfield shape. I usually play with a IF(A) on the left (since left footed wingers are harder to find) and a W(S) on the right. I may very well flip the role and duties of everyone in the team, if I see a lot of space being left by their very offensive left flank. Leave the IF in the space vacated by Gaya, and perhaps look to play a bit more direct than I normally would. If I have a player with good off the ball and pace, I would consider making sure he plays there. Best case scenario, we cause mayhem and force them to be more defensive. Indeed, if their is space on the left flank too, I would consider using 3 forwards with attack duty (a la Belgium), pack my defense tight to make us difficult to break down and play direct counter attacking football. I can expect to get a couple of 3v2, but I have to make sure that I am not being overwhelmed defensively (if I have a 3v2 on the counter, I am 8v7 when I defend not counting the 'keeper'). Summary. No point changing things based on a scout report, unless you really feel you will not match up well in your current formation (Here, for example, I think formations with a single wide player could struggle against City's left flank). You can use the information to have specific things you will look for in the match, and then you can make changes accordingly.
  7. sporadicsmiles

    What's the point of data analysis?

    I find the insight given by the data analyst on the next opposition to be quite illuminating. They will tell you what they expect the formation of the opposition, the duties of their players, their mentality and fluidity. This can really help you to plan for an opposition, or know what to expect from them. Identification of playmakers, intuition of their game plan (will they be super aggressive or will they look to hit you on the break) and even information on the previous match (a summary of the match analysis you can enter). This, ultimately, is providing you with more information than you can get by yourself, normally, as well as condensing some information you can access into an easier to digest chunk. If you are not the kind of player who makes any changes based on the opposition, then this is also going to be pretty meh for you, I suppose. The scouting is also nice. I do like to be told which players are currently playing well, and to get an overview of what exactly they are doing. I can then look at a player to decide if he is interesting to me, but without having to manually go through the performance stats of a league. It is also different and complementary information than that which you receive from the scouts. If you simply rely on star ratings, or manually find players, then again this is probably not that appealing.
  8. sporadicsmiles

    3-4-3 VS 4-1-2-2-1

    As someone who uses the 41221 formation, I would be licking my lips at the thought of facing your tactic, I would expect to absolutely dominate the match and only have to look out for counter attacks. To set up against this, I would overload one of your flanks (I would prefer both flanks, but I would try to keep 3v3 at the back, which is a strength you have). This causes issues for one of your WBs, and will force one of your defenders or (preferably) one of your midfielders to go help out. That disrupts your defensive shape. I would also have 3 vs 2 in the midfield, and you have nobody in DM or AM strata. So I would have a playmaker at DMC, and two different types of runners in midfield, most likely. One MC(A) to run into the space you leave before your defense, and one more lateral player who I could either get to assist the flank I overload (make it 3v1 until other players come help, so disrupting your shape more), or on the other flank to also stretch the other WB. Either way, your midfield cannot mark all my midfielders at once. Best case scenario is you leave the CM(A) free to run at your defense and he links with the striker to take advantages of the gaps I described creating above. How to fix it? Without slightly changing the formation, I do not think you can. What you want to do is funnel all the attacks down the flanks and take advantage of having more defenders in the box, so you can handle crosses (I assume you can do that quite well, 3 man defenses usually have an advantage there). Problem is, with the problems you will have in CM, it is hard to know how to do that consistently. And if they overload the flanks, you are in trouble (overloading both flanks is going to absolutely screw your back 3). So I have two suggestions for you. The first is to tweak formation slightly and drop a striker back to AMC, so you can do something about the DMC more easily. That makes the midfield more a battleground. The second would be to go extremely direct. You will notice that to exploit your formation I want to have one very attacking wing back. This leaves me 3v3 or 3v4 (depending on the role of the DMC) if you can get the ball forward quickly. If you set players to pass the ball directly and with tempo you should create at least one goal scoring chance per match. You will also force the AI to attack you less, which is always good.
  9. sporadicsmiles

