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  1. I've found that if you want that direct penetration inside one of your wingers its better to use a CM(a) or a B2B(s) and make sure they have the PI's 'Get Further Forward' and 'Move into Channels'. The Mezzala is more "floaty".
  2. Atarin

    A career in England?! Fire and Blood!

    You could report it as a bug but it does happen in the real world. Spurs, the club I support, have lost a few kids this way in recent times and so have a few other big clubs. Some big prospects aren't prepared to wait for opportunities and turn down a scholarship.
  3. Not a huge deal but might be a nice addition for a future release. The suggestion is for an option to restart a save but keep all of the generated players+staff (unlike now where a restart would give you a whole new bunch of regens who aren't necessarily as good or as fitting for the idea you had). Why is this option something that you might like to use? Well sometimes you start a save, you have a bunch of regens, one or two of whom you like a lot and would really like to try to do something with but for whatever reason the save goes off the rails, maybe you took a bad wrong turn, maybe weren't really concentrating or you just didn't take the save as seriously as you should. With this options you could wind the clock back to day one and try a different approach. I got this idea from Minecraft, where just such an option exists. Instead of creating an entirely new world, you can select an old world and Recreate it, which would regenerate the world exactly as you found it when you first created it. I realise some will cry foul because (a) you should try to make the best of every bad save and (b) you already kind of have this in rolling backups. As for (b), well yes and no. First you have to remember to enable rolling backups. Secondly you have to remember not to rollover the backup from the beginning and lastly the backups aren't always at the exact point that you want. A few days here or there can make a big difference to a save. And as for (a) *blows raspberries".
  4. Atarin

    Defensive Football Untenable?

    I'm a LLM guy as well and I also lose interest when the squad gets too good, usually at some point when I'm in the Conference National. I've rarely maintained an interest when I finally get into the professional leagues.
  5. Atarin

    [FM17] Trials and Triumphs of a Turkmen

    Wanted to like every post but that would probably get annoying. Great work my friend and phenomenal achievements. I tend to stay at one club for my saves but I'm inspired and extremely tempted to try my hand at a challenge like this. Top marks!
  6. Atarin

    Defensive Football Untenable?

    If my side were absolute no hopers then I'd be only too happy to play like this but if anything more than survival is expected then I can only see this tactic underperforming. As you say @johnnyyakuza78 against the best sides they'll pick you apart with their quality and the weaker sides are just going to shut up shop at their end and you'll just get a stalemate. Plus, what happens when you concede first? Everything has to go out of the window. The best tactics can be tweaked to perform all functions; Defend, Attack, Patient or urgent.
  7. Don't over complicate it. Start simple and fix as you watch.
  8. Not strictly on topic but can I just say that that is the best camera angle you will ever see for demonstrating to someone what football IS. Its all about the creation and the restriction of space. I remember having a conversation with someone years ago who didn't get football at all. They couldn't understand why so much of the game was spent knocking it about in the middle third. It looked utterly pointless and boring to them. I tried to explain but I didn't have a visual aid. If I had that conversation now I would just show them this. Beautiful.
  9. @johnnyyakuza78 you've brought a tear to my eye with that tactic. God bless hoof ball.
  10. its interesting that you've used Work Ball Into Box for this crossing tactic. What's the thinking there?
  11. I'm not a Newcastle fan so I'm kinda going by memory but I think they lined up something like this during their infamous "I'll love it if we beat them...love it!" season. Shaka Hislop - SK(d) Warren Barton - FB(a) Darren Peacock - BPD(d) Philippe Albert/Steve Howey (BDP(d) John Beresford - WB(a) Keith Gillespie - W(s) Rob Lee - CM(a) Lee Clarke - B2B David Ginola - IF(a) Les Ferdinand - CF(a) Peter Beardsley/Faustino Asprilla - Treq The following season they responded by by replacing the more attack minded Barton and Clarke with the more defensive minded Steve Watson and David Batty, and of course they replaced Beardsley and Asprilla with Alan Shearer. I'm not suggesting this craziness will work. After all, it didn't work for Newcastle, they blew a 10 point lead at christmas and never managed to win the league or a cup.
  12. As the saying goes, there's more than one way to skin a cat. The side I always associate with Attack. Attack. Attack. is Kevin Keegan's Newcastle. Attacking. Structured. 4-4-2, a winger on one side and an IF/AP on the other with an overlapping fullback behind him. The side was set up to get the ball to the attacking four at every opportunity and their job was to run at the opposition and produce a piece of magic.
  13. Not until I had seen how things were panning out. I tend to think that our best chance is to do what we do best, whatever that is. Once I start making changes to stop the opposition then I find I can often be taking just as much away from our game. If things are not going well then I may be forced into something. If the opposition's pace is tearing us apart at the back then I will probably drop my mentality and maybe start moving towards a structured shape but at that stage I tend to feel that the opposition have won the "battle" and its just a case of us trying to get lucky. I never assume a better side are going to beat us because I believe in what I've set my side up to do.
  14. I'm a 4-4-2 guy. Love the different ways you can get it to play. Not had a problem against top opposition myself.
  15. My immediate thought is to look at the space behind the wing backs. These teams can't cover all of the space all of the time. A big factor is also how high the defensive line is. If its pretty high then there's a lot of space behind them to exploit you just need to work out how you're going to get in behind them. If they're sitting deep then you've got to try to move them around. Movement is key. I'd want strikers that make a movement wide or deep, hoping to draw one of the defenders out and then have a runner from deep and nipping through the space created. Without knowing your players its difficult to build a template. I'd be tempted to put my striker off-centre onto the defender with the weakest concentration but that is just one strategy. I like trying little things like that. Basically I'd want my striker anywhere but up against the three defenders. He needs to be creating space for others. Static is no good. Behind him I'd want a variety of movements into the box so that as we reach the end of our attack we've potentially got a potential overload of 4 on 3 in that central area.