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  1. Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts - cinch League One 26/27 Season I have to say, it has been the year of the underdogs. The media did have us down as mid-table, but we d expectations and finished the season as League one Champions. Even more surprising, the team even made it to the Scottish Cup Semi-Final!! A hard fought game against reigning Scottish cup winners Celtic, we suffered a very narrow defeat in the end.... I suppose the main this is, we got a goal haha. Result aside though, a semi-pro team getting to the Scottish cup semis's is unheard of, so my team can be very proud of their achievements. The highlight for me was the 4-2 win against Dundee United. We were actually 2-nil down up until the 40th min, 2 goals before half time got us back on level terms before turning the tie around in the 2nd half. The quarter final draw was very kind to us too and helped us get our first ever visit to the National Stadium. A lot of records have been broken this season, highest EVER finish, most goals in a season.... The list goes on. One stand out player has to be Matty Wright. The boy has been amazing for the club, and fully deserves his contract extension and a crack at the higher leagues. cinch Championship 27/28 Season. The new season beckons, higher league, more professional teams, higher quality players and low expectations. However, it is a new dawn at the swifts. A new chairman has taken over, money has been invested into the club. I am hoping to get a senior affiliate (something the previous chairman refused to get) and look at the possibility at going professional. I have asked, the money is there, just hope they say yes. I am hoping to stick with my 442 system I have developed but I also know I may have to be less aggressive in attack. New addition to the team will be important as my youth system is not great. I will be asking the board to upgrade my facilities as well as possibly expanding the stadium. 500 seats just isn't enough, especially when our local rivals, Dunfermline Athletic come to Dalgety Bay. #MTS
  2. 26/27 Mid-Season update. It has been a good season so far. I have to admit, even I am surprised myself. My only problem at the moment is my inconsistency. I just cant seem to keep a clean sheet at the moment. I have been tinkering a wee bit, I am hoping to get a wee bit more consistency to keep up our unexpected title charge.
  3. Thank you very much for your advice there mate. I added work ball into box to try stop so many long shots. But hearing it from someone else, definitely makes sense. The play out was depending on how deep the opposition sat, I sometimes changed it balls over the top. However, never thought of a BPD so will consider that too. My left had side will be the best for WB-A/W-S so will try that. Thanks again for your insight, much appreciated.
  4. I will be keeping an eye on this thread now. I currently use a 442 myself, which has helped me gain 3 promotions from the Scottish lower leagues. I am currently in Scottish league one. I have to admit though, I am a massive tactical noob, I have always been one for downloading or copying other peoples work. In this save I have built my own using the "wing play" preset. If anyone does have any tactical advice to help improve it, honestly I am all ears. I have been using positive mentality, but decided to go balanced for my new season in a higher league.
  5. Season 26/27, Cinch League 1 New season, same old swifts magic. A lot of optimism is building for all fan as we are about to face a higher standard of teams in a higher league. We are meant to be the leagues whipping boys, but not if I have anything to do with it. Ok, so after a few pre-season games, I think I will be mostly sticking to my 442 system that I have been using the last few seasons. It is definitely a versatile system. I have decided to go balanced mentality as it is a step up in terms of opposition. So pre-season was a bit of a mixed bag, I started out using a 3412 formation, but went back to 442. I am, glad I did, look at my first Via Play Cup game against Inverness... Honestly, that result took me by surprise as well. A good all round performance I would say. In the end though, the other opposition was too much and we were eventually knocked out of the competition despite finishing 2nd in the group. On the transfer front, I have tried to reinforce the team bringing in some quality in defence, goals and up front. I have a couple more players on trial too. So the plan going forward. Attempt to be competitive, get some results and stay in the division. Develop my 442 further, maybe even introduce the 3412 to surprise teams. I also want to try improve my coaching staff although trying to get funds to increase wages is falling on deaf ears. Same with trying to get a senior affiliate, the board just refuse to get one. I do hope there will be a change of chairman..... #MTS
