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  1. How would "Likes to beat offside trap" would work with a player playing Attack Midfielder on an Attack duty ? I'm retraining one of my strikers to play AMC since he has decent stats for it (15 flair, 14 technique, 15 dribbling, 16 agility, 14 decisions), but he has this trait. Will he try to make runs more often than usual ? Should I put him on a Support duty instead ? Or flat out try to unlearn this trait ?
  2. Hi, i'm on my third year in Ligue 1 and predicted 7th, i'm in second place so far after 25 games so the tactic seems to be working decently. However, some wins seemed to be quite lucky so I feel like it could be polished more and i'm having trouble improving it, i'm not an expert in tactics by any means so any help is appreciated. Idea is to overload right side to unlock IF on the left side. Front 3 and CM(s) has "press more" PI. Cm also has "get further forward" PI. For TIs i went with some kind of high press, counter press, possession thing because I know its op in FM and more o
  3. Honestly didnt expect much but new recruitment system looks cool and closer to how clubs operate IRL and also the integration of xG is quite nice to hear. Dont care too much about gestures, hopefully its well implemented. Overall, if it comes with some improvements to the ME, it could be a good FM year, goos news considering circumstances. Thanks SI !
  4. Very interesting post, thanks for sharing. Now one can only hope that in the future, SI would integrate this kind of data based analysis into the game, with the accuracy of it depending on the stats data analysts you hired have. That sounds very appealing for the tech illiterate that I am
  5. I'm not too sure, for example if you play him as a Treq he would still press due to his stats but he'll still do it more consistently / agressively as a PF. So role still plays a part.
  6. 17 work rate and agression, that alone makes me want to use him as a Pressing Forward. Not sure about the duty, would depend on the formation and roles around him.
  7. Gegenpress is usually strong because most AI teams wont punish you effectively. So with it assuming your roles and duties are not terribly bad you should overachieve or atleast do okay on the first years. Then after some years you start having all the regens/wonderkids coming online, it gets easier and easier. If you are getting bored of this playstyle, you can set yourselves some goals such as using a formation you never used, unusual roles (enganche, libero, regista, even rmd) and build a tactic around it, or play a different type of football all together.
  8. Their left flank seems to be exploitable with no one really defending this side (IW, wingback and mezzala). Id say use an attack duty offensive minded player on your right side, tell the GK to distribute long to a good physical striker or midfielder so you can bypass their press. Also IIRC rashidi made a video a long time ago about defeating a 4231 and he said the key was to heavily pressure the 2 CMs as to split the formation in half since they're linking attack and defense. Just some thoughts about this, I cant access the game right now so im not able to help you more unfortu
  9. Alright, so I guess my final setup, before adjustments according to what I see in game, so final theorical setup, would be ; DLF(s) AP(s) T IF(a) CM(d) DLP(s) FB(a) CD CD WB(s) Mentality : Standard for now Shorter passing Focus play down the left Play out of defence // GK give ball to CDs/FB Counter press Higher LOE // Much Higher DL (unsure about that, I guess in standa
  10. Thanks for the reply, if you dont mind ill break your suggested changes 1 by 1 to see if I understand correctly the thought process behind it. - DLF(s) rather as F9 : my guess is DLF will hold up the ball more and dribble less than the f9 and it fits the purpose of the setup better. - DLP(s) instead of defend duty : will encourage the dlp to make more risky passes rather than cycling posession laterally or backwards, which is more likely to produce the switch play im looking for. - Cm(d) instead of s, well since dlp has increased mentality cm has to hold position and provide def
  11. Posting again after our convo on the roles & duties topic with @Experienced Defender The setuo shown above is a decent setup for a counter attacking / direct type of 4231 so now i'm trying to elaborate one more suited for posession and control. Im actually kinda struggling to come up with something because i still lack tactical knowledge, and I feel like posession with intent is somewhat hard to figure out. I cannot access the game until next week so this is just theory in my head, keep that in mind. Setup would be to overload one side pf the pitch for a switch play to
  12. No worries, ill bump my 4231 thread I made a few days back, thanks for the answer !
  13. Right, thats why I wanted more explanation about my specific setup, rather than following your guide blindly and making unnecessary changes. Let me know if im wrong there at any point, just trying to understand your second point ; - Counter attacking rather than posesssion because the bpd / dlp will be able to play through balls to the AF / SS on the counter, and wingers have not a particularly posession friendly role ? - Defensively solid as a priority because of the wingers having support duties mean they'll track back more to defend, plus dlp with a defend duty instead of su
  14. Just an opinion I wanted to share ; saying "if you dont like it no one is forcing you to buy it" is irrelevant at best or dishonest at worst. No one is pointing a gun to your head to force you to buy FM, obviously... That being said in the current situation there is no serious alternative to FM (please note the word serious). When an Internet provider is the only one operating in the region, people complain when there is poor service, and I dont think anyone in their right mind would come to tell them : "if you dont like it dont buy it, no one is forcing you, you could very well pay
  15. More consistent and realistic difficulty ; I understand playing LFC at Anfield should be very hard. However a middle table team with average number of fans shouldnt be so hard to play Away, at least not consistently so, OR make them play better when they come to my stadium too. Kinda breaks immersion and winning at home doesnt feel too rewarding. More "intelligence" from players. I constantly see top notch wingers just running to the touch line and shooting at the post on an impossible angle rather than passing it for a clear cutback. That and more varied animations ; fake shooting, body
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