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  1. Eh, that is very hit and miss, especially for nations whose leagues are not included in the game by default. I spent a lot of time sorting out the north African leagues, and most of the team data is out of date (unless the clubs are involved in continental competitions). That includes a lot of old players who simply have not been retired. I completely understand this, SI have to build the game and make sure the active leagues are accurate. I imagine they do not have the time to sort out every single player in the database. For the OP, unless you are loading in all players, most players without a birthdate most likely lack a CA/PA as well. So they are unlikely to be loaded unless you explicitly demand it.
  2. Most of these tactics you see for download that are the best are overpowered because they exploit the AI, which simply cannot handle them in a meaningful way. Take the first one on that list (the very best). I would absolutely rip that tactic apart if I were to play it. That is because I am human and can see the gaping weaknesses in it. The AI is not that advanced in its thinking. There are ways to set up tactics that are not based on AI to win as well, and this is what people try to do in real life. There are always some exploit like this in every FM. It is because we do not have human like AI (in general, not just in FM), and the match engine is not being designed to cut out every single possible exploit (although I guess they use these exploits to improve things, but I am guessing there). The ME is designed to produce as close to realistic football as possible. It does a decent job (with room for improvement). That means people can enjoy playing football. If you just want to play and win, then you can use the exploits. And with each new FM wait for someone to find the new exploits. Each to their own, I guess.
  3. The mez will run wide rather than inside in general anyway. The problem I see you having is that you are not giving the defence a reason to move. Every player is isolated and playing his own game. So the AI can look at it and go "no obvious danger here, I trust my defence in position to win their battle". You need to create more overloads. Get more of your players into an area of the pitch than they have defenders. This forces the AI to commit defenders or cede that area of the pitch to you. The closest you get is the IF on the left and the Mezalla. What you need is something where you get two or three players into the same area of the pitch at the same time. For example, an attacking fullbacks and a winger, with a supporting midfield role on the same side will often create situations where you have 3 player attacking the AI fullback and the space around him. The AI has to do something about that (well it does not, but doing nothing is probably worse), and that is when you create space. Take your DLF. There is no immediate threat if the AI does not close him down or follow him. It does not matter if he gets the ball right away. He has to hold it because nobody is ahead of him. I play a DLF alongside an IF(A) and a CM(A) on opposite sides. This is creating a mismatch problem in the centre. Now it is dangerous to not close the DLF down. He has passing options moving in a dangerous way towards goal. If you do not close down, he may find the time to make a good pass. If you do close him down, you may get out of shape but the pass should be harder to make. What you are doing is creating uncertainty where your player has several options and the AI cannot defend them all perfectly. There is a risk for everything they do. I do not see anything like this from your tactic, which makes is easier to defend. So I would try to think of ways to attack different zones of the pitch. Remember you do not need players going into the same place. You need players attacking an area of the pitch where the AI cannot handle all of them from its base defence. That means the same types of overload will not always work, and you have to be creative. For example, the one I describe above is best against no DMC formations, and fails against 2 DMC formations. Why? In a 2 DMC formation, the CBs do not have to worry about picking up the striker, because he is the DMCs problems. You have to find a different way to disrupt teams then (for example make the DMCs move)
  4. I will add that the main goal threat you have will come from the IFs. Cutting inside to get either crosses or passes from the midfield and DLF. Are they getting these chances on their good feet? In space with time to pick out the goal? You are creating a lot of chances in the middle of the box, but always saved. What type of shots/chances are there and how are they created. You would normally expect to convert some of those chances into goals from that range and position. So it probably indicates they are not good quality chances, or they are coming in a way that is not optimal for the players you have to convert them.
