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  1. It's hard to say without you giving more information. Why are you conceding goals ? I'm gonna assume it's because of very intense pressing since you're talking about Man City and Liverpool, in that case playing with 5 at the back or dropping another midfielder deeper could maybe help.
  2. Denis Zakaria from gladbach is pretty good, he has good defensive attributes and great physicals. He'll be kinda expensive though, personally I got him at the end of his contract but otherwise you might have to spend a lot.
  3. Pace 18 / Shooting 14 / Movement 15 seems like a really good combination for an Inside Forward with an Attack duty. I can see him becoming a prime goalscorer in a 433 by making good runs into the box and finishing off. With below average (for a top league that is) Creativity / Passing / Stamina, I would rule out most Support and Defensive roles. I would try to improve his Technique to make his Shooting even more deadly. With his Pace and off the ball Movement he is bound to get a lot of shooting situations if you design a system for him. Also he could alternatively write Das Kapital part 2 and seize the means of production. (sorry)
  4. I'd play a 4-4-1-1 with Reinier as the AMC and Esposito as the Striker. Grealish seems like he would make an interesting Wide playmaker or wide midfielder with his PPMs. You could use him to create an overload on the left, maybe with Reinier as an AMC or even Enganche (not too sure), and Tonali as a DLP / CM(s) / Mez(s). Tonali can then switch the play. That would then create space or 1v1 situations with the fullback for Nelson on the other side which has amazing stats (16 pace / accel / technique / dribbling and very decent off the ball). That could be one way of attacking for this team I think. Second one would be Grealish and Tonali giving through balls to Esposito or Reinier maybe ? Not too sure about all that just what came to my mind after a quick glance at your players.
  5. Fair warning i'm not a tactical genius by any means, in fact i'm rather new to the game. Heres some stuff that I can say lookin at your tactic. - Feels like lone striker as an AF could get isolated especially since theres no other player that will run into the box. I would change striker role to something like PF / DLF / F9. - Feels like DLP + RPM is a bit overkill, unless you specifically want that for your team to impose a style of play. I would change DLP to a simple DM OR keep the DLP and change the RPM to something more conservative since he is on ur more offensive wingback side. Those are the 2 obvious things that comes to my mind but also some minor things depending on the opponent like increasing team mentality and/or switching up duties (changing CM to attack vs weaker sides for example) could also be considered.
  6. Yes exactly that ! To me it's not about losing or winning, it's about the consistency. AI Teams seems to use wonky tactics when they play away so you can get easy wins at home. In one of my saves I would dominate big teams at Home and they would dominate me Away. So it was kinda frustrating because It was really hard to track actual progress in my tactic. Kinda ruined the game for me. I would've been happy to struggle much more at Home too ! It's not about the game being too hard. It's that the difficulty is inconsistent. Well at least thats what my few saves in FM20 have been for me. I went back to FM19 and it was way different. But also way easier which gets boring quickly.
  7. Maybe "Hit early crosses" could be a good option to accelerate the play in the last third ? I'm not really experienced enough to be sure, but it might be worth trying.
  8. I think this is a specific problem with some formations tbh, and maybe it has to do with how the AI plays at home vs away. If you play with a skin that let you see the roles and duties, you'll notice often times average sides have different roles and duties within the same formation depending on if they play Away or Home. Maybe the 433 is specifically prone to be exploited by the way some AI manager plays at home. This has been affecting me too, and when I switched to a 442 diamond narrow, I still experienced this but WAY less than before. In my experience they exploit the space in the flanks a lot more, and are more efficient in counter attacks when at Home. Maybe this iteration of the ME also rewards crosses / flanks plays more than before ? Also it could be players underestimating opponents, so maybe better press conference and such would help. Having a better tactic would ultimately lead to better results but what's frustrating more than the result it's the way the team plays. Not sure if that's the same for you, but at home its a flamboyant attacking football, and most of the times away it's a tough, boring match with lots of fouls and yellows on each side. But also since no one else is reporting this to my knowledge. It could just be our tactics were super similar and thus suffered the same issues while facing tougher opponents.