  6. End of 25/26 Season. We have reached the end of the season, and it has turned out to be pretty successful. Dumbarton were 8 points behind going into that game. They were 2 - 0 up up to the 82nd minute when a free kick from Dylan Tait got us a goal back before Innes Murray scored an equaliser in the 95th minute to draw the game, and most importantly, win the Scottish League 2 title. What a season it has been. Media predictions, for some reason, had us as one of the favourites for promotion. My 442 formation seemed to do the trick but I have also been experimenting with a 3142 or 3412 formations too. During pre-season I will look to fine tune these. Also, I had a notification that we have moved back to the Dalgety Bay Sports and Leisure centre ahead of the new season. I have no idea where this new stadium is but hopefully, the further up we go, that will come about. We are now 1 division below our local "Big team", Dunfermline Athletic. Would we want to overtake them? as a club, yes, as a fan, probably not. So, a squad rebuild will now be in progress with priority reinforcing the defensive positions, and maybe a new striker. I have managed to keep Clark Spark for another season, hopefully he can get a good partnership with Matty Wright. I am looking forward to the new challenge ahead, against some bigger clubs. I assume we will be favourites for going back down, but I intend on being competitive and aiming higher than we possibly should be. MON THE SWIFTS
  7. Jan/Feb/Mar 2026 Update We are preforming well above expectations in the league. Currently, we are 1st in the league, 5 points clear of Dunbarton with 6 games to go. I originally brought in young Sam Kane to be my No 1 in goals: He has good attributes, however, my original keeper, Mike Gibb has been phenomenal between the sticks with 8 clean sheets in 18 League apps. My DOF also brought in a young ST on loan from Dundee United, I am so glad he did. Clark Spark, what a name haha
  8. If you don't like the game, don't play it, simples
  9. August to December 2025 THE SWIFTS GO MARCHING ON! Been a busy couple of months for the swifts. There appears to be constant takeover rumours, but nothing ever comes of it. I must admit, I am getting frustrated with the board and their refusal to get a senior affiliate. However, I am plodding on with what I have for now, and there is a good pool of freebies available should I need them. I have also been offered interviews at English clubs such as Blackpool and Charlton. However, I remain loyal to my current employers who have given me a chance to manage them. On the pitch, well, we are performing well above expectations. as you can see, we are second in the league. We have had some steady and fairly consistent results. One result had a personal significance for me and that was against Kelty Hearts. A number of years ago, the head coach for the 2009 age group had suddenly and unexpectantly left the the club to move to Kelty and took all the best players with him. Since then, the 2009 age group has struggled but are still going. This had made them somewhat rivals to the swifts, unofficially of course. The hurt is still there so the 7-0 win was soooo sweet, especially being an away result. Anyway, the boy are performing well and I am really happy where we are. I have a 2 year contract and I am looking at keeping the best players at the club too. Still a long way to go, but confidence is really starting to flow now #MTS
  10. Season 25/26 So here we go, new season, league, dreams. We started off with the usual friendlies to build fitness and get some extra cash. Then came the Via play cup with some surprising results... We have 1 more firendly then the new league campaign starts. On the recruitment side, I am still trying to get a few players in and will update once I am done. There is a team however, in the leagues lower than us, that keep snapping up all the good talent. I cant seem to match them on wages. I took a look and here is their money structure.. Lucky for some teams eh lol
  11. Feb to April WE DONE IT, WE ARE CHAMPIONS!! It certainly is a proud day for all connected to Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts FC, Scottish lowland league champions! Matty Wright, what a player! If it wasn't for him, who knows where we would of ended up. His goals certainly paved the way to glory for us. However, we did lose in the lowland league cup after a miserable performance from the lads. Still Got the EOS Qualifying Cup final for the chance to win a possible treble. But it is no time to get complacent. 2 big games coming up, win these, and it will be into the playoffs for a chance to earn a spot in the SPFL! We have got to bring our 'A' game, but I am quietly confident in our abilities! #MTS
  12. November/December/January Update Well what can I say, it has been a cracking 3 months for the swifts and returning to the top of the pile in the meantime. The home game against East Fife started a brilliant run of 9 wins in 11 games. The away game to them was a bad day, suspensions and injuries did not help. My current squad. My current best player is young Matty Wright, he has been phenomenal as a Target Forward. I do think clubs will be interested in him come summer time but i am glad I have him on a 2 year contract. My under 20's are also doing pretty well, although my projected youth intake looks.... well Dire. So for now, the plan remains the same. Keep up the good form, (try) keep the players happy, and hopefully go on and try gain promotion to the SPFL. Can we do it? I do hope so #MTS
  13. Are these the tactics you used from league 2? I am currently playing in the lowland league looking for promotion. Like you I want to use something I have built.
