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  1. Yep, so do I. My wife buys me FM every year so I cant complain. She is happy as long as I dont ignore her or the kids
  2. How to manage a club!?

    Looking at your first screen, you may of selected the option "Start as unemployed manager". May be worth starting over again ensuring either no team is selected or unemployed option is not selected. Only thing I can think of mate.
  3. Magic, thank you very much, I'll give that a bash later on.
  4. How do I change the IBH from logos back to kits? Other than that it's a great skin, well done.
  5. For thos who think the ME is scripted and that certain scorelines in FM will never happen in real life, these are the stats for last nights game: SwaVLiv stats 28% possession, Bet Klop feels like he was playing FM last night
  6. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    Mate, you are a star, worked this time for me. Thank you very much!
  7. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    Have done several times mate, god know why it wont work!
  8. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    Nope, still coming up as can not extract or open archive. I guess im destined no to have this skin
  9. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    I think I just went exract here, I will try your suggestion, thanks mate.
  10. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    I have 7zip mate, still doesn't work
  11. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    Is anyone able to re-zip and re upload this skin or put it on steam workshop for me please? No matter what programme I use it just doesn't want to unzip for me
  12. Just Can't Stop Cheating

    My name is Parsdaft and i am also a chronic cheater! Glad to know I'm not the only one, tho o have been getting better with age
  13. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    Hi mate, I downloaded your skin, however it wont unzip as it says there is no archive. Do you know of a solution?
  14. [FM18][MOD] Match Review Screen Mods

    I tried That, still doesn't work. Thanks for trying to help me. I think I'm destined to go without this mod.
  15. [FM18][MOD] Match Review Screen Mods

    Yea, the default menus do, not installed your one but the default do.