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  1. Well I can't see your scouting set up. I don't have one on my games. In the first season I just offer trials to players in the same division as me and in the reserves of the two divisions above me. I make a list of my top five targets in each position and then try to bring them in. You're not going to complete the jigsaw puzzle in one season. Get the best you can for now but be realistic. If your squad can't do the basics in season one then they're not going to storm the league. It might take you two or three seasons of incremental progress before you can get promoted. The thing is if you want
  2. You need to really focus on what each player needs as a minimum. A basic system like this will require the central defenders to have jumping, strength, aggression, bravery, positioning, marking an heading. Would you like them to have more, yes, but beggars can't be choosers. Fullbacks will need strength, aggression, bravery, positioning, marking, tackling. Again, as a minimum. Your inverted winger will need to be left footed if he's playing on the right or right footed if he's playing from the left. He'll need to have balance, acceleration, dribbling but also agility and flair if you can get i
  3. What is your morale like? If the team are low on morale and/or they have low determination, work rate, team work, aggression, bravery, stamina and acceleration then there's not much any tactical system can do for you. Step 1 is to assemble a squad capable of putting in effort consistently. Step 2 is getting and keeping the squad fit and motivated. Step 3 is coming up with a system that maximises your players strengths and minimises their weaknesses. The tactic I suggested is very simple and effective and should work at almost any level and assembling a squad capable of playing that way should
  4. That tactic isn't going to work at any level. Its a bit of a mess. I have had major success with the following... 4-4-2. Mentality: Balanced. G(d) FB(s) CB(d) CB(d) FB(s) IW(a) CM(d) CM(s) W(s) P(a) DF(s) No team instructions. No player instructions. No Opposition instructions. Only shift mentality up or down a notch if you understand what that change in aggression will do. Only add certain team instructions if you see something obvious going on. If the opposition are getting in behind you and one player always plays the pass then close that
  5. I used to almost always choose to dress my manager in the big winter puffer jacket. I was gutted (alright, maybe not gutted) when it went away and all we could choose was a suited and booted manager or a tracksuit manager. I don't want my obese, balding, middle aged manager to look suave and sophisticated when I'm playing as the Kebab and Calculator FC in the Quavers Rutland Sunday League Second Division. I want him to look like peak Steve Evans... Please address this scandalous omission.
  6. Pass into Space dictates where the pass goes. I.e - in front of the intended target, rather than into feet. Take More Risks relates to the frequency and difficulty of the pass. I.e - The player will make the tricky pass that might not come off and might concede possession. They don't really do the same thing at all.
  7. Block their approach and exploit the space they leave. Its really that simple. If they want to come through the middle then make it difficult for them. If they want to guy wide made it difficult for them. If they want to play high and be aggressive then try and hit them over the top. If they want to sit back and soak up pressure then make sure you move them around. Its hard to be more specific than that but that's the general idea. If your game plan is to see what they do and counter it then the first thing to do is to understand what they're trying to do. From there you can work out if you wa
  8. BWM(d) is not a holder. A holder is a player that sticks to their area and isn't pulled out of position. A BWM leaves their position to pressure the player on the ball. A DLP(d), CM(d), Anchorman and to a lesser extent a DM(d) all hold their position. A midfield runner is someone who leaves his position to get ahead of the ball to receive a pass. A BBM, CM(a), Mez(s)/(a) and AP(s)/(a) all look to break forward. A DM(s) or CM(s) is a versatile role and without TI's or PI's giving him guidance will generally play out based on the player's attributes and PPM's. I hope that hel
  9. Start with Mentality. Spurs have a control style and a Counter style. When they're in control they play a patient possession game in the opponent's half. I'd go with Positive. When Spurs are looking to let the opposition have the ball and rely on counters. In this scenario the ball goes short into midfield and then direct. More Attacking mentalities would seem to fit this style. You'll need to adjust player Duties and TI's like Width, Tempo, Defensive Line, LOE but Attacking would seem to me to be the way to go. I've never really tried to recreate real life tactics so this is just me work
  10. The thing about Spurs this season is that there's been some tactical flexibility. Depending on who's playing left back (Davies or Reguillon) and who's alongside Hjoberg (Winks or Sissoko) and whether Bale is playing wide right or Moura. When Davies plays left back he's a FB(d) and that gives Hjoberg licence to support the transition as a DM(s). When Reguillon is playing he's a FB(a) and Hjoberg plays a much more conservative DM(d) or Anchor Man. Mourinho uses Dier as the BPD on the left and Alderweireld as a regular centre back on the right. Aurier and Doherty have mostly been
  11. That's only partially true. The simple fact is that regardless of the divisional averages a player with passing and vision of 4 is not going to make a particularly efficient DLP. Regardless of the divisional averages a winger with dribbling and balance of 4 is not going to be tearing up and down the wing. A player with stamina and pace of 4 is not going to make a very effective BBM regardless of the quality of the players he is playing against. There is a point (around 5) where an attribute is simply junk whatever level you're playing at and whoever you're playing against. A player can be a st
  12. match management is one of the hardest things to develop. I find stripping it back to basics is always the best way to go and one important thing to to make a note of is that its not helpful to see tactics in isolation. Its like a battleplan. It might look pretty on paper but until you see what the enemy do its just a list of aspirations. Let's say that you've looked at your players. You know who can pick a pass and who can't. You know who can carry the ball and who can't. Both of these are vital because they move you up the pitch and that is your objective in the attacking transitio
  13. Glad I could help, although obviously a longer sample size is needed. Balanced mentality could work fine with what you're trying to do although I'd definitely think about changing the CM(a) to a support role in that case or he'll be quite aggressive.
  14. Okay let's start with the roles. A TM(s) with a P(a) is fine although neither is going to disrupt the opposition unless you tell them to with PI's or they have PPM's that deal with that. Poachers hang off the shoulder of the last man and TM's tend to stay pretty static. That can totally work as a pairing but its worth making a note of it. Moving down into midfield, your wings look fine but your middle is a little concerning. A BWM(d) won't hold his position and a CM(a) is naturally going to be positioned a little higher so that could leave you pretty vacant through the centre. If you're going
  15. There are occasions when I'd love to be able tell my AM(s) to specifically drop deeper when we win possession. Roam From Position is too broad an instruction as it can lead to an AM(s) drifting wider and thus undermining our defensive structure. I'm fine where my AM(s) is when we don't have the ball (i.e - in the hole) but when we win it I want him dropping into midfield to make a three, sort of like an attacking version of the Halfback.
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