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  1. I fear you are right. It does seem the average for the AI, at least within the Premier League, is around 25-30%.
  2. Okie dokie so there's been a few more games played. So as you can see, since the last changes, there have been some improvements in our overall play and results. Defensively we are great but I still think we leave a lot to be desired going forward, and as you can see from the screenshow below ... Sherifi isn't really doing it for us right now. 10 goals in 4 is fine... But it's not what I want, and certainly not the purpose behind this thread. I've come out of my comfort zone and actually looked at the STATS tab. Let me share it... I feel like this tells me two things... 1. 32 shots in 10 games is okay. 2. A conversion rate of 12.5 isn't. If he was more clinical, we might be on to something... in comparison, the best conversion in the Premier League is from a United player with 41%. So I guess it's only fair I should troubleshoot what the problem is here. What better a game to watch back than the one against Barcelona in which Sherifi had 4 shots. 1 in which ended up in the back of the net. The others? Tame efforts straight at the keeper. But to be fair, in this one I'd say he's pretty well marked - so I guess it's a bonus he even managed to get a header on target! This one I'd say is down to poor finishing.... This is a series of events that lead to the chance. Our CM picks up the ball, dribbles, delivers a nice through ball to Sherifi who again just hoofs it straight at the keeper. I know breaking down just one game for you is unfair, and I'll continue to do so and share until it makes sense to me how a 21-year old Striker, with world class attributes is pretty damn poor in front of goal. My solution?... Continue to offer him the opportunity to score. To do that I have again made some changes to the tactic. So, what's different? - I have removed shorter passing. I guess because I want a bit more variety in passing from my team. From watching a handful of clips back my team tend to play the ball up quite slow, hence why my Striker can end up in the box sometimes with 2-3 players around him. - I have therefore moved the mentality up to Positive try and incite a little bit more speed and expressiveness to their play. I am slightly worried this might leave us susceptible to long balls over the top so I'll keep an eye on that. - Dropped the DLPd role and introduced a DMd. I felt like the DLPd was too deep to influence the play up top. Instead, I opted for something a little more conservative which should give my wingers encouragement to push forward. - I have switched my CMs to an APs as I wanted someone to provide for the IFa and cause further problems for the opposition defence to hopefully open up more space for my DLF. Time to play another 5 games... Can I just reiterate... I could be WELL off the mark here with the changes I am making - so if any of you have any input or would like to challenge my changes, please do. The sooner I get this man scoring the better!
  3. This makes sense, but I've since had to change the role as my post below explains... Ooooh - so you basically have a vertical line from the DM to the MC to the AMC?... Yeah... that is something I have just changed. After playing 5 games, it was evident that if I continued without any changes - I'd reach neither of my goals. Sherifi had scored just 1 in 5 matches. For the first time since FM introduced the 2D match engine, I re-watched a game back on comprehensive. It was pretty evident from these screenshots below that there were problems within the style of Football we were trying to play. With or without the ball, Sherifi is having a lonely time. So, the question is - do I sit this out, hope my players become a little more adapt at playing together and hope for some change in fortune or do I implement some changes, that again, in my head make sense? Well, the latter of course. Going into my next 5 games I will line up like this... As @Hilly1979 explained above, I feel like a DLF(A) will give me the best of both worlds. He will drop deeper, link up and hopefully get forward to be on the receiving end of any potential cross from the wide areas. Which means I've decided to try and be a little more adventurous from those wing back areas. I have dropped my mentality down to Balanced for the reason that I felt whenever we won the ball, we were trying too hard to get it forward and that nice to watch. Time to play my next 5 matches...
