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  1. Just an observation. On control your players will in general look to be more direct and try to get the ball forward quite quickly, and this can lead to your midfield not retaining the ball very well (it depends on if your forward/wingers are actually winning and keeping the ball when it is played to them quicker). When I want to exhibit more control of possession, or if I am getting the ball forward and losing it quickly, I tend to switch to counter. The tempo and directness of the passing is lower on this mentality (I think, anyway) so my buildup play is in general slower. I usually raise my defensive line to compensate so I can still pressure the other team and not drop in too deep. Something to consider if you continue to struggle with the midfield. I would suggest that you ignore what the mentality is actually called, and instead look at how it affects the default TIs, and pick the one that looks like it best suits how you want to play. I actually also find that a two man defensive midfield allows to play really aggressive counter attacking football where I am to get the ball forward quickly, especially if I have 3 attacking players (AMR, STC, AML) who are quick and good at running at the defense. I have ripped teams apart using such tactics if they come to attack me. Something else to consider when you come up against bigger sides!
  2. I would actually switch your midfield around and play the CM(A) on the same side as your W(A). I can imagine your AP(S) and CM(A) trying to occupy similar space. You will get the same effect in terms of flooding the 10 position, but your players are more spread out. It may be more balanced, although I am absolutely unsure if you will sort your long shot issue with that. Another thing would be to try to up the tempo a little bit. If you are playing slow you are letting the opposition get back into position easier and faster. This is detrimental to splitting the defense open, as all their players will be in good positions to anticipate passes and through balls. What you may lose in possession, you can gain in goals (and I am a Mourinho rather than a Pep, goals > possession). It could also be the shorter passing that is causing your players to not consider longer, more dangerous balls even when they are on. Instead, they cannot see a good short passing option and so they decide to shoot instead. These are the two things I would play with first, one at a time.
  3. how transfers work ?

    Firstly, OP, you cannot complain about bugs when you are giving the game nonsensical inputs. The game is coded to deal with standard inputs, which are found in every day life. If you give it nonsense inputs, you will get nonsense as an output. That is how coding works. You cannot possibly code to deal with every bizarre thing a user may want to do. Offering a player for no money and paying all their wages is a nonsense input, which the AI will not be able to respond to in the manner you think it should. As many people have noted, it is not straightforward to get rid of guys on huge wages (just as it is not in real life). I have an aging but still good Lewandowski playing for my B side and collecting 300k/month wages because I simply cannot find a buyer for him. He is not a valid option for top sides due to his age (the same as he is not a valid option for my own side), and other sides who may be interested will never be able to afford his wages. I have to just let his contract run down. I also had Guedes on the transfer list for an entire year before somebody came in with an offer, for similar reasons. It is one of those things that happens both in real life and in the game. Your examples are clearly of this sort. Ramsey and Walcott are not going to improve any side of similar stature to Arsenal, and are going to be too expensive for smaller sides, and probably not interested in joining. Or rather, they would join for a pay increase (which they are clearly not going to get). I will also note that as a player, I would do the same as the AI here. I might have a look to check if I am interested, but chances are I would baulk at their wages and figure that my money is better spent elsewhere - there are going to be cheaper, younger options than Ramsey and Walcott available. I have turned down a number of high profile players in my current save on this basis. Indeed, I have only twice times signed players in this circumstance; Erikson from Spurs because I desperately needed experience and quality in midfield, and Sule from Man Utd for similar reasons in my defense. Otherwise, I do not want the cast offs of other sides. If they are not good enough for Arsenal, they are not good enough for me. So if you are that dead set on getting rid of them may I suggest two things? The first would be to also offer them for loan, so you can at least get them partially off your wage budget. It is far more likely a team will be interested in a loan as it is a much smaller financial risk than a transfer. The second option would be to just retrain the players to get them to be able to play in your new style of play. I do this often with players who fall out of contention in a position due to better options being available. If I feel they can do a job elsewhere in my squad, I will retrain them to that position and give them a shot. An example would be a AMC/FC who was never going to get ahead of my main strikers, and was more an AMC than anything else, and I do not use AMCs. He was ineffective at CM, but I needed a CM and I felt he could do a job for me. So instead of selling him, I retrained him and he spent a year learning the position and playing for the reserves. He is now ready to become one of the key players in my squad. I took the time to train his PPMs as well, to mitigate some of his flaws. If you are stuck with players, make the most of them.
