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Tested with Lpool in FMT no OIs








Tested with Arsenal in FMT no OIs.

FM 18.3.0











Tested with Spurs in FMT no OIs

FM 18.2.2









Tested with Arsenal no OIs.

FM 18.2.2

VOL 4 
















Based on FM17 Tactic

























Tested with Spurs no OIs

Minor tweaks





Original High Tempo






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Any details about the tactic at all @knap before I use it with my players? Would you recommend my pacier strickers as the DLF as they might find themselves in wide positions, or just technical deep forwards that are good at bringing the AF into play. For example, which one would Kane or Rashford be better at?

I do hover round these forums a lot, but I don't always download a tactic because I need more info. Kudos for doing it mind :) 

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The Arsenal team is a guide to what sort of players will work.

Good players play well and If you take Kane he can play AF CF DLF F9 SS. What I tend to do is go with Ass Man pick, but then change players around during a game and see if any advantages or disadvantages show up. 

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Little off topic but, does anyone else agree that we should see a much more in depth tactical set up taking into account transitional phases of the game? for example, I want my team to play compact and narrow the field of play in the defensive transition forcing teams to either play over me or around me and then in the attack transition I'd like my team to spread the formation out as wide as possible to hense create space and numerous passing lanes. I ask this question as I take inspiration from carlos carvahal in his book regarding the besiktas morphocycle. Now I could be completely wrong and there may be a perfectly good way to impose these transitions into the Game but I at a loss of how to do this?.. 

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just a little progress update, season 2, harry kane and lloris both had some injuries but the backup (especially florin Andone ) did very well. the only hiccup was the carabao cup which I played youth players. Also ill point out I havnt played any of the "big clubs yet" but still so far so good.



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1 hour ago, tottenham2k7 said:

just a little progress update, season 2, harry kane and lloris both had some injuries but the backup (especially florin Andone ) did very well. the only hiccup was the carabao cup which I played youth players. Also ill point out I havnt played any of the "big clubs yet" but still so far so good.



Who are you playing as your front 3?

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bare in mind I'm in season 2, and won the quadrouple with knaps tactic, I play with harry kane , mauro icardi and alexis sanchez as the top 3, however before I got sanchez ( free transfer ) in season one, I was using llorente, icardi and florin andone as my top 3 (harry kane had 4 major injuries and played 8 times in season one!) 


icardi always as the top striker, llorente did very well as DLF as did Son before he decided he wanted to move on in January!!

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Check out llorentes stats from the season (his cup and continental form also!!) , I only sold him as I thought id get in some better players due to the increase in rep......its backfired though as not gelling as well lol

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22 hours ago, tottenham2k7 said:

yes I did retrain eriksen but tbh he barely got a game. alli and wanyama were my midfield duo ( dembele was injured for 3 months and never got back into the side)

wich one of the goodbye are u using?


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Knap, if you were to suggest converting one of the 3 forwards into a AMC position which would it be?

I have a couple of good AM's and want to get them in, was thinking dropping the DLF(A) to be either AM(A) or SS.

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What. The. ****... Is going on... Oh @knap i think you`ve done it again. This is Hellas Verona, predicted to go down.
Terrible squad, no money. Need another striker, so i got Bjørn Bergmann Sigurdarsson from Molde for 800k, in Norwegian Eliteserien.
And now this... He`s scored 16 goals in 13 games in the Serie A, with 6 assists... Haha, he doesnt even score in Norway!
33 years old Pazzini have 12 in 12 games, and reject Cerci has 7 in 12 with 5 assists...
Did not lose until an accident against rome in the 2nd last game before writing this due to a red card, was thinking maybe that was it..
Loosing streak incoming.
So Milan next, i use instant result all season, but now i press space to fast, so i have to play the game. Great, probably have to watch a huge loss.
Suddenly 3-0 up after 17 mins, and im screaming in the couch so the cat hides behind the sofa.. Ac Milan did not have a shot.. Until the 43min.
1-6??? Mum im not coming hoome this week!

Maybe this is the 2018 underdog tactic? This Verona team is so poor...

PS! While im writing this i beat Udinese 7-0..


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1 hour ago, knap said:

Hopefully this is the 2018 underdog tactic and interchangeable with GOODBYE 3430.

Hi Knap , you know how much appreciate your tactics ,

but underdog ? attacking with 3 strikers ?

instant result means nothing 

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Having great success with this tactic at Blackburn. Won league one and efl trophy first season. Second season won championship. Broke records in league one and the championship for points won, goals scored, unbeaten run, and games won in a row.

Players include Thierry Ambrose on loan, Gedion Zelalem, David Raya, Harry Charsley. and some regens from the youth team. My best player was Rankin-Costello who I trained as a deep lying forward, but West Ham met his 14 million transfer clause and I had to sell him.

Now ready for the premiership with a transfer budget of 46 million to spend.

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