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  1. The problem is, if I play the new one with new features and so on there is a chance I give up playing the older one. So better not to create this risk
  2. I will stick with FM 21 as I love my Wrexham save, but I will keep an eye on this topic and on the 22 one for the good and new AMC ideas.
  3. Hi @Incubus89I am doing my preseason and I really liked the TIs you suggested: Positive mentality, Play out of Defence, Focus Play Right/Left, Roll it Out, Counter, Higher DL and LOE. The team is playing exactly the way I want, it is "bitting" the ball, closing up spaces and attacking quick and fast enough in an intense way. However as I said before on the topic I didn´t like the AP-At/AF combo, my AFs are being easily drawn out of the game and the team is simple lumping the ball foward for no reason, we are controlling matches but always struggling to score. I am considering two other options, without removing or changing any TIs: I used this one on some matches and in general I liked it, the Poacher plays well as a single striker. I also used the PIs "Roam from Position", "Move into Channels" and "Take more Risks" on the AM so this is a "static striker/mobile AMC" combo, in which the front man moves less and the AMC roams around him looking for space. And we always have the IF-Su creating some chances too on his diagonal moves. This would be our other option: This would change the structure a little bit more, with the AP playing on the flank. The nice part is that we would have two men attacking the box from the middle, and both are goalscorers. But maybe our game would be too concentrated on the middle and the AP-Su is not a very dangerous goalscoring role. I am more toward the first one, I think it is simpler and less demanding (basically a different version of the AP/AF original combo), but maybe testing the second one wouldn´t be a problem too.
  4. I tested some two striker formations in FM 21 and the best one was a British 4-4-2, but even that did not work very well. The main reason is that in many two striker formations, one of them retreats to "do the midfield", open space, receive the ball and pass it to the other one, which is normally "the goalscorer". But this kind of playstyle, which was very common in the 80´s and 90´s, looks very easy to block nowadays. Against me, opponents used to man-mark the "goalscorer" or reduce his space to play and, as we did not had another man attacking the box, we were not regularly scoring. So you can say, "why not a 5-3-2 with advanced wingbacks or a 4-4-2 diamond"? I like them both, but then the problem is another: you only have one man in each flank, which puts a ton of burden on them. They have to help the defence on early transitions, support the midfield, give width to the team, find space on the flanks against packed defences, and do some nice passes or perfect crossings when the midfield is too crowded for your midfield to find your strikers. There is also a chance they will get overloaded by 2 vs. 1 combinations between a fullback and an AML/AMR. It can work, of course, but I truly believe you would need excellent fullbacks/wingbacks and an excellent strategy to open space for your team to score. If you want something more simple and easy with an AMC, I truly believe it is much easier to set up a 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-4-1 DM Wide (with the AMC being the third man of the midfield). 4-4-1-1 can work too, but I believe it is more suited to counter attacks.
  5. On FM 17 I used a Treq with a Poacher on a 4411 and I liked it a lot, I think it is a nice combo. But as I play LLM, maybe a Treq will be harder to find. So I will probably stick with the AM-At plus PIs and see which striker works better ahead, as I really don't like the AP-At in the hole. Or maybe I can use @Sneaky Pete's suggestion and try a Treq with the DLF-At, really curious about that combo.
  6. I am currently at preseason with a similar setup of role/duty and the team has been playing very well, but the AF/AP-At pair have not been scoring, same problem that you have. So I have been trying using an AM-At with PIs to roam, play on the flanks and take more risks, and I did try Poacher, TM-At and liked the "mobile AM/static striker" combo. But I will also test the AM with a PF-At, I think It will also work very well. I would like to use a Complete Foward-At, but It is hard to find on LLM.
  7. Normally I like to have two strategies: an attacking one and a counter one. This is for bad moments during the season, bad moments during a game or even for harder matches, and it is a simple of way of surprising our opponents. It is much easier to play against us when we have only way of playing. So I will use your TI ideas for the 4-2-3-1 and build a 4-2-1-1 counter one, I think this plan B can suit us very well. I never used Positive with HIgher DL+LOE, but maybe without pressing instructions (TIs or PIs) we will do fine, I will go that way.
  8. Yes, this is the kind of thing you say "hey, why I never thought about it?". It makes a lot of sense as it looks a very simple strategy to open space with smaller teams which lack technical resources to do that. Another question, did you ever feel defensively unsafe with your team using Positive mentality plus Higher DL/LOE? I mean, when you play like that you expect to suffer some goals from a high line, but sometimes FM is harsh about that and your team looks very vulnerable. I suppose this was not a problem as you had a lot of success...
