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  1. Impressive. I tried to get this working a few years ago but an update ruined the regionalisation for me!
  2. Some notes having picked the game back up after a very extensive break from playing and editing. 1. Scout cards are just as useless as the last time I played. I get that it is nice to have some kind of better scouting which relies more on words to be realistic. But my criticism of this still stands. FM is a numbers game - it is a glorious spreadsheet. I am never, ever going to buy a player because a scout says "sign him!!!!!". I am always going to check the player myself. Check his stats, check he will fit the role I want, check he has key attributes I value. So removing the player stats from the scouting card is as dumb a move now as it was when it was first done, and that means I also think the choice made was dumb. Scouting is not advanced enough to handle this. The problem is, there is not enough context in a report. My current report card says "natural in several position". I can see that from the positions he plays. "Displays a fairly determined attitude". What does that mean? Obviously I know what it means. But does he have determination 12? 15? In this case it is 16. I had to go check, because the report is next to useless when talking about visible stats. Where it is useful is hidden attributes. This player can adapt to living in a new country, is interested, is consistent but dreads big matches. Perfect case would be to give me the attributes, highlight key stats if needed, and then give me the actually useful info on hidden attributes as text. I know this will not change back, so at least make it better. 2. The fixture bug I used to get in my editor files from FM22 seems to now be in the actual game itself? This would be the bug where the season is massively front loaded with games, and then nothing happens at the end of the year. I am playing in the MLS currently, and it is the second season for me. Here is a breakdown of the games by month (I will only do league games, since I also progressed to the final of the CONCACAF Champions league which caused many games) March: 5 April: 6 May: 6 June: 7 July: 3 August: 1 September: 4 October: 2 So the first half of the season, I play 24 of my 34 games. I have 10 competitive games in the final 4 months in the league. This is an absurd thing to be in the game, and it is not like this is unknown, I have reported this as a bug in edited files for a long time. But this means playing every single Wednesday and Sunday in the first months of the season. The AI is not good enough to manage it's squads properly to deal with this. Mostly critical feedback. There is good too, but at this stage of the game cycle, I think some constructive criticism is better. Edit: One more thing. Do I really need to be asked two questions about VAR in every single press conference if it was used in a game, for the rest of time?
  3. xG is something akin to a probability of scoring a goal. But these are results of independent, unlinked events. Therefore adding the probability and saying when it gets above 1 you should have scored a goal by now makes absolutely no sense from the standpoint of the numbers. It will work because number of shots from a team usually correlates with how well that team is doing in a match. It is almost a surrogate outcome to simplistically model a complex system in a simple way. As an example, your logic of many small xG is as good as few large xG boils down to something along these lines. If winning the lottery is a million to one and you play 1 million times you will win. That is the expectation value (from where xG gets its x, I guess. But the distribution is very large. It could take 500,000 tries. Or 3 million. Take an example of tossing a coin. You have a 50% chance of getting heads. You expect 2 coin tosses to get a head. However you can flip tails 3 times. The spread of expectation values is smaller. The probability of 5 heads is much lower. The point of these examples is that good chances work like coin tosses. You need much fewer of them to "guarantee" a goal (of course it is not really a probability but a model so it does not guarantee). Poor chances work like the lottery (although far less extreme, a D12 or D20 perhaps is better but more people are familiar with the lottery). You need to try more, and the spread of the number of times you have to try is greater. This is not what I said, and I hope it is clear from my description above. Small chances are fine. At no point did I say that you should exclusively focus on better xG chances. You should actually try to create as many chances as possible, because xG is not something you can control. But if you are exclusively producing low xG chances you are more likely to struggle (this is the "AH the super keeper was stupid I could not beat him the defence is overpowered for the AI" type rant when the probability is against you). And the fact that you can succeed by focusing on few very good chances is obvious, as it is the "one good chance, goal, I was FM'd meme". You can make both work. And I'd most like to create a lot of very good chances. When you do this, you usually end up creating a few good ones and a lot of poor ones. And none of this takes into account the other factors in football. For example a goalkeeper fumbling a header into the net. There is no exact correct way. The other point is that xG being included in FM did not drastically change how you succeed at FM. and in FM having a continuous dribble of very small xG chances has been a sign that your tactic is simply not creating the chances that are more likely to score. And then you struggle because you will have games where the probability is against you.
  4. That is a seriously aggressive tactic to play away from home, and if you are not a top side it could come back to burn you. You have 5 attack duties here (I think positive and automatic results in attack duty, someone correct me if wrong). The only players who will be deep when you lose the ball after attacking at the two CBs and the BWM. Everyone else is out of position and teams are going to enjoy that. So much space to exploit and a lot of effort for players to get back into position. The right side of your midfield is also, and I'm sorry for being so blunt, but nonsense. Why do you have 2 APs in the same part of the field doing exactly the same thing and fighting for the same space? This makes absolutely no sense and is going to be generally not great home or away. How to build a successful tactic for away matches? Why do you think you struggle away compared with playing home? (Hint, it is all about how the AI plays against you). And once you know that, it should be more obvious what you need to do. Tone down the attacking intent, focus on making things a bit more solid. Watch games to see if you need to make any special adjustments.
