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  1. I'd initially use a PF-A and a WB-S at left back. I'd also move the DL one notch higher with Offside trap, to get your strong team closer to goal.
  2. It does make sense, and it is the sort of roles that I'd naturally do, but the main idea of the first one is to be direct and sort of route one football. Sadly, I realized this model isn't sustainable on the long term, and is completely reliant on the TM. In the final version, I use zero PIs, since the natural movement of the wingers cutting inside and narrower is enough for me, and is compensated by the wide WBs. They do combine with the forwards beautifully, providing lots of different weapons in our attacking arsenal. Henry isn't my first choice, I usually go with Almada as the
  3. A fine goal against Real Madrid, demonstrating our verticality: EDIT: Another MASSIVE counter attacking goal against Real Madrid: EDIT: A third goal against Real Madrid, in a real long ball style, Allardyce would be proud of:
  4. I just written the part 2. I look for technical and creative players for these roles, since they become our main creators in the team.
  5. Update We finished the season in the 3rd place a record high for our club. We went to weather a very difficult February period, when AI started to treat us as contenders and throw different kind of challange at us. Moreover, players had their form dipping so it was quite hard. During this period, I discovered the need for a "system", rather than trying to remain true to only one tactic with minor tweaks. I initially had a backup 4-2-3-1 deep as a more attacking tactic, but I wasn't impressed with it, in addition to the fact that it had us dropping to only one striker. After hours
  6. Thank you, glad you appreciate this kind of play stlye. Covid was a bit difficult, and has some annoying lingering issues, but I am much better now, thank you! Cheers!
  7. A 4-4-2 could easily be morphed in to 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1, you have the players to do that. You cannot play one shape for eternity, so you could have two formations, with similar playstyle, and use both. Nothing wrong in that, in fact, thats the correct way to play imo. I think this might help with your obsession, I did the same to myself. I have my favoured 4-4-2 and a backup 4-3-1-2 and 4-2-3-1 for other scenarios, or just when I am getting bored.
  8. A great goal showing the Pass into Space instruction at work, along with the long GK kick that bypasses the entire midfield of Gladbach.
  9. Good luck with your experiment! Personally, I struggle to create something without having a prior vision, since that lack of reference make me chop and change quite a bit, it is always better to have that reference point. I never do plug and play, but rather you have to continuously adapt. In my other Forest and Standard Liege saves, I used a similar quick transition system for 4+ seasons, with great success. The key is to adapt to different teams, and to the match as it unfolds. Surely, I will post my updates here as the season(s) progress.
  10. ORIGINALLY POSTED AT MY BLOG ====================================== Monaco came knocking just before the winter transfer window of the second season. We were doing okay at Arminia, and Monaco were abysmal, and needed someone to save their season. It was a perfect chance for me to continue my save, and further improve my tactic. I won't talk much about my first half season at Monaco. It was more of a testing ground for tactics, as I had lots of second thought about how I should proceed, especially that my 4-4-2 with two out and out strikers seemed to be unsuitable at higher level
  11. ORIGINALLY POSTED ON MY BLOG ============================================= Note: This is my first article following a five month hitaus from the game, partly due to covid infection, coupled with being bored with FM21 and of course, a hectic schedule. However, such a long period away from FM made me yearn for all new ideas to try out. I apologize for not replying to everyone during that last period. ============================================= Welcome to the third part of this series of articles aimed at simplifying and explaining the process of creating Football Manager ta
  12. I love your threads, this is a great OP! You seem to perfectly lay out my own misery. Good luck with FM21, can't wait to see you conquer the world with the mighty Reds. Guess what, I am on the verge on posting an article about old-school direct 4-4-2, so it is cool to see you acknowledge the flexibility of the 4-4-2. YNWA.
  13. My remedy to that sort of problem is removing the Regroup and setting the LOE to standard, perhaps adding Counter pressing. Further pressure could be achieved by an attacking mentality. I rarely, if ever, make other changes than that.
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