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  1. Its weird mate but it has actually sorted itself for me. I have not loaded up since last night but i never did anything to sort it, it just did it itself.
  2. I have noticed a wee problem, see below: In the top right corner, the button to move on to the next screen is missing. When I do go onto the next screen the button works fine! Only thing I changed is added the IBH panel provided on this forums, do you think that caused it?
  3. Hi, I am wanting to add EPL logos to my FMT on samsung tab s2, where do I put the logo packs?
  4. Still working for me with the slight tweaks mentioned above!
  5. Bloody disaster, ALL 4 of my strikers are out for a minimum of 2 weeks! I only have 1 youth striker too! thankfully The transfer window is open for 1 more day!
  6. No problem mate. What PI's do you use for the AM position? Im thinking of changing it to support and see how that goes too. I was thinking about the FB position too and Im thinking of using WB's for that formation and keeping FB for the original. On the plus note, I now have 3 versions to chop and change between now. I did try a 4312 but was a total disaster. Now to try convince good players to come to lowly Airdrie!
  7. Unfortunatly I do not have a save game from before this new, just on the day I got it
  8. Thats me finished another season as Airdrie manager finishing an incredible 3rd place in the Scottish Premiership in my first season with a fairly average team. I tinkered around with formation for the last game of the season moving the CM(a) up to AM position. I won 2-1 away to St Johnstone. My concern is im conceding at lot, with a hell of a lot of draws, but I am still happy guiding my team to this incredible finish in the league. So, i may tinker a bit more for the new season, also I intend to bring in better quality player to shore up my defence and more consistent strikers.
  9. I have just finished the 1018/19 season as Airdrie in 3rd place in the Scottish Premiership. The next day or so I get a news message saying "Airdries points total of 9pts is a new record low", however we finished on 65 ish points. Below are screenshots.
  10. I actually think the tactic is still working well. My team are favorites to be relegated but im in the top half of the league.
  11. Yea I think so too. Although my team are favorites to be relegated and are massive underdogs in the league, so I am expecting inconsistency from my team!
  12. Oh oh, new patch, im not sure whether to download it or not incase it breaks my current tactic!!
  13. So this is how I finished my 2nd season in charge of Airdrie in Scotland. As you can see, I won the Scottish championship with ease, media prediction was 9th. I also won the IRN-BRU challenge cup, semi final of the scottish cup and pretty far in the League cup. Its been a great tactic which helped me break a fair few club records. FYI, I ended up removing the OI's that I set and my results seemed more consistent.
  14. I was thinking about doing something similar but I don't have the player for AMC role! hope it goes well for you mate.
  15. Here you go mate. You can also see my fixtures so far for this season. @shep171 you have done a great job mate. Still working for me in a different save as you can see!