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  1. I know people will say I am bias, but half the Celtic team could walk into the Barca side easily with their ratings. Totally agree that Celtic are head and shoulders above the rest of the SPL including Rangers but Tierney, Brown, Edouard, McGregor and Forrest to an extent could easily walk into the Barca side according to those stats.
  2. Pretty much as you said mate, once purchased off Voidu, add your key to Steam and once the Beta drops you should have the install option next to FM19 and thats you!
  3. I download tactics mainly, but its because I don't get as much game time as I'd like due to work and having a 3 year old. If I were to spend my time creating a tactic and testing/developing it, it would consume too much time which I'd prefer to be using actually playing the game. I admire people who make tactics and take small teams to the dizzy heights of the Champions League, its just not for me, I want to pick up and go from the off. Could be classed as cheating or 'not really achieving', but its makes the game enjoyable for me.
  4. No mate, as long as your bank account is registered on PayPayl, they'll automatically take the payment from the registered account. Hope that makes sense.
  5. If you mean Voidu then yeah they do accept it, sure thats how I paid.
  6. hm86

    FM 19 Pre-Order

    I knew nothing about it myself until the other day mate haha
  7. hm86

    FM 19 Pre-Order

    You should get the Beta they are Sega approved. http://www.sega.com/sega-approved-partner-list
  8. POWEEKEND, will drop it to 21.79
  9. £29.06, before I enter any codes, then £21.79 once I enter POWEEKEND. Thats cheaper than what I got it for.
  10. Are you in the UK? Its less than that for me before the code
  11. Voidu 25% discount code for this weekend is: POWEEKEND
  12. I'm sure someone said earlier, if you get the key instantly and its accepted by Steam then you will get the Beta, no idea how true this is though.
  13. So it came back after all, superb news!! Glad you guys are getting a good deal.
  14. In that case then no, I wouldn't want it having any negative impact to the side of the game I'd play. Thats not me being sexist etc. its just that I'd never use it.
  15. How would that work if the keys already been activated on Steam? Can they remotely disable the key?