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  1. In real life coaches have 1 to 1 relationships with their players. One part of that is together, the coach and the player, setting targets, objectives, goals, whatever to achieve over the course of the season. An obvious example would be for a coach to tell a striker who last season scored 15 goals, to try to get 20. This could add some spice to the player's mood and manager-player interactions. To dig deeper you could also have different kinds of targets. So, for example, you could have suggested/agreed targets as above, and you could have demanded targets, so for example a striker that hasn't lived up to expectations being told that as their manager you want to see them get at at least 10 goals or they'll be moved on/dropped.etc This would also enhance youth development. You could give your youngsters very clear objectives, so for example, a young defender might be told you want him to make five appearances before the end of the season. You're the manager and you're in control of picking him but its up to him to train hard, perform in youth/reserve matches in order to be selected. Its just a way of quantifying (in the game) who's made progress in a season, who's plateaued and who's regressed. Some further examples/suggestions follow... 21 year old defender who hasn't broken into the side yet - Play at least 20 senior matches either at the club or on loan. 19 year old striker who hasn't broken into the side yet - Make 10 appearances either starting or off the bench and score his first senior goal. 35 year old defender who's beginning to struggle - Try and play at least 30 matches 24 year old centre back with excellent jumping and heading - Score 5 goals (from set pieces obviously) 26 year old winger who has been a poor signing - Play 30 matches and score 8 goals. You could also include Average Rating as an objective, so telling a player he needs to hit a season average of 7.10. I realise that that is slightly less realistic but its probably the best we've got given that this is a simulation and not real life. We are ultimately restricted to data and stats.
  2. Atarin

    Manage U18 sides

    You don't have to be in a competitive league to develop. I develop youngsters at amateur clubs using just regular friendly games. If it was necessary the feature could be limited to professional clubs or only clubs that are part of a U18 youth league. The main thing is that there are lots of us that love youth football and youth development. While you can do that in the game currently you have to spend the vast majority of your time dealing with the first team. I certainly don't have time to watch/manage 1st team and U18 games. Certainly not in the detail that i'd like. This feature is just a way of letting us focus solely on youth development.
  3. Atarin

    Manage U18 sides

    I think it would also offer brilliant secondary features like being 1st in line to being given the 1st team job as a caretaker manager when he's sacked. If you did well you could find yourself getting the job fulltime. If not, you just go back to being the U18 coach. It doesn't have to be where a manage stays either. The feature could be such that you are building up experience and your attributes which can bring you to the attention of other clubs who may want you to come and be their first team manager.
  4. Atarin

    Manage U18 sides

    I don't think that's true. Most, if not all, of the teams I manage (all the way down to level 9) have 12-16 youth players. In my original post I also mentioned a youth manager/HoYD being given a small budget to bring in a few prospects (as HoYD do now in the real world).
  5. Atarin

    Manage U18 sides

    Combining the roles of the two makes implementing the feature seem more possible. Obviously the two roles would remain seperate for the AI but when you took over an U18 job you would essentially be doing both.
  6. Atarin

