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  1. Hey mate, what attributes did you give yourself at the start of the save?
  2. Great thread mate. I can't wait to hear more. I love LLM and I especially love simple systems. 4-4 'flippin'-2 indeed!
  3. Bit harsh on Kane, Son & Ericksen. Dele & Lamela I'll grant you. Which potent frontline wasn't adept at diving though?
  4. Here, let me help you. Bouteille is French for Bottle and Travail is French for Job...
  5. I'd like to see the Travail de Bouteille introduced. Then we can finally get a tactical recreation of Arsene Wenger's Arsenal.
  6. It might be more effective to choose a forward role that roams. The TM is very static and easy to mark, I'm not saying it can't work but to get it to function you probably need at least two attacking wingers/inside forwards/Inverted Wingers. Personally, I always prefer pace and so I'd go with an AF. I'd especially go with pace if I was playing as conservatively as you and there's absolutely nothing wrong with playing conservatively I do it myself a lot, or at least I try to. The 4-1-4-1 is a nice way to get men behind the ball and hit teams on the counter. Another way to think about it would be having a tactic that is easy to crank up when you need to put some pressure on or ease off when you want to protect what you've got. So think about your tactic as a base model that with a slight Mentality and Shape change here and a slight M&S change there and how that could really transform the base tactic. What roles would suit each of those scenarios? You've got three tactics slots so don't be afraid to use them. if your tactic wouldn't suit a slight Mentality change then maybe it isn't versatile enough. Just some thoughts. I think you've made a very decent start btw and they do say that teams should be built from the back. If you're not letting in goals then that's half the battle. If you don't concede then teams can't beat you. If you can work out how to nick a goal a game whether that be through the odd counter or through set-pieces then you my friend have found the holy grail. 1-0 still gets you three points.
  7. You need to post this in the bugs forum.
  8. I agree with the original poster that the game could be made a lot clearer. I've spoken before about the game needing more than just pop-ups that give you a brief explanation, what's really needed is a visual demonstration. Not everyone is going to have hours and hours to try every permutation to be able to fully understand what each setting does. Even an official guide or manual that linked the various ideas together, similar the Rashidi and Lines and Diamonds guides but with the developers seal of approval. It would remove all doubt. My only advice to the original poster is that what worked for me was stripping everything back. Keep everything very simple. You don't have to use every setting in the game or worry about every aspect. Read Rashidi's guide and Lines and Diamonds because they're very informative and as close as you're going to get to definitive right now. Learn about Roles and what the most important attributes are for each one. The better suited the player is to the Role you give him the better results you'll get. Learn about Duties and how they adjust the Roles style of play. Learn about formations and what they're for. Learn about Mentality and the role it plays in your teams style of play and methods. You don't have to learn the whole thing at once. Get the basics down, one at a time. What are Roles and what do they do? What are Duties and what do they do? What are Formantions and what do they do? What is Mentality and what does it do? You can ignore Shape for now. It is a useful tool but I think its best left until you've got the rest of the tools working for you.
  9. Okay just went through the process again, I did not see a tick box labelled "use licensed kits".
  10. I've never even seen that option. I'm playing a match at the moment, I'll check in a moment.
  11. I'm running the latest iteration of FM2018. I have graphics packs installed for 2D kits from various sources but this problem effects all of them regardless of who designed them or where they were downloaded from. The downloaded 2D kit shows as normal on the club page. That is until I go into the in-game editor and change the kit there (I'm doing this to match the game generic 3D kit in the match with the downloaded 2D kit) but then a generic 2D version of the edited kit replaces the downloaded 2D kit on the club page. I hope that is clear.
  12. I also have this issue. A description of the exact circumstances is as follow... 1. Used Player Search to find a young, 17 year old prospect playing for a non-league team on a non-contract. 2. Had a trial offer accepted by his club and took him on trial. 3. Two weeks into his trial I offered him a Non-Contract deal which he found acceptable. 4. A few days later he agreed to a new deal with his present club (still non-contract) 5. He remained on trial with me. 6. I tried to initiate contract talks again by going to Contract/Offer Contract but was taken to a screen informing me that I needed to have an offer accepted before I could make an approach. 7. I went into his contract page to make sure he hadn't signed a semi-professional contract with a delay on it starting but he hadn't. He was still just non-contract. 8. I decided to make an transfer offer but there is no make a Transfer Offer option under Transfer. 9. I Terminated his Trial to see if that unlocked Make a Transfer Offer but it didn't. Hope that helps. p.s - I am in the summer transfer window following the completion of my first season.
  13. I tend to keep it very simple with Roles as well. Not to say that you can't use a Ramdeuter if you have a winger with good finishing, composure and off the ball but it just ruins the game for me. I only use Roles that would be familiar to an amateur or semi-professional footballer. It just feels more authentic and also enables me to have a much better grasp of what's going on, on the pitch.
  14. I completely ignore them. They don't know what you're trying to achieve. I've always assumed assistant advice is just the programmers way of translating the match data so its easier to understand. If you're comfortable doing what you're doing then just ignore them.