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  1. Atarin

    Vanarama squad sizes.

    It really relates to budget. Quite often if I'm managing in the Conference North I'll have a squad of 25. An established first XI, five or six senior rotation options and the rest made up of youngsters with the aim of having two players for every position but that means less wages for every player because my budget is spread more thinly.
  2. Atarin

    Vanarama squad sizes.

    It depends. I tend to have two or three for every position for pre-season but a lot of them will be made up of trialists. When the season starts I usually like to have a fairly settled first XI and then six to eight players bench/rotation options. Generally I'd want most areas covered on my bench, so there'd some versatile players there. How I like my jack-of-all-trades to balance out very much depends on my system. At the moment I'm playing a 4-1-2-3/4-1-4-1 and I like to have a fullback who can play left and right, A centre back, a more defensive cm, a more creative CM, A winger who can cover left or right and a centre forward. I usually look for either my CB or my more defensive CM to also cover DM. Its a bonus if there are even more combinations. Any areas that aren't covered are then added as extra cover. In general I like to have three centre forward for a 1 striker system with the third being someone happy to not play. If I can add a third keeper I will but its bottom of my list of priorities. So as a more visual demonstration I generally look for the following at Level 9 of the English pyramid (you can apply it higher up as well) GK x2 CB x3 RB x1 LB x1 RB/LB x1 DM x1 CM (def) x2 CM (att) x2 RW x1 LW x1 RW/LW x1 CF x3 So 18. I generally like a squad on the smaller size to avoid wage bloat and unhappy players. If I need reinforcements there's always the option of loaning in youth players from bigger clubs on short term deals or scouring players out of work or on non-contract. I try to keep a balance of about 18 though. If I need to bring someone else in for whatever reason I tend to like to move my most peripheral player out.
  3. Atarin

    Manager Attribute Growth

    Excellent idea.
  4. Atarin

    Low League leagues

    I would like to see the game generate reserve/U23/U19/U18 divisions for all the manageable teams in the country that the player is playing in. So if I choose to manage Dorking in the 9th tier of English football then the reserve and U18 leagues should be generated for all teams from tier 1 to tier 9. It doesn't seem too complicated and it would definitely make LLM saves more interesting. It would give trialists somewhere to play as well as hot prospects or players coming back from injury. Its a pain constantly setting up friendlies for that purpose.
  5. I've been asking for this for about 15 years. Sadly I don't see it happening any time soon, which is a shame.
  6. Channels are the spaces between the fullback and his nearest centre back, the winger and his nearest central midfielder. Channels describe the horizontal/width/lateral dimension. The vertical spaces between your centre backs and the central midfield, or the central midfield and the strikers is often called "The Hole" and so this is how verticality is understood.
  7. Mate, https://www.howtogeek.com/226280/how-to-take-screenshots-in-windows-10/ https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/how-to-take-a-screenshot-in-windows-8 https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201361 oh and this is also a thing https://www.footballmanagerblog.org/2017/10/how-to-take-screenshot-football-manager.html
  8. Ah, I see. That's difficult to explain because it can be very contextual. Its very much ifs and buts. Everyone player on the pitch requires service. A poacher needs a through ball. A CD generally needs a short pass from the keeper. Look at their position, their duty and their PIs and think about how the ball would find its way to them. Deep Lying Forwards, False 9s, Defensive Forwards and the CF's & TM's on Support all come towards the ball. They will link things together more than a Poacher or an AF would because the latter two attack space. You don't need need to partner a creator and a scorer all the time. One of my most successful tactics paried two AF(a)'s up top. It worked because we didn't try and build play up we just launched the ball over the defence for the two AF's to run onto. Very simple and direct. but I had to have players given the job of launching those passes.
  9. This is all part of the subjective way we build our teams. How you like to find "balance" is kind of what makes us all different. I think of it like this. The ball has to get up the pitch somehow. There is the hoof, where it travels from a player at the back up to a player at the front, bypassing everyone in between and then there is the slow build up where it goes from line to line and side to side. You also get to decide whether the people receiving the ball receive it to feet or whether its played ahead of them into space for them to run onto. A simple way to think of it is to imagine a simple 4-4-2. To start with they're all in a flat line. That's a problem because all of the passing options are straight and predictable. So you create variance. You give a fullback a support duty so he moves up a little and closes the distance to midfield. You give a central midfielder a defend duty so he drops of a little shortening the distance to the fullback even more. You make the other central midfielder a roaming support player like an AP(s) and now he pushes forward into space ever so slightly. Your CM(d) now has a simple support pass in the fullback or a simple forward pass in the AP(s). What you've created is a nice little triangle that has got you, potentially, into the no.10 area without doing anything ground breaking. You've shortened the pitch, you've reduced the passing risks.etc The same applies all over the pitch. How do you reduce the size of the pitch and how do you reduce passing risk.
  10. This is almost my perfect system. My most successful 4-4-2 of the last three or four years has been Standard-Flexible, GK(d), FB(s), CB(d), CB(d), FB(s), W(s), DLP(s), CM(d), W(s), AF(a), AF(a). My inspiration was Graham Taylor's Watford. It worked by keeping things relatively tight and just having the wingers ping the ball in behind the opposition defence for the AF's to run on to, usually with the one who recieved the ball knocking it across the six yard box for his striker partner to tap in. Beautiful stuff. What killed it was just that it was pretty one dimensional. To change things up I had to radically reshape the tactic which annoyed me. I'm considering relaunching the tactic with a couple of minor alterations. First, I might change the DLP(s) to CM(s) and tell him to hold his position, I'm thinking of also changing the wingers to WM(s) and having them play through balls rather than crosses. It will also shore us up a bit defensively. Lastly there's a possibility that I try to change one of the AF's to a TM who could operate as a TM(s) against a high line and a TM(a) against a deep defence. I'd complement that by pairing my TM(s) with a P(a) and the TM(a) with a SS(a) or AM(a). That said I'm giving myself the urge to try the original again, god I loved that tactic. I loved the football it played. Direct!.
  11. Atarin

