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  1. PARISINNE WALKWAYS 4231 VOL 2 P102 FA WINGER TACTIC it says winger, but the pictures and the upload is with inside forwards ? Is it the correct tactic or wrong upload ?
  2. seems like they fixed the throw in bug, just hoping the tweaks are working on the corner bug as well. I dont think there is anything in there, that should have a major influence on the tactics.
  3. Got the same problem. Its not only in my inbox but also when clicking on a player or player development. It takes like 4-5 seconds.
  4. The tactic is great and im currently winning everything in my 5th season with forest. The only thing i have changed are; Rigid to Fluid The right F9 to CF on support And i use OI from my ass. against hard Opps. Everything else is the same
  5. U could go for Hertha Berlin. They have a very nice setup, with a giant stadium. And the 5th largest city in europe dosnt have a squad in the best league. So there should be potiental for alot of support. Im currently playing a save with them and i think its very fun so far. U have a good chance of promotion in your first season.
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