  9. Changes I made (basically followed Xulubak advices) : Changed CM left from CAR to DLP(s). Changed CWB(a) and CWB(s) to WB(a) and WB(s) Added "Hit early crosses" instruction. Felt like my Wingbacks would often receive the ball with a lot of space / time to cross or pass. And they would just slowly getting forward while the defender would come back to them. Then they would either attempt a cross and get it countered or recycle possession back to Mezzala / DLP. I felt like Hit early crosses would help surprise defenses more. Changed Line of engagement from Higher to Standard. Felt like it would help to be more compact in defense, hopefully don't let their midfielders time to play through balls. Changed one CD(d) to BPD(d), on the WB(a) side. Felt like it would open more passing options, give a bit of variety to the play. Here are some results, currently mid-december. Ligue 1 : Well, this might seem spectacular, and it is quite good. Only loss is against Tottenham away, I was already qualified for the next round so I heavily rotated. But i'm in 2025 with a pretty good team, so honestly most of these games I was expected to win easily. Big satisfaction is the game vs PSG though. I'm particularly solid in defense, surprisingly. I think vs most teams my squad is just too good at pressuring for them to be able to exploit the space i'm leaving behind. Most of my starting midfield / strikers have 15+ in workrate and agression so I think this helps a lot not getting caught out too much. I regularly see Tonali (DLP(s)) getting back on the touchline to follow the wide defender for example. Most of the danger comes from the flanks and in the box i got my 2 CDs that have good jumping reach and header, plus Zakaria which doesnt have that great header stats but is 1.90m and has a 17 in Bravery. Even my left wingback is 1.89m and has 17 jumping reach (only 10 in header though). As for the offense it is perfectible I think. I've got lots of "close" wins where I dominate the game but win 1-0 or 2-1. Lots of crosses, 6 opposition mistakes is good cause I feel like that's the result of the intense pressing. Through balls are basically the DLP Tonali (13 assists in 18 games) chipping it to AF(a) Esposito (18 goals in 23 games) which has the trait "Likes to Beat offside trap". Esposito's form have been a huge part of our success, i'm hoping its because the role suits him well. Here are the passes from the last match I played (4-1 win at Home vs Nimes). This is worrying me a little bit since theres an heavy bias on the left side. Which is understandable given that this is the side I have the AF(a) and Wingback(a). I feel like while it clearly works for the moment it could be too predictable vs bigger teams. Which is why i'm considering options : swapping my two strikers role maybe ?
  10. Yeah you are right, I guess the name confused me, since "Complete" would imply he tries to do everything. But clearly he is way more offensive than defensive.
  11. I feel like I should be able to play this way in the games i'm favored so I can be really agressive and try to get a goal early. Then maybe switch to a second tactic which would basically be the same but more conservative to keep control of the match without exposing myself too much to counter attacks ? Like, switching wingbacks to fullbacks, dropping lines and whatnot ? Which element do you feel is the more vulnerable in the tactic ? I feel like the wingbacks are my biggest weakness but at the same time the formation implies they would be very offensive. So maybe switch the mezzala to something else ? To be honest I wasn't really sure about the CWB but i've read somewhere they can be good to use in Wingerless formations. I have applied your recommendation on pressing, mostly because I feel like i don't have that much depth in the bench so any energy saved would do me good in the long run. DLP was something I heavily considered, it felt like the Carrilero would be a more conservative choice but maybe i was mistaken. I guess I can put the DLP on a defense duty against bigger teams and on support against teams I'm supposed to win. Thank you both for the advices, i'm about to start the season so i'll post later or tomorrow with some first results.
