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  1. That's going really well for you.
  2. First 10 Competitive Games... So, bar the 3-0 loss to Chelsea, we've not done too badly. I'm very happy with the defensive display so far by the side but one concern for me is Gabriel's goals to game ratio in the league. He's yet to score in 6 games, but has scored 5 in 2 in Europe so not sure how to explain this one. I think his play is a little static at times, so I'm tempted / toying with the idea of asking him to run in to channels, which could, in turn find more space for Grujic / Odegaard too. I wasn't too happy with the midfield duo of Ajer & Lucas Silva (Brought in to cover a long term injury to Maia). Maia / Silva in particular were closing down too harshly, and with there being no playmaker in the midfielder I'm contemplating going with a DLP(D) / CM(S) partnership instead in the hope that this will lower the intensity of Silva / Maia's closing down but also another job of his is to find space to receive a pass at all times, meaning the partnership becomes less "static", which I currently find it is, despite it not being a problem. Handpicked a few screenshots seconds before scoring to show you how encouraging the play is based on how I initially wanted the team to perform. V Arsenal Gabriel has dropped deep to pick up the ball, as you can see, Grujic & Guedes are doing as instructed and bombing forward. Gabriel ends up drawing a few Arsenal players in, plays a fantastic ball across the goal to Guedes to hammer in. V Fenerbahce Ajer, plays a great ball to a very wide Guedes, who dribbles to the byline and then crosses the ball on a ten pence for Gabriel to side foot home. What makes me happy here is how Clyne is doing as instructed (supporting) and as thus offering Ajer another option to pass to. Now, I know some of this play is bog standard and could potentially be seen as very boring play to some of you, but the fact I've taken the time to watch the goals on extended and witnessed my team play how *I* want for a change means I'm enjoying this season more than I have in the past on FM. I'm now going to spend the next few weeks of play trying to perfect this team, so will report back with any issues I find etc over the next few matches.
  3. Like 90% fluid mate. Was 100, but the new style of passing knocked it down somewhat. Agree with above. I'll continue to rotate Grujic with Odegaard in the AMC(A) position for now. And update with the next 10 games coming up, including that away trip at Old Trafford.
  4. An idea I'm toying with definitely. Maia seems to just run off like a BWM to close down whoever. I don't want him not closing down completely, but I almost want him in a "zone" does that make sense? I don't think having the AMC helps, as I don't feel he's contributing to the pressing much. Which is why I'm toying with the idea of moving him down to an MC(A). Just a thought, still keen to keep an eye on this to see if it's a real issue. Also, I know... I do need to utilise him!
  5. Agree with the both of you, and as such I went in to the match with Spurs completely unchanged and it paid off. Eventually. As you can see, we dominated everything except headers won. I'll assume Spurs have a taller squad than us, lol. It wasn't all plain sailing though, Spurs actually went ahead and we didn't equalize until the 77th minute. I completely forget I was watching the game on extended highlights, something I've never done before and I kept getting this horrible feeling in my stomach every time we missed a chance. So, Spurs's goal. Again, due to high pressing, Ajer & Maia are pretty much on top of each other. Harry Kane has made a mockery of them both, held up the ball well and layed it off to Keita, during this little transition of play Spurs now have 4!!! runners who are scaring the life out of my CB pairing. Keita releases Kane to the left of him, who then squares a simple ball on to the advancing, wait for it..... ROBERTO FIRMINO to simply slot in past Rulli. At this point I was like "Uh Nu". But, I persevered. I noticed something quite quickly, which ties in with my initial thought we had no "focus" in the team. When we had the ball, we simply had no direction and I was growing quite frustrated with the misplaced passes by the team, so I simply opted for "shorter passing" instead of mix to see what that would do. It actually did a lot, suddenly my team because a lot more efficient with the ball and their play was actually joyful to watch at times. It was still 0-1 at half time. 3 days ago (When I last played), I would have gone aggressive and told them to get back out there and win, but I remembered I was playing logically, and told them calmly that I expected a better showing at half time. Here's a couple of screenshots of transitional play leading up to two of our goals. Here you can see Coutinho with the ball, who has dropped in to the space left by Maia who has stayed back in that "protective" role. Coutinho then found Odegaard, who found Barbosa, who played a nice one two back with Odegaard who slotted in to equalize. This is what I wanted, and this is what I can see. ROMAGNOLI WITH THE PASS OF THE SEASON. Maia, again in that fairly deep position plays the ball back to his center half. Coutinho has dropped in and Jorge is way, way, way up the pitch. Romagnoli finds him, Jorge squares a delightful cross and Henrique scores a simple tap in. It's nice to see here had my CB not found Jorge, and had Spurs tried to counter we wouldn't have been sold short on the left flank. Good stuff, I enjoyed watching that game. EDIT: I also missed a penalty, my 47th one in the last 2 seasons. Is there a known bug with this?