    Using play out from the back

    It depends, I would think. The BPD will try more risky passes, but perhaps not every single time. It would add some variation to your initial build up play, but it also depends how often the BPD goes for a killer ball when you want to build up. The only way to know is to try it and see what happens. To me, it does not seem like an immediately foolish thing to try.
  10. To further what Hunt3r says, a tactic does not exist in isolation. It depends strongly on what players you have, and where you play those players. If I have a tactic that was rated highly and should play fast counter-attacking football, but play forwards with 7 for off the ball and 7 pace/acceleration, then it is simply not going to be that effective, no matter how well it is set up. Of equal importance is that your tactic is not the only thing that defines a match. The opposition tactics also play as much of a role in determining the outcome of a match. If you have a 100 rated tactic which relies on a central playmaker to drive the team forward, but the opposition pack the midfield and shut down the time and space your playmaker needs to be effective, then your tactic would struggle. At the very least any such program you need would have to take this into consideration to give a meaningful number, that would clearly change not just match to match but even within matches as the AI makes changes. To some extent, the current tactics screen does help you to not design something totally terrible. It gives feedback on which areas of the pitch are potentially vulnerable, and which areas you should be strong in. It is of course not going to be able to guide you to making the ultimate tactic, but you can use it. Then, of course, it is watching matches and observing where your tactic struggles that should give you clues on where you are weakest. For my current save, I am weak down the right flank because I have an IF(A), and the player I normally play there never tracks back well, leaving a large space to exploit my fullback. The FB is good, but he is often double teamed, and I can give up a lot of chances down that side. Of course, if I notice that, or I am playing a good side who I know can cause me grief, I will either change the player I use as AMR, I will change the duty of either FB or IF, or I will use a slightly less aggressive version of the tactic. This tactic is very successful, but I have to pay attention to such things even though I know that I should be competitive in most games I play.
  11. sporadicsmiles

    Play as General Manager, not head coach

    There is a skin somewhere (and I cannot check the name right now, sorry) that contains an instant result button for the main game. That way, you do not have to play matches, do not have to go on holiday to get passed them, and still get the credit and reputation for winning things. However, this does rely on you creating a tactic, so it is not exactly what you are after. It is probably the best compromise you can get right now though.
  12. Indeed, it depends on expectations. I will note that you can turn regen faces off though, so this should not really be a reason not to buy the game. It is something that we can push to have improved in the future. I personally love how stupid some of my players end up looking. I think I could make a team of Jonjo Shelvy look-alikes after 15 seasons! Anyway, OP, you have played the demo so you know what the game is like. I'm 7 seasons into my current save. I have no found many problems yet. AI teams are still strong, regens are coming through in a balanced fashion in that I do not see them all clustered at one side, and there are some wonderful players (I picked up what may be the best regen striker in game currently, so I am happy). Job offers seem realistic. I started at Nottm Forest, got them promoted, finished 7th in the Premier League. I started to get a bunch of offers from around Europe. Decided to leave for Zenit, since I thought I can win something there and boost my CV (I did not like Russia though, there are foreign player limits and not a lot of good Russian players to fill a squad with). Left Zenit to manage the Croatian national team (after failing at some job offers for very high profile clubs, reasonably and needing a change). I spent some time at Croatia, finished runners up in the Europe League competition thing, made a great start with qualifying. Liverpool then offered me their job at the end of the season and I accepted. The point of that is that I built my manager reputation up reasonably and ended up at a big club in a big league after many years of hard graft. I'd say go for it, if the sale price is good and you will play the game a lot. Carry on with your current version and save if you are enjoying it still and do not want to move on. There is no point moving on from a game you enjoy just for the sake of it. FM 18 has some nice new features, but it is no so ground breaking that you absolutely must buy it if you are getting enjoyment from your current save.
  13. sporadicsmiles

    something wrong wih the transfer market

    Fair enough, I did not intend to give the impression everything in the module is perfect, but rather to point out many things people complain about are either being misused or misunderstood. You are right in that I glossed over a lot of things, and by no means is the transfer module perfect. As you point out, the way inactive leagues are dealt with is not optimal, but I also imagine it is painful to make it more detailed without increasing the simulation time and taking away the gain in performance you get from having view only leagues. Clearly something that needs to be improved on. Likewise, how the AI builds squads is an area that can undergo huge improvement. The later you get into a game, the worse AI squads become. This, however, I think is a separate issue to how the transfer module works. This is more an issue of shortlist building, which is why I did not include it. However, you are absolutely right, but again I guess it is difficult for an AI to critically analyse as well as a human to decide if a player is worth signing. At least without greatly increasing processing time again (which we do not want). Regarding offering players out, the moment you do this you have to expect very low offers. You are basically sending a message that you want to sell this player right now, and you want him gone quickly. It gives the impression you are desperate to sell, which drives the price down massively. Think of this in real life, if someone keeps emailing you that they want to sell you their car (aside from assuming something was wrong with it, I guess FM is not so advanced in reasoning from the AI), you would not offer them face value for it. They want to sell it, you would offer them a bargain price. If you do not want to sell so urgently, you have to be more patient to find the person willing to pay the price you want. Same applies in FM. I think the problem people have is that there is a discontinuity between what they expect to happen, and what would happen in reality. I only ever offer players to clubs when I just want them gone (for squad limit or salary reasons more often than not), and the absolute value of the transfer is not so important. Besides, you can negotiate. On random offers for players. They are testing the waters, seeing if you are willing to sell, and trying to unsettle the player (one or all of these). I do the same, either to see if someone can do business with me, or to try to make a player unhappy. You have to remember also that almost all of these offers are negotiable, and the opening bid is absolutely nowhere near where you can eventually sell a player. Opening bids should be low (although in FM they are often too low, I agree there). You have to negotiate the best deal you can, just as happens when you are buying a player from the AI; low offer from you, high counter offer from them, and meet somewhere in the middle (or pull out). Oh, and you are right about the wonderkid regens, they can always find them easily. I do not know if this is some kind of boost to get the players signed, or if the AI is better at scouting than I am.
  14. sporadicsmiles

