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  1. 3 playmakers in the midfield + only one attack duty overall might lead you to struggle to create consistent chances. I would change midfield roles only keeping 1 playmaker role, and add an attack duty either upfront, in the midfield, or from a fullback on attack, depending on the changes you make.
  2. I always see tactics employing an amount of pressing. But the slider can go both ways. What would be the use and efficiency of a defensive system based on the use of "less pressing" ? For example with a Positive or Attacking mentality, lowering the pressing down one notch, and maybe adding Tighter Marking. Would that mean my team, while defending, focus more on marking players in order to prevent them to face the game and wait for a mistake ? Rather than aggressively pressing to tackle and take the ball. I'm asking because I have defenders with below average agression but good anticipatio
  3. I think you should put one of the three upfronts to a Support duty. For example : DLF(s) / SS / Treq. That way you have one guy that drops a create space, one guy who attacks this space, and the third guy who will attack the space but also try to get wider and be a bit more creative.
  4. This is pretty much the exact same tactic i'm using, except the striker, i'm using a Complete Forward (support), and some TIs, so i'll be following the thread closely. How are your Central Midfielders holding up ? Both my DLP and CM(a) have really bad average ratings despite being world class players and suited for the role. Overall I have the same issues as you. Team plays good, lots of XG, sometimes it seems that I lack punch upfront, even though the XG are good. I'm first in league tied with 2nd, but I scored 12 less goals than them in 20 matches which is quite a lot ! I do have the best
  5. I feel like you should analyze the chances you get and not just look about XG. For example if you only have small XG increments, but a lot, or high XG increments but few of them. The latter one might indicate a lack of offensive punch and would benefit from tactical changes while the former means your strikers (or whoever are taking the chances) suffer from bad form / bad luck and the answer might be found in how you approach team talks, press conferences or even training to get them back on track.
  6. For the HB, might consider training him the PPM "stays back at all times". So he doesn't push forward. Not sure if that would work, but something to consider testing for sure. I see the other DM as a DM(s) or Volante. The central AMC as a Treq or AM(a) with some PIs if you use treq on the left.
  7. That honestly sounds like a nightmare haha, also for it to be completely thorough we would have to compare not only points but goals conceded / goals scored, and maybe even team reputation / style of play. I'm sure SI must have some kind of data though, would be curious to see it. But I don't have the time or motivation to do it. I made this thread mostly to see if others had the same feeling.
  8. Not exactly sure what you mean by "reading" the stats, do you want to deduce areas of improvements of your team or do you want to just know if it's "good" or not ? Tackles won are the flat number of tackles you won. Tackles % is this number compared to the total number of tackles attempted. So low "Tackles Won" with high tackles% means your team doesn't need to tackle too much but when they do, they do it well. My guess they don't need to tackle because you either control possession or win possession by pressing and intercepting weak passes. Low number of shots conceded is always good
  9. The problem here is unless you have significant data for FM too, you can't really make a statement like that. Also my point wasn't that there shouldn't be an "Home field advantage", it was the way it was represented in FM is frustrating and slightly unrealistic. You can fire up a save yourself and holidays for 10 years. It has been a constant for me in all my saves since I've started noticing it in FM20. "Home field advantage is a thing," who said it isnt exactly ? And i'm not sure what I should blame myself for ? If you look at the screenshots my performance Away is better than my perfo
  10. Wait what ? I don't get it. It's (mostly) a single player game. If you feel the game is too easy with exploit tactics then why use those tactics ? Just because they exist it bothers you ? What if other players like using them ? Do SI have to make the game not enjoyable for all those players just because you can't help yourself to play with those tactics even if you don't like it ?
  11. I don't dispute that there is an Home game advantage IRL too. My specific issue is how it is represented in FM. For example when you look at goals scored and conceded ; Inter scored 55 goals at home and only 30 away. They would win 5-0, 6-0 at Home, and then draw 0-0 or 1-1 vs the same team Away. Lazio scored 45 goals Home and 25 away. Also for goals conceded ; Milan conceded 9 goals Home and 28 away ! Myself having the best defense at home with only 7 goals conceded, I still conceded 19 goals away, which is almost 3 times more. If you look at IRL numbers it's nowhere near close, for exampl
  12. I'm not quite sure when this trend started to happen, personally i have noticed it already on FM20 but i'm pretty sure it has been going on for more years. This is especially true for top teams that use attacking / high-pressure systems, wether its the player or AI. For example on this year season I've just ended playing. Home games Away games As you can see the discrepancy is nowhere near IRL levels. IRL Serie A 2018/19 for example https://www.flashscore.com/football/italy/serie-a-2018-2019/standings/ . We see clearly teams are scoring more and conceding less in
  13. Changes I would do here : - BBM to CM(attack) or Mezzala (attack). - Change DLF to DLF(attack) OR change right IF to IF (attack). - Change left wingback to Fullback(support) or Inverted wingback (support). - Lower LOE one notch. - Remove prevent short GK distribution. - Change SK to SK(defend). - Change DM(s) to DM(defend) My thought process is, with that much Support duties and a Balanced mentality, your team certainly will lack penetration. So the way I see it they will pass the ball around until eventually they turn possession over and they wi
  14. I don't know man, some AI teams are really hard to beat, especially away. I'm not sure which tactics and strategy you're using, but if you use the standard gegenpress into overachieving into buying all the argentinians & brazilians op regens, it's no wonder you're doing good.
  15. For me I pick it depending on my player. F9 = creative / good dribbler / not that much strength and height / weight DLF(s) = creative with good physicals to hold the ball AF(a) = good finisher with pace, good vs high lines DLF(a) = basically a DLF(s) who will take more initiative to make individual plays such as dribbling and shooting, bit less demanding than a Complete Forward, my favorite role for a lone strike but it needs a great player. Pressing Forward = the defender that somehow slipped through the cracks in youth teams and still got played as a striker, useful i
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