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  1. You had a lot of long shots, and did not create a single clear cut chance. They actually did create a clear cut chance. You also only have 6 out of 15 shots on target. You were not creating very good chances, clearly. Looking at the other team, they are playing defensively and hitting you on the break. Which they did very well, and you clearly did not adapt to what they were trying to do. Nor did you change your approach to break them down better. Unfortunately, it is you, not the game.
  2. Glad to see you are doing better! I hope you get another promotion =D.
  3. Where is the main strength in your team? Pacey players? Good wingbacks? Midfield can pick good passes? Midfield are great at tackling? Find your best player's strengths and play to it.
  4. It kinda makes sense that it does not. A player can be average as a player because he does not have the natural talent, but is is always consistently playing the same level. Likewise, you have examples of players with loads of talent but who cannot play like that consistently. It is what (to steal the example above) separates Balotelli from Ronaldo, for example. I agree that consistent players are good to have around a team. My current first choice left winger is not the greatest in terms of CA (his stats are good, but not great). But I know if I play him all season he will be good for at least 15 assists and perhaps 10 goals over the course of that season. It is a trade off, because I have a couple of players who can rip a team apart on their day, but when it is not there day there is no point having them on the pitch. My consistent player is never going to destroy a team by himself, but he is also probably never going to play an absolutely crap game. The holy grail is a talented player with high consistency, and they are rare.
  5. I do not understand the OP really. You point out that a manager does not go and say "be a wingback". That is obvious, but it is just a convenient way to get a player to do specific things without having to set every single parameter for every single player. We had that, it was the slider system and it was needlessly complicated, fiddly, and rampant for exploitation. In practise anyway, you get your team (in real life and in the game) to play how you want by training and playing. That is why we have tactical familiarity and the like.
  6. Several things can cause this I guess. 1. Do you rotate players? They could be getting jaded by the end of the season, or are just more fatigued. 2. Are you challenging for the title? Perhaps they are feeling the pressure of winning, and this can lead to poor performances if not managed well (I suck at taking the pressure off my teams). 3. Are teams playing differently against you because you have been overly successful? As Hunter says, making a post on the tactics forum could be helpful.
  7. Keeping the ball does not mean you are playing well. Winning games means you are playing well. You are clearly good in possession, but poor in front of goal and poor in defence. Have you looked at what sort of chances you are creating and why you are missing them? Looking at your tactic, you may not have a great deal of width if you are defensively set up with automatic fullbacks. How are you conceding goals? Counter attacks? First thing to do is work out why you are conceding more goals than usual and work out how to stop that. It could also just be that your players are not good enough for this level. Or rather other teams are better.
  8. I think you are seeing things that are not there with this. I mean firstly 3 games is not a good sample size, you would need to show this effect repeatedly to confirm it. Second, there are so many other things that can happen in football that it is sometimes impossible to pin down the cause. The same counts for FM. Even just taking the fact that Bayern and Watford are going to approach the game in massively different ways, there is no reason you should have identical success playing an identical way.
  9. I was born in Manchester too, and my family are Reds. I do not even know why I started to support Huddersfield. Lets hope for a good match!
  10. You have inspired me to a splinter game from my main save as Wrexham. Unbeaten after 5 games (although two bad draws in the last two). A transfer budget of 1.3 million O.O thought!!
  11. A guy can dream, right? At least we belong on that list (past glories are all I have).
  12. Check this out at FM Scout
  13. Although cheating, it was more part of a fun little game I would set up for myself. I used to make a save where I would start unemployed. When hired by a team, I would be able to turn one of my young players into a carbon copy of any superstar from that nation (so for example once I took over a team in Chile and made a Alexis Sanchez clone). This player would play great and eventually attract attention from others. If he was sold, I would return his attributes to the same as before (making the buying team look stupid) and repeat the process. The only rule was I could not clone the same player twice. It was cheating in a throw away save, but it was quite fun.
  14. I can understand why players want release fees, and why they are not negotiable. Did you use the "can treat club as stepping stone" promise? I guess that could influence this, but I do not know for sure. Either way, big player at a small club signing a long contract wants a guarentee that he will be able to move to a big club if one comes in. It also gives him bargaining room for an even more improved contract in the future if his value rockets further. It is annoying as a manager, but it is totally reasonable. You do have an option to say "stop being so inflexible"; walk away from negotiations. If you do not want to give them the contract they want, then do not. I also think you are approaching contracts wrongly here in general. You should never let it get to the point where a player has to come and demand a pay rise. Of course when you say yes they are going to try to take you to the cleaners. If you have a promising player who is probably gonna get better, improve his contract early. He will be cheaper, less demanding and stay happy longer. It also makes the "You have a long time on your current contract" reply to their unhappiness at their wage much more defensible. It is the same as transfers, timing is everything, and I am pretty sure in your example here it is the timing you have gotten wrong.
  15. Olimpia Ljubljana (FM15). I was going to Slovenia, so I decided to take charge of one of the teams there. Since Olimpia did not win much compared to Maribor, I took them. I ended up having so much success with them, including a couple of runs in Europe (the best was a QF of the Champs League). I had a number of excellent regens come through, and ended up building the team based around youth. Everything just clicked in this game. I never left, and continued to play until FM 16 came out. Sparta Prague (FM14). I do like to take a big team in a small nation and try to get success in Europe. In this game I succeeded very well. Winning A Europa League and getting a Champion's League final before finally moving on. I remember the Sparta Prague team from this era had some super players in it, and it was around this time when I really started to use scouts properly, so I was always able to replace players with equally good unknown youngsters. I remember I eventually left to go manage Olympique Lyonnais (I live in Lyon) after they offered me the job. I won the league in my second season (there first in the game) and did the utterly unthinkable; I jumped ship for PSG. I was seduced by riches, and it was an awful lot of fun to build a team with unlimited money. Everything about that game was excellent. Stuttgart (FM17) This is my current game, and I am very much enjoying it due to the fact that I have had such good success. After walking the B2 in the first season with Stuttgart, signing only one player and getting an absolute beast of a season from Max Besuchow, we returned to the Bundesliga with gusto. My team was crap in defence, but excelled in attack. I think it was Terodde scoring 25 goals for me that year. I again signed almost nobody because the board gave me not enough funds (I think I signed 2 players to strengthen key areas). We ended up finishing 3rd, beating Dortmund 4-1 at home at the end of the season to beat them to that 3rd place. I left part way through the third season when it became clear the board were never going to give me enough money to strengthen the team; we did not have enough players to cope with midweek matches, and we were sitting on a lot of money). I ended up going to a relegation threatened Everton. My first game was home to Man Utd. Well, I thought, at worst I can have a look at what my players can do under pressure. What they did is win 2-1. We never looked back, storming up the table and getting to 8th (I forget exactly, just missed out on Europe). The next season, we won the league (having Lukaku and Barkley helped) without losing a game at home, and without making too many signings (my main one was a young Italian who I scrambled to sign to replace Delafeu, who left for City). This was my most unexpected title, I was building towards challenging in a few years. The season after, we got Memphis on a free, actually spent money to strengthen the entire squad, and walked the league. In my current season I am averaging 3 goals per game, but sitting 5th in the league. I now have a young squad who should be able to challenge for the next 10 years. This game is extremely satisfying.