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Is there a way to tweak this 433?

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I have a very talented AML player with right foot very strong and left foot reasonable.

He could be a scoring machine with the right role, he has great scoring attributes and 17 for pace/acc/flair.


Is there a way to tweak this tactic so that the AML can change from Winger (S) to a player that cuts inside?

Would I need to change the FB (A) to a wingback (A)?

The problem is I like the FB (A) role much more than the Wingback (A) role


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I'm a bit of a football dinosaur so you won't get much sophistication from me, but I'd question whether you could play Iheanacho AND two wingers cutting into space. There'd just be too much congestion. You could potentially set Hlozek to IF(s). He'd still score and create goals, maybe even a lot of goals but he'd blend better with Iheanacho & Vignato. Ideally, with two wingers cutting in I'd want a striker who dropped off and linked up but it's not impossible to make it work with a central striker who attacks the box. You just need enough support players around him.

If you don't mind me saying, I think your tactic is a bit over the top anyway. You're on Attacking mentality and you have five players on Attacking duties. That's a whole lot of players looking to get ahead of the play.

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Posted (edited)

Changing a W(S) to cut inside will require trait training (cuts inside from left). It should be noted, however, that once the ball is in the box, the wingers will by default get in the box as well to see what chances they can make for themselves, and they do score from time to time. The trait will simply see them bring the ball off the line in towards goal, and be more natural when used with complementary tactical instructions (such as you have with IWs and IFs).

I'm really not sure on your reasoning behind putting a right foot dominant player on the left wing as a winger, however, or why you are stuck on that particular role. Crossing via a "reasonable" foot is not optimal, and while you can train them to curl the ball on the outside of their foot to make crosses on their strong foot, that still isn't entirely optimal either, even with exceptional technique. Wingers are hard wired to cross more often. It sounds like you want two inside forwards on the pitch, which is entirely doable, especially when one is on support. They'll occasionally use lateral ball motion to fake the keeper out and pop an easy one in. You could also do inverted winger. Those will still cross, but they cut in and sometimes get a nice chance to score.

The last player that moves inside is the wide target man, but that's an altogether different template than it sounds like you have.

All of those players who cut in will look towards overlapping fullbacks or wingbacks to drop the ball to. If you want to make that happen more often, click the "overlap left" and "overlap right" buttons. Try that and do IW(Su), see how it goes. Should complement your IF on the right flank, and fullback crossing endeavors. IW(At) makes better use of flair, but you'll probably see less in the way of overlaps.

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How many threads do you want @2feet? Please try to keep to the one thread instead of creating multiple :thup:

My advice is the same as yesterday, your Mezzella and Inside Forward are both attacking the same half space with a chance of the DLF dropping in there too. Then on the left, you have no role that looks to attack the penalty area. The wingers's focus is staying wide until late in attacking moves and crossing, the AP will arrive late and isn't looking to score. Flipping the CM roles adds more variation 

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Ok thanks all

I was looking for the AML to get more goals and to use his dribbling to attack more and make things happen offensively.

I will flip the CM roles.

Does anyone think a Treq or RaumD could work in the AML with Hlozek?


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