    Manage U18 sides

    It gets asked every year and every year it doesn't happen but I'm going to keep on asking until the developers get so sick of hearing about it that they include the feature just to shut us up. A lot of coaches start their coaching careers coaching junior age groups so it makes sense in terms of real life. The parameters would be that you, obviously, only get to control the youth team but you could spice it up with being given a budget to bring in players who are under the age of 18. In real life player development comes before winning trophies at that level so, for me, this has always been the difficulty in imagining how this would be implemented. What would be the objectives for a coach? It can't be player development because the senior coach decides which and how many youngsters get given a chance. I think the way out of this is to broaden it out. How about if you weren't able to control the squad role e.g - Youngster, Hot Prospect.etc That was for the 1st team manager or DOF. Your job would be to get a certain number of youngsters from each intake into the the next Category up? So, for example - Your U18 group is 16 players. You've got six Hot Prospects that you need to develop into Backup players. You've got eight Youngsters that you need to develop into Hot Prospects and you've got two Not Needed that you've got to develop into Youngsters. Another possible set of objectives would be player value. A big part of an academy's job is to increase the value of these players so that they can be sold on. You could factor that in as well. At the beginning of your season you could be told that you have 6 Hot Prospects. 8 Youngsters. 2 Not needed. The club want to finish the season with 2 Back Up. 8 Hot Prospects. 6 Youngsters. As well as that you could be told that the combined value of the youth squad is currently £50k and at seasons end they want the combined value to be £150k. (I've just pulled those figures out of my backside). Of course you could also have the usual objectives of winning the U18 league section, winning the FA Youth Cup and winning the Euro League Cup. This would be achieved through coaching, mentoring, playing the youngsters in games and just generally developing them in the way you would at senior level. I'm desperate for this to be included in the game, and I'm not the only one. Please SI, I'm begging you!
  7. That's the crucial part of the question. Without them being linked then I don't think its worth doing.
  8. How would you link up the newly created youth divisions with the pre-existing divisions? As far as I can tell they're not directly editable in the editor.
  9. Pretty much as the title suggests. I always play with an English DB that goes all the way down to Level 9. Something that's always annoyed me though is that youth divisions don't generate alongside the new divisions. Could someone explain how I might do that in the editor (advanced or otherwise). If you could bare in mind I have no experience with the advanced editor and so might need you to explain it as though you were talking to a four year old. Muchas gracias.
  10. Cool contribution. I'll be honest, I just go cross-eyed when I look at things like this. Too much information in too small a space, but good stuff none the less.
  11. It most definitely can, I'm a 4-4-2 guy. Bare in mind 4-4-2 can be played a whole range of different ways. As long as you know what sort of players you're going to need for your style then it works just fine. I find that you can have almost any types of players and have it work but its absolutely crucial that you get central midfield right because unless you have someone else supplementing them then they could occasionally find themselves exposed. my perfect balance in central midfield is always one with acceleration, off the ball and passing and one with positioning, aggression and tackling.
  12. Personally, I've found the default tactical styles perfectly usable. Of course you can adapt them but there's more than enough internal logic within the presets to make an adequate system while you slowly build your philosophy. I've found them a fascinating glimpse into the game's inner logic. You can actual learn a lot about balance from them. Again, they're not supposed to be the be-all-and-end-all but as simple templates you can use them for a surprisingly long time without any hitches. In my North Greenford United save... ...I've been leaning on the presets quite heavily. Primarily because I don't have the time to get super, super clinical about my tactics at the moment, unfortunately. I know my squad and what it is capable of, and more importantly what it is not capable of and I have found that just two presets is enough to enjoy quite a bit of success. I use Wing-Play to dominate games and Park The Bus to either consolidate or to draw teams onto us when we're unable to break them down. The only customisations have been to set-pieces because the defaults are still dreadful. If you have a clear picture in your head of what you're going to need for the positions then its relatively easy to make steady progress by signing progressively more adept players. Its not as fun as starting a tactic from scratch but why make life more difficult for yourself, right? Especially, if like me, you're pressed for time.
  13. Update 22: We began September as we finished August with a comfortable 2-0 victory. This time our opponents were Waltham Abbey. Winger Josh Hutchinson stabbed us ahead after 13 minutes and centre back Dylan Ebengo grabbed his 3rd goal of the season on 86 minutes, rising majestically to head home from a freekick. We followed up with a 3-1 stroll in the park against Westfield. Left back Mekhail McLaughlin got us off to a good start slotting the ball under the keeper from an angle on 5 minutes. Westfield inexplicably equalised after we failed to deal with a very innocuous attack down our left. After giving the boys a rocket at half time they responded with Billy Jones Slamming home on 46 minutes. Chris Wedlake put the icing on the cake with when he ran onto a ball over the top and confidently found the top corner. On the downside midfielder Billy Smart got himself sent off on 71 minutes after a ridiculous two footed challenge. It was another comfortable victory in our next match as we came out 2-1 