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  1. Cheers mate! I'd love to know how you are doing. You may need to tinker with the defensive style, lest you be too passive and be under extensive pressure.
  2. I don't experiment a lot with the 2 CD pair, but sure a covering defender could work well there. Just take care when coming against 2 STs, watch closely how your are defending against them.
  3. In this case, I am happy with the Target man on support, since I am not going route one, I need the Target man to hold the ball for the rest of the team, including the WBs, the support mids and the Advanced Forward. Support duty offers this nicely. However, in my other long ball tactic, I wanted the Target Man to be the furthermost player to receive the ball from deep, and flick it to his strike partner, attack works better here, especially that on attack duty, the TM is the furthermost player, complementing the much more direct passes TI.
  4. I find him doing the job well, even better when I don't use any support defend duties in the midfield. No more invisible wall AFAIK.
  5. They do, but I don't want the Lib to go too much forward, so I don't have many probs with that.
  6. Thank you for your interest! Having a front three is obviously a very good idea for hoof ball, but that comes with implications: 1. You are losing a lot of defensive stability, since three players are so high up not offering consistent defensive cover. You need to make up for this using the midfield. 2. Your midfield has only one player and will certainly be overrun, especially that you are not aggressive in pressing. My thought is that you either use a 4-4-2 wide diamond or 4-3-3 narrow or a 3-4-3. Personally I'd start with the narrow 4-3-3. What club is that, might d
  7. I am having one of the finest starts I ever had on FM with Blackpool using this tactic, with the main amend is adding slightly more urgent pressing and a higher DL. We conceded only twice in 9 competitive games, and these two goals came against a Preston side that are a tier higher in the cup. My strikers have been missing loads in the past 3 games though and this is driving me mad.
  8. Agreed, I found it quite difficult. Actually, the Scottish league is an excellent choice for youth blooding and youth only saves.
  9. Thank you, I am so glad that you are doing better now! The idea is to give the forwards more time to get into positions, in addition to not being one-dimensional, by lumping the ball to the TM. Having the ball going to the FBs decrease the chance of being pressed, gives us option to either play to the DLP, Wingers, or just dribble besides the long pass to TM option.
  10. Thank you, and good luck! I find that the two outer CARs are absolutely crucial to defend against overlapping wide players.
  11. I really hope we are not forced into a COVID-19 simulation in FM 21. Having all the long stoppages, random player injuries and stuff like that will take a lot of the depth off the game. I can understand some people would like to play out a simulated hardship caused by the nCOVID-19, but I believe it is a real life "Force Majeure" event that should not be included in the game. If it happens to be in the game, I'd like to see an option to turn it off, or added as a separate challenge or database.
  12. I would to see some improvements in the Tactical Creator in FM21, some of these are: 1. CM-D role should have the option to "Press Less", since there are no other holding midfield role in central midfield other than the playmaking DLP role. Using CM-D with a "More Urgent Pressing" TI makes the CM-D run amok, leaving gaping holes in formations like 442 and 4231. 2. Addition of a generic "Wide Forward" role, similar to the "Wide Midfielder" to allow hybrid of Winger, IF, IW movement, in addition to facilitating more defensive responsibility for wide forwards. 3. Highlighting of Ta
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