  14. October update I must admit, October was a tough month, losing top spot in the process. The loss against Bonnyrigg Ross, although a "bigger team" really hurt. I kept looking and looking at my tactics to try figure out where I was going wrong. I did make a couple of subtle changes, that I think help towards the brilliant 5 nil win against Berwick. Up next, Top of the table clash, biggest game of the season so far, against our Fife rivals: Really hopeful of a good positive result and maybe, just maybe, move back to the summit.
  15. Well done for increasing your stature, do you think you will achieve promotion?
  16. 24/25 Season It has been a good start to life in the Geosonic Scottish Lowland league. We have played 5 games, winning 4 and losing one. we are also going on a bit of a run in the (many) cups of the Scottish lowland. It appears switching to a good old fashioned 442 with a target forward has really helped us with our results. My target forwards have been unreal, they seem to be banging them in! I have my TF partnered with an AF and the pair seem to be doing brilliant. I do need to look at my defence though. Was hoping this young lad would be amazing between the sticks, but he keeps conceding. Gibb has been restored as No1 and is keeping the goals out. More updates to follow.
  17. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL 24/25 Pre-Season So here we go, getting ready for a season in the lowland league. Been looking in the loan and free transfer market for players to help bolster my squad for the new season. Played a few "glamour" friendlies at our new home of Oriam in Edinburgh while trialling new players and tactics. I have decided to settle on a good old fashioned 442 system, adjusting roles for the players I have at my disposal. My finances are looking pretty healthy for a team of my size, however, New league, rent for the stadium etc could soon eat away at my money so I will have to be careful. I think I have done pretty well with my player recruitment, a mixture of youth and experience in there. I still have 2 loan spaces available and may use them to help strengthen the LB spot as I feel that may be my biggest weakness. The capture of young Kai McLean, a GK, quite possible be the best bit of business I have done. Now for some Hogmanay drinks
  18. 24/25 Pre-Season Oriam Sports Performance Center, Edinburgh. Ahead of the start of the 2024/25 season, The swifts have moved into thier new home of the Oriam Sports Performance center in Edinburgh. It is a 500 all seater stadium which is owned by Heriot-Watt University, who also use this ground for their games. It has a roof and astro turf, the new kind, so technically, none of my home games should be postponed. As a team, we have managed to sign some of our stars from the last season on to new contracts, including captain Brodie Strang. In the market for some new talent as well as some more experienced players to help us avoid a relegation dog fight. I will also be looking to shake my tactics up a bit and try some new styles. I been playing FM since the CM days, and now I am finally learning how to play the game. Some stats from the last season #MTS
  19. Ah, well this is a game changer! Thing is, do I carry on or not?
  20. April/May Well, we only gone and done it, we only gone and got promoted!! Was in the league cup, but lost rather badly to Haddington... EOS Qualifying cup winners 23/24 after a magnificent 5-0 win against Civil Service at East End Park. All in all, I would say I have had a pretty successful first season at the swifts. So, going forward I do need to improve in some areas, and come up with a system that will help us achieve a respectable position. Some stats and finances:
  21. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! Feb to April: First of all, I have signed a new 1 year contract to stay at the Swifts. I must of done a half decent job eh? So Sauchie at home was my only downside in the period. After that game, we went on a run of 9 wins and 2 draws. One game left to go, but does the game mean anything?? It really doesn't haha. Won the league with a game to spare. I believe the champions go into a playoff with the team bottom of the lowland league but not totally sure. We are also in the EOS Qualifying cup final as well as the League cup first knockout round. So there is a chance of an unlikely treble! I honestly hope my players don't bottle it.
  22. January WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE!! Well, what can I say. it has been an amazing month for the swifts in Jan with us winning every game. We will ignore the first game of Feb for now haha. Changing my system has definitely paid off and we seem to be producing the results we need. My major concern is the lack of consistency from my AF. He will have 1 great game them 4 bad games. I also feel he is a bit isolated up there. I have tried changing the role a few times but it hasn't helped, AF seems to be the most consistent role. I have added "roam from position" PI so will see if that helps. (Credit to the many tactic creators on here whose posts I have read and trying to implement.)
  23. December 2023 A good month for the Swifts, P6 W4 D1 L1. The team appear to be adapting to my new system and are getting the results on the pitch. hopefully we can keep up the good run here. I am currently 2 points off top spot with 2 games in hand, but still a long way to go in the season.
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