winners at Cheshunt. Chris Wedlake headed us in front on 4 minutes. Midfielder Perry Ryan doubled our advantage on 44 minutes. Cheshunt hit back on the 55 minute mark but we were able to control the remainder of the game. We managed to complete the signing I'd hinted at an update or two ago. Young goalkeeper Aiden Jennings. I think Jennings is a great prospect and real option should Peace's form dip. I want to be loyal to Peace because he's never let me down but I'm already fairly certain that Jennings is the future and that transition is going to happen sooner or later. If I want to Jennings to develop then it will have to be sooner. Our final opponents of September were 9th placed Carshalton, who started the season as 2nd favourites for the title. The truth is we got what we deserved, which was nothing. There was a general lack of intensity and too many players underperformed. Players aren't machines but consistency is what wins championships. Carshalton took the lead on 4 minutes, Chris Wedlake levelled for us on 13 minutes . Both teams had a host of chances but wasted them until the 68th minute when Carshalton got back in front. We responded on 78 minutes when Chris Flood curled in a fantastic freekick and it looked like we might just get away with a point we scarcely deserved when Carshalton hit us again, this time on 82 minutes after a melee in the box. I had to lay down the law after the game. One or two weren't happy but I demand certain standards to be met. We're in second and still going strong, despite the disappointment against Carshalton. If we can go on another strong run fairly quickly then the points will start to pile up and we should get a bit of a cushion. I am still incredibly confident. That's September wrapped up, I hope you can join me for the October update, which will be coming very soon. C'mon you Blues!
  14. No, the plan is to take North Greenford United to the Premier League. I generally don't have the patience to play saves that long. After three or four season I usually get the itch to start all over again, but this time I'm going to try really hard to stick at it and get this club to the very top. Clubs can come in for me, I'll just politely decline. There'll be other saves to climb the ladder with different clubs.
  15. Update 21: Pre-Season was out of the way. The bulk of our recruitment had been done. Now it was time to get to work. I've been given a wage budget of £2,664 which is over a £1000 more than it was. With our finances looking a little sketchy, I'm wondering where they're finding this extra cash. The boards expectations are for a mid-table finish, I decided to play it safe and agree with them. The player's on the other hand were more ambitious and so I told them we were aiming for the play-offs and they were very supportive. I'm not concerned, I genuinely think we've got a chance at automatic promotion. Qualifying for the play-offs is the minimum I expect. We made two more signings before the first game of the season. 19 year old winger Mike Lam who is someone we can maybe develop, he's another left footed that can, and will, be deployed from either wing. Josh Hutchinson and Chris Flood are first choice, Paul Taylor is 1st backup and Lam will be behind him. It just gives us that little but more depth. The second signing is another 19 year old, the the versatile KJ Osu. Osu could develop into a decent box to box, goal scoring midfielder and he's pretty much two-footed so there's the possibility of him covering both fullback positions. Down to business... We started the season with an absolute sickener. Stowmarket, despite being big favourites and predicted to finish 2nd, were extremely defensive. We totally dominated them, creating chance after chance without managing to take one. The inevitable happened and on 86 minutes they managed to convert from a corner when new boy Anthony Furlonge lost his man at the far post. Stowmarket's 92nd clincher was from a counter as we chased the game. It flattered them big time. We got back to winning ways immediately though, winning our very next game against Tooting & Mitcham. Again, it was a game we dominated with Tooting sitting back and soaking up pressure. Chris Wedlake broke the deadlock on 44 minutes and with Tooting rattled Billy Jones scored with a clinical effort from inside the box into first half injury time. It looked like we were going to cruise to victory until a simple ball down the middle carved us open, our usually super reliable centre half Dylan Ebengo went to sleep and their striker strode through for a one v one with keeper Sam Peace and calmly finished. We were good for the 3 points though. Back on track. We're still not back to our sharpest but we're improving. Potters Bar didn't cause us any problems. We ran out comfortable 2-0 winners with, first, Billy Jones tapping in a close range effort on 5 minutes and then Callum McNaughton rising highest to power in a header from a freekick on 67 minutes. Chipstead were the next side to be swept aside by the blue tidal wave. Dylan Ebengo powered home a header to give us the lead on 44 minutes and 2 minutes later Chris Wedlake blasted a volley into the top corner to make it 2-0. That was how it stayed. It was a similar fate for Molesey who were dispatched with a now familar 2-0 scoreline. Billy Jones scored from a trademark powerful header on 9 minutes and Dylan Ebengo rounded out the scoring with a similar finish on 50 minutes. We were comfortable throughout. Apart from the harsh result in the first game we've been very consistent. 4 wins out of 5, 4 straight wins... Its early days but we're looking good and we've not really hit our stride yet. Tables are meaningless at this stage but this is how things are shaping up after 5 games. With August wrapped up I completed by coaching course. Knowing the board tended to respond more positively when our form was good I chanced my arm and asked to be allowed to start the next qualification immediately. They happily agreed, and I'm well on my way up the coaching ladder. This is how I'm shaping up... Its a case of so far, so good in my career I'd have to say. Onwards and upwards. Bring on September, I'm ready for ya! Thanks for reading and I hope to see you back here for the next North Greenford United update.
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