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  1. Broken Promises

    The promise fails because you did not give him a new contract like you agreed you would. That his offer is too high in your opinion is not really relevant here. You made the promise of a new contract, and you would have had some idea of what kind of money he was going to request (at least your post says so). Therefore, he would have assumed that you would offer him what he wanted, and try to get the deal done. So there is no real issue there except the making of the promise in the first place.
  2. Lost the dressing room

    Have you broken promises to the squad? Had talks with players which have ended badly? The only time I lost the dressing room was when I forgot I had made a promise.
  3. On the contrary, I very very rarely have any problems breaking down a defensive side in the end (it just takes some time). I know I can sit and let things play out, and we will create enough that we will score. Struggling to break down super defensive sides points to being too aggressive with roles, and trying to exploit space rather than create it (this is usually the cause of second season syndrome too). Sometimes, however, you just have to take it on the chin. Think how pleased you are when, as an overwhelming underdog, you secure an amazing draw or win that you totally do not deserve. That is football. I tend to alter the way I play much more against larger sides, although I pay zero attention to the odds. Typically, I will either drop into my counter attacking setup and pick the fastest forwards I have, or I will carefully watch a game and see who/what is causing me issues against bigger teams, and try to resolve it. Usually this means going more direct (if being heavily pressured in my own third of the pitch), man marking a player who is continually getting free and causing me issues, more rarely formation changes to specifically counter the AI.
  4. don't want new patch - please help

    If you disconnect from the internet whilst you start steam and the game, and then reconnect once it is loaded, I think this gets around this (you used to be able to do the same thing to play the same game on two different computers at the same time, so maybe they closed this loophole).

    That is a shame. I was not sure how they worked. It would have been very nice.

    Can you sell those clauses? A huge money boost instantly if you can! Why wait to see if he reaches that many games for the club!
  7. Need Transfer Offers

    Usually I have little issue moving players on, but sometimes you do, and it is usually in situations like yours; players who are not top level but earn very high wages. The problem here is that their wage demands are usually pretty high still (often they want a pay increase) and so the teams that can afford them are limited. Coupled to the fact that other teams may also want to do what you do - control the wage budget, sign younger players - it can be very tricky. It seems you are as much interested in getting the players off the wage budget as getting large transfer fees for them, correct? In that case, I would just transfer list them, and accept any offer that is reasonable in price, and where they are likely to accept. You will certainly have more luck in the transfer window, I find that teams are much more active in those periods in general. I often have teams interested in players but they do not make bids until windows. If you are also looking to get large fees for the players, then you could have more issues. Teams know you want rid of these players, especially if you have been offering them around. This will automatically reduce what you will get offered. It is something I see posted on here relatively frequently, people unable to sell unwanted players on high wages for their asking price (which is usually too high). My advice here would be to identify the people you want to bring in to replace them (with a backup in case the deal does not go through). Work out how much that is likely to cost you (include sign on fees, and be generous in the estimation since I do not know if you can always well predict this). Once you have a rough idea of how much you are likely going to have to spend on replacements, you know roughly what kind of fees you need to receive. You can also factor in the expected transfer budget you have, if you know it. That way, you can offer reasonable prices that may tempt teams to bite on your players, and still be certain you will be able to get your replacements in. As a backup, I also suggest finding a couple of players you would bring in to replace Griezmann, just in case you have to sell him as a backup plan. The advantage here is that you will get a huge fee for him for sure, especially if you are not looking to sell (and it is not a contract year). In this case, you will have everything covered. As a general note, I find it really useful to shortlist every player I find interesting, and may want to sign in the future. That way, when situations like this come up, I can always have a good idea of what players I will bring in if I need. It also allows me to monitor bids from other clubs, just in case I miss something. Good luck!
  8. My 4-2-3-1: Insight and Issues

