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  1. Hi mate, really love your skin, but there is one feature I dont like. Is there a way to move the goal/cards/var desicions etc away from the top center (in front of the clock) of the screen? Sometimes it pops up over the clock and does not drop and I have to guess the time. This is just a bug bear of mine so If you can tell me how to change it, that would be great. Many thanks
  2. If you look at Morrisys thread in the editors hideaway forum, I think he has done them. Its the scottish league thread.
  3. This is 100% me! If I create a tactic, and it works all is good with the world. As soon as I start to under perform, I head straight back PnP tactic and end up staying with it as it is bringing me success. In my current save 2025/26, I have just moved to Watford after dominating Scottish football with Aberdeen using a PnP tactic. At the start of the save, I was using my own 442 and 4411, but after patches etc, my tactic started to under perform and I needed a quick fix. Hello PnP. I'm still using the same tactic I been using the last 4 seasons! My name is Chris, and I'm a Plug and Playaholic
  4. Jeezo mate, what a read and you pretty much described me there! I had plans to delete all p&p tactics from my save (currently in year 26/27) and build my own from scratch. Needless to say, that never happened. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread, thanks mate.
  5. Wow mate, looks great! Is this a WIP?
  6. I must admit, I find this too, especially after I bring a player on in 2nd half. Also, when I use shouts such as "encourage" or "tighten up" can have a negative effect on body language too.
  7. Its looking good, I like the titlebar.
  8. I'm currently in 24/25 season with Aberdeen and no problems on my end.
  9. So, last night I had a wee play. Apart from the 2 CM's, I didnt change the roles else where, I just meesed about with the settings. I actually beat the mighty Barcelona at home after the tweaks. Still going to play about but it does have potential I think.
  10. It wasnt so much how they played that caught my eye, it was the formation on the sky sports app and I thought it looked interesting. I have changed to this combo for now and sort of messing about with the roles. I'm thinking of changing the CB roles to BPD too. As I say, I am a noob when it comes to tactics and this is my first creation that's giving me relative success.
  11. I did have the wingers on support but changed to attack. I am thinking of changing back as results are finally starting to suffer (I knew it was too good to be true lol). I am also considering changing my CM to DLP su, why? Honestly no idea why except a BBM and DLP combo seems to work for me.
  12. Hi Folks. When it comes to tactical creation, I will be the first to admit I am useless. I have been playing CM/FM since the battle of Trafalgar bla bla bla, but when it came to the tactical side of life, I always used other peoples. Even when it came to reading some of the fantastic guides that people on here have written, I could not be bothered going through all the writing and went straight to screenshots and copied them. So yea, as my son would say, I am a noob. Ok, enough of that. After watching the Spurs v Huddersfield game last week, I came up with this formation/tactic. (I was going by the formation on the sky sports app) https://imgur.com/UvdAkHj It is quite an attacking tactic, with goals coming from all over the Park. So far my strikers are scoring as well as my wingers, with the midfield joining in. https://imgur.com/2XqADqP This is my fixtures so far this season. As you can see, I am unbeaten so far. Now I know what some of you are going to say, its 2023, not original squad, you can use any tactic in that year etc. I am just sharing with you what I have mad, it is up to you if you try it or not. I am just looking for some expert advice on what they think. I did get the group of death in the Champ League with Barca, Man Utd and AZ. However, I beat Utd in a friendly and beat AZ 5-0. This is my squad: https://imgur.com/qThICnf Going forward, I am a tad reluctant to change much as, so far, I have a pretty solid base. One thing I have noticed is my players seem to bunch up in the middle of the park, so I am going to look at the attacking width, and may play a bit more with set pieces. I know its not the greatest ever tactic, but its one I came up with, so to me it is lol Anyway, thank you if you have read this. As I say, I am a noob when it comes to tactics, and my write up may not be great. Please let me know if you want to know anything else, and of course, if you want to try it out yourself.
  13. Hi mate, thank you so much for putting time and effort into this skin, much appreciated. Do you happen to know if it will be compatible for high resolution but at 125% zoom? Thanks again.
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