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  1. To top it off, I've noticed that my players keep being moved around. I call players upto my first team, just to have them be put back into the b team for some reason.
  2. This is the screen I get when I look at the players from my under 19's. Even if I call them up and leave them in my first team for a few days it doesn't change.
  3. Once again goalkeepers struggle to get 7+ ratings. I've had games where I don't concede and my gk ends up with a 6.3. How is that actually possible? 0 free kicks scored in two whole season of my save. So, am I misunderstanding xG here. Because I have the much higher xG in most games vs my opponents, and yet I keep losing. All my opposition teams keep having 4 shots, 3 on target 3 goals, 0.5 xG. Then there's me with 15 shots, 10 on target, 1.5xG and 0 goals. If it's a one off, it'd be fine, but this happens a LOT for me. What does this mean, exactly? I have a better stri
  4. What's going on with private talks with players? I tried to tell 3 of my players to step it up because their form wasn't good enough, and they all got mad and argued that they've been fine. They say that sitting on ave ratings like 6.2.
  5. Is there any way to delete b teams, under 23's etc? My team at the end of the season randomly decided to make a B team, Under 23's, Under 19's, and Under 19's B. On top of that, half of my players in the under 19's randomly got transfer listed and none of them will sign new contracts because of it. I'm in control of all transfers/contracts for my team. I move them to the first team and I still don't have any options to take them off the transfer list. Also, I was Japan manager, and I wasn't able to go into staff tab. Every-time I pressed it, I ended up taking me to th
  6. Agreed. Quite literally every single time I've had the opposition team get a player sent off they've actually played better against me and I've lost hard every time. I change my tactics to play better against a 10 man team, change my formation and still I get shafted.
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