    What do you want your AMC to do? Clearly it is not to drop that deep. Do you have a clear idea in your head about where you want him to be positioned (in general) during an attacking transition? Since you want to build your attack around this player, this is the first thing to get correct. Give us a description of the things you would like him to do, and hopefully we can give some advice on how to achieve that. The next thing to do after this is to position players around him in such a way that he has the maximum number of passing options available to him. Again, you will need to have a good idea of what you want those players to be doing. From your tactic, I can see you want options cutting in from the flanks (with space created by the CF), you want an overlap option to give some width, and you want at least one of the DMCs to also get forward and offer central support. When I am setting up an attack, I like to ensure I have at least two attacking outlet options, at least one wider option, and a couple of safer sideways/backwards options to recycle possession if nothing else is on. I do not, however, try to set up a tactic around a single player, and I do not play with any playmakers at all, so my philosophy and hence how I set up a side is not the same as yours. I would also note not to necessarily focus on end product every single time, when doing this. You know what you want the players to do, where you want them to be, etc. You know what sort of attacking play you want to see. Focus on producing that, get the players to do more or less what you want them to. Obviously do not ignore glaring issues you see (like a player running into a dead end all the time, or passing always being focused to one particularly area), but do not change things up all the time. When doing this kind of thing, I usually pick a player and focus on him. What does he do with the ball, without the ball? What space does he find? What does he do when he has it? This is how I usually spend my pre-season when designing something new. Once you have the positioning of the players sorted out, then you can start to add TIs or PIs to modify exactly what those players do. This can be to iron out any obvious issues, or to try to make a player more dangerous that he previously was. It is not easy to say what sort of things you will need to change, this is quite a way into the changes, so it is hard to predict. That, at least, would be my advice on this. Sorry it is not very directed and immediately usable, but there you go!
  9. Absolutely ridiculous "promise"

    You literally promised to give young players a chance in the squad in that conversation, it was quite clear. You also get news items about promises from time to time,and it is always worth checking what active promises you have (especially in a transfer window). Is it sensible? Of course it is. You have to keep your squad happy, it is part of managing a side. Does it improve the game? Of course, you have to actually think about what you are saying in order to succeed. There is a simple rule here. Do not say things that you do not mean or you are not going to follow through on. That would irritate you if your boss did it, and so irritates the players.
  10. OK I won then lost drew lost

    Just replay until you win, if it happened before a crash, and then forget about it. The only annoyance is the time it takes if you struggle to win again. The game is not fixed, there are lots of things that can happen in football to cause a win, a loss, a draw, etc. But here, just do it until you win. So you have had this crash once in your entire FM18 (and probably beyond), and yet you think it is the most unfinished FM to ever hit the market? Again, due to a single crash you had? Games can crash, it happens. I have never had FM crash on me to date (I remember there was a version that had issues progressing after matches and crashed a lot, that was a nightmare). In this case, I guess you are annoyed at the game because you cannot win every single game?
  11. Damn Brexit!

    I'm fairly certain he would not get a work permit even without Brexit. Your rules suggest that there is only a limit on the Premier League for foreign players. The rules that were in place before are still in place in the Championship (except I guess players need a work permit from an EU country).
  12. The Puzzle That Is FM

