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  1. Agreed. Quite literally every single time I've had the opposition team get a player sent off they've actually played better against me and I've lost hard every time. I change my tactics to play better against a 10 man team, change my formation and still I get shafted.
  2. It's nice, that to try and make yourself look like less of a mug you misrepresent what I said. Is this really all that brain of yours could muster up?
  3. I've already shown you up to be a mug because you can't reply to what I last said to you, don't keep picking at what I'm saying when you don't have the brains to back up your own statements.
  4. Of course you should worry, when your morale gets hit the team start playing so much worse. They play worse and you start playing under expectations, after that you get the boardroom unhappy with you. Yeah player power has grown but mostly to do with contracts and not how much game time they 'deserve' or if you want to sell them.
  5. So with your own logic you also have no idea how realistic this game is being. Plus, players do actually tell all when they retire or write a book. Show me ONE, just ONE, where they say "the whole team atmosphere dropped because the manager wouldn't play x player who was actually not good, but we still wanted him to play!"
  6. Or those situations just don't happen because the game is being very unrealistic about this, hence the whole post.
  7. I was thinking this myself, it's common to have a new manager come in and certain players who played first team for their previous manager gets no game time or sold after.
  8. Nah man I'm no amateur haha he's listed as 'backup' and I've got that many because of the injuries plus players that are able to play multiple positions. Yeah I always tick match my manager rep with the club I'm at that's fine.
  9. Also it's pretty annoying to have to repeatedly shout 'calm down' during matches just to have them not listen, I'm having to say it 4 times a match and they still won't all calm down.
  10. I decided to do a save where I'm fighting relegation but the problem I'm fighting isn't transfer budget, it isn't being tactically outmanoeuvred, it isn't even having the worst team, it's the f**king players morale. No, not because we're doing bad because I WAS 10th (predicted 19th) but because I'm not playing terrible players in the first team and it destroyed my teams morale. I tell them they're not good enough to be in the first team and they get pissed off and kick up a fuss when one of the guys complaining to me was 2 star rated and I have THREE other RB's who are better than him. So after 4 players have moaned about not getting game time and each one having a few other players back him the team morale shot down and now I'm getting slaughtered on the pitch because the morale is so bad. I do a team meeting, get everyone's morale back up and ONE day later another player cries and pisses off the team again. This is just not realistic at all. Hell, even if they were good enough for the first team and they're not getting played, this would not upset the whole squad and ruin their morale. IRL players might think to themselves 'oh that's odd he's leaving out x player but it's the managers choice'. Unless the player left out is literally your star player, most times no one would care enough to actually call a team meeting to bring you up on it and the like. I tell the players okay, I'll sell you then if you want to get first team football elsewhere which in my eyes is pretty fair, but no, this still pisses off your team and you have to do another team meeting. IMO this is completely unrealistic, if you tell a player he's not good enough that should be the end of it, he should go and prove me wrong on the training ground or he should hand in a transfer request and I'll sell him. Not have him kick up a fuss over it and get the whole team trying to lynch me for it. How many times IRL have we ever heard of players leaving their team or openly criticising their manager because x player was left out of the squad? In this game it seems to be happening constantly.
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