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  1. Yeah last season I used a WB-S, however in this version I would only have 1 attack duty which I don't like. However I also don't like the FB At in this system so I need to reconsider. You are absolutely right about keeping the tactic. However we lost our Half Back and I couldn't find another HB to replace him. In the previous version we had a HB-DlP Su-Mez At midfield behind a Poacher. The Mez was not very involved in the game and we relied in long balls from the DLP to the strikers to score, or on a crossing from the Winger. It worked on a lower division, but to move things up and beyond we need more variety, that's why I have been working in this improvement. I will test some other options from this point and I will come back as soon as I complete the adjustments. Thank you. I am absolutely in love with this save, this team and this league. I am not using any PIs right now. I used them when I tested a CM At instead of the Mezzala but it was for a really short period of time.
  2. Hi @Johnny Ace, I have been working in my 4-3-3 here in Serbia with very good results. Playing with Macva Sabac we were champions of the 2nd division in the first season, in the second one we finished 3rd in the 1st division and we went to Europa League, now I am starting to work on our 3rd season. The current tactic is inspired by one of your versions here: We won the first game 3-1 against Red Star which is one of the country giants, so far so good. However I noticed a difficulty on defensive/midfield transitions, with some key passing mistakes. Maybe it is just the beggining of the season, maybe the other team is too good, but I was wondering if the use of an AP-Su instead of your suggested CM-Su could create this kind of problem. This is Jekovec: In the center of the midfield he is a natural Deep Lying Playmaker. I did some tests with the DLP but it created another problem - he was frequently too deep and the team relied more on long balls and on crossings to score. The AP is much better but maybe it lacks some linking movements with the DM-Su? Maybe I should use Jekovec as a CM-Su with some AP PIs? Do you think that the CM-Su could help more the team on the linking play part? Or maybe I should try the DLP a little bit more? And I have to say thank you again for this amazing topic, it is a fantastic source of inspiration.
  3. Hi everyone. What happened to the Russian League clubs, Russia National Team and club/nation Ukraine in FM 24? Do they start the game out of european competitions but do come back at certain point? Or are they simple banned forever?
  4. I would say a simple CM-S with "Take more risks", "Roam from position" and maybe "Get Further Forward", to mimic the playmaker's behaviour without the burden of being the team's playmaker. CM is very simple to find and with PIs you can have a very nice and balanced role.
  5. After a little consideration I decided to keep and develop a tactic based in this version. As a LLM it will be much easier to find an Anchorman and it can be very difficult to play without a holding DM, especially when teams try to send though balls using the middle of my defence. At the same time, using a Roaming PM in a more advanced position seems less risky and less demanding. My version has some small tweaks, like an IW instead of a normal W and a higher focus on ball control (although it is not a possession tactic). I will bring it here soon and I will let you know how is it going. Thanks again @Johnny Ace!
  6. Sometimes I think I overcomplicate it...why did I fell in love exactly with this one, in a topic with so many options and permutations? Maybe it is part of my prejudice and thoughts that a small team should use very simple tactics, which is not necessarily true. And I have been training different strategies for different kinds of match so I will probably be fine. I will put my scouts to dig out RPMs and Registas around and I will look for them myself too, maybe I can find another good options or maybe a young player to be retrained. I think it will be much easier than trying to tweak and adjust a tactic that is exactly build around these roles.
  7. Hi @Johnny Ace I have been testing some of your creations here in my Brazilian save. I have been absolutely in love with the Roaming Playmaker/Regista possession system. I have here a player that is a natural Roaming Playmaker so he fits it well and the system in general looks very good. It is solid although we don´t have a traditional holding midfielder, the two Fullbacks on Support seem to protect enough the defence and we have been very good at attacking. I decided to start with simple PIs: Balanced mentality, Shorter Passing, Higher Tempo, Distribute to Centre Backs, Hold Shape, Higher Defensive Line and High Block. It is not a classical possession system (aka Barcelona´s Guardiola), I want my team to accelerate the game when necessary and I don´t want to restrict their options: if they need to kick the ball forward to the striker they can do it. And Higher Tempo guarantees we don´t slow the game too much. As we are a small team, in some moments we will need to adopt different strategies, for example against much bigger opponents, at least until we are strong enough to always play the same way. But I like very much what I see in the field. Another issue may be the Roaming PM: it is not so easy to find them in LLM. Do you think that the system would collapse without a Regista/Roaming PM or maybe another role (even with PIs) could do it? Or would you do any other changes without the two main roles of the system?
  8. Hi Johnny, this is very interesting as I have a natural wide Advanced Playmaker in my LLM save in Brazil. I will try this with some tweaks, maybe a Balanced mentality and not all the instructions, a IF S on the other side, but in general I think it suits my team very well, thank you. I will let you know how is my version going on!
