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  1. Hi Guys. Wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing the same issue I have and if or how you went about resolving it. Basically, I have a good portion of my squad complaining about not getting enough attention within their training units... My highest coaching workload on any of my Coaches assignments is Average with at least 2 coaches per slot... Any idea guys???
  2. Any particular reason you chose not to Press Extremely Urgent with this tactic with the extreme D'Line and LOE? @knap
  3. That's something I was aware of moving forward. I previously stated that I'm currently using FMT just to get a feel for the game and some sort of system I was happy with before taking it to full game and that was definitely an area I was aware needed strengthening. I was worried for a second that I was completely oblivious to how poor my first choice FB's were.
  4. I will do, thanks. Are the fullback really that bad? I thought Palmer was half decent on the right haha. I do hope you decide to do a video on the team, you have me intrigued. Thanks again!
  5. I like this point. I wasn't aware the shout would still take effect with a more defensive minded player.
  6. That's a fair point and I'll endeavor to try harder. My main issue is I do genuinely feel like I balance the roles well but perhaps it is far too generic and one dimensional as mentioned by previous posts. I do however not understand a certain part of the previous post by @sporadicsmiles where he questions my fullbacks choice in roles. I've gone with FBs with a Wa ahead of him.. to my knowledge and my thinking behind it is that the Winger is far more advanced up the pitch earlier in transition so why would I also push my FB high and risk leaving acres of space in behind on the flanks? I thought the rule of thumb in terms of dual wide players is to have opposite roles to provide balance? Sorry if I'm causing frustration for you, I am extremely grateful for your replies.
  7. Just tried this, it was a total failure. I think I'm done trying with this game.. I'm clearly not able to articulate what I want or have the knowledge required to play this game. I just don't get it.
  8. Obviously, this is early days in the season but like stated before i've tried over and over again trying to get something together mainly in FMT to take over into the full game. Anyway, to answer your question... I find that my goals mainly come from set pieces, nothing from open play to speak of but in terms of my intentions I want my front 4 to combine well and create good chances with the wingbacks providing extra width with an outball that's all. I don't know how to achieve this and I find very little in the realm of penetrating movement. which puts me in a vicious cycle where I could use attack roles but I'm contradicted by the post that you mention regarding attack roles up against the Opp D Line.
  9. This is how I'm set out currently. No TI's no PI's, just looking to see how everything connects but I honestly wouldn't know what to change if I had to.
  10. I am finding myself extremely frustrated with this years' game. So much so that I find myself constantly giving up a couple games into a season because I can't string together even what would resemble a half decent tactic but that doesn't stop me coming back the next day thinking I have the answer to no avail time and time again. I'll quite happily admit that in FM's gone by I was that guy who went straight to MR L's and plug and played the top tactic but now a little part of me feels unfulfilled riding on others successes so to speak and even some might argue exploiting the game, which I feel sometimes these tactical creators aim to do, which is fine, but I no longer want to go down the route of using plug and play tactics and possibly exploiting the M.E in doing so. In terms of a tactical idea, I find it difficult to label what I want to achieve, in my head it makes perfect sense to me but I feel as I continue writing it may begin to look like I don't actually have any idea of how I want my team to play fundamentally. I just want to play attractive possession-based football which leads to good quality chances. I tend to play a 4-2-3-1 and I keep the roles fairly generic I don't really understand fully how roles can link together. Trust me I've done all I can to try and broaden my thinking towards the game even investing as a Patreon with @Rashidi to gain access to his book but honestly, the words on the page may as well be foreign to me as I cannot get my head around any of it. After reading through the information provided in the book and a thread on here (Quitting the game part 2) I've come to the conclusion whether it is right or wrong that Support roles are good and Attack roles are bad. I may seem like a complete idiot to whoever is reading this and you could definitely be right as my head is just a whirlwind of contradicting ideas and information. I and nobody else should be this frustrated by the game and I'm seeking advice to anyone who could provide me with any information or links to material that could help declutter my poor little brain and set me on a path to understanding and enjoying the game more. Cheers in advance,
  11. Just had a quick question to put out to everyone. I've noticed for example on a few of Knap's tactics that he doubles up some of the instructions, for example, in TI's he has 'Get Stuck In' and 'Use Tighter Marking' Selected, then in some players PI's he has 'Tackle Harder' and 'Mark Tighter'. My question is, is it the same thing and are you asking the same thing twice? I could understand using a PI of 'Mark Tighter' and 'Tackle Harder' if they weren't selected as a TI and you wanted to add it to individual players but not both. Am I being extremely stupid or is there no benefit to doubling up instructions like that? Thanks in advance,
  12. Media prediction 11th. Managed to gain promotion via playoffs. Points tally for the top 3 teams was unfortunate for us. you'd think 92pts normally would be enough for 1st place in the championship. 110 goals scored, 70 conceded would have like to have seen a greater goal difference but I suppose always going to be weak to the counter-attack throwing so many players forward and playing only 2 wide players high up the pitch.
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