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  1. Bump. All links are down. Can LL Reupload?
  2. DLF(a) and a CF(s) & CF(a) all tend to float around. The DLF(a) especially, I find, moves wide off the ball. The Poacher tends to get quite wide as well when there's nothing else on. My poachers assist a lot from crosses or combine with the winger. There are really a few ways to do it but it depends on the set up.
  3. Atarin

    [FM18] Recolour Player Instructions Mentality Box

    I have spent a long time trawling through the stickies and I can't find the specific bits of info that I'm looking for. I've got the dark base skin, I've also got a fully extracted dark base skin. I have the file @D_LO_ posted. What I can't find is which folder, precisely, I'm supposed to paste it into. I get what you're saying @D_LO_ about there being no shortcuts but when you don't even know what it is you're looking for it can be pretty tough. Again, I have no skinning experience.
  4. Atarin

    [FM18] Recolour Player Instructions Mentality Box

    I'm using the default dark skin. Do you know what the folder name for that is? dark default, default dark, default_dark, dark_default.etc etc
  5. Atarin

    [FM18] Recolour Player Instructions Mentality Box

    Cool @D_LO_ do I just copy that into the extracted folder?
  6. Atarin

    [FM18] Recolour Player Instructions Mentality Box

    Sorry mate, didn't understand a word of that. Could you demonstrate for someone with very little (read No) skinning skills.
  7. A good midfielder should do that job anyway. If they have good awareness and teamwork then they should slot into any gaps that appear in the shape. The key is to having them in the rough kind of area that you want them, so a DLP(d), CM(d) or BWM(d) played on the right of a three should, generally, slot back into a backline when the wide player has moved forward, particularly when the ball is turned over. The reason the carrilero isn't working out is because he moves laterally, by design. You needs someone who will move back as well, hence the DLP, CM & BWM.
  8. Atarin

    [FM18] Recolour Player Instructions Mentality Box

    Is there any way to make the green section split into bits like the white portion? Its still quite hard to see how many sections of green there is.
  9. Atarin

    Poche's 3-4-2-1

    When Spurs are motoring and Kane is firing he is definitely playing as a DLF(a). When he's dropping off into wide areas then you know we're in control. When he's stuck around the box or dropping into central midfield then you can bet that we're struggling. The former usually means he's surrounded by defenders and getting crowded out or in the latter scenario the whole team is just congested with no out ball.
  10. Closing down can happen anywhere on the pitch. It's basically the instruction for your players to leave their particular zone and aggressively pressure the opponent who is on the ball or in space. Your team could be camped on the edge of the oppositions box or it could be camped in your own box. The dichotomy is between closing down and sitting off.
  11. Flexibility means willingness to try different things, I believe. So a Tony Pulis, if you know who that is, would get a very low score, where as a Harry Redknapp would get a very high score. Why? Because Pulis rarely breaks from the system/tactical plan that he is comfortable with, where are Redknapp has always been willing to try any system or tactical plan to get the job done. Fluidity was the old name for Shape so I have always assumed that it denotes the tactical Shape a coach likes to use. There are five Shape options available so perhaps 1-4 would denote a tactical preference for Highly Structured, where as 17-20 would denote a preference for Very Fluid. Not exactly sure.
  12. Atarin

    Opinions on Minimal TI's

    As @Cleon and @HUNT3R have pointed out TI's are there to help you tweak. I find Mentality and Shape + Roles and Duties cover most situations. On a similar note, I mostly use PI's to stop players doing things that they don't have the attributes for, e.g - telling a player with low finishing/long shots to shoot less often, or a player with low dribbling to dribble less often. I also give my keeper PI's for distribution depending on the situation. I keep it all very simple. By keeping it stripped down I can easily identify where my problems are. They are either general problems (Mentality/Shape) or specific (Player/Role/Duty). If the team as a whole are not performing then we may well need a Mentality or Shape adjustment, if one or two players are struggling then we may need to look at their competence, their Role and/or their Duty. I'll give you an example: I was playing against a far weaker side and we weren't dominating possession in the way I thought we should be. It wasn't a problem in one particular area, as a team we were getting pushed back and couldn't keep the ball. I checked my Mentality, saw that it was Standard, and decided to move up a gear to Control. This simple change completely altered the flow of the game and no further changes were required. Another example was early in my side's tactical development. My attacking fullback wasn't getting forward as much as I was hoping for. I changed him from FB(a) to WB(a) and things improved but not as much as I wanted so I looked again and realised that my wide midfielder was staying very wide. This was restricting my fullback's opportunities to overlap. I gave my MF the PI to cut inside and Sit Narrower and suddenly my fullback was bombing forward in the way I wanted and could be reverted back to a FB(a). Football Manager changed for me the minute I learnt to K.I.S.S.
  13. Atarin

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    I don't know whether this is the right place to ask this question but I'll go ahead anyway and if there's a better subforum then a mod can move it there... I have an idea for a career thread. Is it okay to blend narrative elements of the FMStories thread? My idea involves following my character's career with genuine analysis but maybe using the a story telling style.
  14. Hey mate, what attributes did you give yourself at the start of the save?
  15. Great thread mate. I can't wait to hear more. I love LLM and I especially love simple systems. 4-4 'flippin'-2 indeed!