    FB’s vs WB’s

    To be honest, the way I set up I rarely use WBs but when I find my FB is getting pushed back often switching him to WB(d) or WB(s) sorts things out. It leaves space behind for the opposition winger if he can knock the ball past my fullback but the whole point is that you want your fullback in the winger's face the minute he gets on the ball. It also puts doubt in the wingers mind because the FB is now on the front foot rather than the back foot. Sometimes its even just a case of the WB(d) holding play up until someone can get there and take over.
  12. The Comparison screen within Team Report is absolute god but it seems that there is a really unnecessary blockage there. Because the groups are divided into Defenders, Midfielders and Striker it means you're not getting anything like an accurate picture. For example, if you're trying to find out what the division best is for Dribbling you might see 10, but because this number includes central midfielders, and possibly DMs, that is far from an accurate picture of the divisions wingers. It seems to me that this needs to be broken up into specific positions to really have any meaning at all. Its the same with Defenders. There can be a world of difference between your average fullback's jumping and heading ability and that of a grizzled centre half. When you search for that attribute, though, you're getting a combination of the two, which isn't much help. So suggestion: Break it up further so you can select each attribute by position.
  13. I'm not exactly sure how it would work but I would be pretty happy if the following could be implemented... I'm currently playing as semi-professional Workington (one of my absolute favourite clubs to play as), who are based in Cumbria, North West England, which is quite an isolated part of the country. Workington are the feeder club to the only professional football club in Cumbria, Carlisle United, and as such get loan players every season and their squad is made up almost entirely of former Carlisle United players. In the game this is difficult to simulate because as players are released from Carlisle they suddenly seem to forget that they're Cumbrians and turn me down to go much further afield. A more realistic in game scenario would be that a majority of Carlisle's rejects will pass through Workington, either on their way to bigger things, a long career at Workington or further down the pyramid. Maybe some code that favoured feeder clubs when released? Maybe some code that could assess proximity of clubs to the players' home town?
  14. Atarin

    Kit Selection

    I've suggested this myself. Its not realistic but it would brighten up the game a little bit and make my 25th season with the club not seem quite so samey.