  9. Thanks, I will test with the focus, I think it makes sense as we play with CM-D/CM-S, which are not very creative roles. Then I will give a feedback here about how it went.
  10. Thank you very much for your ideas, this is exactly what I am looking for. I will test it here for sure. Just a question, is there any specific reason to use Focus Play? Maybe it is an open space strategy, I was just curious about it, it would not be something that I would set up from the start
  11. Hi @Johnny Ace, I came back to this topic looking for specific help not to use the formation but to create a more specific playstyle. And as you are kind of an AMC/4-2-3-1 specialist here, maybe you can help me Of course that anyone that want to help and/or play on a similar way can also help me. This the base set, simple as we have discussed before: I want to play an intense, quick and fast attacking football - more Klopp than Guardiola, if we can resume I prefer 3, 4 quick passes instead of 40. I know I have to start from the scratch as I am playing lower league, so the system will have to develop besides I can hire better players (so maybe I will have to refine it step by step). And also I think we cannot afford too much risk, because although our defence is good, it is of course not a world class one. I thought about Balanced mentality, Higher Tempo, Counter/Counter-Press, Higher Defensive Line and Higher Line of Engagement with a split block (the 4 men at the front with "Press More" PI). Maybe it is too risky? Would you go another way? I can also consider a 4-1-4-1 DM Wide too, with the AP-At being the third man in midfield, a DM and more adventurous fullbacks. Thank you for your all ideas and help, this thread is quality.
  12. Ok, so let´s start from the front to the back. You have two players attacking the box - but iMHO the DLF AT does it fairly late (usually when the ball is already on a dangerous goal position) and the Mez AT does it late too (because he has to move himself to the penalty area). If opponents defend on a packed defence and DLF/Mez try to move to dangerous positions to score, will they find the necessary space? When another player is creating this space, ok, but who is doing it on your current system? The AP is moving inside, the DLP-Su is trying to hold his position and the Winger is moving out looking for a dribble and cross. Who is going to generate movement to open space? Many people like this "False Nine-False Ten" system in which a central attacker drops and a central midfielder/attacking midfielder moves inside to score. I don´t like it, to be sincere. Maybe for bigger teams it can work well, but I like to play with small teams and I only got frustrated using it. I also didn´t like your flank setup - the AP on the left maybe need a more aggressive fullback to occupy the flank that he vacates, and on the right you have a very conservative DLP which can isolate your Winger. But to adjust this you would need to change your midfield too. If you really like I can suggest a set up for your formation, but I think this is very personal so maybe I gave you some ideas to think about.
  13. The problem is that teams perform very differently in friendlies than in real matches. I did try tactics which were excellent in friendlies and a complete disaster when the championship started, because no teams played really serious at pre-season. I read about some players which set up a new tactic, create a copy of the savegame, advance some matches and when the tactic is really good, they come back to the original point and do the right changes (something I don´t consider very fair, but ok). Another ones have a different save (sometimes in FM Touch) with a very similar team to the main one that they are managing, or with an excellent team instead, and use that parallel save to test tactics before using them at the main one. All this movements would not be necessary if we could opt to see some training matches with the Match Engine - this option could be "on" and "off", we don´t need to see all training but some would be really helpful.
  14. Yeah, for me this looks very important. If I am playing a save for 2 or 3 years and enjoying myself I will not buy new versions, as I am not worried with database updates or something like that. But I know there are some game development challenges and I don´t really know if it is really possible.
  15. I am not planning myself to buy FM 22. Why not? Because I have a very enjoying save at FM 21 and I would not be able to play two different versions at the same time. So I would like to give a suggestion for future versions: that we could be able to play our older savegames in new versions. Even if we were blocked to access some of the new features - for example, maybe I could not use the Wide Centreback in the old savegame - the access to at least some of the new features could compensate this.
  16. We will have to wait because there might be another roles that work beside the Wide Centreback - another advanced wingback role, for example. And we will have to see if the Wide Centreback is not bugged, like the Halfback was some time ago. Better wait and see.
