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  1. Not sure if already mentioned, but Louis Schaub is a really great AMC and he can be bought for around 2-6m euros on the first season. He can also play on the wings. He is fairly young and his value goes up really quickly. I cant make a screenshot atm, but here is his PA on my game
  2. I really recommend FC Nantes for everyone who wants to start a save in Ligue 1. For every french football fan Nantes is a legendary side, they even have their own specific type of play called "jeu a la Nantaise" which was pretty much a really fast, one touch paced counter attacking football, based on youth intakes. Legendary players such as Desailly, Deschamps, Makelele, and more recently Payet all emerged from Nantes. They have one of the best title records in France, but they always did poorly in Europe and their last title was 15 years ago and since then the club is slowly becoming worse and worse, with a controversial new president Waldemar Kita. They even went to Ligue 2 for 3 years around 2010. They still have incredible support from fans. Honestly, Nantes fans are one of the best in France. Just look at this giant hug when Aristeguieta scored a last minute goal. And this was recently, when the club was not doing so well. They also have very good installations, good youth recruitment, decent staff. Squad is not brilliant but it should do fine to end up mid table. With a few improvements it can grab an European ticket on the first 2 seasons. This club deserve more and it's a great challenge for a FM save.
  3. nice one mate ! got dropped out from CL by Real on similar conditions : lost 2-0 first game, then won 2-1 but not enough to go through ! How does Crisetig and Marco Bennassi are doing on your save ? I'm starting to use them more and more in S3. Did you have any regens worthwile?
  4. How did you manage to sell Honda for 19M O_O I just finished S2, won championship + cup, all my players have had their values increased by a lot this season (for example Icardi was like 6M whole season by now he is estimated at 25M), teams are interested in Honda but they just offer me like 4 or 5M.. 19M how the hell !! He did a good season too, he had 22 games / 4 goals / 5 assists / 7.14 Currently playing early S3... Feels kinda weird, i had something like 60M to spend but I also had to end the co-ownership thing from Taider, Icardi and Ljajic (i had bought the co ownership last season cause Roma went down to Serie B..) and as I did a great season they're all estimated at a much higher price now I had to pay a lot for those 3.. Maybe not totally worth it but i'm sentimental and they've played well so far.. Oh well ! I'm playing a 4-3-3 and got huge victories.. Winning AC Milan 7-2 was one of the best time in the season cheers!
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