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  1. Your tactics both seem to rely on quick transitions from defending to attacking. Getting the ball to the front quickly and exploiting the space that has been left by the other team while attacking. The AF would work well when playing like this, because he will be pressing the back line of the opposition all the time. How long have you been in the top flight? When you are newly promoted, teams will be a little more open against you. Push more people forward, commit to the attack. If you plan to exploit that (on purpose or otherwise) you can be very successful. Basically teams are giving you space because they think they can beat you anyway. After you have overperformed for some time, the AI will treat you as a more serious threat. They will not simply give you space. They will look to make sure they are covered at the back, and you will have to start creating your space. This is where second season syndrome comes from in this game (probably in real life too, to some degree). To do that you need to alter how you attack teams. Use a whittling knife rather than a hacksaw. This is one of the trickier aspects of the game, to be fair. You have to start to think about how to create space. In your current formation, you can imagine that the AF is going to drag the two CBs away from the midfield, so you are creating space between attack and midfield. Which you are not really exploiting all that well. You are creating an overload on the left hand side of your attack, which again will drag defenders to your left flank. This can feasibly be used to create space for the IF for a cross, or a ball via the AP. Just to give you an idea of what I am thinking when I say "think how to create space". For me, the biggest problem you have is the large gap between midfield and attack. This works well if you want to base yourself on a counter attacking approach, and I'd keep that for the cautious formation. I too would play an attack duty in that situation. For the more attacking formation, however, I would worry the AF is going to just stick to the CBs and be taken out of the game. This goes back to creating space. If everyone is squished up against the defensive line, you have no space. For more attacking lone strikers, I will often use a supporting role, and couple to one or two runners from midfield. The idea is that the striker drops off the defence a little and gets involved in the build up. This can hopefully draw at least one defender out of position, creating space in the defensive line. I then look to put one or two people through that hole I have created (I use a CM(A) and an IF(A) on opposite sides to try to exploit this gap). This is only one example, and there are many more ways to achieve similar things.
  2. I bloody hate slide tackle through balls, unless my team is benefiting from them!
  3. Head to the editor forums for help. https://community.sigames.com/forum/26-editors-hideaway/ Or to find check the downloads section to see if what you are looking for already exists. Alternatively, you can check the steam workshop.
  4. Unfortunately not, it is not easy to get solid information for many African countries.
  5. I think you misunderstood what he meant there. I think he meant lose yourself in the huge choice of databases you can download. With a shameless plug, I created an african expansion, adding leagues with correct rules and correct rosters for 5 nations, if you wanted to explore a new part of the world.
  6. It is just setup for turning PPMs into amusing observations about the game, do not worry.
  7. These are great. - Places shots just wide. - Plays short dangerous passes. - Shoots with Inaccuracy. - Places shots into goalkeeper's arms. - Tries to play way into trouble.
  8. In the end I just hacked it and changed the longitude of cities to be the same if they should be in the same group. It is not pretty, but it works. I will drop a bug report at some point over the weekend.
  9. So what I have found is that I can order the teams just fine when I select them in stages - teams. If I use Get all teams from division => sort teams by longitude, for instance, the groups are determined by the order of the longitudes. Highest 6 longitudes in group A, etc. The game is still ignoring the rules I have added for assigning teams to groups. Indeed, it does not seem to matter what I do with "group settings" => group regions (new). These rules are not followed when creating the groups. If I click on group regions (old), the panel just completely disappears. I begin to wonder if this is just entirely bugged. Indeed, even the "valid group rules" is being ignored.
  10. You have so many TIs, what are they all supposed to do? Some of them seem very contradictory to me. You want short passes into space? That does not seem tremedously useful. What are delivered at an ultra high tempo. Without less dribbling (one of Messi's best skills). You seem to have some instructions designed to play possession football, and some to discourage it. Why are you playing for set pieces also? If you cannot explain why you have a TI, get rid of it. Also, ask yourself how do you expect Messi to score? Who is going to create space for him? Who is going to provide the ball for him? If you want to build your team around Messi as an Treq on the right wing, you need to build all your roles around getting the best out of him.
  11. Most of the rules seem to be keeping teams from the same nation/continent apart, when I want to do is the opposite. I am actually having trouble generally trying to make the groups listen to geographical rules in general. No matter how I try to regionalise groups, in the end the groups are decided by the unique ID.
  12. I have a habit of training deep lying forwards into central midfielders that can be played as CM(A), providing their stats suggest that they can play in midfield. Gives me a rampaging central midfielder who can score a lot of goals. I do not have any specific examples, however, to show you directly. I distinctly remember doing this with Dybala in one iteration. It went relatively well, but he was better as a striker. I pretty much try to train every single wide player I have to play on both left and right wings. I usually play with a winger/inside forward combination, so if you can be a right winger, you should also be able to be a left inside forward (to some degree of efficiency). I do this mostly so I can have more options for rotation and in an injury crisis. It pays to have 4 players capable of playing both left and right wing. Sometimes as striker too, if they are suitable.
  13. A really nice post. This is how people should approach creating tactics. Every single thing you have done in the tactics you post, you have completely justified in terms of what you want from players. I guess the next point will be to see how it works. Do you get the football you want? Can you provide examples of what works (and just as importantly, what didn't and how you adapted? People do not post about failures enough, it gives a false impression that everyone gets things right first time)? I look forward to seeing some match analysis, if this is what you plan to do. Since I just conceded a 3-0 lead to draw 3-3 with Wolves, I am not their biggest fan right now though!
  14. Fair enough. Moaning is fine, no problem with it. I still think if you think there are problems you should report them somewhere. The game is not going to improve without input from users. The devs can only do so much by themselves. Think of how many combined hours all players have, compared to the devs. If you can provide a save where these things happen, they can easily have at what is going on without having to go through a long, lengthy and successful save themselves to generate the same problems. I guess it is personal choice, but for me a moan without any subsequent action will not help you or anyone else in the long run.
  15. Poor Zenit is all I can think about. What a horrible group for them! At least they scored a goal.
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