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  1. Did you change much with this from the original other than moving the wingers in to the AML/AMR positions?
  2. Currently having great success with Beowulf 107 with the wingers moved up in to the AML/AMR positions to make a 424. Premier League & Carabao Cup with Spurs 1st season, lost in Champions League final.
  3. FMT Touch 20.2.3 We gutted to miss out on the 100 points! Still an awesome season.
  4. Pipped on goal difference by Man City on the last day! Most enjoyable 1st season I have had with Spurs yet with any tactic, just feels right if that makes sense
  5. Promising start with Spurs, some good results, 5-1 at home to Man U, 3-2 away to Liverpool, 2-0 away to Juve. Also some frustrating inconsistent results also, 0-1 away to Leicester & 0-3 away to Villa! Going to run it through 1st season and see how it goes.
  6. Going to give this a whirl with Spurs, desperate for a 451/4231 to work this year!!
  7. Giving Stargazing 4231 a whirl with Spurs, it’s good, don’t think I will win the league and hit 90 points 1st season which is my benchmark but I’m determined to find a tactic this year utilising the AML/AMR positions! Do you think it could be made in to a 41221/451 dropping the AMC in to DM position Knap?
  8. Looking at getting one of these to run FM Touch on:- https://store.hp.com/UKStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=8XL37EA&opt=ABU&sel=NTB Powerful enough to do the job?
  9. Hey, Is anyone playing Touch on a Surface Pro? I currently play between my desktop pc at work and an iPad Pro but thinking of getting a Surface Pro instead of a new iPad Pro? Anyone with any help or advice as there are many Surface Pro’s to choose from! TIA
  10. Is that the same as this one Knap FM20BLUEMATTER433DMKnapP108ECCC451IWFM20P102P98.fmf
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