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  1. Ennis again , scored twice in the Carabao Cup
  2. PoM ,3rd goal in 6 appearances so far
  3. Now we have a 2 weeks break , then one away game vs a team that has 0 points so far in the league and then 3 consecutive home games
  4. Best performance so far in the league ! 4-0 !
  5. Except Nmecha who was POM, Meslier was very stable and saved us in 3-4 occasions
  6. Oxford the first goal of the season ...and Hunter the 2nd It was the 1st appearance of Hunter in the Premier League ,and he scored. Oxford was the POM Nmecha is a quality player ,I can't keep him on the bench but if he wants to play the 4222 he must learn the DM position
  7. SEASON 2023 -24 PREMIER LEAGUE Finances Completed requests Ongoing requests Current facilities Staff Transfers I didn't make any other signings Squad 2023-24 Tactics I will use 2 preset tactics with the style '' direct counter attack '' depending from the number of strikers I decide to use but I tend to use the players in the position I decide ,with their best role/duty. If Chong plays in the left side he will be winger ,but in the right side Inverted winger Nmecha will be DLP Gomes will be DLP(D) ,and so on Odds Schedule
  8. 13th summer signing , and the last one ! And now we enter the pre-season will all the transfers done.
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