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  1. Thanks for this mate, will definitely give it a shot. I'm exactly the same winning most games 1-0,the other games I'm constantly caught with the long ball over the top.
  2. Cheers Fuss, what about the defensive line would you drop that to standard to help?
  3. Will this not mess with the rest of the tactics setup? I know faster CB's is the way forward but budget limitations don't really allow for that in the first window ☹️
  4. Anyone help with the 'ball over the top' from poorer opposition?
  5. Thanks for the continious work on this Fuss and others! Its got me finally enjoying a Rangers save. Tried loads and couldn't get a tactic to click. I love playing the full game but due to having a 3 year old and a job I have little time to tinker so hats off to you guys. Any tips though for weaker teams who whack the ball over the top. I lost 3-1 to a poor St. Mirren side and all goals were a long ball over the top. Other than that all other results are pretty much realistic, including a 3-0 thrashing from Celtic ☹️☹️
  6. Did you setup throw ins as part of this? They seem to work well? Can you upload those separately?
  7. Which version did you use? And on which FM patch?
  8. Thanks a lot for the response, defo going to give this a shot.
  9. Is this for the latest patch? Need something to make my Rangers side more consistent.
  10. I haven't started my second season using it with Ajax yet, but praying it still works.
  11. Great tactic this, went unbeaten in the league with Ajax, winning 33 from 34. Won the cup and got to the CL final where Liverpool beat me 1-0 with a ball over the top to Salah. The only other defeat I had all season was Juventus away in CL group. Can put up screenshots later if needed. EDIT: I posted earlier that it conceded a goal a game, this seemed to stop almost instantly after that post. Unsure if this was due to an update or tactic familiarity.
  12. hm86

    FM19: Hidden Gems

    Not sure if he's been posted but I bought Francisco Trincão from Braga for £550k for Ajax. To start with I put him into the reserve team, due to injuries I promoted him and never looked back. After only 20-30 games for me Chelsea bid in the region of £35m for him. He was phenomenal for me playing as an inside forward and winger, could be useful if you need either of those positions filled or need to make some quick money at the end of the first season.
  13. Don't change too much, seems to be working excellently with my Ajax team. I need to play around with the defensive lines as mentioned though as I find I concede around a goal per game.
  14. Can I just save the tactic file and everything will be done in terms of player instructions etc. and then apply whatever set pieces I want?