  9. Hi. I am starting a new save in Mexico in FM 23 and I let the game running one season (until 23/24 season) so promotion and relegation to/from Liga MX can start happenning normally. However the rules are not clear to me, how can a team be promoted from Expansion to Liga MX? Do I need an average point during some seasons or just the winner of a game between apertura x clausura champions ("campeon de campeones") is automatically promoted? If I need the average point, how does it works? Thank you!
  10. Hi Johnny. This thread is quality Your ideas will help me on building a playing system, and as we are on Vanarama National League South, I have been considering using your last suggestion, that is, fullbacks instead of wingbacks as on both sides they are not the best players ever Also because my system uses more than one formation and two of them are without a DM, so fullbacks make much more sense. Regarding your last suggestion (Mez-S, CM-S and DM-S), do you think that an Inverted Winger could be a good option on the left instead of the traditional Winger?
  11. This is really, really interesting because I have been considering applying a similar idea here. However, using a different TI package for each game strategy can hurt my tactical familiarity and it seems not to be very good on FM. Changing the mentality and adjusting duties seem to be much easier and logical, considering the game´s way of working. You said that you keep the same TIs and PIs despite the mentality. But in this system change method, how do you select the Tis? Do you choose them for a specific style? Maybe generical TIs? Or you do/did start with no one and then add/added them later?
  12. I have been experimenting on this (I am still on FM 22). My initial playstyle is quite a bit bland, just a few instructions, so I can adapt it from game to game. But to hold a lead I have been using "Be More Disciplined", "Waste Time" (a little bit during the match, on full near the end of the match), "Lower Line of Engagement" and "Get Stuck In". The idea here is not just to park the bus, but to avoid any mistakes and keep using space to score on counters.
  13. I liked FM 23 - design, interface, player animations - but the defensive line bug (I believe it is a bug) is really annoying. My reserves team scored 2 or 3 goals per match on the tests I did, almost the same way: a through ball for a striker to run while my defenders were just watching. And in all situations I was playing on the counter, using low block and lower defensive line. And this happened also on a Cautious mentality. If this bug is fixed on the Christmas patch I will be happy to buy the game. If it is not I will stick with my beloved FM 21 and wait a little bit more to update my game version.
  14. On FM 21 I normally play a fast, quick-transition game using Positive mentality. On FM 23 demo this was not possible (at least until now), because Positive mentality has changed. I am almost sure that on FM 21 the Positive mentality has "Slightly More Direct" passing as standard, on 23 the standard for Positive is "Shorter" pass. My quick transition game looks to be more efficient on Cautious/Balanced mentality using TIs. So you better check out in the game and during matches to confirm this
  15. I have been playing the demo and I really had a good first impression of this version. However the balls over the top are really ridiculous, my reserve team scored 2 and 3 goals very easily. I did try everything: lowering the DL, changing mentality, used a Central Defender on Cover... The best results were with the Direct Counter Attack template in which there were less mistakes, but they also happened - we were winning 2-0 and it became a 2-2, for example. I hope that these issues are corrected on the next patches. If they are not I will stay in FM 21 and have fun without this crappy bug
  16. Does anybody still uses this approach? I will migrate to FM 23 and I will probably test something like this in the new version.
  17. These are fantastic news, I will be waiting for your FM 23 guide! I don't know if you already answered it on the topic, but do you do any changes on TIs when you are trying to hold a lead? Maybe shorter passing, play narrower and/or waste time?
  18. I use this approach and I like it very much:
  19. Hi @crusadertsar. This thread is quality - this is exactly what I was looking for, a strategy that is not too offensive neither relies on long ball/low block football. Simple, flexbile and very nice to see on the field. I have been creating my own system based on this thread´s ideas on Tokyo Verdy in Japan and our next mission is to survive on the J1 League after being promoted. Another interesting part is that I have been using the 4-2-3-1 from your Total Football topic (the one with two DMs), with the strategy from this topic here. I think both match each other perfectly! I would love to read more about the Mourinho inspired system on FM 23, with the new out of possession instructions and probably the changes that will come on the ME. Do you have any plans for that? And thank you once more!
  20. Interesting. What would you do if you play a single striker system, like a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1? Would you ask the advanced midfielder or the third man midfielder to mark the DM position? If so, how would you decide the side to mark?
