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  1. Gotta love the RNG... !!!!FM20.4.0BlackEcho424knapP109FACCP345(207).fmf
  2. 257175405_!!!!FM20.4.1KnapKashmir451VOL5P102ECCCP358(186-172).fmf
  3. Giving it a whirl now, have literally just moved the ML/MR up in to the AML/AMR positions. Would you suggest changing anything else to compensate for these positions being more advanced now? I am not sure if I can put up with the glaring red square in the middle of the pitch on the tactics screen however....
  4. I have had a promising start with Warrior, you think this could be tweaked to move ML/MR to AML/AMR?
  5. I tweaked Black Echo 4231 in to a 424, had a great 1st season with Spurs winning league with 96 points with default squad. Its not perfect however, I am also searching for the same as you! !!!!FM20.4.0BlackEcho424knapP109FACCP345(207).fmf
  6. Have you tested any other the other 424’s you have made, Beowulf, Gallows?
  7. Haha, that’s not very good is it?! Would be nice to know how it compares to the other 424’s you have though. I had a good run with Beowulf 424 with IF’s, won league from season 3 onwards but couldn’t win champions league at all which isn’t good enough in my book I am enjoying this Black Echo 424 though, just done Arsenal 8-1 at home and it seems strong away against the big boys which is always a good sign I find
  8. @knap Yeh, had a horrendous start to season 2 after a big sqaud inprovement and put season 1 down to lucky RNG. Season 2 has really turned around now and we are absolutely ripping, was in 10th, 10 points off Man City now 2nd in February 4 points behing Liverpool.
  9. Changed Black Echo 4231 in to a 424, moved AMC to AF and copied settings on one that was already there. Nice 1st season with Spurs default squad !!!!FM20.4.0BlackEcho424knapP109FACCP345(207).fmf
  10. Oooo a new 424... I have a good save with Spurs with the Beowulf 424 140, had to assemble a world class team and won league every year from 3rd season onwards, never could win champions league however! Happy to test with Spurs....
  11. @knap Best 4312 in your opinion? Playing Spurs as usual.... TIA
  12. Champions League Final Alli sent off in 6th minute Aurier sent off in 40th minute Left as plug and play lol 1077073973_!!!!FM20.4.0TeaforOne4321OXP106ALLCUPS (1).fmf
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