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  1. Good point. And something I should have known better. I've just revisited this amazing thread by @Cleon My board and fans insist on attacking football so I'll drop those two men out on the wing again.
  2. This is a good point. However, going into the 4th season I've pushed the WM & W up to the AML/R slots and dropped the CM's to DMC's. This has pushed the IF(A) to a Very Attacking mentality and the WB(S) to Attacking. Could this be overkill? Still 2 months until we play a friendly.
  3. I'm glad you asked. I have deviated away from the original style of football for 2 reasons. 1. Every time I would come up against a team superior to me, or who were favourites, they would easily press and force errors, and more often than I would have liked, I was having to slow the game down to an uncomfortable pace to try and work around their press and it seemed the only solution was having to play quicker and go more direct. So I kept asking myself, why was I having to adapt my football to the opposition? Why can’t my ‘solution’ be my default. Honestly I thought by trying to con
  4. Thank you. Honestly, I don't have much idea what I'm doing - but I am enjoying trying to figure it out.
  5. The exact reason I created this thread - to collect feedback and to really give me something to think about. I'm glad you mentioned that with the playmakers, as I managed to sign Bennacer from Milan who basically makes the perfect roaming playmaker. I definitely think having a RPM on the same side as a Treq would be overkill, so I've since moved the Treq back to the IF role, on an attack duty with the PIs sit narrower an roam from position. I'll watch to see how thisplays out,
  6. We have finished our second season and it was considerably better than the first, which, was to be expected given we did a really good job at strengthening the side in the summer transfer window. As a team We scored more and conceded less in the Serie A than we did last season which is always a bonus. We averaged 59% possession across the whole season, with 93% of our passes finding their target. We created more clear cut chances than any other team, but only 48% of our shots found their target - something I want to work on (9th in the league) We only attempted
  7. I have applied some of this theory into my current save and it has turned my CM(A) into an absolute machine.
  8. It has been an interesting start to the season. I started off the season having implemented the suggestions from both @denen123 & @Experienced Defender - thank you. After having a little cry that I didn't really have anyone suited to play the DLF(S) role adequately, AC Milan offered £40m for Malinovskyi, a great player - and a regular starter in my first season, but by selling him I was able to finance a move for Zaniolo who I think fits that deep lying forward role perfectly. Besides, by selling him, I was able to free up a Non-EU slot plus Castrovilli was always starting ahead of h
  9. Because I have already played a full season, committed to developing my current tactic and am thoroughly enjoying the save
  10. Thanks for this. That’s my my lunch time reading sorted. I have a very general idea of how they play in real life. My point was, I don’t know why I don’t play the way they do. I know there are teams better suited to the style of play I’m trying to implement - but I’d like to think in the short time I’ve tried to better understand the tactical side of FM, I’ve decided I’m more of a ‘build the team to fit your style’ rather than ‘build a style to fit your team’ type of FM manager.
  11. @denen123 I genuinely do not believe an Advanced Forward in my system works. I need a player that drops deep and links the play, not someone to stretch the defence and make the job for the players behind more difficult. But I do agree that I need options to break sides down - I'm hoping by introducing a CM(A) and asking my wing backs to be a little more attack minded that will do the job.
  12. I guess the only thing I do not have in abundance is the Maverick. The player I have had playing in that AP(S) position is mostly Pasalic who has the PPM 'Gets Further Forward', so I figured I could bypass the need to have him on an attack duty but I guess the job of the advanced forward is to not drive forward and penetrate defences, is it? Appreciate your input thank you. Thank you buddy. To be honest, Juventus haven't really posed a problem it has been Lazio that have tailed us pretty much throughout the whole campaign and Alberto & SMS have been a handful when they played toge
  13. Just the other day, I posted a thread asking at what point do you all stop 'playing' with your tactics until you are happy with how it plays. I had some really great replies from it and I was able to make some really positive changes to my tactic. I have been playing the FM series since 2009, and Championship Manager before it and this is the first edition where I promised I would get to understand the tactical systems better - as I was always a plug and play merchant. I am satisfied with what I have managed to learn and implement in a week and I am constantly reading and learning howev
  14. So far, so good. Inter at home was the last game before the changes. Slight blip against Verona but otherwise, positive changes.
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