  21. @04texagI did try your suggestions yesterday and used two IW-S with PIs. However I liked more the results when I used a W-Su paired with a simple FB-S without PIs, plus the Overlap TI, alongside a CM-AT, on the right side. The results were very nice, the FB-Su used to overlap very well and cross the ball frequently. On the left side I did try an IF-S/IF-At because I really feel we need another goalscoring threat, something that the IW is really not. I am seriously considering using a simple IF-At/WB-Su pair on the left flank, but without the Overlap TI on that side. The pair itself already creates a natural overlap, I play Wide and I use Focus Play to the flanks, so the TI maybe it is not really necessary here. It also reduces the mentality of my IF which can make him play far away from the goal on a Balanced mentality, something I don´t want as he needs to support the striker. The strategy will still be the same, but the tactic itself will be more simple and natural: DLF-S retreating to create space for the IF-At and the CM-At, with my fullbacks bombing down the flanks and offering nice passing outlets, and a DM and second midfielder offering cover and recycling possession options. And let´s see how it goes.
  22. Thank you for the inputs, really appreciated. I can try the IW-S/IW-At (or two IW-S, one with PIs) instead of the Winger. About the FB-S, do you really see them overlapping? I have the impression that on a Balanced mentality they take a lot of time to move forward, so we don´t create a true overload. But it can be an impression, of course, it is a matter of trying. The original tactic uses two Wingers with AP-At/BBM-S, as for me it makes sense to play two central midfielders with two open wingers. But using IW I would probably need to adjust the midfield, right? Maybe DLP-S/RPM-S, or Car/Mez? I can see that the playmakers would use the spaces to move around and create opportunities, while CAR would cover the fullback and MEZ would attack the empty spaces. I also considered changing the formation to a 4-2-3-1 DM, this way the fullbacks and the wingers (normal or inverted) would open space for the two DMs, the AMC and the striker to operate.
  23. I love this thread and the idea of playing direct proactive football, as I have said here before. However... This approach has not work very well for me in FM 21. We played some great matches, however against packed defences we suffered to create good opportunities. Also we were very vulnerable to opponents´ attacks, even against weak teams that should pose us no real threat. I don´t think the approach itself is the problem, because I also tested your other ideas about direct/counter football (the ones that started with a 4-4-1-1) and it did work well, maybe my team is not simple suited for a direct, proactive style. The assistant recommends that we play more on counter approaches so yeah, maybe it is just the players that I have.
  24. The HB is playing very nice. I also tried a FB-S but he does not move ahead quickly enough to create the overload. The problem in fact is using two wingers on a 4-1-4-1 DM, a formation that has only one striker in the centre. During some matches we went well, but the lack of opportunities against very weak teams in pre-season is very dangerous IMHO. I think that this kind of strategy may suit other formations better - like 4-4-2, 4-4-4-1 or even a 4-2-3-1, in which you can have a striker pair in order to help creating goal opportunities. But now as I hired players for a 4-1-4-1 DM I will stick with it and try another strategy.
  25. One of my most successful tactics on Football Manager was a 4-1-4-1 DM Wide in FM 15, an approach which used two open Wingers to open space for a kind of unorthodox midfield/attacking trio: CM-Su, BBM-Su and DLF-At. Although I could never recreate this tactic completely, also because the ME changed a lot since then and because every team is different from the other, I could never forget how simple and effective it was. So I decided to use a similar idea on my FM 21 save with Tokyo Verdy in Japan, but now on a more focused and strategic way. That is, we will try to create overloads on the flanks to open space on the middle of the pitch. This idea is not new, in fact, it is one of the main principles of Juego de Posición; however my idea here is not recreate Juego de Posición or something like that, I will use just the flank overload part. I want to do flank overloads on a simple and basic tactic, defensively solid and focused on roles and duties: I don´t want lots of instructions, I don´t want a very specific pattern of play (despite the overload itself) like using shorter passing or something, or keeping possession, or direct football, whatever. Of course I can use this instructions to reinforce what I am trying to do, but they are not mandatory, I am not looking for a very specific style of football although it can happen as the tactic develops. The formation When I think about flank overloads, I think about fast Wingers with fullbacks/wingbacks helping them to keep the ball out wide, as we will need our wingbacks to move up the pitch to execute our strategy. But if we do this on a 4-2-3-1, 4-4-1-1 or a 4-4-2 we can badly expose our defensive line as we won´t have a DM, and central midfielders with defensive duties are not so reliable in FM for this kind of strategy. So we will need a DM, fullbacks/wingbacks and wingers moving up the pitch. This takes me back to the same 4-1-4-1 DM Wide I used on FM 15, and it will be our starting formation. Movement and cover If our fullbacks are moving up the pitch to help our wingers, somebody will need to cover the space they will left behind. There are many possibilities here, but one jumps at my eyes immediately: a Half Back. This DM will try to cover through balls on the flanks, will help the CBs more (as our fullbacks will be more attacking focused) and will help us recycling possession when necessary. This will create kind of a 3-4-3 when we are attacking. And I have a player that would be a very good Half Back