  12. Hello, I've been playing for a few seasons with a 433 and while I was happy with the results, I felt it was a bit lacking in some games. Moreover, my 2 best wingers were wanted by big clubs and wanted to leave, and I have really good central midfielders, and to spice things up i fancied a tactic change for a while. I've settled for a 442 diamond cause I think it fits my squad. Here is the tactic and instructions (lots of players you won't know cause they're regens, but I have a pretty good team, with the likes of Tonali, Esposito and similar players) i've come up with : Does that makes sense ? Here is a breakdown of my thought process for roles and TIs. Defending Triangle (HB - CDs) : Central Defenders cause i just expect them to pass it to wingbacks or midfielders, don't need anything fancy. Half back cause I will play with very offensive wingbacks as the formation needs it. Left side (CWB(a) - CAR - AF) : On the AF side I wanted to have the wingback on attack so he could link up better with the AF. For the midfielder, i've considered 3 roles : BWM(s), DLP(s) and CAR. I feel like CAR would be more useful covering the space the wingback will leave behind and supporting him. Also, since I plan to use Tonali there, i feel like he would still have some creativity as a DLP would have. Right side (CWB(s) - Mez(s) - DLF(s)) : This is the more "creative" striker side, I went for a DLF(s). But honestly I don't know, maybe switch him to Pressing Forward (s) considering my TIs ? Or even F9, i feel F9 would drop a bit too deep though. Really not sure about that one. Since the Striker is deeper on that side I went with a slightly more conservative Wingback on support, and a Mezzala on support to link up and still provide width. Trequartista : I feel like the description matches what I would want from a player in this area, someone who will try to get into space and either score himself or provide an assist. I feel like theres a lot of movement around him (AF making runs hopefully drawing defenders, DLF dropping deep hopefully drawing defenders too + wingbacks stretching wide with the help of the 2 cm) that in theory he should be able to work. In my mind at least. Also, I was worried about the role not being too defensive but the player i wanna play here, Abramovich (got tired of being chelsea's president and wanted to get on the field) got 17 work rate and 15 stamina so hopefully he will contribute to the pressing. Now the the team instructions : Mentality : not sure tbh, went with Positive because I feel like it would suit most of my games, i expect to control the game. In possession : "Play out of defence" : I feel like I would be the better team in most of the games and I don't wanna give back possession with random long balls. My strikers are OK in the air but not the best. "Wide" : i feel like playing narrow will leave too much congestion in the center of the pitch. I want my Wingbacks / Mez / Car to stretch up opposition so my Trequartista / AF / DLF have more space to work with. I feel ilke "Extremely Wide" would be a bit too much especially considering my positive mentality. Nothing else seems worthy of checking here. Something i'm strongly considering here is "Hit early crosses" to speed up play in the last third. In transition : Just "Counter press", i feel like I'm playing too high up for Counter to be effective. Since i'm playing out of defence I don't feel the need to restrict furthermore the goalkeeper. Out of possession : I went with gegenpress instructions since I feel the formation is suited for it. 2 strikers + AMC + 2 midfielders would be able to press very high. "Higher defensive line / LOE with offside trap" : feels like the way to go with a gegenpress type style. Might be worth dropping deeper and removing offside vs bigger teams maybe ? "Extremely urgent pressing" / "Prevent GK distribution" : self explanatory, i wanna press as much as I can, prevent them to exploit the space behind my lines. "Use Tigher Marking" : not sure about this one. Feels like it would help the pressing. But maybe i'm mistaken ? That's pretty much it. Idea is pressing very high, stretching the opponents with the wingback supported by CMs. Open up spaces in the middle for the Trequartista and the forwards to exploit. Or using wingbacks to deliver crosses. I would like to pretend I tried to mimic Gallardo's river, but the truth is i have nowhere near enough tactical knowledge for that. What do you guys think ? Any fundamental mistakes you can see in my thought process ? Do you see this tactic performing well and which changes would you consider ? Any help appreciated.
  13. That's interesting, do you feel like playing a playmaker suited player (with playmaker traits such as Tries killer balls / Dicates tempo etc) as a CM-Su can link up the play better while still providing the creativity needed to sometimes break tough defenses ?
  14. I made a lots of changes during the game to try and prevent that. I believe I swapped my DM to Half-back at some point so he could be an easier passing option for my CB (not sure if that's the right thing to do but it didnt seem to hurt). But yeah the pressing was intense. They've scored from a long shot however, they weren't that dangerous, because they had no space to operate in since they were so high up, so they were passing wide but my Winger / Wide Defender were there to defend in most cases. However, I was scared of putting a winger in attack duty, to exploit the space left by their wingbacks. Maybe I should've done that to get more incisive counter attacks ? I'm not really sure. I was quite happy with the draw. My goal came at the end of the game, they were tired, and I swapped for the last 20 minutes to my initial 433, just swapping the mentality to very attacking (i had won first leg at home 2-1 so with their goal i was eliminated, needed to score). Luckily it worked, my wingback received the ball, crossed and my mezzala volleyed into the net. But yeah most of the game i was pretty much parking the bus.
  15. Has your away form improved at all ? I mean, you said you haven't lost, but have you noticed improvements specifically ? Do you play similarly the same in Home and Away games or are the away games closer ? I'm asking because while my current season have been an improvement compared to the previous one in terms of Away form, I still feel the team to be a bit shaky when not at home, lots of close wins, or frustrating draws.
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