  17. Betancur and Locatelli look good as holding midfielders IMHO, as they come deep to get the ball and dictate tempo. Each one will perform differently, I think, so you have to try and see in the field. Sometimes the players itself are very suited, the attributes are good, but in the field things don´t work. They can play as simple CM-D or even a more creative role. I also believe that McKennie would be a good CM-S, because with no specific PIs he would play almost on his traits. Try for some games and see if theory works
  18. I am not from the school that uses two CM on support in the centre of the midfield in a 4-4-2. I prefer a simple, basic CM-D/CM-S pair, I believe it is much more simple and effective. As you use Chiesa as an IW, he will move inside and occupy the space vacated by the holding midfielder, opening the flank to a more adventurous fullback, and the AF ahead will open space for the three to operate. Some people say this is a 4-1-3-2 and not a 4-4-2 - I really don´t care, if I am the winner I am fine I also have a friend that started in England´s last division and now he is at the Premier League using always the same 4-4-2. In central midfield he uses a DLP-D/BBM-s pair, he survived PL´s first season and is at the middle of the table in the second one doing very well. And we had another topic here at the forums some time ago in which the manager used a Sacchi style 4-4-2 with AC Milan with the basic CM-D/CM-S pair and he was very satisfied (https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/516635-4-4-2-modern-control-and-attack-space/). So yes, definitely the defend/support combo can work in the centre on a 4-4-2 and I prefer it. Based on your last setup and as you are facing some problems lately, maybe I would try something like this: Ignore the goalkeeper, you can keep him as a SK-D. I would also not start with any PIs and then just add them as the team needs. I like to orientate the crossings to the AF side, but I don´t believe this is mandatory. You can also try a WM-S with instructions to move inside on the left if you want an inverted winger that has more defensive responsibilities, and at the same time is more possession oriented.
  19. I read here on the forums that the best option would be a left footed player on the right/right footed on the left, W(S)/W(A) with the PI "Roam from Position". I didn´t test myself, but what I read is that a good player could be totally imprevisibile and wreak havoc on defences with his anarchical movement.
  20. So thank you all that contributed to this tactic with ideas and suggestions. The 4-4-1-1 is so complicated and I found width and penetration problems that were hard to solve. So I have been using a 4-4-2 lately: This is a kind of "Sacchi style 4-4-2", focused on controlling the ball and attacking the space, inspired by another one I saw here at the forums some time ago (https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/516635-4-4-2-modern-control-and-attack-space/). I am using PIs to orientate the crossings to the AF and also PIs on the WM, which has instructions to play like a winger as he is a natural winger. I also tested a "Get Further Foward" PI on the CM but I prefer him with no instructions. Before changing the system and using the roles above I checked my team player by player to be sure that they have good attributes for each role/duty - for example, although a natural Winger Charlie Caton has good attributes for a Wide Midfielder. And Oliver Cooper is a natural Inverted Winger but has very nice attributes to play as a Wide Playmaker. I really believe this check is very necessary on FM´s most recent versions, using roles/duties without good attributes for them could be a recipe for disaster.
  21. I already saw people using the IWB-S for this on narrow formations. I believe they can be also used on dual wide men systems like this, too. I believe in a 4-2-3-1 deep they wouldn´t cut inside, for example, due to the DM pair.
  22. Yes, the AMR/AML roles are too much hardcoded. I would really like to customize them more the same way I do with my WMs, and add dribble more not as a mandatory PI but when necessary and as part of a specific strategy.
  23. Yes, and the interesting part for the wide fowards is that we have Wide Midfielders - they are more focused on passes instead of crossings and have more defensive responsibilities, which in my point of view turn them into more modern flank players. You can also add PIs on them to also play offering width and crossing the ball, or the opposite, asking them to cut inside and look for a through ball or a shot on goal. All these options create a jack-of-all trades, something I also consider very interesting and modern. So the role itself exists, but we don´t see anything similar in AML/AMR positions. And that is one of the reasons that I prefer formations with MR/ML instead of AMR/AML, I feel that I have many more options and more flexibility, besides more defensive cover.
  24. Maybe a FB-Su with the overlapping/underlapping TI on that side and some individual instructions can do that - I think on a Balanced mentality he would have a Positive individual mentality, for example. I believe that with a good partner on the same flank or even alone the right player could do very well, even though it looks like an improvised solution. Regarding "natural" game roles, WB-D, IWB-S and FB-At maybe are the nearest to what you are describing. But I agree that a "modern fullback" role is missing on the game, something like a "Complete Fullback".
  25. Football is 50% random - it was already statistically proved, it is one of the most random sports of all. And I think FM tries to replicate this in game.
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