  4. Does sanchez ever sign?

    I would guess he has "will leave at end of contract" ticked. You could always go have a look in the pre-game editor, and remove it if you feel it is unrealistic (it will not help your current game though).
  5. he certainly didnt mean that

    I am fairly certain that seeing much more than the league average of crosses from goals (either for or against your team) points to some kind of tactical issue also. You are either funneling your attacks down the flanks, or you are weak down the flanks (or have insufficient cover to pick up people in the box). If you are seeing it across all games, human and AI, then it is something to report.
  6. There a couple of things I take note of. First is where do their goals come from, who provides and who scores them? You can get this info from the stat pack, I believe. This lets you know if there is one particular area of the pitch, or player, to focus on. Second, I will look at where they concede goals and assists. Is there a weak point to their team somewhere, and can I try to exploit it? Third, if I really want to get more in depth (and I do not always do this), I will check out the likely first team players and look for their strengths and weaknesses. I pay attention to how fast their defence/attack is, if there are any players lacking bravery, who is their weakest player, if they have to play a young player due to injuries that I can try to overwhelm. This takes longer, but you can start to formulate proper plans. Finally, and most importantly if you have a long term save, you just get used to how other teams are likely to play against you after a while. This is one reason why you should pay attention, especially to close rivals you need to beat. For example, in my current save I have played Dortmund a hell of a lot over the previous 2 seasons, and I worked out exactly how to set up to exploit their system just by paying attention to what they did during those matches, and seeing why things went wrong for me. Now I know what sort of personnel I need to play Dortmund, and which formation I will use, and I make this changes accordingly. Ultimately, I find I learn how teams in my league play and which players to look out for just by playing. I will also note that if I am favourite to win, I will sometimes not bother that much to change things pre-match. Let the opposition adapt to me. This, I guess, carries the risk of being overconfidence on my part, and can explain why sometimes I get bad results or struggle! I hope that can help you a little.
  7. As a counter argument, what happens when two or three of your players get injured in a row, and each of your replacements is unfit and has had no game time that season? Surely that is going to make your team as a whole suffer, and so you are suddenly not doing as well as you should. I rotate my squad heavily, for essentially two reasons. 1. I want to rest players, particularly key players, so they are in peak condition. This minimizes injury risk, stops players becoming jaded, and allows me maintain most of my players in top condition. That this allows me to keep my rotation and squad players fit is a bonus. I do not want to hammer my team into the ground so they have nothing left to give at the end of a season. 2. I want to give young players game time so they can improve. This is just as important as my first point. Not only do players need to play to get better, I need to see them play so I can get an idea of what to expect from them so I can make long term plans for the squad. I try to make sure every youth prospect I think has a future at my club gets 10 starts per season, roughly. Less if they are not quite up to standard yet, more if they impress. In my current save I have found a DMC, LB, AMR , CD and GK who have a future at my club doing this. I also have sold players who I decided either did not fit my team, or would not ever be at the standard I wanted. I think I have used something like 28 players in my current season (I remember it being in a media interaction), although this is inflated by playing a youth side in an early cup round (I play in Germany and got a much lower side in the first round). I am not saying everyone should rotate this much, but definitely some rotation is required. On the media interaction, I have only once had a dressing room mutiny which cost me my job. It was my first save after this was introduced as a thing (in FM16 was it? I forget). I quickly learned that if I make a promise to a player, I keep it, or I do not make the promise. That is just like real life. If my boss promises me something and does not deliver, I am rightfully unhappy and will complain to co-workers. I also found some of the things people get annoyed with are just bad man management. If a player asks for playing time, and I do not want to play him because he is not in my first team plans, I would tell him so. Maybe he is in my future plans, in which case I tell him so. If he is unhappy with that, then I will just sell him and find a replacement. Backup players can be replaced. If you want to keep him, then you play him more. If a player wants to leave to join another club, I will either say no if I do not want him to leave, or say if they meet the asking price. We almost never agree on an asking price, and often a player is unhappy about that. I let it play out, stick to my asking price, and if it is not met he stays. Almost always a player lets it go when the buying team loses interest. Currently I also have a player who wants to leave back to his country, but nobody will buy him. I promised to find him a club 2 transfer window's back now, and have not. But I actually tried to find him a club, and nobody is interested. So he understands I have tried, and is happy that I did so. So he wants to leave, but he does not blame me for keeping him and so views me in a positive light. 99% of player interaction is common sense. Media interaction is also kinda important, or at least keeping your eye on what people are saying is. I do find it more tedious though. But the moral and the media side are all part of football. I want to manage a squad of players and win things, in all aspects. If I just wanted to plug in a tactic and play, I would probably not be playing FM.
