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  1. I'd maybe change the left Wbs to a Fullback, since both the W and BBM in front of him will be going forward, i'd want him to guard the flank more than anything else. I would also remove shorter passing, seems unnecessary. Other than that I feel like your tactic is fine, but somewhat conservative for Zenith. How are you doing against weaker teams ? Feels like your current tactic looks ok vs equal / bigger opponents, but maybe too conservative vs weaker ones. As Zenith you should be able to dictate the game vs most teams in Russia. Yet you are using a tactic with low risk taking overall.
  2. The problem when you straight up deliver the whole formation + roles package right away, is that people lose sight of the most important thing, which isnt the end result (the tactic), or the in game results produced, but rather the whole thought process. What made you chose this setup, and why. For one trying to learn, thats what is of the most importance, as the saying goes "teach someone how to fish etc..". Personally, I enjoyed the thread very much, but I can understand why some people are impatient ; they admired the big, splendid fish you just got out the water, now they want to learn the technique so they can fish it themselves. Unfortunately, this is thinking short term, as we all know, learning this game is a process that can last a while, even if shorter for some, a single thread, as brilliant as it is, wont turn you into Fm worlds best player. And please remember that we are all human, you guys want to see the formation, I can understand that, but Ivan is taking the time to make a nice thread with detailed pictures and explanations while his whole family including himself is suffering from covid, and you somehow think he is "self serving" ? How about you be a decent human being, aknowledge the work done, have some patience and just some basic manners ? Rare currency on the internet, I know, but still. And for Ivan, if you wish to appease the angry crowd of ill mannered peasants, just a suggestion, but i remember crusaderstar making a thread where he unveiled the formation line by line, a post at a time, each time explaining the thought process for selecting roles and such. I find that a good compromise, it gives food for thought and discussion while not revealing everything at once. In any case, hope you and your family get well. This is just a game afterall.
  3. A minor thing that is almost never spoken of ; how to play and get a result when it is that time of the year, you know the time when one of your players decide to go shaolin soccer mode and high kick the heck out another player and gets sent off on the first minute of the game ? Basically how to park the bus with 10 man, or better yet, how to counter attack with 10 man, and reverse FM'd the AI ?
  4. To be honest, this lack of consistency could be explained by the TIs. Gegenpress default setting is risky and you need a good team to pull it off without being punished. I suggest removing some of the instructions, if not most, and focus on the roles. That being said, if you want to stick with it, first big change I would make is change the Dm for an Amc. That way the counterpress would be more effective. If you make that change you need to have 2 cms that somewhat hold position, so i would play Dlp(s) and a Cm(s). For the attacking trio, you have a lot of options, and you should pick it according your players. SS / DLF(S) / AF(A) is a standard combo that works well in most cases, but it certainly isnt the only one, and depending on your players you can have success with something else. Of course if you want to keep the Dm then disregard this.
  5. Only one attack duty with a balanced mentality means possible lack of penetration. I'd change the right Iw(s) to an attack duty so he can use the space created by the Dlf. Just this one change for now and monitor how it goes.
  6. Going from balanced to offensive mentality might bring a whole lot of other issues though, specially in terms of tempo and directness. Are you adjusting TIs to account for that ? Might be worth tinkering with PPMs with a new save and the editor for both players to see if you can do it this way too.
  7. Now i'm not someone to throw emojis or memes around lightly, but as a long time lurker on those forums and an avid reader of your posts and blog, i'm gonna have to drop a Poggers on this thread.
  8. I think in a counter attacking system a Dlp on defend duty isnt needed. Usually the ball magnets in counter systems are used to hold up the ball in transition while the attackers progress. A Dlp on defend in the Dm strata is placed too low on the pitch and is too conservative to effectively contribute to counter attacks unless he has Ppms. Personally i would change the dlp to a simple Dm(d), the left cm to Cm(s) or bbm maybe and the mezzala to an advanced playmaker on attack duty. But it depends on the players ofc. With an Ap(a) you will get someone who is actively trying to initiate the counter by running, dribbling or passing.
  9. Was wondering where this thread went. Glad to see it back with more great content !
  10. It looks like you are trying way too hard to disagree, since when do blog posts have to be complete and accurate, they arent studies. Likewise this is a forum thread not a Nobel prize ranking for football clubs. Some clubs have indeniably done more than others in regards to those issues, doesnt mean the other clubs are automatically "bad" or whatever.
  11. It depends. Stars are not absolutes. A 2 star player for Liverpool might get 3 or 4 stars on a Championship side. So if you manage a 2nd or 3rd division side, 2-3 stars players are really unlikely to become usable, because by the time you finish developing them you'll probably have signed or developped way better players. On a top side though, a 3 star player is actually a very good one. Think Pjanic at Barca for example.
  12. That is news to me. I swear the closest thing to it ive seen are iwbs and its nearly impossible to make them behave like a centreback in possession even on defend duty. Perhaps a more suited term instead of inverted full back would be wide defender, or even half-wingback.
  13. I enjoyed reading your tactical experiments. Are you still trying to crack the 325 code ? I feel like Fm needs some kind of inverted full back role.
  14. Your setup of roles and duties makes very little sense, and your team instructions are way too risky. I would make those changes. - remove all team instructions - change midfield roles / duties so you have 1 of each duty, and one of each type : destructor, creator, runner. - change both Central defenders duties to defend. - change Cwb to Wb or Fb - change front 3 roles so you have 1 or 2 attack duties. You need creator(s) and finisher(s).
  15. Agree with what previous posters said. I would add one thing : it seems to overrate some roles and underrate others. For example carrilero and half back seems to give loads of "score". While iwbs give way less and always create "issues". It also makes little difference between an Ap(s), mezz(s), dlp(s), bwm(s), in terms of score, when the difference is actually obviously huge. So yes, good for first drafts, lacks depth. Great app thoug
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