  6. Ah man, I meant control. This could work too, see my point above about having no "focal" point in the team.
  7. Oh dear. One goal from open play, two from set pieces. Nothing extraordinary out of place here IMO, except maybe the lack of CCC but I'm playing Chelsea, one of the strongest teams in the world so I'm not overly concerned about this. My play isn't based on possession either, so the fact I have less possession & passes completed again is not something I need to urgently worry about. This was moments before the goal I conceded from open play. You can see my midfield have pressed too hard, Maia & Ajer are almost on top of each other, Oscar has played a simple ball under pressure to Lukaku and TWO players are on their way through between my WB & CD. One being Pedro who simply slots past Rulli who comes out of goal as instructed via the SK role but can't do anything to prevent them going 1-0. So, clear issue here. The CM (D) is abandoning his role, leaving too much room for runners beyond them. I can see this being a regular occurrence,as it was present throughout the whole match. I'm thinking what I could do is: - Instruct him to close down less - Bring my AMC (A) down to a MC(A) to play between the MC (D) & MC (S) thus almost "forcing him" out wide. I think this would also encourage my high closing down game as well. You can see from the same screenshot, Grujic my AMC is so far away from play. Another cause for concern for me was the fact there was no "focal" point to my team. I.e. There didn't seem to be anyone there that my players look to. I'm toying with the idea of switching my MC(S) to a DLP(S). Lots of miss placed passes from Coutinho, all long. I think this is down to the fact I'm asking him to "Try More Risky Passes", but I assume that with "Very Fluid" as my team shape, he would be using his passing ability to the best of his ability anyway and as such this PI might be a bit too much? Lots to ponder. Tottenham home next, followed by United away. Time to get my set pieces in order. I shouldn't be conceding two in my first game.
  8. 1. No idea. I thought using WM with PI's was the in thing. Just kidding, I was hoping they'd offer more stability to the tactic, but of course I could be wrong. 3. No thoughts so far, but I certainly have the players capable. Great positioning, anticipation & marking. Something I could employ if I feel I'm getting done with too many over the top balls. I think it might just be a case of me not trusting the system enough. 4. Another great option but I think that would exploit Odegaard too much. The further down the pitch he is with the ball, the more he risks getting kicked off as he has ridiculously low strength. But then that's never a problem for Modric, so who knows...might be worth trying.