  8. It is all contextual for team talks, there is no magic formula to win every time. You have to really pay attention not just to the context of a game, but also to what has happened during the week preceding the game, what happened in your last match, what your situation is, and probably what the situation of the opposition is. Let's use some examples. Imagine you are in a fight for the Champion's League places, and you know you can qualify with a game to spare if you win the next game. The players also know this, and it adds pressure to them to perform (a lot of how they handle that pressure depends on their personality and their important match stats). Let's say we are playing a team you expect to beat easily - say a team 19th and relegated. This could actually add further pressure, rather than reassure your side. What would you do? Well, depending on my squad and how they have handled such situations previously, there are a number of things I could do. A young squad with a mix of personalities, I would almost certainly try to take the pressure off them. Both in the media and in team talks. I would definitely avoid anything that adds more pressure - so no "expect a win", no "for the fans". I would go with something like "good luck" or "pressure is off", and give individual "have faith" team talks. If I have a player I know can handle pressure, I would maybe give him the "expect a performance" talk. Then it is up to the players, and I usually find the longer it takes to score, the more nervous players get. If, on the other hand, I had a motivated and professional squad used to the pressure of such games, I would be much more inclined to go tell them to qualify me. Another example I have used to effect - albeit sparingly - would be when you are in good form but not really playing as well as earlier in a season. For example you are struggling to 1-0 wins against weaker teams. After such a run, if we go out and smash somebody in super convincing style, I will think about using the "why can we not play like this every match" option. Conversely, if you are in a bad run of form and suddenly win, I would be super nice to the players, even if they were not really playing superbly. Nothing like a nice moral boost. Or consider the times where a manager plays mind games with out to try to make your squad complacent for the next game. You can try to counter this in the media as well, or you can try to make sure your team is motivated after your team talk. Finally, imagine two games you win 2-1. One of them you go 2-0 up and then play terribly and just about hold out for a draw. The second, you go 1-0 down and perform a spirited fight back and clinch a last minute winner. For the former, I would tell my team I am not happy, and depending on the team and how bad they were, I may even get aggressive too! For the latter, I would more likely praise the comeback, even if the performance was actually below what I expect. The team is on a high from a last minute winner, so keep that mood with praise rather than dampening it with being unhappy. I could go on and on, because there are so many examples of this. So if you take only one thing from this it is that the team talks are all situational, and sometimes the right one to give is not the one you feel like giving!
