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Knap - FM23 and FM22_FM 21 - FM 20 -FM 19 Tactic List

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20 minutos atrás, knap disse:


Very good with Pool, all cups good GD and high score, plus Arsenal Everton results. Good all round performance



Can´t find the link to download.

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Can you suggest a one top tactic that creates lots of chances for the striker? Since last update I'm finding harder to get strikers to score especially in 4231, wide diamond has been most effective for me though I'd prefer more traditional formations.

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I had tried a 4141 Very Attacking but felt inconsistent away for non top clubs (very common in FM23). 4141 Balanced could be a good option for me esp the one with wingers as I feel IFs tend to shoot a bit too much rather than pass to striker.

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Knap FM2023 - Google Sheets



GK   Handling Reflexes (Acceleration Agility Decisions- Train)

DRL  Acceleration Pace Decisions ( Stamina Agility Acceleration - Train)

DC           Decisions Positioning Marking Acceleration Pace Strength Jumping (Decisions Marking - Train)

WBRL    Acceleration Pace Decisions (Stamina Acceleration - Train)

DM       Acceleration Pace Decisions (Agility Decisions Tackling - Train)

MRL     Acceleration Pace  (Agility Acceleration - Train)

MC     Acceleration Pace Vision Passing (Decisions Stamina - Train)

AMRL Acceleration Pace Dribbling (Stamina Pace Acceleration - Train)

AMC  Acceleration Pace Vision ( Stamina Agility Acceleration- Train)

ST     Acceleration Pace (Finishing Acceleration Heading Jumping - Train)

GENERAL  Acceleration Pace  Anticipation  Agility Balance Concentration work rate 

Guide to test results

PSG Elite

Man City / Lpool top 


CA 160 top 4-10


 140  10 - 15

CA 120  15 -20



Attribute_Weights.pdf.pdf35.17 kB · 59 downloads

Cadoni recommended shouts or use AM for Shouts

FM22 Shouts - Encourage (0-0; 20 min mark) - Calm Down (win 1-0 after you scoring) - Demand More (draw) - Praise (win by 2 goals) - Berate (loss by 2 goals



With regard to Away games it depends upon your own risk factor. I am gung ho and prefer to attack and perhaps win 1 game in 3. If isk adverse then use a defensive tactic and perhaps draw all 3 games.

As a defensive formation I would use451/ 4141 as it has a DM and protects wings.

The LOE can be adjusted with or without DL adjustments. The simple answer is just drop LOE..

For a SUS these are ideas to use.

Remove counter press counter

Remove pass into space

Stop WB runs by going to defend or no nonsense FB

Change mentality cautious

full SUS would be to regroup and hold shape

I tend to judge what to use by how the game is progressing as you may just to want to control game rather than a full SU


EBTS v22.1 (1).fmf19.43 kB · 41 downloads


TRAINING - Google Drive

Screenshot (995).png


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@knapHi boss! Please design more of those attack-minded formations from previous years! This season I don't know why most of the formations are that 4-2-4 or that odd 4-3-3 mentality or the balance of attack and defence to be honest! I personally feel that even though some formations are at the top of the rankings, they feel quite average! I feel that even though some of the formations are at the top of the rankings, they feel quite average!

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How do you mean attack minded formations. Can you post a screenshot of the basic tactic set up.

MAD AS A HATTER and KASHMIR tend to be my most attacking set ups

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From the results attack does not score any more than balanced but concedes more.

Attack may be useful for Home games or a team like PSG who can dominate league.

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On 12/03/2023 at 11:15, knap said:

So so good. 2nd season with Newcastle. Finished 3rd first season and was in the title race the whole way. I sometimes switch it up for other Knap tactics to keep the AI guessing but use this 9 out of 10 games




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3 hours ago, makkeb said:

did you only change the roles ?

Took away focus down both wings and overlap on both wings, also took out work ball into the box.

Changed throw it long to roll it out and added distribute to centre backs and took out get stuck in (too many yellows).


Seems to be working so far but I'll no doubt change a couple of things when the AI susses out the tactic, I may drop the AM back into a more central midfield in harder games.

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