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  1. My remedy to that sort of problem is removing the Regroup and setting the LOE to standard, perhaps adding Counter pressing. Further pressure could be achieved by an attacking mentality. I rarely, if ever, make other changes than that.
  2. Season 3 is Standard Liege's 125th birthday. It turns out to be one of the best ever seasons I ever had on Football Manager, and definitely the best ever for Standard Liege. We managed to win an incredible quadrauple; the Supercup, the Jupiler Pro League, the Croky Cup, and the F**KING CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. Yes you read that right: THE. CHAMPIONS. LEAGUE. Domestic Dominance Our domestic season was normal (by our standards), running away with the league for the third successive season, scoring for fun, and conceding 11 goals in the process. However, we aren't yet able
  3. Season 2 would turn out be great for Les Rouches, on all fronts. Once again we managed to run away with the league, with no stiff resistance, and naturally the Croky Cup two, seeing us do a double for two years running. We started our campaign with a brilliant display, with Arezo scoring 4 goals against Gent, while showing incredible defensive displays: The league was still # 8 in Europe, although the prize money is increased slightly from around 490K to 520K. Standard Liege is also the best club in Belgium, quickly clearing our debts and seeing our club value
  4. Individual seasons are unspectacular relative to the grand scheme of things that I plan to acheive. However, small actions we do in each season will shape up how we improve the club and the league's reputation. While I’m writing this, Season 1 is already over, so a brief recap of what happened so far is surely needed. Standard Liege was predicted to finish 4th, but somehow no one was able to stop us early on, as we ran away with the league. It was more of a learning curve of a season, as I learned more about the league and the clubs there, and finally settled on the tactic
  5. Welcome to the first part of my journey to improve the Belgian League, and Standard Liege, to be one of the best in Europe. My relation with the Nottingham Forest save has been far from perfect. I have lost interest in it after five seasons, due to the vast amounts of money available after promotion from the Championship, making me spend irresponsibly to be competitive in England. This is something I do not like in the English league which make me lose interest after a few seasons in the Premier League. I prefer a more methodical and considered approach to the game, and the vast amounts o
  6. To be even more clear, a Libero will always take more passing risks on whatever mentality. However, these risks is less when on defensive and will be more on attacking. On defensive, you may see him clear the ball more when face with pressure rather than play from the back on attacking. At the end, roles, TIs, and PIs have a lot of say of how a player plays in addition to mentality.
  7. A slightly different variation, I will post it later when I am back home. PIs are Stay Wider on the CMs to help the flanks.
  8. I fully agree there, I don't mean it adds those instructions in a similar way like PIs or TIs, but what I mean is that these aspects are affected. Roles, PIs and TIs have much influence on these aspects as well. I will edit the OP to make it more clear. Thanks for your valuable input!
  9. Top top save, Scott! Very nice touch having to play in the Delonnette park, although Anfield is deffo better :P You are my inspiration in writing a story and try to get my perfectionism and anxieties. I am very bored of my Forest save with the tonnes of cash available early on, so I went on to Standard Liege, and I have just won the CL with them
  10. Cheers mate, I am glad it is working for you better now!
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