  9. Why doesn't the ai offer me big transfer deals?

    In my FM17 save I had a bidding war between Barcelona and Real Madrid for my young regen Spanish right back (who is probably the best and most promising right back in the game currently). The maximum offer I received was upwards of 100 million, when you include all the add-ons (and you need add-ons for a deal like this). I actually ended up just rejecting the bids anyway, since I did not want to sell and was under no financial pressure to sell. I am hoping for a similar bidding war this time around, when I am more willing to accept the money, and since I am actually interested in negotiating I should be able to get it up to 130 million I hope! Man City also came in for one of my strikers as well with a bid of 70 million + as a starting bid, which I again rejected without negotiating (this time because it was a deadline day bid for one of my main strikers, with no time to get a proper replacement in). In the same save, I also saw PSG spend more than 100 million on a midfielder I had bought and groomed at a previous club. Which was irritating because I wanted to bring him with me! So these things do happen. Interestingly, I almost never spend more than 50 million on a transfer, unless I really think the player is going to be worth it.
  10. That is some serious dedication! As always, I enjoy reading your posts, each and every time I learn something new that I can try to incorporate to make myself better. Thanks for the effort and the sharing!
  11. Best Way Forward

    I would not change much after a promotion in a broad sense, rather I would take analysis of my opposition much more seriously and plan how to best nullify them whilst maintaining my own goal threat. For example, if there is a team that likes to operate down the flanks and have very good wingers, I would think about making sure I have adequate support down the flanks (and make sure my defenders are good in the air). Or if a team has a bunch of creative central players, I may pack the midfield and frustrate them that way. You often do not have to make huge formation changes to do this. The only real formation change I make is to drop a midfielder back into the DM strata when I want to add some solidity to my defending, or when I want to counter. The rest I do with roles, duties, and opposition instructions. Also, do not limit yourself to negative changes. My favourite example is when a team is pushing high up the pitch, and has attacking fullbacks. I will then typically pack the middle of the field, play my own fullbacks in a more reserved fashion, and invite them on to me. The catch is that I will go far more aggressive with my own wingers, leaving them up front in the space left by the opposition fullbacks. If they and my striker are quick (quick is the most important thing here), coupled to more direct passing and a faster tempo, we can cause trouble for teams all day long just with counter attacks. It does not always work, but that is football, sometimes your team is just second best. Anyway, the one thing you should never do is just to shut up shop. Only defending is going to lead to trouble for you, since you will be worse than most teams you play, and will carry very little goal threat. If your tactic is successful, stick with it, but adapt it when you have to.
  12. I am interested on exactly how you go about this? You simply use your views to identify potentially interesting players, and then use scouting to get full knowledge of the attributes? I do something similar to this, but usually I do not spend a lot of time looking around other teams, I tend to just trawl carefully my scout reports.
  13. [FM17] Africa Extended (release)

    Ultimately, I plan to expand this to include the Arabian peninsular anyway, since it shares a lot with North Africa. However right now I simply do not have the time to dedicate to the project. I have just moved countries and started a new job, so everything is very busy. I hope to be able to get back into it later in the year and provide some updates for FM18.
  14. Oh dude that sucks! I just lost my best central defender because I made him angry after trying to offer him a new contract I promised, and wanted to offer to remove his minimum release clause. We negotiate easily, we are both thinking the same things. It was super simple as far as getting your best player to sign a long term contract can be. Then, with everything agreed, the clause removed, wages not increased to a stupid level, 5 years on the table, I am ready to sign! I hit exit, by mistake.. And it is gone. Real Madrid come in a month later in January, meet his release fee, and away he goes. He is of course not willing to enter negotiations with me since I killed his last contract (understandable really!). Disaster is always a misclick away.
  15. You are most definitively not alone in enjoying and appreciating this match engine, I think it is just that people are more motivated to post negatively rather than positively. Which is not a terrible thing, since it allows flaws in the ME to be hammered home. The match engine is not perfect (indeed there are a lot of areas that can improve) but there is also nothing hugely wrong with it. I have never had any problem with defending, for instance, and regularly am amongst the best in the league defensively, regardless of who I manage (unless it is relegation fodder, when I usually concede fewer than most around me still).I found it quite easy to vary where and how I score goals, within reason (I expect to score similar goals based on how I set up a team). It may just be that FM17 suited my style of football, or it may be that FM17 also coincided with me finally getting to grips with how to play FM. I still hope they have made further improvements!