    It is the same with all second season syndromes. You have overperformed in the first (or second) season, and AI teams now treat you as a threat. This completely changes how they play against you (and not because they have learnt your tactic). You are a good side, so they are more likely to sit back against you. Attack less. Leave you less space to exploit. It leaves the onus on you to break them down, and if you cannot, then you will perform poorly. In your case, it then goes in reverse. You are performing badly. Teams no longer thing of you as a big threat and they think they can beat you. The play a more expansive game against you, and it will suit your current tactic. So you start to win again, because the things you were doing well before now work again. Playing as an underdog and as a dominant side are not the same, because the AI will not treat you the same. You need to think about how you need to change your playing style to no longer only take advantage of the space you were given before, but how to create space yourself. There is no easy answer to this, it depends on how you play, and who your players are. It is not so easy to play as a dominant side who constantly has to break down the opposition.
  13. I'd argue that marking a space would be to play a DM, in this case. I can see your point, and I do not want to seem like I am rejecting it out of hand (I am definitely not). I rather want to create debate. In football you cannot mark every single part of the space. No team does this outside of the exceptionally talented ones. It all boils down to what you want to achieve, and how you go about it. A DMC can be an attacking player when you attack and a defensive player when you defend. You do have to make a choice about how you want the player to behave most of the time. If you want a player to be more defensive, you can make him so. To make him more attacking, you can make him so. To have a player who can do both equally well is hard, and requires a special player. You cannot have every role filled when you make a tactic. If, in your example, you want to play a poacher, you have to accept he is not going to defend that much. A poacher is playing on the shoulder of the last man, waiting to strike. He is not supposed to defend in the manner you suggest. If you want that behaviour, you either do not want a poacher or you want something unfeasible. Do not get me wrong here, I am all for more flexibility. I would love to be able to designate closing down patterns where my players will close down hard in one phase, and will settle into positions in another. I would love to be able to have more flexibility within roles, and not be quite so restricted in what I have to tell players to do. However, there are limits to this. I cannot expect to play an AF(A) and have him defend deep. That is not what an AF(A) is supposed to do. I guess my point is that generic roles would be great, but playing specific roles and expected them to do things they are clearly not designed to do makes no sense.
  14. I do this pretty much already, I just use generic OIs to achieve it. It allows to create specific areas of the pitch where you want to close down (or not), where you want your players to mark tighter (or not), etc. It can also be used to efficiently set up zones for high pressing. Obviously, this is not quite the same as what you propose, because it is position specific rather than area specific, so as the AI advances up the pitch with the ball, the area where players do what the OIs tell them to do also changes. It can, however, be very effective and is probably one of the key facets to how I play tactically. I would argue that it is entirely possible to set up a sensible pressing regime in the game currently, it is just not very easy or obvious how to do it. Anything that makes things easier is, of course, welcome. I would also like to make a counter argument here. In the post directly above this, you mention being able to mark a DM, even if the AI goes not use one. How exactly would you do that? You cannot mark a non-existent player, and I think it is relatively pointless to do so. If you want a player to occupy that space, put a player in that space (play an AMC in this example). You can then change how your player behaves in the attacking phase, to get him to do what you want him to do. The suggestions here are kinda thinking about FM the wrong way around. You set up how you want to defend, and you modify players so they perform what you want to do in attack. For example, if I want a player who will attack the AMC space when I attack, but who drops deep and marks /closes down midfielders in defense, I would choose to play a CM(A), for instance. He will drop in and behave like a midfielder when I defend, and will burst forward as an auxiliary AMC/STC when we attack. He will be in a position to press defenders if we lose the ball naturally, for instance, if this is feasible for him to do. Your suggestion seems to be the reverse of this. To play an AMC who you would modify to behave differently in the defensive phase. This is entirely a variation on a theme that already exists in FM. I'm also going to disagree with you on the idea of thinking about attacking shape. The shape you see on the tactics screen is you defensive shape, not your attacking one, more or less. The more or less comes from the fact that players will deviate from the positions you give them based on roles, duties, TIs, etc. However, the modifiers for the attacking phase seem to be quite a lot stronger than for the defensive phase. This goes back to the point I made above. You can easily position a player in a tactic around where you want him to defend, and change his role and duty so his attacking is how you want it. I play a base 4123 tactic at the moment. It looks very much like a 451 in defense, although one of the wide players stays further up the pitch that the other, so it is lopsided. In attack, it is some hybrid between a 424, 4231 and a 343. It depends where exactly players go during a particular phase of play. I often modify so that I always have 3 defenders back, and then the formation definitely resembles a 3312 formation (skewed relative to the base formation, but that is how you would call it). The flexibility in attacking shape is already in the game. There is a lot less flexibility in defensive shape, but that is also true in football in real life.
  15. Well, sorry guys for the delay. I have been finishing my main save season and got pulled in to play more (and also transport fever, what an addictive game that is). Let's say I am doing far better there than I fear I will do here. As a reminder, here is where we are. That is how we played the last match, more or less. I did a lot of tinkering. We got absolutely smashed in the end, 4-2 away to Hamburg. The stats make it look pretty close, but it really was not. We were 4-0 down before half time. We are so so vulnerable down the left flank, which is almost certainly due to having an attacking full back on that side. Who is not very good, but I have very limited options at the moment due to injuries. Every single one of their goals came down that side of the pitch. I guess the obvious thing to do now is to remove this role and make it more defensive. That will sacrifice my main width however. So I am willing to take any advice on how to cover from that side. This tactic, more than any other, is going to be exquisitely sensitive to the interplay between roles and setting everything up properly. If I can add just a little bit of defensive stability, we are scoring enough to win a lot of matches. On the plus side, we were not the worst team this week, Stuttgart lost 5-0!! Got away games against Bremen and Waregem (Europa) up next, I will try to get them played tonight. Let's sort that defence out!