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  1. which tactic great for Leicester , with good use of Vardy and Mahrez?
  2. anyone with BM 433 seen this before? Liverpool 45 mins without one shot on goal, and trailing 0-4 anyway, the final stat is more reasonable
  3. this vol3 certainly better than vol2. Brighton managed to score 6, 7 goals in PL matches
  4. @knap what adjustment will you recommend if we still need one goal
  5. i have tried several tactics of Knap, included 3430 , BM and etc . this tactic gave my Brighton higest points in first season
  6. i could not win PL with bottom teams. @knap what are the few most important position i need to have very good players for blue matter
  7. i think this tactic work for bottom team. but need some luck and good management to win PL . IWB is very important, as far i can see.
  8. can this help media predicted bottom 3 win PL in first season ?
  9. i think LFC can win PL with any of knap tactics in first season
  10. @knap, we know you don't use OI, do u have idea is it better or worst to follow AM OIs ?
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