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  1. I am a huge fan of the Lahm-ification of Geilton.
  2. Too many years lurking, not enough years posting. I'm starting with the team, I believe, that is closest to me geographically IRL - Basford United Finances A quick glance over the squad leads me to believe I shouldn't need too many reinforcements (I'm not a fan of sweeping changes when taking over a club), so I should be able to maintain the board's demand to keep control of wages. I'll definitely be looking to bring in some staff, though, as we're completely barren in that regard.
  3. It doesn’t sound entirely dissimilar from van Gaal‘s 3-5-2 that the Netherlands used in the 2014 WC against Spain. Two hard tackling, grafting, ball winners in the centre of midfield (de Jong and de Guzman), numbers to provide stability in defence and three lethal attackers (Sneijder, Robben and van Persie) allowed to play their natural game.
  4. I would't say that there is a definitive hierarchy at all, just that there are definitely personalities that are more beneficial than others. Model Professional, Professional and Resolute all seem to crop up often as examples of positive personalities. @_Ben_ and @Jimbokav1971 both cover personalities extensively in their threads on the FMCU board, so it's worth checking those out for some good ideas regarding them. @That There Phil also has a really good thread on building a squad full of Model Citizens.
  5. @fmFutbolManager has written a couple of brilliant posts on his blog about how he sets up pre-season training. Not sure what the rules are on posting links, but they’re well worth searching for.
  6. The way I see it is in non-league there are no great players. Anyone who is great will generally leave pretty quickly, so you've always got a pretty even field in terms of competition. This means that anyone really can beat anyone. Therefore, when the AI adapts to your non-league tactic, it'll be easier to beat than if you were a top Premier League side with inherently better players than one fighting relegation. Your tactic doesn't look too bad and it doesn't have too many TIs to muddy the waters, so that's helpful. I'd look to drop back to a Balanced mentality at least for a couple of g
  7. @Experienced Defender is correct, they're injured. It could also be that they're on holiday for an extended period at the start of pre-season.
  8. A few bits to unpack here. Firstly, Martinez, Mbappe and Rashford are all quick forwards, suited to breaking into space behind opposition defences. None of them have great aerial capabilities or are massively creative. Your choice of Advanced Forward and a left sided Inside Forward does suit your options. You'll want to try to create that space for them by dropping off slightly when the opposition have the ball. Then you can win the ball back in midfield and look to launch passes quickly to get your men in behind. I'd suggest having a look at the player comparison of Rashford and Mbappe.
  9. Is it just me or did there used to be a tab that compared different statistics for each of your formations? I've been looking for it and can't find it now. It had information there, such as time spent using each formation, shots attempted/conceded and when goals were scored for and against in different time periods of a match. Can anyone shed any light on where this tab might of gone? I can't find it for love nor money!
  10. The formation as shown on the tactics creator should be how your players line up in the defensive phase. Therefore, your choice should be a 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1. In order for this to shift into the 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 in the attacking phase you have to select roles and duties to facilitate this change. For example, looking at the movements you'd like your back line to make, I'd suggest your RB as an IWB(D) or FB(D) and your LB as WB(A) or CWB(A). The RB will theoretically stay back and narrow as part of a three man line with your CBs. The LB will push into the midfield line to provide width on his
  11. I'm curious about this. I was hoping to draw up a financial template for a save based on this article by Chris Darwen: https://www.thehighertempopress.com/2016/04/fm16-how-to-balance-the-books/ I know it's possible to find the amount of season ticket holders on the General info screen for a club, as well as ST prices and average ticket price. It doesn't seem possible to find an expected attendance until the report the day before the match. Does anyone have any idea if there's a more advanced forecast for attendances or is it only the day before a given match?
  12. Enjoyed watching Betis v Barca the other week, they've got a pretty cool squad. Can I also give this a go?
  13. It could be an attribute issue. Poor Decisions, Teamwork and Vision would affect if they'd go for the shot or the pull back.
  14. I've checked and some of the attributes have been moved into different categories. The most obvious changes are part of the goalkeeping category split, but there is no longer a category for set pieces and crossing is now a part of the attacking category.
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