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  1. have youre inside fwd stay wide and cut inside abd stay forward, change your tactic to overlap especially for you inverted winger.
  2. If you are winning every game the ai will figure out your tactics. So you have to make a tactic that is good at attacking and defending. to break down teams, to defend from counter, to counter yourself. Also lots of TIs work. and they work in combination. High defensive line works with pressing and counter cuz your pressing high up pitch etc and then add offside trap
  3. The game is easy for an experienced player, but for a new player it can be really hard. Imagine playing the game for the first time, and having to make tactics, training, buying players, actually playing the game with absolutely no experience.
  4. Added Knaps corners and long throw "exploit" suggested by forum user LandonDonovan 532 wb.fmf
  5. liverpool havent lost any points yet. they op but kinda true to life last season. Buy better players or dl a setpiece routine cuz i use default. @Wiwyum
  6. easiest to make too Nocysinho, cuz the entire pitch is covered, dont have to concentrate or focus on one are like i have wingers so i can play wide, i got 3 mids so i can play up middle. Also its good in footballmanager to have someone everywhere on the pitch for goal kicks, wayward corners, headers, to chase a loose ball down the fastest, to pick up cleances. if i had a 12th man it would be dmc
  7. Hi this is my 5-3-2 Its been tested with blackburn, and ipswich, and by the streamer australian skeletor. When he tested it he beat city 6-0 away in ucl with everton. This tactic is even better than my 4321. You will win every game. I cant show you my results as i havent been playing this tactic all season, and my ipswich save is online so i cant really do the tactic justice. The two strikers will both finish the top two scorers in the league. As im playing two up front, i can get away with playing a complete forward. Thats a forward who is a target man, deep lying forward everything alongside a poacher. The midfield combination is basic dlp and mez, i chose mez so he can help the wb on the right. The wbs are complete wbs so they get back and defend and dont get caught out. The libero is perfect to move into midfield and spray balls out to the wbs. This is a plug in and play. The setpieces are set to default but you dont need to worry No OI assman does team instructions. Shouts: encourage : drawing against better team demand more: losing 1-0 more creative= knocking on the door show passion = losing 2-0 Plz rate review this tactic Added Knaps Corner setpiece and someones throwin "exploit" 532 wb.fmf Original 532 wb urotsukidoji.fmf
  8. about to release an even better 532 wb maybe tonite tomorrow, im winning every game, just going through the formula of testing to make sure so i can post my results
  9. cruyff on new tactics now i just leave it on default, they kinda cancel each other out
  10. Final version defo. I swear to god someone has been messing with my tactic during an online save, the guys a cheat. Ive looked through my tactic and things are changed. IM SO SORRY FINAL VERSION Urotsukidojis 4231.fmf
  11. sergio: you need a striker who scores goals. Inside forwards who can score and come in on opposite foot. And fb who can run up and down and are jack of all trades. centre mids and cb you can get away with, as they will always play well.
  12. BTW SI games Official Forums is the only place you can find this tactic.
  13. thanks Nocyinho88 im going to remove the tight marking tweak. I only tweaked it cuz im fed up of conceding setpieces. Thanks for testing the tactic Nabby. Wierd tactic, can win 30 games in a row and lose at home to bournemouth after having 40 shots to there 1.
  14. won fa cup 2nd season with blackburn. beat utd 3-0 in final. blackburn team i have, has some good players but ive been playing 16 yo regens from my youth team too.
  15. fixed a mistake where i just noticed in my save one of the cb wasnt a bpd added tight marking to be more competitive when defending set pieces.
  16. made tweak to ss making him roaming. helps to unlock defences
  17. got isaac lihadji on a free out of contract start of 2nd season, sold to utd for 160m
  18. If your new to the game i suggest you hand over general training to your assistant manager. Its under staff responsibilities. For indivual training, do that yourself, and train each player in the position you want to train him. example train a poacher as a poacher.
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