  5. I typically keep 3 shortlists that I update periodically. 1. Transfer targets for the coming transfer window. 2. Long term targets who I am interested in and want to keep an eye on. I add people to this list from scout reports, and will trim it once per season to remove players I will likely never actually sign. 3. A list for players I want to keep on eye on to see if someone makes an offer, or they get unhappy. Not players who I would class as targets but ones I may be interested in depending on their circumstances (and that I do not want to miss out on to the AI). This list changes all the time. About a month before each transfer window (so December and just after the end of the season) I will populate my transfer target list from the other two lists I have. This is in a broader squad management scheme where I am always planning my squad 18 months (3 transfer windows) in advance. I make sure I know exactly which of my players I will keep and which I will release/sell and when. That way, I know exactly what I am doing in each transfer window, which players I will try to sign/unsettle in advance, what areas of my squad I need to improve. It is a bit extra work, but it makes squad building and management run so smoothly.
  6. I did not spend the time to check other performance metrics. Sadly the in world game is no so advanced as to generate these stats for me yet . Manchester United will be fine this season, if they can get some creativity in midfield anyway. Or Pogba can stay fit. Liverpool have definitely rode their luck in recent games too, do not read this as an indepth analysis of the season! The long unbeaten run to start the year was the main point. Weirdly, I actually helped them along the way. I tried to sign Sancho, Liverpool jumped in and signed him instead and he was incredible for them. I ended up coming second to them, scored over 80 points. I do wonder what happens if I do not make that initial bid. Anyway, this is derailing the thread, sorry OP!
  7. The entire Manchester United team will be nerfed, I expect. Weirdly I just played the second season of final save, and it went almost exactly like the current season. Liverpool absolutely battered everyone and scored over 100 goals - winning their first 14 matches. They scored 8 against Manchester United at Anfield (which could happen shortly in real life too). Manchester United languished in mid table but refused to fire Solskjaer (and still haven't). It is the first time in any save I have a winning record against Manchester United (4 wins from 4). Nice to know FM can sometimes mimic reality. I'm also not sure many of the Chelsea guys should get an upgrade yet. They are motivated by their first team chance, and have to show this level for a while to be sure they are actually, well, good.
  8. Or you select the option, then click "remove and exclude from negotiations" to completely remove it from any potential offers. As others have said, I would rather pay a small chunk of the wages of a player to get rid of them and/or free up some budget. The best way to avoid this is not to put average players on high wages (although at the start of the game this is of course not possible for players already on deals).
  9. It is a tactical issue, and unless you actually try to understand why and do things to change it, you will continue to see these things.
  10. The first thing I would point out is that you have two playmakers in central midfield. Do you not think this is overkill. What is the reasoning behind this? Who are they making play for? I am not too surprised you struggle for goals here. You do not have very well defined goal threats here, and nobody is making or exploiting space. Think for a second about what your players are doing. Aguero will start deep and end up high when you have the ball. This will push the defensive line back to handle him, and therefore you create some space between defense and midfield. Nobody is moving in to that space. Your IF will push up against the defensive line too, but it is already dropped deeper to take out Aguero, so he will have no space to exploit. He main goal source, I expect, is a cross from the left. Cancelo will get some space created for him by the IF pushing in. But he has little in the way of support around him and probably have to cross if he gets the ball in space (and teams will often cede the wide space to you). On the left, Sterling will stretch the wide fullback, which will create some gaps in the half spaces. He also has pretty decent support around him, with the WB(S) you could force players to their right flank. This creates space on your right flank. The IF may be able to exploit this, but see above. Again, the main option will be a cross. Your midfield is altogether too conservative. You will be able to retain the ball well enough, but that may lead to an endless recycling with no penetration. Both playmakers are going to want to come get the ball, but there is nobody creating space for them to use. They will not have many passing options to make passes except to the flanks or speculative through balls. I do not know if you need a DMC(D) in this formation. The fact that you are the best defensive team in the league is because your midfield is very safe. That is fine (I play like that often with bigger sides) in general, but clearly not for what you want to achieve. The first thing I would change is the midfield. Make it more adventurous. You do not need two playmakers. So think about how to use or create space for other players using the midfield. I do this with a CM(A)/DLF(s)/IF(A) trio. The DLF drags defenders out of shape, and the CM(A)/IF(A) attack the spaces this leaves. However this is only one solution (and it is better to find your own). Another example would be to play 4231. This will likely make you less defensively good, but you can be more potent in attack. You could use a DLF(A) with a T(A) as an AMC. The DLF(A) will create space for the T(A) to work in. I mean the combinations you can use are endless, as long as you think about who is creating space and who is going to use that space (and to get tricky who is going to use the space of the player who is moving to use the space created by the first player).
