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  1. Disappointing 4th season using the 19.3.4 442 wingers poachers tactic back to the drawing board for season 5, any suggestions knap?
  2. Its really annoying though, had him playing and training as a striker for over 3 seasons and he still hasn't gone natural in that position!
  3. I am using this currently, Kane has 30 goals in 33 appearances at the end of December !!!!!FM19.3.4BEOWULF442WPKnapP104ALLCUPSSalah.fmf
  4. Yeh, I have a reserve squad full of world class regens. It’s how I like to play the game.
  5. 3rd season with Spurs, FMT 19.3.4 using 442 19.3.3 FB W AF 104 FACC, still with default 1st team. Going to try 19.3.4 wingers poachers 104 all cups for 4th season.
  6. And we are looking for normal style wingers in the WM positions, pace, crossing etc? Do you individually train them as WM's or wingers?
  7. With this tactic I had the most successful 5 seasons with Spurs that I have ever had on any version of the game ever, won the league and champions league all 5 seasons with the default 1st team. Would be great if you could have a look at this and update for 19.3.4 keeping the Wingers and Poachers if possible? !FM19.2.2BEOWULF442WpKnapP103ALLCUPSSalah.fmf
  8. Yes Knap, 442 strikers scoring, 1st Season Spurs with default squad. Would have liked to have seen at least 90 league points but will take that!
  9. I got 101 points 1st season with Spurs using Beowulf 424 19.2.2 with default squad, it was just too weak away from home in the cup games. Was that with Beowulf 442 you used Alli as RM?
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