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  1. fantastic defending by my Left IWB Yuri Ribeiro as he fails to track Muller
  2. @Totalfootballfan on the Conqueror tactic if I give the LB attacking duty instead of the RB do I need swap the CM roles as well or?
  3. Not a bad start for a team predicted to finish 9th (no transfers) using Conqueror
  4. what was your media prediction? Doesn't sound right that AI would play ultra defensively vs a newly promoted side.
  5. Hey @knap whats the difference between Time, Pilgrimage and Beowulf for the 451's?
  6. i'm just struggling to create anything...defensively sound though thats for sure. I'm Aves.
  7. hey @Xeewaj Q. wanted to say excellent op! Thanks for all that info! I have question my team seems to struggle scoring. Any tips on what to do?
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