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  1. I took control of my U19 and B team training and suddenly I don't receive any team selection advice emails, even though I should (in responsibilities tab it is delegated to B and U19 managers). It is pretty annoying, because I used to make my players availaible for those teams in that emails. Any solution?
  2. These two scout only country. Lomonte Brazil, Mason Argentina.
  3. When I started my save, I created assignments for my scouts to scout nearly all regions of the world. But for some strange rease, scouts have not gained any knowledge, or very little. They have been there for two years and they have high adaptability, so I would expect at least some progress. Down below are images of my assignments and my Brazil an Argentina scouts. I tried to google it, but all pages said that the knowledge should increase after some time. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. I play as AC Milan and at the end of the season, I have only one non EU player (Krunić). So by the rules of the game, I should be able to sign three non EU players this summer. So I signed Daniel James on loan, Franck Kessie became non EU for some reason and Brandon Williams on loan. But Williams is not ineligible, even though I sold Krunić. Is there a way to make him eligible?
  5. So that "Keep scouting" isn't really a problem. Thank you very much!
  6. So nation knowledge is only good for the first time scouting?
  7. So you think that it doesn't matter that the second scout (the one who has taken over) has 0 knowledge of the nation?
  8. Oh, I hoped for a solution. In not loaded nations like Colombia or Brazil it is not a big problem, but in my home nation Italy where I want to scout hundreds of players it is annoying. Thanks for your response.
  9. I have assigned scout to certain regions and when there is youth intake I send them to scout these players for like two weeks, then continue to scout the good ones and not waste time with the bad ones. The problem is, when they come back with a scout report and I click "Keep scoutng" button, the game for some reason assign absolutely random scout, not the one who have been scouting him until now. For example, my Colombia scout comes with scouting reports, 3 players have a good potential, so I "Keep scoting" them, but they are now scouted by my Scandinavia, Spain and Western Africa scouts, even though these scouts have their own players to scout. I know I solve this manually with some right clicking, but I wonder if I perhaps overlooked some setting or something.
  10. Thank you! I'll do some changes and see how it works. This tactic was very weird, worked very well against stronger teams (went undefeated in CHL group with Barca, Man Utd and Dinamo Zagreb), but I struggled agaist weaker opposition, when it was a miracle that I scored more than 2 goals in one match. Yeah, I think I misunderstood what tempo really does. Thank you too!
  11. I feel embarassed right now, like I said, I tried creating my own tactic for the first time and it worked ok, just thought it would need some little tweaks .I want to play pressing possesion based tactic as all players have high work rate, stamina, teamwork and there are no really fast players (Demir is the fastest, has 16 acc and 17 pace). Both Camavinga and Matheus Henrique are complete midfielders, good in pretty much everything. Below is image of Camavinga for illustration.
  12. Hi,I'm new to football manager and struggle a little bit with tactic building. My team is working fine, but the problem is that my central midfielders are not producing goals neither assists and have constatnly bad ratings. Henrique and Camavinga are pretty defensive, but I still suspect they can do better then 2 goals and 4 assists combined. The biggest problem is my AMC, Yusuf Demir. He should be one of the best players in Bundesliga (Together with Camavinga are best players on my team), but only managed 3 goals and 2 assists in 30 matches. Defensively my team works perfect, but offensively I struggle (a lot of 1-0). I'm near the top, but I think I could do better. Do you have any advice?
  13. But playoff always takes teams from all 3 divisions. In reality, winners of only 2 divisions participate in playoff, the third gets promoted without playing in playoff.
  14. I'm trying to add czech third tier to the czech leagues structure. The third tier is separated into three divisons, ČFL A, ČFL B and MSFL. Three divisons, but only two teams promoted, because there is playoff ONLY between ČFL A and B winners, MSFL winner get promoted without going into play offs. If I try to do it in one 3rd tier divison and 3 sub divisions, it doesnt work because there is no option to promote MSFL team immediately. If I separate both ČFLs and MSFL into two divisons, it tells me that one of them should have competition level 5, which is wrong. I'm new to editor, so is there a way to solve this problem, or I have to bend the rules a little bit?
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