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  1. Three injuries in this past match two for 3-4 month (completely torn calf muscle x2) and 4-5 weeks (broken toe). And the match before that a 3-5 weeks (partially torn acl) May be a bit much
  2. So far I’ve played three games into my first season with this active and had 2 injuries In each match.
  3. Thank you guys for the great work. Is the youth ratings gonna get a new update? Or is it done? Thank you
  4. Hey wondering if you’re aware of the all Japan high school tournament where they bring in crowds of 40,000-50,000 For the final and 10 million people watch it broadcasted on tv. And if that took any affect on the youth rating on your file? Thank you for all your work!
  5. Thanks, looking to start a new save. Assuming that was the only error?
  6. Small bug, regionalliga west in Germany is listed under north Germany lol
  7. Thank you! And sorry one last one if you’re able to, Iran. Trying to get as many Asian leagues as possible to make it realistic lol. Thank you again. Had a lot of fun reading this
  8. Trying to do a save in Asia but can’t find the other Asian leagues. If you’re able to post it I’d greatly appreciate it
  9. Can you post the database files for Qatar,uae, Saudi Arabia etc please. Thank you
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