  4. Hello I see a lot of threads posted in here with single strikers tactics, 4-1-4-1 being the most popular - I think. My perception from reading posts is that the lone striker should be a creator over a scorer because he can be easily isolated up top. However I do wonder if it's possible at all to get the striker to be the goalscorer you want him to be. I'm talking 30-40 goals a season as a minimum. Let me introduce you to my star man, Albert Sherifi. He has the ability to be that striker I'm talking about above, right? Especially when you have players behind him like Darlin Etoga (what a name!). It just so happens that the rest of my players fit the 4-1-4-1 really nicely so as easy as it would be to switch to a 4-2-3-1, or a 4-4-2, or a 3-5-2, I don't have the right bums for the right seats so I have my preference on the 4-1-4-1. Surely it's possible that my two goals of using this formation and wanting my striker to be a goal scoring machine is possible, right? One thing I do know is that goals are about the results you want to achieve. Systems are about the processes that lead to those results so let's talk about how I plan on achieving these two things - because if anything, by posting this thread it will give me accountability to look at any problems in more detail rather than watching the game on 'Only Commentary' and hoping for the best and then becoming disillusioned with the game. The Formation, TIs and PIs Before I continue, please let me add a disclaimer: any rationale behind any decision is purely what I think is right, not what I know - so for those of you who know better, please correct me. It is one of the reasons I am posting. The very first thing I thought about and tried to ensure is that my striker doesn't feel or becomes isolated. So I have tried to include 3 runners in the team to occupy the head-space of the opposition. I can assure you that I am no tactical wizard when it comes to FM so if you're unable to tell, the direct running comes from the CM(A), W(A) and the WB(A). I have also opted for a Higher Defensive Line (I didn't include a Higher Line of Engagement as I didn't want my front 3 to become isolated from the rest of the pack- which again, in my head at least makes some sense sense) I went for a Positive mentality - as I wanted my DLP(D) to influence the game more. This, along with the 'Focus Play Through Middle' TI has increased his mentality from cautious to balanced. Shorter Passing because I don't want many wasted passes - hence the Play Out of Defence and the Ball Distribution. My AF, W, IF & CM(A) are all instructed to Close Down More which should hopefully create a split block. My CM(S) is asked to Take More Risks, Get Further Forward and Move into Channels. I almost want him to play that B2B role but with more creativity. That's it for now. I am about to play at least 5 games of the new season before reporting back with how it has gone. Wish me luck and please let me know on your thoughts about getting that lone striker to score score score... (and any feedback on the tactic would be helpful, of course..)
  5. With pre-season, is it important to take charge of the matches yourself so you can better rotate your players to improve their match sharpness? For the first time in almost 18 seasons I let my AM take control of them, and this season the injuries are piling up. Not sure if that's the cause but it does make me wonder.
  6. I'm sat here unable to progress with my current save because you're teasing us with droplets of your current tactic
  7. I've really enjoyed this thread - thank you. I'll look forward to further updates. Can you explain your reason behind dropping the two wide players to the midfield line? I'm curious.
  8. Disabling Windows Driver Verifier seems to have fixed this problem.
  9. Hi FrazT, Thanks for the reply - I appreciate it. Especially given I'm in self-isolation with a baby on the way in 2 weeks time, I need something to settle my nerves! Hopefully the attachment below gives you the information you need to help me find a fix Thanks. DxDiag.txt
  10. Hi, A few weeks ago, my laptop suffered a series of BSODs - all of which were either memory or driver related. These have since been fixed, but FM20 seems to have suffered a side effect - it is now painfully slow between clicks. I am 13 seasons into a save with Chester - and this has never been a problem before. I've even removed various leagues to see if it would speed the game up. I have: Cleared the cache & preferences Verified the game again Installed / reinstalled the game Deleted all downloaded graphics Set my battery to run at the highest performance Ensured all GFX drivers and windows updates are up to date Tweaked the graphic drivers to run at optimum performance for FM. Performed various health / malware checks on the PC At a wits end with this and wondered if anyone could advise to see if there's anything else I could do to get FM firing again? Thank you
  11. Fabulous, I'll give the LB > IWB a shot. Thank you! Over to you again poobington, sorry for hijacking!
  12. Apologies, I should have said "across a number of threads I have seen". I don't wish to take over the thread of OP, but neither do I particularly want to start another as I'm not doing TOO badly, but I wonder what your thoughts are with the below and my use of the MEZat I currently use: Mentality: Balance | In Possession: POD, Narrow | In Transition: Take Short Kicks, Counter, Regroup | Out of Possession: HDL CFSu Wsu MEZat DLPsu IWat DMsu FBat CDde CDde WBs SKsu
  13. I appreciate my question is unrelated to OPs thread in particular, but I notice, across a number of threads you never recommend a Mezz on Attack. Can I ask why?
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