so here we go. Using the space If we are going to overload the flanks and open space at the centre, somebody needs to explore this space, otherwise our strategy does not make sense. As we are playing a 4-1-4-1 DM Wide, a balanced approach would be a Box-to-Box midfielder on one side (someone who will help the defence but also move ahead, support the attacks and score goals when the opportunity arises) and a midfielder with an attacking duty at the other side, more focused on dribbling and moving ahead to help our striker. This gives us an AP-At or a CM-At. Fullbacks or wingbacks? When I think about flank overloads, I believe that wingbacks are better than fullbacks for this. I need them to move up early, quick and help the wingers, instead of doing this on a later attacking phase. So I decided to start with wingbacks - a traditional one on one side and, due to lack of options, an inverted on the other one. I believe that two traditional wingbacks were not working very well and the inverted gives us a mixture of a fullback and a wingback on the defending/attacking movement, although I am not completely sure about this specific choice (see below). I could also use FB-At, but he has a locked PI of crossing more which I don´t want here. So this option is not being considered right now. Mentality and instructions I did start with Positive mentality with no instructions, but my defensive line was suffering with through balls. So I decided to move back to Balanced with Higher Defensive Line and it really worked well defensively, we were much more solid. Wide and Focus Play on Left and Right (although not on the image below due to RMT´s restrictions) were natural choices, the same with Overload Left and Right (which is something we are trying to do). Later I added Play out of Defence because my team was hoofing the ball upfront (see below the improvement points/possibilities for more information on this). The first version I came up with this as the final first version: The testing process We played four official matches and won them all, scoring 10 goals and suffering two. For a starting point I believe it is doing well and we can keep working from there. What I liked? This is absurdly defensively solid, opponents had little chances to score and during matches almost kicked no balls on our goal. So far so good. The left side works wonders: WB-Su and W-Su with Overlap do excellent and nice combinations, we see the WB-Su crossing the ball almost free and he is always helping the Winger. The left Winger itself is very good too and has been decisive on some matches. The BBM and his roaming movement are perfect for this kind of strategy: he is always wandering around trying to help on possession, he looks for empty space and he helps switching the ball from one side to another, and as the left side movement is good, he finds space to operate. The right central midfielder is also working well, despite the role. Now he is an AP-At and he leads the line, moves the ball forward and look for deadly passes: on one match he did two assistances for the right winger to move behind the line and score twice. But he also does good as CM-At. I love the Half Back. He helps the defence, he recycles possession and he does deadly passes when needed. He is perfect for what we are doing. What I did not like? The right flank is...strange. The W-At became a goalscoring threat, which is interesting, but he lacks support. On some matches we see kind of an "underlap" movement, that is, the Winger moves wide and passes the ball back to the inside IWB, which crosses the ball. It is interesting but it kind of creates a conflict with the instructions I am using. The striker has been suffering a bit. If I use a CM-At/DLF-At combination, the team becomes more possession oriented but I feel that we lack some penetration against packed defences. If I use a PF-At/AP-At combination the AP-At plays very well, leading the line as I said, but the PF is kind of isolated - which makes sense as he is a true single striker on this kind of system, we don´t have a "second striker" here like a IW or IF. Improvement points/possibilities For the right side, one possibility is simply turning the IWB into a normal Wingback on Support and keep the Overload instruction. I have two concerns about this: exposing us more on the defensive line (as the WB is more aggressive than the IWB itself) and being more unidimensional (with the exact same roles doing the same thing on both sides). I did try a WB-D on the right using Overlap TI but the W-At was kind of isolated. The right side could also be an IWB-Su with W-At ahead and the Underlap Right TI instead of Overlap. This way we would reinforce what is already happening. As for the striker combination, as I said the PF is naturally more isolated (he almost never receives the ball, just on goalscoring positions) but presses the defensive line more than DLF-At, and tries to score more; the DLF-At is the opposite, helping on buildup but being less of a goalscoring threat. I believe there will be no perfect choice here, but I would like to hear your opinions about this. Remember that we are still on FM 21 so the AF still has "Get Further Forward", if we were on 22 I believe the PF or AF without GFF would be the best options here. The Play out of Defence was added because using a PF-At the team was directly hoofing the ball to him, which created good opportunities for our opponents. If I change the combination of third midfielder/striker pair this TI may not be necessary. I like the penetrating power of the CM-At and the passes and dribbling power of the AP-At, so if I opt for a DLF-At I am considering the CM-At with some of the AP´s PIs (Take More Risks, Dribble More), this way he could become a hybrid of a creator and a goalscoring threat. I considered a MEZ-At but maybe it is too offensive for the setup we are using. So far so good, as we have some improvement points I would love to hear your opinions and ideas on this. Thank you very much!
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