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  1. Indeed, I think people should have an option to turn such things off in general. For the sake of mental health as well. I know I also like to play games to escape reality and take my mind of things.
  2. Playing without wingers is definitely possible. Take your pick of formations without a winger, to suit the style you want to play and/or the players you have. The possession is always tricky to get right. It is easy to set up a tactic with high possession. Just much harder to get one that also is good in attack. Some things to consider when you think about how to set this up. 1. You want to have the ball mostly in the middle and final third when you possess it. Avoid sterile possession even if this could lower your overall possession numbers. A possession tactic is not only about how much ball you have, but where you have the ball. You can also go to boring sterile keep the ball in your own third when defending a lead. Not pretty, but it works. 2. Know which players you want to bring some directness to the play, and try to design certain player movements to help bring this directness to play. It could be a run from a player into space that suddenly leads to an increase in tempo. You must think not just how to score goals but how to transitions from possession to attack. This is what Barcelona under Guardiola were so good at. Going from endless small boring passes sending people to sleep to sudden incisive attacking play that was truly great. 3. You need to work out how to get the ball off the AI quickly. Because otherwise they will happily pass the ball around in defence and do nothing with it. Which does not suit if you want to have high possession. This means a combination of pressing and having players ready to snuff out any direct passes. You will find a good balance. 4. Make sure you have a plan B for those times where plan A is not working. It may seem obvious, but football is about winning. And sometimes we need to throw out our preconceptions to do that. That is totally fine as long as you do not have to do it every single game. Stubbornly sticking to a tactic in a situation where it does not work will see you lose heavily and woefully.
  3. That was my plan. I will also load your file and check what changes you have made. Then I can sure any that are not carried over can also be added. May be a little time consuming but it is worth while.
  4. @UnitedJoshdom. I will take care of incorporating the player and league changes you have provided to the files I already have. If it means I have to manually go through to make sure everything is added that is fine, I had figured I would have to do that a little bit anyway. This is a perennial problem when combining different editor files. They never work quite the way you expect. My plan is to take your file and to completely add it into the two that already exist. I just have not had the time to get started on it yet.
  5. I will look into it. I have not had the time to sit and edit at all for the last few weeks, but I had added this to my future feature list and I will have a look the next time I get the chance.
  6. There are a few things that are useful to know here. 1. Where are you having all that possession? If it is sterile possession mostly in your own half then this would be the first thing to fix. You really only want to do that when you are protecting a lead (and your players can handle it). 2. What are the chances your players are missing? Although from the screenshots above you scored 4 goals from 6 CCCs so it is difficult to extrapolate an issue there. So what chances do you create generally? 3. What goals are you conceding? Where do they come from? Are they all similar in their nature? Working off this tactic. There is a lot that you can improve. The first would be the automatic duty of the wing backs. This changes with mentality in a fixed way, so you lose control. Work out what each full back should be doing and set the appropriate duty and roll to accomplish this. It could be that on positive they are set to attack, which would make this tactic extremely aggressive, and one that is wide open to be counter attacked. The front 4 are not coordinated at all, and are not going to create many chances. Previously they were all support, so I assume you took the advice of someone to be more attacking? This is not the way. Here you need to think about how your players will interact. They should be create space for each other and using the space created for them. The simplest example is a striker who drops deep and an AMC who runs past him. There are many many ways to skin this particular cat, so think about the movement you want to see. Even describe it to us and we can help you achieve it. I do not want to just tell you what I would use because you want to build your own style, I assume. You do not really have a holding player here. There is not a pivot, or rather your pivot is the DLP and he is going to be too advanced most of the time to be an effective pivot and an effective screen. Coupled to attacking WBs this is a recipe for being hit time and again on the counter when you lose the ball in a transition. Your team instructions seem a little disconnected. Some suggest a patient passing style. Some suggest a more direct style. What type of football are you trying to achieve? Can you define your style for us? For example, your current tactic kinda demands something that is direct because those attack duty front 4 are only really gonna pose a significant threat when they have space to run into. Playing a slow patient buildup is unlikely to work. So you need to know what style you want to play, and then you can set up everything around that.
  7. Wasn't there a file floating around the forums that added them? Found it. Is this the kind of thing you are looking for?
  8. Absolutely amazing, thank you. I will try to get this incorporated into my file this weekend if I can. Thanks so much for contributing!
  9. I think it is a known bug. At least I have reported it before and got a response that the devs are aware.
  10. Indeed, this is something you should be able to make clear when signing a player. Letting them know they are being signed for the domestic competition and not for the continental competition. Then the player can choose during the contract negotiations if they are happy with that or not.
  11. When you set up the groups you can set custom fixture plans for how many times each group players the other groups. You will see how it works in the file linked above.
  12. Surgery has definitely improved, but rare is it that a player who gets an ACL injury comes back to the same level as before. No team would sign a player with an ACL injury. And there is a reason there is a medical. It is not just a formality. How you can think a guy with a torn ACL is going to pass a medical is beyond me. And players who have had their playing careers ended by an ACL? Do I have to stick to football, because the list of athletes in general is so long.
  13. This thread probably belongs in the general discussion forum, but anyway. The demo basically allows you to play 6 months in a single country. I guess by default it is England and Germany (I think you may be able to download other countries from steam, but I could be wrong on that). I do not think you get to select the size of the database or anything. To start a new game, click either England or Germany on the main screen, and follow the instructions.
  14. In my current save I have been undefeated for 2 seasons domestically. And then I keep losing to Liverpool. Twice in a row in the Champions League knockouts now. Once in the quarters and once in the semis. On the plus that trend means I lose in the final this year! I feel for you though. I hope you break that streak.
  15. Are you winning the games? I based an entire tactic around letting the AI have sterile possession in their own half and then just using the ball properly when you attack. You can easily win games if the AI is not using the ball well. Do not get too hung up on possession if you are winning. Just exploit the fact they have no out ball and hurt them when you attack with directness.
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