  9. Chelsea last season? I bet Mourinho was more upset than you are right now.
  10. NOT ME AGAIN. I'm sorry!!!! 10 days ago I posted up a thread asking for help with my tactical setup in FM16. I was offered good advice and suggestions, however pretty much dismissed it all and went down the easy route of ‘plug and play’. Something summatsupeer posted has been playing on my mind since, “Try to learn from it rather than just washing your hands of it”. I completely agree. If I ever want to become better than distinctively average at this game, I truly need to understand how to build a successful tactic rather than just hoping someone will build one for me. Which brings me to this thread. I’m about to start my 4th season with Liverpool. Last season was good. We went the whole season undefeated in the league, winning 29 games and drawing 9. On our travels around Europe, we didn’t do too well. But it wasn’t my tactic used, and as such this accolade didn’t mean much to me at all. I boast a pretty solid squad, with some very good players coming through the system so hopefully they can adapt to how I want my team to play. Style of Play / Identity I want a high pressing game, with quick, sharp passing. Munich-esque. Attack starts from the back, so there is no hoofing Carragher style. I trust my players to use the ball efficiently at the top end of the table. They have all the attributes to inflict some damage. So, how do I relay this? (IN MY OPINION). I’m using standard as a “base”, with the option of alternating between defend, counter, control and attack based on times in the match, results in the match, opposition set up etc. But for now, I’m opting for standard. I honestly don't trust the counter / attacking settings to offer the type of style I want to play (I know Counter & Attacking automatically ups the tempo, d-line and pressing). I opted for very fluid, because I want all of my players to do a bit of everything. I believe they have the capabilities to, and with a team that boasts players such as Odegaard, Coutinho, Barbosa, Grujic I believe this to be the best option for now. Roles & Duties Sweeper Keeper: Set in line with my high D-line and pressing. Something I will watch very closely. PI’s: Distribute quickly to center backs . Again, something I will watch closely. I don’t want them to receive the ball under pressure especially as they are instructed to play the ball out from the back. Wing Back - Attack: I’ve got Jorge in this position, so it would be ridiculous not to play him in any other role. I don’t like the fact the CWB is instructed to roam from position, so I have opted for wing back here. He will be providing me all the width from the left flank. PI’s: None Center Backs - Defend: Nothing to say here. Preference is high / medium composure & passing due to the fact I want them to play from the back. PI’s: None Full Back – Support: If Jorge is bombing forward, it only makes sense that Clyne is a little more reserved going forward, especially as he has a WM – Attack in front of him. PI’s: None Central Midfielder, Defend: I need someone who is going to break up play at least, protect the back four AND protect Jorge when he mistimes his runs and can’t get back in time etc. Again, another big player for the team. PI’s: None Central Midfielder, Support: I want this guy almost as just a passing option for the team. His movement needs to be clever. I want him to stop play when necessary, dictate tempo. Basically I want him to be my deep lying playmaker, and thinking about it now, I’m not sure why he isn’t. PI’s: None Wide Midfielder, Left - Support: I want this chap to be a danger man, and with it being Coutinho, he should be. Coutinho, as we all know has great technical attributes and I want him to a key, key player for us. He almost is acting as an advanced playmaker from this position, dropping in to the space vacated by the CM (D) – hopefully) PI’s:Cuts Inside with Ball, Dribble More, Shoot Less Often, More Risky Passes Wide Midfielder, Right - Attack: I want an out and out winger here who will provide a service from the right wing. I currently have Jordan Ibe & Guedes at my disposal here. Again, this is a role I will be watching closely as if it acts against me, I will change. I am worried that both Guedes and Ibe have the PPM of "Cuts Inside with the Ball" which neither can unlearn, so another reason I will be watching this space... PI’s: Stay Wider, Run Wide with Ball, Cross from Byline, Cross More Often, Dribble More, Shoot Less Often Attacking Midfielder: Attack : The heartbeat of this team. Driving forward, linking up play with Barbosa and generally just being am absolute menace. Again, a role I will be watching very closely. PI’s: None Complete Forward - Support: As well as being the main goalscorer for the team (I expect a lot of goals form the AMC & Winger as well), I want him to drop deep, offer space for the advancing AMC (Hopefully) but also be in the box to finish off potential moves caused by my WM (A) on the right. PI’s: None So, that’s that. You’re probably thinking why do I not have any specialist positions? Because at the minute I just want to see how this fares out. I want the most basics of bases to begin with, and once I start watching games in extended that’s when I will to play around with more advanced & technical roles etc. I don't think it'll be completely detrimental though as per WWFans suggestion that Very Fluid should have 0-1 specialist roles. But we will see... Now, my main concern is not being able to find a position for Marko Grujic – he’s being outfoxed by Coutinho & Odegaard. He’s a pretty complete midfielder, but his PPM’s wouldn’t see him sit well in my midfield, and Odegaard is already occupying that AMC slot. His PPM’s make him almost Lampard-esque and I really do not want to waste him I’m just struggling to see where he would in this system. Any ideas? Next up: First 10 competitive games.
  11. Lallana as a W(A) and Sterling as a WM(A) too. Interesting.
  12. I know you reiterated the importance of having players who fit within the "Complete Footballer" attributes in this thread, but I didn't quite realise the impact it has on the tactic if this isn't the case, especially positioning, which with the high D-line & pressing is so, so important.
  13. Word of advice: Do not let your team morale drop.
  14. When a player is playing to his potential, according to his coach report, or his CA stars are matching his PA stars, would you carry on training him in a specialized role, or would you revert his playing/role back to his playing position and consider him "done"? I hope that makes sense...