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  1. hm86

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Thanks @Barside, I can manage how the graphics are on FM18 and thats with a 5 year old 765M GPU, imagine the 1060 will be a massive jump over that alone.
  2. hm86

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    I'm back again, will the 1060 GPU be good for FM in the next few years or am I best going with the 1070? There is about £200 of a difference between the 2 and I don't know if its overkill for FM and the odd Total War gaming session.
  3. hm86

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Thanks mate - Is FM so intensive though that it would stress the CPU to stress test levels? Again sorry if this isn't your area.
  4. hm86

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    The 8700k will be de-lidded and re-pasted with liquid metal and the GPU will also be re-pasted with liquid metal and modded heatsink. Having looked into the temps etc. the below is whats been quoted. P775TM1 HID Delided 8700K @ 4.8, GTX 1070 8G, 16GB 2666, LM on CPU+ TIM on GPU+FP Pads GPU Idle Temp after 15 min warm up (C) - 36c GPU Max Temp during AIDA64 stress test (C) - 73c CPU Idle Temp after 15 min warm up (C) 41c CPU Max Temp during AIDA64 stress test (C) 92c Not sure what that means in FM18 terms? EDIT: @Welshace is FM18 going to have CPU running at 99c? Does that mean close to 100% usage as well to achieve those temps? Sorry new to the temperature world, normally just load up and play. Hence a I best with laptop CPU for FM in terms of thermal throttling etc. Thanks again.
  5. hm86

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    I was supposed to buy a new laptop last year but ended up not (other half had other ideas on how to spend the money). Anyway, I currently have an Asus G750 with an i7 4700mq and nVidia 765 (?) graphics. It runs FM fine but I'd like it to be faster and handle more leagues/players too. I'm currently looking at a full desktop replacement with an i7 8700K (Clevo P775TM) with a 1070 graphics card or another Asus or MSI with a 7820HK and 1070 GPU. For FM18 am I going to notice a massive difference between these 2? Price wise they are similar, but the 8700K will generate more heat even with the delidded CPU and liquid metal etc, which will also be applied to the GPU. Whats your thoughts? TIA!
  6. Longshot, is there a tactic similar to !FM118GOODBYEKnap343P101.fmf and how that played for the latest update. I used to use it as my underdog tactic in the Champions League against stronger opponents and it worked wonders. Not sure if it was the DLF's or what?
  7. Some people have a life outside Fm and don't have the time to spend hours on end making/altering tactics. I'm not expecting to have a tactic that wins everything but one that you work with, maybe change to counter depending who you are playing against, and finding players that fit the roles. I want to be able to just load up my save and start playing games and signing players. Not spend the first couple of weeks just playing with formations. Everyone plays it different and don't think people should be singled out or looked upon negatively for using someone elses tactics.
  8. Yeah using the updated version, I am winning but finding that drawing a lot more than I'd like. Its like 9 out of 10 opposition attacks result in a goal. Regardless of how good the opposition is. No doubt some exaggeration there but its no where near as effective as it used to be before this transfer update that they claim didn't have any ME changes.
  9. I don't dispute that maybe for an online game, but I (the least tactical person in the world) managed to take the starting (1st season) Ajax team to CL league final in 1st season using 5-2-3. Beating the likes of Bayern/Real Madrid/Barca en route to the final. I actually beat Manchester City 2-1 and reloaded it until they beat me as I felt like I'd ruined my save by winning it in the first season. I just can't see how there haven't been any changes yet in the 4th season, wiping teams out albeit maybe unrealistically then next game after the update, my wing backs forget how to track back and my strikers hit the bar/post 5-6 times a game, where the game before they'd have scored at least 1. This isn't just based on 1 game after the update, this is based on the rest of the season and starting new saves with Roma and Rangers.
  10. The formation has wing backs and there were some silly scores before the winter update but since then its complete different. I genuinely don't mind losing etc. its just this nonsense about there being no ME changes thats annoying. How can a tactic work 1 day before the update providing cheat/unrealistic scores then stop working the day the update is installed? To add to that its not like I was half way through a season overachieving either this was in my 4th season and had won the league every year. Surely they can't hit us with the 'your reputation increased and teams have now learned your tactic and are countering it' excuse. It's far too coincidental for it to be anything other than an ME change of some sort, if it is a reputation change and miraculous ability to learn how to counter the tactic overnight then I'd have expected this after the first 2-3 seasons?
  11. I need to agree, as much as it was classed as a cheat in earlier revisions of FM18, but 3 striker formations don't work anywhere near as good as they did. To me there is something that has blatantly changed. I have the same team and players yet the formation is hopeless literally the day the update is applied.
  12. Started using this with Roma, still leaking a lot of goals though. Finding most matches I concede at least 1-2. Any ideas? Definitely finding since the transfer update the 5-2-3 isn't as successful.
  13. 3-4-3 or 5-2-3 the one with the most success was Knaps, check out his on these forums. The other one which scored a lot but conceded higher than I'd liked was the Unstoppable on FMScout. Give me a shout if you need any details.
  14. Anyone recommend a tactic to use with Ajax. Planning a new save with the latest update. I had been using the 3-4-3 tactics but they are unrealistic in that I can win CL in the first season. Would like a tactic close to what Ajax play in real life or another decent tactic that isn't scoring 100+ goals a season, with average players. Any tips appreciated.
  15. Thats the trouble I seem to have, in Europa.