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  1. Thanks for looking. I only have 3 saves and monthly so it wont go back very far tbh?
  2. 1) Im spurs. Scouts are great 2) Ive been in the CL for about 6 years. Top 8 clubs in the world. Yet sponsorship 60m. With Lazio I was the biggest club in Italy for about 10 years. 26m sponsrship. 3) I sgned the GK. Had no choice. Its not a one off. Brazilian and Argentinian tenagers are asking for hundreds of thousands.
  3. I'm completely frustrated with this game. It has the potential to be great but half of it doesnt work properly. 1) I send my scouts far and wide, yet the bring back hardly any pleayer reports. The search is continent/region or country only 2) My sponsorship income never increases 3) I just bought a young brazillian GK for 10m and hes asking for 200k a week? The money the youngsters are asking for is stupid.
  4. I always play touch but post in the main forum. im sure many others do
  5. Thanks, have uploaded a Spurs game. Same issue. Sponsor revenue dropped to 60m even though im in champs league and have Haaland, Kane, Havertz etc... Also, have sent 7 scouts europe and south amercia wide, yet they hardly bring back any players? Its taken 9 months to recommend hardly any players
  6. I have 7 scouts looking wide at south america and europe for 6 months and they bring back about 5 recommendations each. Thats not right
  7. I think for a truely immersive game the TV, Prize Money and Sponsorship needs to be dynamic. No matter the success sponsorship barely changes. This isnt like real life. Arsenal and Man U are declining or flat. Man CIty, Liverpool, PSG and Spurs are growing. Sponsorship should increase as the leagues get better also. Playing FM is like freezing everything into perpetuity
  8. Have been lazio manager for 10 years. Lots of success. Now the biggest club in Italy but my sponsorhsip income is still 26m, same as season 1. It should be about 100m based on the other teams in the league (Inter, Juve)
  9. How do I do that? My merchandising is 36m a year. Sponsors only 26m. Other teams seem to have sponsorship 3 times higher. so based on merch sales, my sponsorship should be about 116m
  10. Same old story. Build a successful team. Only for sponsorship to stay the same. My lazio team hase been in the top 3 in Italy for 10 years. But sponsorship is still 26m a season. Why dont SI fix this? If a team becomes more successful, surely their sposnorship should go up? I should be bringing in about 100m a season by now? It just ruins the game as you can never turn a small club into a big club without sponsors. PSG and City have shown how quickly it grows,
  11. Noticed I load up the french league alot. Lots of medium ish sized clubs that can reach the euro and CL spots after a bit of investment. With PSG and Lyon the benchmarks to be caught. After that I load Portugal to import lots of south americans at Benfica and try to win the CL.
  12. FM's in game tactics have never reflected real life. Its always been about breaking the match engine rather than playing what would work in real life. I personally play with commentary only. So doesnt affect me.
  13. Not to mention the rest of your players come to see you and say you shouldnt keep an unhappy player as its bad for squad morale.
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