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  1. parsdaft1982

    How to warn player for sending off

    If its a player on loan, I criticise his conduct and hope he learns the error of his ways.
  2. parsdaft1982

    Samsung Galaxy book 10.6

    I can confirm that it does work well. I aint going to download any graphics etc, and may play on 2d but so far it is working. It is basically a small pc this book thing.
  3. parsdaft1982

    Average Gamer Age

    35 here. Started playing premier manager and LMA manager on the Playstation before moving onto CM on the PC. My dad used to go mental when I was on leave (joined the navy when 16) I used to hog the computer playing CM until I got my first laptop. Been addicted ever since., still have no clue on tactics tho
  4. Hi guys, do you know if this pc/tablet will run FMT? I have just upgraded my tablet today to this and im wondering if I can play on this. May even one day replace my laptop (tho I doubt it). Cheers for your help guys
  5. parsdaft1982

    [FM19][SKIN] TCS '19

    Hi mate, totally love this skin, best one out there. Just one thing, the IBH screen, how do i change it so it does not show the formation at the bottom? Cheers in advance.
  6. parsdaft1982

    [Scotland] Data Issues

    Just a small thing. Looking at Dunfermline Athletic, under fierce rivals it has none, however Falkirk and Faith are considered fierce rivals. (Will provide screenshot tomorrow)
  7. I feel medicine on fm19 as Dunfermline is going to help me through the night, now to convince my football hating boss im ill!
  8. Yes, yes I can! Oh no, feeling sick....
  9. Unfortunately I cant, I work on a ship, cant get time off without getting quarantined..... Now there is an idea!
  10. I start work in 45 mins, looks like I will have to wait till morning to play
  11. parsdaft1982

    Football Manager and life...

    I work at sea, so I'm on a rota of 2 weeks on/off with 4 blocks of 4 weeks off. I also have a wife and kids. I ply FM as much as I can, my Mrs is happy enough to let me play as long as I don't ignore her or the kids. I play every day, even when I'm away, but I get less time to play at work than I do at home, obviously. My steam show over 800 hours on FM 18, but I think it is a hell of a lot more than that. I have to put steam into offline mode when I'm away and It doesn't count up my hours like it does in online mode. Anyway, I seem to have the perfect set up both home and away
  12. parsdaft1982

    Vanarama North/South Under 23 Squads

    I took over Burton in League 1 and they were the same. 3rd season, after getting promoted to the championship, I got my under 23's
  13. I just noticed this during my save. Darren Ferguson hired as Dundee United manager, then got sacked the next day due to "clubs poor league position". Probably a bug but still pretty funny.
  14. parsdaft1982


    Hi, hopefully someone can help me. Im playing as the mighty Dunfermline in Scotland. Just got my team promoted first try to the Scottish Premier League. The problem I am having is I can only sign scouts on an amatuer contract. My team is fully proffesional, lways have been. All other staff on full time contracts but not my scouts. I did wait till the new season started and tried offering new contracts but still the same. Is this a bug do you think?