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  1. Dropping players back a strata is something I want to play with as well (when I get the chance), and it is interesting to see that you have had some success with doing so. You will often see players piling up against a deep defence in a match you are dominating, and breaking live waves against the shore. Too many cooks spoil the broth, and I always had the impression the best way to deal with this may be to drop further back and force them to come and get you.
  2. Thanks! I started it in July because I had some time of work to finally spend on doing something like this. It was very worthwhile, because it forced me to think about things and to articulate them in a way I normally do not. Sadly, I am back at work and isolated from my computer at the moment so I have not been able to spend any more time expanding on this. I am glad you found it interesting!
  3. Glad it is has been helpful for you! You are correct to note that having a lot of players inside forces the other side to leave space on the flanks, and automatically generates width to exploit. When it works, it usually works spectacularly! Congratulations on Norway by the way, that is a pretty awesome achievement!
  4. Questions on promotion to PL

    I got promoted with Leeds in my current save, and had a similarly small budget, of approximately 15 million. It did not go up at all in the first season initially (although I never asked the board to increase it). However, it has to be noted that we were financially super stable once getting to the Premier League, making profit every single month, ending up with more than 50 million in the bank, and clearing the club debts. I think it is going to depend on the board how much you are given, if you are expected to get relegated immediately, one could assume they will back you less in order to reap the financial benefits and make the team stronger as a whole. A relegation is not the end of the world when you are a smaller team (in current terms). What I did was to carefully scour the players who were available that I could possible bring in. I focused on free transfers, players in the last year of their contract, and transfer listed players. Also, players who did not require a huge wage. I think I only brought 5 players in on permanent deals. A striker and a GK on a free (striker was a definite upgrade and scored 13 goals, keeper was always injured and has since been sold for a profit), 2 centre backs for 200k and 2.5 million, one of whom has now been sold (he was an ageing stop gap player) and one who is a serious young talent who now starts regularly for me, and a right back for 3.5 million. Instead of splurging loads of money on a lot of players, I identified the weak areas of my side and strengthened with an eye to securing survival, but in a way that would not ruin me if I got relegated. The rest of my signings were loans, a DMC and a CM were the main ones I used a lot. I trusted the players who got me promoted for the most part, since there is not a huge jump from top of the Championship to the bottom of the Premier League. I easily managed to survive in the end (I got 10th, which was due to a wonderful record against top half teams). The following season, as I noted above, saw us having over 50 million in the bank after clearing our debts. I got a transfer budget of 50 million this season, with a healthy increase in wage budget too. This has allowed me to address weak areas of my team by signing players on permanent deals who are significant improvements. So this season I hope to build on the previous one. I still did not go crazy (except signing 3 goalkeepers who are all great, initially a guy I saw as first choice, then a better established keeper who became available, and finally a young regen who my scouts raved about at the WC and was available for peanuts). At the start of the year we sit 6th. I think the thing to remember is that you are not going to go from a Championship side to a Top 4 Premier League side in a season or two. It is incremental buildup of your squad, and this has to be done carefully and in a responsible manner. Do not be too disappointed that you cannot spend 100 million on world class players yet, since you already have a good side, since you just earned a promotion
  5. Honestly at the moment, I cannot recall. As a general rule I was happy to let my side shoot from range because I had a number of players with excellent long shot attributes. I have not played in a good month and a bit because I am in the middle of a move and do not have my computer with me for the moment. In this situation it looks like he may have been pressured into making a bad choice - there are two players closing him down quickly and I would guess that if his decisions and creativity stats are not very high, he will often make a choice to shoot when a pass in on. This is something I think people do not often pick up on; sometimes the attributes of players can have a huge influence on situations like this. This is, ultimately, why the best players are so good, they spot these chances and can execute the pass under pressure. So I guess the key would be to try to take the pressure of the player. This is what I try to do with my AP(S) in my tactic. I use support because it drops him into space away from the defence, gives him more time. My advice if you are seeing this often is to check if he always does so in similar situations, and then work out how to avoid of mitigate the negative aspects of that situation. Check also if he has "shoots from distance" as a PPM.
  6. FM 16 CL ERROR

    You are playing with an edited database? If you are, it is very likely something to do with this.
  7. I Hate Cup Games! (Gripe alert)

    If you really do not care about the cups, and the board is not going to sack you for doing badly, just rotate the hell out of your squad, including sticking some kids from the youth team in. That way if you win or draw, you have managed to rotate and keep players fresh. If you lose, no extra games and you gave your kids a run out. I do this for almost any cup I do not want to take seriously. In my current save with Leeds, I do not even take the FA cup seriously because I care way more about survival in the Premier League. If I am unlikely to win, I do not put a team out to win.
  8. Your ideal squad size?

