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  1. Never done an online game before so where do i sign up lol. Sent a request via steam
  2. May join in tonight. As you say, kids etc to deal wi haha
  3. Ok, you inspired me. Time to go Brechin see what I can do
  4. I have to drive to Aberdeen later today, hopefully It will be out before then but i Doubt it haha
  5. Wow, what a difference a good night sleep makes.... A lawsuit?? Bring back the gifs
  6. Guaranteed to be tomorrow, I will have no wifi for 2 weeks from tomorrow
  7. Sorry mate but for some reason I cant take screenshots but trying. Anyway, for example, the fitness test news prior to the match, when a player is capable or fit, its shows as red instead of green. Same with team talks, when the team inspired etc, it highlights as red instead of green. It confuses me. Hope you know what I mean, i'll get a screenie when I can
  8. Love your skin and the update. 2bthings though, is there a way to put the oncoming subs in the starting 11 in the ibh? Also, can I change the colours of team talks etc back to green from red? Thanks again.
  9. Nice one cheers mate. As I said, awesome skin.
  10. Hi mate, Love this skin. Question though, is it possible to have the match Notification bar so its not covering up the buttons for shouts, tactics etc?
  11. You can pick up some decent players on a free/loan and could very well be up there. I'm currently 3rd with Ross County, 6 points off the old firm. I beat Celtic 7-5 and Rangers 1 - 0 at one point through the season.
  12. When i exit the game, It can only be the day before a match and after the press conference, or 1300 if no press conference. I NEVER look at a league table profile screen during the season as i WILL go on a bad run.
  13. I usually start a save in England or Scotland. But after reading this threat, I may start elsewhere soon. I am currently doing a SAF challenge and I am enjoying it for now.
  14. As above, or around the bottom of the screen?
  15. Hi mate, really love your skin, but there is one feature I dont like. Is there a way to move the goal/cards/var desicions etc away from the top center (in front of the clock) of the screen? Sometimes it pops up over the clock and does not drop and I have to guess the time. This is just a bug bear of mine so If you can tell me how to change it, that would be great. Many thanks
  16. If you look at Morrisys thread in the editors hideaway forum, I think he has done them. Its the scottish league thread.
  17. This is 100% me! If I create a tactic, and it works all is good with the world. As soon as I start to under perform, I head straight back PnP tactic and end up staying with it as it is bringing me success. In my current save 2025/26, I have just moved to Watford after dominating Scottish football with Aberdeen using a PnP tactic. At the start of the save, I was using my own 442 and 4411, but after patches etc, my tactic started to under perform and I needed a quick fix. Hello PnP. I'm still using the same tactic I been using the last 4 seasons! My name is Chris, and I'm a Plug and P
  18. Jeezo mate, what a read and you pretty much described me there! I had plans to delete all p&p tactics from my save (currently in year 26/27) and build my own from scratch. Needless to say, that never happened. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread, thanks mate.
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