  11. So your squad handled the pressure of a title race poorly. Did you try to take the pressure off them as much as possible? In press conferences, in team talks and in personal conversations? This is a key part of managing your squad. If you spot the signs that you have a nervous squad, you need to try to give them as much confidence and take as much pressure away as you can.
  12. This is an issue with you only creating space that can be exploited on the flanks, rather than the center. This is something you have to mitigate yourself. When I am defending I am usually happy to concede the edges of the pitch and defend the center. Which means I face more crosses, but less dangerous stuff in the middle. You need to drag players out of position and provide wide players with options that are not crossing. Otherwise they will cross. It is basically the same thing as "my players just shoot from range all the time" but in the wide areas of the pitch. You may not wish to hear it, but these issues are tactical. It is entirely possible to reduce the number of crosses and long shots while being the favourite. That is not to say there are no issues with this in the ME. I actually think the fullbacks need to be a bit better in their decision making in that area of the pitch, but 90 crosses a game is a tactical issue. This is more likely a player mistake than a tactic. Players are not perfect and can make stupid decisions, and they often do. It is not something I really see often though. I actually see players letting the ball go out of play often. Especially when attacking and the ball will go for a throw. This is, quite simply, untrue. The match engine is pretty good this year. Plenty of room for improvement, but it can produce varied football. If it is not, it is the way you are using the match engine that is the problem. Again, you may not like to hear that, but it is true. And the only way to make the situation for yourself better would be to try to understand why you see these things, and what you can do to change it.
  13. Honestly it is not an experiment I have ever done, so I cannot really comment on it! Probably we need someone who is more in the know to comment on this to give you some clarity.
  14. You have a purely clean slate with the tactic? To PIs or TIs that will influence what you are seeing?
  15. If you think his attitude stinks, just get rid of him. I did this with Andy Carroll simply because he kept irritating me with requests and getting angry at being told no. He played well enough when he played, but in the end I just shunted him to the reserves and sold him as soon as someone wanted to buy. Is it, though? Imagine you go to work and tell your boss you think you deserve a raise. You feel your work has been excellent and you are very valuable to the company. Your boss flat out says you do not deserve one. You disagree and leave. Unhappy with the outcome, bitching to friends, the like. The boss calls you back into the office later than day. What will the conversation be? At this point you are not going to trust what the boss says. Maybe he offers you something at the end of the year. He has already told you he does not want to pay you more, so why would you change your mind. He gives you a goal to achieve and you get a raise. That is plain insulting if you think your work already deserves a raise. You talk it out and discuss why no raise. You are still going to be unhappy with the situation. Your relationship with the boss is still unlikely to be perfect. You are not going to want to spend time chatting to him about things. This is what FM is replicating. Otherwise you will be having the same talk over and over again, which is nonsense in real life and in FM. If you have that much of an issue with a player, sell him. That is the simple answer. That is the real world answer football managers would use too (or they will get fired because they lose the dressing room and/or were at Chelsea). It is what would happen in a company too, except you would just be given your notice. Sending someone home is a nonsensical way of dealing with this. Or rather, of not dealing with it. Players more often than not get over it with time. In fact I think people get hung up on players being unhappy in general. It is rarely the end of the world. The only people you really do not want to upset too much are the team leaders. They are the players who will cause you problems, because they tend to have backing. Then you may want to consider your options and try to give ground or be more sensitive. A squad player who has no influence can be unhappy all he wants, he is not going to give me issues. I cannot think of a single time where one of my players who has been unhappy has not gotten over it at some point (with the except of Carroll at the start of this post, but that is because I totally gave up and got rid). You just have to manage your squad better. Getting rid of troublemakers is a good start.
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