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  1. Absolutely false. You will always over-achieve playing aggressive and with a high line. Just look at ANY of the "OP" tactics made by people who have been doing it for years. Look at any youtube/twitch save. All the same. Average attributes mean absolutely nothing compared to the 11 on the pitch. If I have 1 CB with 17 jumping reach and 17 heading and the rest of my CBs, let's say another 3, all have 12 in each, my average is mis-representative of the strengths of my squad. Besides this, individual attributes are all over the place in this years game. Players with 8-9 long shots re
  2. I'm not sure what the point of this post is. There's no real tangible advice here. Looking at a screen that shows an average of your stats is... less than helpful. 1 player being better/worse than the rest can massively inflate it one way or another, and it really doesn't give a good individual breakdown of your players. In Football Manager, a good offence = the best defence has ALWAYS been true. You can win games playing defensively, yes, but this match engine is categorically tailored towards playing aggressively and defending high up the pitch. Advising people to do the opposite i
  3. Think the main issue for me that there doesn't seem to be a clear answer to is what to do when your tactic starts to fail. I get that teams start to play more defensive. So you make tweaks like, say, lowering attacking line - gives you more space to play into and behind, right? Or you might lower the tempo so you aren't banging balls up into a back line. But what if it doesn't have an impact? Is the slide inevitable? Do you have to just sort of push through and hope it starts to even itself out? Any specific advice on this ^^^ would be class boys, cheers.
  4. Issue is mate what I find is both the Winger and IW (regardless of duty) tend to beat 1-2 men (especially my IW, Patrick Roberts - easily my best player, unreal on the ball) and get into an excellent position to cross... and then blaze the ball into the side netting or miles wide. Dribble Less was there to try and get them to stop just running toward goal and pinging it into Row Z in their best Bobby Zamora impression and actually pass the wee round thing to one of the 2 strikers. As for playing it out the back, my experience on every FM is that building up from the back is always most ef
  5. Hello mate. Lots of wisdom in what you say - I've definitely stuck at it this year without tweaking the tactic too much. Near enough the same as it was at the start of the year. Few things in response to your ideas. The CF to AF idea - I've had the right striker on AF most of the year. Him (and actually 2 others) are currently on goal droughts. You know when you get a media article pop up saying "So-and-so continues to suffer goal drought"? I had 3 of my strikers have it on the same day. Changed it to CF to try and involve him more in the game. AF seems to just sit in no man's land a
  6. Every save is the same boys. I know it's the trend and fashionable to throw about the "it's ur tactics bruh" but this years FM has me absolutely pulling my hair out. Doesn't matter which club, tactic, style, formation, you name it - same stuff every year. I'll start off absolutely mint. It's a formation and style that makes sense and suits the players. I'm not new to this game and I know what I'm doing - there's no glaring issues in my tactic. But about 1/3 of the way through the season it just dives off a cliff every time. Goals dry up. Set pieces stop coming. Strikers go on droughts. It
  7. Hi guys. What's the best way of deciding which tactic is the best to use? The list on the OP seems really confusing and I'm not sure what each different name means for the tactic. Thanks!
  8. In my experience the Match Engine in FM18 is vastly superior. At this stage in the game you are much better off waiting to see how FM21 turns out, or waiting until FM20 is highly discounted. The game is not worth full price.
  9. I've always found my experience on FM to be that the best way to over-achieve is to never set up 'defensively' as might suit your team. I've always had far more success taking it to teams (especially since FM19 introduced the pressing mechanic.) But I can see what you mean, especially about the CWBs. The thought behind Dribble Less was that the only good dribbler in the team (Roberts) was hard-coded to dribble anyway, and I wanted the rest of the team to try and keep possession (which the board stipulates I must, despite the team having awful passing in general). The full backs thing
  10. Hello guys. Started a new save with Boro post patch and our squad has (deservedly) been shot to bits. Had a brilliant pre-season playing with this. Watched every friendly in detail, conceded no goals, scored hat-fulls. Since the start of the season however I've D1 L4 scoring only once. The idea is very simple. We play through the midfield and rely on through balls from Wing or crosses from the 2 wing backs for Britt and Roberts to latch on to. Was working brilliantly in pre-season but struggling immensely since. Any suggestions?
  11. AF and DLF will be nowhere near each other. AF plays pushing the line as high as possible, DLF drops in deep. You might wanna change the AF to something like a Poacher.
  12. As a Boro fan I can tell you that our squad in FM mirrors how poor it is in real life. Almost no pace (only Assombalonga up front with a modest 14), certainly no creativity (only one player has 13+ passing, Downing), and a very slow back line. Basically, your only option is to set the team up how Pulis does in real life. Back 4 need to be narrow and low as they're tall and slow (forget marauding wing backs), the midfield needs to be full of runners and ball-winners, not playmakers, and you need to pray you can get a goal from a set piece or a ball over the top for Assombalonga to try
  13. Here Knap, from the look of this 2CB set up I'd assume it's only worth bothering with a decent team? Or will it work alright even if you aren't a top 4 team? Cheers mate x
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