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  1. Shopto has it just now for £25.85, apparently they provide the BETA access as well. I have ordered with no issues and added key to Steam. FM2020 Shopto
  2. This has been a great read! Great work so far!
  3. Does removing the 'hard tackle' (or whatever its called) option make any difference?
  4. Well in mate! I was going to try and sort this, this afternoon.
  5. I get that mate in terms of there will likely be a chairman added, thats not really my issue (probs due to my poor explanation). What I assumed would happen is that the game would identify that Leicester were without a chairman and then maybe promote a board member or create a takeover scenario? Does that make sense? Its more to address the financial side as I wasn't given a transfer budget etc.
  6. Hi All, Apologies in advance, I wasn't sure how to name this thread or where to place it, but below is the explanation. Every now and then I'll create a new save which involves starting the season in March 2019 (using Sweden/Norway leagues). I'll then go to the EPL league table and go one of the teams sitting in the relegation zone with the sole purpose of trying to save them from the drop. This time I chose Leicester who were 18th as Fulham and Cardiff were too far gone to save. In the game Leicester have a managing director and no chairman (I understand the situation there). I assumed that after a month or two in the game this would change but it hasn't, there seems to be no sign of anyone becoming the chairman or taking over. Does this sound like a bug or will a chairman eventually take over? It wouldn't be an issue but I got zero for the summer transfer kitty, despite being given £15m for my final position and a further £80m for TV rights. Any ideas? Happy to provide further details if needed.
  7. Thanks Knap, is there a SUS you recommend to use with 4222 volante anchor?
  8. Would this work with anchor on left def mid position? Leaving everything else as is?
  9. Whats the best version at the moment do you think? Do the strikers score most of the goals?
  10. I leave team training to the assistant, I only set individual training.
  11. @Totalfootballfan do your strikers score most of the goals?
  12. Apologies, I am not sure I understand what you are asking? If you are referring to training then yeah, I normally train the players for the position and role that they will fullfil within the tactic.
  13. Nope, I train individually exactly as it states above. I assume those trainings provide the best spread of stats for the positions. Playing the player in the position can help him become more familiar, but I don't really think it makes much difference whether the little circle is green or not as long as the player has the right attributes for the position.
  14. The recommended training is on the first page (below). Thats what I train, not sure if @Malibden uses the same though. INDIVIDUAL TRAINING FOCUS STC – Complete Forward ( Attack ) AMC - Trequartista ( Attack ) ML/MR – Inverted Winger ( Attack ) MC – Deep Lying Playmaker ( Support ) DM – Defensive Midfielder ( Support ) WBL / WBR - Inverted Wing-Back ( Attack ) DCL / DCR - Ball Playing Defender ( Defend ) GK – Goalkeeper ( Defend )
  15. I'm Rangers so no world class strikers, but goals seem to come from the inverted wingers or defenders. Again can't fault the tactic but would prefer the strikers to be the main goal getters.
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