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  1. Mate its good to see you again. Maybe for last 10 games i always give man mark to my wingers for oppositions wing backs. I believe it makes to defend more solid. What is your opinion?
  2. Not 3 strikers, 1 striker and 2 inside forwards 2 mc 1 dmc i prefer 😅
  3. Knap, Can we say that RAW SIENNA is a set of similar tactics? So can we use them as alternatives of each other? I began to start a new save and wanna use 3412 is main formation. On the other hand i will add 3511 and 352 for alternatives. Can it be an ideal usage of your tactics? Maybe, * 3412 for home matches * 352 for hard home matches or easy away matches * 3511 for hard away matches Is it the right way of it?
  4. Knap mate u have great tactics. Congrats. I wanna start a new season with a mediocre team. Can u suggest me a 3 tactics pack included Standart version, Attack Version and Defensive version. And of course tactics must be similar for change between them easily... Do u have a trio in your mind?
  5. Knap what do u think about strikerless formations?
  6. Hello guys,I downloaded facepack and logopack for FM 2017. But i dont wanna save them Documents/SI/FM 2017 blah blah location. Coz i am using company pc and "Documents" files uploaded to server for backup everyday. I can copy FM 2017 files and i can put save files on it. Its not a problem but editing files like facepacks and logos not working in another location. Can anyone help me?
  7. Knap, I like your tactics and wanna start a new save (ı am not sure about which team but wanna try them with Lower League team.) Can u suggest me 3 of your tactics?!?
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