  5. I mean what you say is valid, and points out some of the flaws of representing something as complicated as a football match in a game engine. You simply cannot replicate what happens in real life in the game, football is vastly too complicated for that. The tactics are the prime example of this. The game has to try to capture some essence of the way the game is played, and it does it using defined roles which then can be modified. It is easy to understand why they do this, because it probably makes the coding a little easier. And it does a pretty decent job. Typically an FM player will know what they want their player to do, and FM provides archetypes to do this. It means if we want a player who plays like a poacher, we can. Or easily differentiate between a maurading wing back and a defensive wide defender, for example. It is a simplicity thing for usability. I am old enough to remember the sliders, and they were infinitely worse. It was so goddam tedious to play with sliders until you found the magic combination that worked. And often you did not know why. However I know, for example, why having a striker who drops off a defenders (a DLF) will help create space for an IF(A) and CM(A) on opposite sides of him. I can set that up easily in the current system. Previously, it would have been a matter of hoping you found the correct settings by chance. This is not perfect, but I like it. I am of course in favour of having it improved if possible (I think the ME code is holding FM back a little actually). As to the tactic on screen being your defensive formation, it is an over simplification. There are many ways to modify what plays do defensively as well as offensively. Pressing and man marking are the most obvious ones. This alters your shape significantly compared to what you see. The representation you see on the tactics screen is more a neutral representation. Or think of it as an average representation - what you will see on a heatmap at the end of a game. I regularly play with a formation that attacks like a 424 and defends like a 4141, and is called a 433 by FM. Go figure. Thinking of the tactic you see as a defensive formation is simplified. I think the reason why people do this is because it is easier to set up a defensive structure and then use creativity to create attacking movement. Also because attacking movement is more common compared to the relative rigidity of most football defences. So you can more easily understand and translate your desires for attacking by modifying roles and understanding how they interact. However I guess there is little reason why you could not do as you suggest. Setup with an attacking formation and modify it for defence. It would certainly be harder to do based on how the game works, but I guess it could be done. More often you are making both defensive and offensive modificaitons. FM will likely never come close to the complexity of real world tactics. Which I agree is a shame. The way tactics work at the moment is a reasonable way to give users a good deal of control and is quite intuitive after the steep learning curve.
  6. If I am quite honest it is difficult to see a huge number of changes in FM23 compared to FM22. It seems well polished and runs well. Very light on new features, feels like a roster update with a few small things added on. Not a criticism of the quality, which is excellent, but the similarity. Scout reports are still god awful though. The decision to not show attributes in a game that is entirely determined by attributes is still complete and utter nonsense. The scout reports are not detailed enough to make an informed decision. They are so generic, and players get a huge scouting boost based on their transfer value, for example. Which does not matter if the player has garbage attributes. The thing is, nobody is going to be using a scout report alone to decide to buy a player in FM. It can be used as a way to visually filter players and have them suggested without looking. But everyone is going to go check the attributes of that player. Because that is what FM is based upon. If the devs want people to use scout reports and scouting more, they should make it better and more useful, not hide info so you cannot see it. It was a big gripe in FM22 and it is identical here. At least make the panel editable so we can decide what information we want to see. It is an absolute chore to scout.
  7. Or you can search for Football manager 2023 editor in the steam search function if it is not showing up in your library
  8. It is absolutely something you are doing tactically. In fact I can predict what your XG graph will look like from these numbers. You have a steady stream of very small xG increases, like small steps, rather than big jumps. This represents creating a lot of very poor chances. So the xG will add up, but the chance of scoring each individual chance is low, so you always end up underachieving. It is always better to create fewer, higher quality chances. If you are seeing large chunks of xG increase and getting this, your players are not performing well. So the chances you create are not suited to them (lots of headers for players bad at heading, lots of 1v1s for players with terrible composure, etc). This suggests you are giving up a lot of high xG chances to the opposition. No chance has an xG of 1, but if you keep giving up big chances, you are going to concede a lot of goals. Again, this points to something tactical in the way you defend. If I were to guess, taking these two points together. You are playing too high and too aggressive, and not leaving enough cover and keep getting hit by quick attacks by the opposition before you can get players back in position properly. Too many players forward limits their space, making it hard for you to create chances. While you gift the opposition tonnes of space. Just a guess, mind, only you can tell us what is happening. Look at the xG graph next time for some matches, and even post some of them so we can have a look. I'd be amazed if I guessed wrong here. If you keep forcing your keeper to face extremely good chances for the opposition, they are going to do badly. Unless the keeper is making errors leading to goals directly, he is only as good as the defence you stick in front of him. Relying on a keeper to make save after save after save of really good chances is a terrible defensive strategy. The aim of your defence is to make the keeper do as little as possible, and those things he has to do be as easy for him as possible. The keeper is a last resort, not the main part of the defence. This couples directly to point 2. If you want to fix this, you need to be willing to take a look at the way your team is set up, and to admit that you can improve your approach to the game.
  9. I do not see the point of it at all. I mean I do not have any need for something to organise my depth charts. I know who I rank where anyway, and the squad is not so big. It does not make it easier to check which players have expiring contracts, and to be honest I am always keeping that in mind as part of the squad planning anyway. It would be nice if there was a way to sort players into ranks of "offer contract with 24, 18 and 12 months", for example. The experience matrix is kinda nice to see the distribution of players in your squad. Otherwise it is just a new presentation of information that was already available elsewhere. I will not be using it because I do not need it. I have always played the game keeping attention on when I need to offer contracts and building the squad with future in mind. This new thing is not really useful to me in that respect. I know my players, know who plays in what role, etc.
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