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  1. Smashing job there finishing third with Parma in the first season! Any chance you could share your tactic?
  2. Thanks, yeah i will download gyazo after this 😅. And I'm using the TCS skin from FMScout.com
  3. First season signings. Been using direct style 4-4-2 since the squad during the first season is quite crap and it turns out to be the right decision lol.
  4. First season was pretty good, ended up 6th and qualifying for the Europa League lol. Now I'm going to try and do better than that which will be quite the challenge.
  5. Yeah i get it (or do i?) If I'm not mistaken international caps can also affect whether a NON EU players can registered or not right?
  6. Damn, looks like i won't be able to register both Almada and Markovic at least till the third season.. Because i forgot to mention as well that i did sign Wilfred Bony (Ivory Coast) in my first season January window for free and now he counts as one of the Non EU players during the second season despite the fact that he's out on loan in Korea. Damn Italy why you gotta make this **** so complicated smh..
  7. Hi guys I'm currently playing a save with Parma and now I'm at the beginning of the 2019/20 season. Why can't i register Thiago Almada(Argentina), Svetozar Markovic (Serbia) despite selling Gabriel Brazao(Brazil) to FC Porto and also Gervinho(Ivory Coast) to (Sampdoria)..?? Any help would be appreciated because this is bugging the hell out of me.. Edit :I've read Raymond85's comments but i don't quite get it.. I thought i had it all figured by selling Brazao to a club outside of Italy and also selling Gervinho.
  8. Video Adboard is working but the banner isn't. Any solution to that or am i just missing something here?
  9. Glad to see that it's still working on the latest version. You think it'll still work with Underdog teams?
  10. Hey there, Which tactic would you think is the best for a team like Chelsea?
  11. I'm able to launch the game now, Hopefully it won't crash again. Thank you again for your patience and assistance.
  12. Still doesn't work, Guess I'll have to wait for another patch. Thanks for the help anyway.
  13. Already removed all the custom graphics and it didn't work. Running Avira Antivirus..
  14. Previously i was able to launch the game and even started a save with Chelsea now i can't even launch the game at all after updating to the full game.. Is there any way of reverting back to the beta version until you guys are able to fix it?
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