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  1. Is there a way to remove the stars and have nothing there at all? Thank you cant wait to try this skin!
  2. Noticed this decreases the amount of goals scored. For example the premier leagues leading goal scorer was Chris woods with 18 goals and la liga was Messi with only 17. Update: After some test it may just be fm in general lol
  3. Any problems with this yet? Want to use it for a long term save but just don’t wanna get too far in while it’s still in beta. Appreciate it!
  4. Yeah stuck I’m between England for the long grind up the leagues or somewhere like Norway for the quick play and building a smaller nation. A long challenge is something I’m looking for/used to since I’ve managed anywhere from Austria to Zambia (funny thing is I’ve actually managed in Zambia on fm17)
  5. Never been so interesting in a fm challenge. Gonna start after work, but real question is where? Thinking England for the long grind but also like managing in less reputable nations. Any suggestion?
  6. Looking forward to this! Can’t wait to start my Sudanese adventure. Any way you can make the second division playable just so I can make it little more realistic/enjoyable for my save. Thank you for all your work!
  7. I’ve noticed that the uae league has all teams only able to sign Emirati players. Is this a hard coded error? Thank you!
  8. Any way you can fix the united Arab of Emirates clubs from not being able to sign foreign players please! Thank you
  9. Hey I remember last year the fifa world XI in game had a bunch of players out of position, was that a bug or something that was fixed for this year? Thank you!
  10. Yeah, I couldn’t always just swap them around right? Or would that cause problems with the Db?
  11. Awesome! If you could do the German lower Divisions so the 2nd teams can have matches that would be appreciated!
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