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  1. At Dunfermline, It has Andy Geggan as Captain and John Potter as vice captain. Callum Fordyce was appointed captain last season befor his horrific injury and Geggan is vice captain. Although Geggan has played most games this season as captain, I believe he is still deputising for Fordyce.'s_stand_side_view&ID=9177 John Potter is still listed as a player/u20 manager in the game. He is just the u20's manager. Though it has been known for him to play the odd match, he is not listed in the DAFC first team list. Also, the pars have announced a partnership with Kelty Hearts JFC. The partnership will initially allow Dunfermline u20's to play competative matches at Kelty's home ground.
  2. Wow, this looks excellent. I will be looking forward to this, It will be a great challenge trying to get Rosyth up to the top division (mind you getting to the league 2 will be great too!!)
  3. When FM17 comes out, I will probably do my usual and start in the Scottish Lower leagues and work my way up. The mighty Pars are in the championship now so I may not go them as they are too high for my liking. I have just started a save with Portsmouth, depending how much I like that, I may start there in FM17 too!
  4. Also, Nicky Clark moved from Bury to Dunfermline Athletic on a 2 year deal.
  5. My wife is totally cool about it. She knows im addicted to the game and will play in all my free time where i can. As long as i dont ignore the kids too much and spend a little tim some nights with her, i can play it as much as i want. She tried to get into it around FM10 time but found it too complicated so she is happy for me to play it for her ha ha
  6. I am currently on my 2nd save of FM16 and i am managing East Fife in Scotland. Started off with no qualifications and sundy league footballer and won back to back leagues to the premier league and won Scottish hero achievment in the process. Currently in my 4th season and doing ok. My first save I started off at my favourite club Dunfermline. I got them back to the premier league (where they belong) and became the dominant team in Scotland winning 10 league titles in a row before moving off to Fulham where I turned them into one of the biggest clubs in Europe. Left the game at pre-season 2033/34 to have a wee break.
  7. Thats brilliant, thanks mate, will try that tomorrow when im not drinking lol
  8. Hi mate, I like the skin however there is one thing that is stoppng me from using it. How do I go about changing the transparancy of the "match in-between highlights" panel? Reason being, when watching the match, as I hover over the subs button, the game clock is hidden by the panels. Its enough of a bug bear to not use the skin for me, petty I know. Cheers mate
  9. I play daily, and as much as I can. Wife has accepted I am addicted to the game and as long as I dont ignore her and the kids, she doesnt mind me playing it as much as I do. I am now into the 26/27 season. This is the longest save I have ever had on FM, still not tried any other save yet.
  10. Happy days, thanks mate
  11. Hi mate, love your skins, are you doing a Dark one?
  12. Hi mate, love this skin. However, I put the panel in the correct folder but it is still dark writing that is hard to see. Its not just the player menus but every menu, is there a fix you can recommend? Cheers mate.
  13. That's a good idea, I'm going to try that for my new season, thanks mate
  14. Yea been following this thread too and has helped me develop a tactic that I use against the likes of Celtic and Rangers. With my normal tactic, I have changed my mentality to control and and my DLF(s) to DLF(a) along with the other changes above and what a difference it is making. I mainly use it against the "weaker" teams while still using the counter one in away games.
  15. So I have made the above changes and things are getting better. I'm looking more solid in defence and the team is creating more chances. I Ave also stopped my OI's and that has helped. My DLF (s) is still not doing well. He keeps getting a rating of around 6.2 to 6.5. He suits the role of DLF but does not want to score. I'm going to fiddle with his PI's and see how he does.