    something wrong wih the transfer market

    Well, I tried, I am sure others will find this useful, even if you did not.
  15. sporadicsmiles

    something wrong wih the transfer market

    Let me try to break it down a bit for you. Imagine you load minimal leagues (say top flight England, Spain, France, Germany) but with loads of extra players (all players from Europe, for example). You have way more active players than you have active teams (teams not being actively simmed at less active in the transfer market, I believe). You have lots of players available for very few playing slots. This depresses the value of players, making it harder to sell for a high price (why pay a high price when you can probably find a cheaper option available due to the large number of players compared to teams?). Ultimately, you will find it harder to sell players for high fees, and it will be a pain to get rid of players on high wages. Imagine the opposite situation. You load many leagues but use the smallest possible database size you can for them. Now you have a lot of teams who want to fill places in their squad, but a relatively small number of players to choose from. This increases the value of players, and AI teams will be more willing to pay high prices to get them. It also means you will probably have to pay higher than expected prices for players too, as teams are less willing to sell if they cannot easily replace a player. You ideally want to be somewhere in the middle. Enough players that any team can find a player for their squad, but not so many that it is too easy. You want teams to be willing to sell because they can find a replacement, and so will be happy to accept a reasonable bid. Just to note, some players are always going to be values highly and be either super expensive to buy, or impossible to buy. World class players, and young players with high potential from clubs under no financial pressure, for instance. I usually find that using the largest default database without adding any further players in does the trick. I assume that the default databases are designed to include players to populate a realistic world, so pick one. Now, regarding selling players (or buying them). If you are actively looking to sell a player, expect his value as an absolute maximum unless he is highly in demand. Nobody is going to pay over the odds for a player you do not want. Likewise, an unhappy player will attract lower bids because there is a chance you will be willing to let him go cheaper because of the unhappiness. If you do not do the same with unhappy AI players (make bids at or around value), you should be doing this. Contract length plays an important role. Within 18 months of the end of a contract, expect that bids will become closer and closer to the value in game (or below). When a contract has less than a year to run on it, you will be very unlikely to get a bid even close to the value, because the players is likely to leave for free. If you are getting lots of bids including selling club wage contributions, then you are probably looking to sell a player (rather than an unwelcome bid coming in). I have never seen a bid for a player I am not trying to sell contain such a clause. I would laugh and reject it instantly. I see it most often when a player is paid more than he is worth, and no other club is willing to pay so much. I recently had a player I was interested in buying, but I decided that his wages were simply too high compared to his ability. I could have included a clause in an offer, but I usually try to find cheaper alternatives. In your example, 100K is what I expect to pay the best fullback in the world. This is absolutely no small for any team. There are very, very few clubs willing to pay a fullback this much money. Since I assume you want to sell him, then I guess he is not good enough for those clubs, and the clubs he is good enough for cannot afford him. The moral of the story on selling players is that if you are looking to sell them, you simply are not going to get huge offers. You should not expect to, and if you do then you have unrealistic expectations and do not understand how football transfers work. You also cannot neglect the influence of wages, which will price out many teams if they are too high relative to ability, and lead to many wage clauses. Do not over pay players you do not think are worth it. For completeness, if you are getting low bids on players you are not actively looking to sell, just reject them, or negotiate them. Every player has a value for which they can be sold, which varies depending on player and on the person who is managing. I'd reject out of hand any offer for a player I was not looking to sell (i.e. I will use in my first team) that contained a wage clause (but I have never seen such). Do not be afraid to make a player unhappy by rejecting a bid, since they almost always get over it by the end of the transfer window. Unless, of course, their contract is running out and you feel the unhappiness may prevent a new contract. To conclude, there is not really that much wrong with the transfer module in the game, it is just not knowing how to use it, what things mean, or why things happen that can lead people to thinking there is. Hope I helped.