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  1. The game is absolutely infuriating me this year! Beat Barca at home the lose away to Villa next game..... the rng is off the scale!
  2. @stian @mickyt11 I am using Beowulf 424 with Spurs, I always use the default squad 1st season just buy free transfer youngsters for the reserve squad. Spurs squad is bloated with mediocrity, I won the league 3rd season and lost champions league final, only players remianing in first team were Reguilon, Nodombele, Son & Kane. Got a bit inconsistent 4th Season and only managed 3rd and an FA Cup win. 1st Team now is Onana, Dest, Upamecano, Bastoni, Reguilon, Skipp, Camavinga, Sancho, Son, David, Kane. Now going in to season 5 and hoping back to winning ways! FM21.5B
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