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  1. AF and DLF will be nowhere near each other. AF plays pushing the line as high as possible, DLF drops in deep. You might wanna change the AF to something like a Poacher.
  2. As a Boro fan I can tell you that our squad in FM mirrors how poor it is in real life. Almost no pace (only Assombalonga up front with a modest 14), certainly no creativity (only one player has 13+ passing, Downing), and a very slow back line. Basically, your only option is to set the team up how Pulis does in real life. Back 4 need to be narrow and low as they're tall and slow (forget marauding wing backs), the midfield needs to be full of runners and ball-winners, not playmakers, and you need to pray you can get a goal from a set piece or a ball over the top for Assombalonga to try and knick a goal from.
  3. Here Knap, from the look of this 2CB set up I'd assume it's only worth bothering with a decent team? Or will it work alright even if you aren't a top 4 team? Cheers mate x
  4. For DLFs, do you recommend players who just have the right stats for DLF, or are we looking at more AF/Poacher sorts? Thanks for your tactics!
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