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  1. I ended up getting about 120m a season for 5 years then he disappeard. Do they only stay for a period of time?
  2. My Bordeaux team has been bought by a front end sugar daddy. I notice every summer about 100m of extra funds in the account. Is this meant to happen? Also, how does the game decide how much money to plough into the club. Does it depend on the clubs reputation when the takeover happens?
  3. Thanks I'll try the inbox thing. As for FIFA, Ive played football manager since champ manager 93 so I probably have a lot to compare. How many of you played this?
  4. I just counted over 30 clicks of the mouse to go from end of a match to another match 3 days away. Theres so much needless information popping up. I've a quick computer and even that is slow and cumbersome. I really think the game has reached a point where its too detailed. The tactics screen I dont even bother with anymore. It feels like a chore rather than anything enjoyable with all the different stages of play and options available, with the ball, without the ball, transition etc... What do other users think?
  5. I guess its better to be good in real life than a computer game
  6. Tottenham were relegated to the championship in about season 5 or 6 in my game. They were 167-1 on to win the championship. Never seen odds so short before. The squad was choca block of internationals
  7. Touch has arrived so Im happy. Currentley managing Sunderland
  8. Its quite annoying to be honest. Son is criminally underrated, hes as good as if not better than Kane. Id have to type out the whole squad list to say who is underrated. Our squads are always terrible.
  9. Yeah I tried to play our counter attacking tactics and got bitch slapped. High pressing seems only way in this game.
  10. I think the bundesliga rating are too low. RB Leipzig are an established champs league team. Dayot Upamecano is rated worse than Davinson Sanchez of Tottenham. Thats impossible. Sabitzer is rated 148 CA, even though half of Europe wants him. Jude Bellingham is rated at 130CA even though he is a regular for Dortmund, the second best team in the league. Reyna is also underrated. <drivel deleted>
  11. Gabriel Jesus is way overrated again. He can barely score a goal in real life. Were he to be at Leicester or Sheff United nobody would even notice him. 156CA/175P Erling Harland is too underrated CA 164/ P167 - I mean 167? He should have 180-195PA. The guy is banging em in every week and setting records. Moussa Sissoko is underrated as usual. Gets a game for France in midfield despite the talent they have available. 142PA is too low. Lo Celso as well. Argentinas best current midfielder is mid 140s CA. Rashford and Martial are way overrated. Mid 150s CA.
  12. Haha youve got the dreaded must by English players that I hated at Spurs
  13. I was wondering how many people play Touch as their choice game? I much prefer it to the full fat game because I just want to play games, buy players and manage the team. For me the full game is too slow. I have a top end computer and even then the processing time is too much for me to sit and wait with the 7 or so leagues I like to play. I also dont like the endless media requirements, team talks, endless responsibilities and team psychology that comes with the full game. I appreciate everyone is different so wondered what other people thought? Bottom line is I find the full ga
  14. For me the main game has too many screens and button presses that dont do anything and is extremley bloated. I much prefer FM Touch. I suppose some people like stats galore, media duties, pre team talk team talks, player psychology. For me its hassle. I just want to buy and sell players, play games and manage the team.
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