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  1. Hi, does anybody know when FM20 Touch 20.4.1 update will be released? Thanks
  2. When downloaded @knap it's a 5-3-2 not 4-4-2 as shown in the images.
  3. 2nd Season with Newcastle but first season using !FM20.2.4VenomFaith442KnapP101EC - Not bad so far!
  4. It's up to knap to share as it is his tactic. If he wanted it widely available, I am sure he would have posted it on this forum. PM him and ask.
  5. Forgot to also mention that on numerous occasions, it was 4 attackers vs 2 defenders against me also. Again could be an ME thing
  6. Seems to be a hang over from FM19 then @knap Having said that, I witnessed Joelinton on 1 occasion on FM20 being put through one and one and he rounded the keeper and scored. I have never seen that happen in FM19! So an ever so slight improvement on one on ones
  7. Yeah not bad considering he was in the lower red for the AF position. I signed Mariano from Real Madrid in Jan but he has hardly set the world on fire. Joelinton did very well too. St Maximin and Almiron turned out to be very effective wingers (Almiron quickly retrained as an ML) and Shelvey was outstanding in the DLP role. Only 2 things I found not so good with the tactic was that the wingers would dribble to the touchline then veer towards goal and then try to score from a ridiculous angle rather than squaring the ball to the strikers though that could be an ME problem. The other thi
  8. @knap With your tweaked 442, I was so close in 1st season to winning the league in my first season! Watched all games watched on comprehensive highlights.
  9. I used !!!!!!!19.3.6UNPLUGGED442WAFKnapP102ALLCUPS had great success with Man U and Marseille. I prefer Wingers and AF for strikers over PF's. I always start my saved games as Newcastle (not the strongest of teams). There was more chances created on FM19 in comparison to FM20. It seems that Wing play seems to be better in FM20 based on what others have said and what formations are available. I have always been a fan of your tactics and enjoy a good 442.
  10. I wouldn't mind testing them tbh. I prefer the 442 formation. I enjoyed great success with your 442's on FM19. If you could PM me that would be cool. Thanks
  11. @knap Can you please post your tweaked tactics, or is it even worth starting a new FM20 Tactics thread for these? Thanks Denners
  12. Can you post the link please Knap to the blue matter sub top tactic mentioned above?
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