    I rarely, if ever, use the entire squad limits when making a team. I usually have around 20 first team players and cover the rest of the squad with my better young players. The danger with this is that an injury crisis can hit you hard. It is much easier to have a happy squad that way. I also like to make it so all of my players are rotation options. My backup players are my kids, so if a player is not good enough to be rotation, he is sold. I will also rotate all my players to get them game time and to maximise fitness and match sharpness. I find that this is the best way to get good performance and a happy squad.
  9. Target Man

    A target man is not really someone you want to finish things, he is a big lump of a man who you target with the ball and who has the job of linking play and creating chances for a player. For example, if you want a player to get on the end of crosses, you can use an advanced forward. I had great success with a striker who was very good in the air as an AF in a 442. In general here I think you are limiting yourself with how narrowly you are thinking about players roles. You want to see what your players are good at, and work out how you want to use that player. So pairing a winger with good crossing, and an advanced forward who is good in the air is likely going to create a lot of goals from crosses and headers. Not a target man in sight.
  10. Weird transfer!?

    Brought in to cover an injury crisis at goalkeeper, so intended as a short term stop gap backup? A player a member of staff was familiar with and so was brought in to provide cover? (Humans can ask for recruitment advice, I guess the AI can do the same). A bug? An artefact caused by odd choices in the database setup (this is often behind weird transfers). It is impossible to know really without a bit more context.
  11. I agree they need something to change to make them a bit more engaging. Then again, I get the feeling that press conferences are not fun in real life either, they are an annoying part of life. The option to skip them exists, so it is not the end of the world if there is no good idea to improve this. I do not see the point in this. I do not need to watch my players train, and I do not see what anybody could get from this. What would we get? Players playing passing games? Watching players dribble around cones? You learn 100 times more than this watching a single preseason friendly. I agree with this, it would be great if managers had a more overt personality, and you could play to that. I know this exists in the game already somehow, but it not really the focus of the game. I do not want full on roleplay type things, I can add that myself by playing in specific ways, but it would be nice to expand on. I would love to be able to manage youth squads and be able to start a career in this way, it would be a very interesting and challenging game. I am less convinced by being a director of football, as this is a totally different role. FM is a football manager simulation, and focuses a lot on the match engine and tactics. You can play as a DOF to an extent anyway by downloading a skin with an instant result button, and just never playing a match. The only difference is you have to make a tactic. I do not really see what this adds, but it is something I would just ignore in the game anyway, so I have no strong opinion either way. I would love if kits (those that do not have a license) were to subtly change year on year (or even totally change for a 2nd strip), so you have the sense that something is new. I really do not get this point at all. There are serious consequences in the game. You lose too much? You are fired, your rep takes a hit and maybe you cannot get a good job. You win a lot, you get offered the keys to the castle at one of the biggest clubs in the world. You annoy a player, he does not want to sign for you, or will not renew a contract. You annoy a fellow manager and he will double the asking price for his players when selling to you. I'd say these are the only consequences that really matter in game. Sure, I would like to see the press obviously treat you differently based on your previous choices. If you are a media darling they can defend you if your job is at risk, or be supportive in press conferences. Vice versa if you are disliked. Everything else would just be super cosmetic and add no depth.
  12. A Beta is about testing the game pre release to iron out any bugs. It is essentially a giant test of the game on the customers. As such, it makes no sense to give anything that can alter the game in any way. You want to know all bug reports come from the core game code, not from add-ons.
  13. Signing Verratti!!!

    Can you make an offer part exchange where you offer to pay some of the wages of Pedro as well? That gets rid of the wage problem, so if you really want Verratti try it!
  14. It does appear that there is (and has been since the start) a problem in the logic of what wide players do in these formations. They seem to stay too wide, and are concerned with marking the space out wide, even when not required to do so. I mean, in some of your examples I can see the logic in their covering the wide spaces, in others, no so much. It does make playing a compact 442 extremely difficult, if not impossible. I have never played much with these formations (when I do I tend to have a 3 man midfield in any case, CMx2, DM) so I do not mind as much that players stay wider, because we have cover inside more or less. I wonder if using OIs and setting never tightly mark wider players will result in better behaviour? I assume it has been tried, but it would be my first idea. The CM duo here both have close down more, I believe, which probably explains a little bit of the confusion in closing down, but they are definitely too narrow. However, it looks worse than it is, because of the wide players. Incidentally, how do the wide players work against teams that play narrow, with only FBs giving the width? Do they stay out wide marking space instead of players?
  15. Currently Inverness, so the only similarity is the colours . Nah I do this whatever level I am at, I just do it scaled to whatever rep I have. Obviously if I manage a second division side, I do not target Chelsea players. I will try to unsettle excellent prospects a league down who I cannot otherwise afford. And I also get a lot of teams unsettling my players. In my last save I ended up having to sell one of my best players because he got upset at not being sold and refused to sign a contract. So yes sometimes you can do nothing. In the same season I resisted a bid from Rangers for my best centreback, and once the window closed he was happy to stay and signed a new long term contract. Clearly as a smaller team you are going to lose your prospects more. I also had a really good young defender who was 5* potential, and a big part of my plans. West Brom came in with a bid for him, and I did not even bother to fight it. There was no way I was going to be able to keep a player happy after that, so I just got the best deal I could and reinvested the money. This kind of turnover of players is something you have to expect at a low to mid rep club anyway, particularly if you are good at spotting and picking up prospects. You cannot really expect to hold on to players long term unless you are making very quick progress and winning things. It is cheeky for higher rep teams to unsettle players in this case, but they can save themselves some money, especially since you do not want to sell good players.