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  1. Please could someone copy the link to the preachin 451 p109 all cups. the google link isn’t working and I cant scroll through 200+ pages 😫
  2. Agree with this! I dread a long throw on key highlights as I know the keeper claims it and the opposition team counter and create a good chance.
  3. There are many more versions Of Kashmir now. Which is the latest one / recommended for a top 4 premiership team?
  4. Knap help please.... used a mix of 4411 and the tea for one 4321 to get Winchester to the premier league and finished 7th in first season (Awesome tactic). The problem is I get smashed away from home against top 6. I have tried the 442 away tactic with even worse results. Any other suggestions for getting good results away from home with a mid table ish team.
  5. Was in 6th place in the league. Some dodgy results. Then I switched to 4321 and won the league and promotion to the premiership. Check out the goals scored!! best tactic I have used on this match engine by far. ( and I have used a lot).
  6. Can I jump on the 4321 bandwagon. What a tactic!!! Knap 👏 have been using the tea for one 4411 successfully for a few seasons (8!) but the 4321p106 is something else! Score loads of goals!
  7. So 3 straight promotions (predicted relegation each season) and now top of Sky bet league 1. tea for one 4411 is bloody brilliant. i have tried a lot of formations on this new match engine but the 4411 stands out a mile. Good both home and away. cheers knap 👍
  8. After testing a lot of tactics (and I mean a lot!) I am absolutely loving tea for one 4222 at home and 4411 away. Finally got me promoted to vanarama national league and now top of that first season and half way through. Cheers Knap! 👏 great tactics with normal wingers and wing backs 👍
  9. Knap....firstly keep on the good work! What would you recommend for home and away tactics for lower leagues? (Vanarama south). and would you recommend tweaking it such as not playing out from the back etc and not having ball playing centre backs?
  10. Punisher not working well for me, lost 2 home games in a row (one of them 4-1 and I was top of the league 🤦‍♂️). sticking with ashbringer V2.
  11. Am I the only one who found the best of all the recent tactics to be Ashbringer V2. It’s an absolutely machine for me. Won 9 away games in a row. The others more hit and miss for me. bring it back TFF!
  12. Any tactic testing complete yet on 20.2.4? Can’t find anything on FM base or arena yet. Would be good to see for this difficult match engine 🤷‍♂️
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