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  1. what was your media prediction? Doesn't sound right that AI would play ultra defensively vs a newly promoted side.
  2. Defending Throw-In bug just cost me a game tying goal in the 93rd min. This is how the set-up is.. Now the actual on field set-up is bugged out. Everyone seems positioned correctly except for my DR (Corchia) who is supposed to be positioned next to my DCR (Jardel) but instead is way out almost near the throw in taker..what is going on here? Then keep an eye on my DL (Grimaldo) once the ball gets thrown in he just completely leaves his position and bombs towards the bottom of the screen for no reason leaving is position completely wide open which of course leads to a goal right from where he's supposed to be. My AML (Zivkovic) also decides to eventually just give up marking the eventual goal scorer and start bombing forward even as the opposition still has the ball. These issues have been going on since FM18 and it's starting to seem like SI doesn't care about them. What's the point of having set piece instructions if players aren't following them? I have attached the pkm of the game. FCP v SLB.pkm
  3. i'm just struggling to create anything...defensively sound though thats for sure. I'm Aves.
  4. hey @Xeewaj Q. wanted to say excellent op! Thanks for all that info! I have question my team seems to struggle scoring. Any tips on what to do?
  5. This is the throw-in defending set-piece...I'm Aves...please focus on my RB Norrestrand and my RCB Renard As the play unfolds for whatever reason my RCB Renard starts moving towards the bottom of the screen where I already have plenty of bodies. In my opinion, he should stay put right where he is. Then out of nowhere both he and my RB Norrestrand explode forward leaving the opp play wide open for an easy goal. This is not right. This shouldn't happen at all. Why did my RB and RCB both explode forward out of their positions? Penafiel v Aves.pkm
  6. how do you download the tactic? When i click on the zip file in the OP I get:
  7. hey @knap whats the difference between both 4231 wides in the OP? Is one supposed to be better than the other or?
  8. I want to add to this.... This is a throw in for my team in my own half. My gk is to the right and my throw in taker is at the bottom of the screen. I'm the white team. The text display under my thrown in taker says "He searches out the run of Frederick Norrestrand". Mr. Norrestrand is my RB who is across the field at the top of the screen. So yes my thrown in taker on the bottom wants to throw the ball into my box into danger where as you can see in the pic there is horrible marking going on to try and hit my RB on the other side of the box. And of course this is what happens.... This is how my Attack-Left throw-ins are set (although im sure they don't come into play in this part of the field because it's nothing like I have them setup.) Aves v SLB.pkm
  9. both my CB's and my RB go after the same player leaving 2 wide open!!! Tactic with counter-press
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