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  1. Always love reading this thread. One day I’ll do a save, it’s a wonderfully unique club. Keep it up
  2. So.... I got Haaland, he didn’t really want to come but a frankly reckless disregard of finances got him over the line. He has a release clause which I had no option to accept, but at £87m if someone wants him that softens the blow. I’d like to qualify for the Europa League, either through top 7 or a cup, so we’ll see.
  3. Pre-season just about done for 1st season in Prem Outs Casilla - £7.5m Ayling - £6.5m Pablo - Free Cibicki - £4.5m Grot - £4.5m Alioski - £12.5m Plus a few others released / nominal fees Ins Rasmus Kristensen - £7m - Replacement for Ayling, bit bonkers but I like him, well rounded. Dani Martin - £5.5m - Replacement for Casilla, looks good, one on ones and determination a particular bonus and only 21 Van Drongelen - £3m - White replacement, probably not as good but good value, cheers @Welshace Greg Taylor - £7m - Replacement for Alioski and will be first choise LB, another from @Welshace Bellingham - £22.5m - Spread the cost over 3 windows with £10m up front, long term replacement for Pablo and will re-train to RM. Will be a star Ampadu - Loan - Backup if V Drongelen doesn't work out Valverde - Loan with £4m buy - Stats are very very well rounded so couldn't say no really, will make big money on him in the next few years Still have no striker with a week of the window to go....Going to the wire this one...
  4. With those stats and a full star worse than Sergio Santa Cruz - Who is Santa Cruz???
  5. Mateta looks good, few less than attractive mentals but ticks the Nketiah boxes. Martinez is circa £20m, which is in budget but feels like a lot for a Haaland makeweight. Ruidiaz is also good, but is 29 and against my philosophy. Morelos is a possible, aggression worries me a bit but if i'm spending £20m, has to be someone with something a bit special as if Haaland was to become available in Jan, I'd probably have no budget left to do the deal. Arp is also a loan possibility I reckon, he's played zero games for Bayern all season, I could get him for peanuts but no way will I meet his wage demands, he's already on 83k a week...
  6. They are, the more I look the more I think Nketiah is going to be impossible to replace. Pace, Off the ball and Finishing all above 15. I would've gone Cutrone, but Wolves snapped him up for £18m. I'm going all guns for Haaland in season 3 - No idea how people got him in Season 2 unless his PA was on the low side. @Welshace Drongelen and Taylor I like a lot. All else fails they are excellent squad players and both a good age. Awesome.
  7. Cheers @Welshace Kun and Davis went out on loan, Shackleton was rotating the CM spots with Bogusz and McCalmont. Bogusz is the stand out of the 3 to be honest. May look at shifting Ayling on and retraining Shackleton, but would worry that they won't be enough for Prem. Kun is an interesting one, may promote him but Nketiah was insane, and can't go into Prem with just him and Edmondson. Need a marquee striker signing in the Nketiah mould. I'll check the others out I long for the days of Cahais at the back...
  8. Quiet on here this year. Just about to have promotion confirmed in the first season, won it at a canter really but now need some help for first season in Prem. Signed Trincao and Kana in the first window, selling Bamford, Klich, Dallas and Forshaw. Most of the academy looks very good, so have been focussing on developing McCalmont, Bogusz, Kenneh, Gotts and Edmondson. Main challenge I now have is that my two best players - Nketiah and Hernandez - are gone at the end of the season and I would suspect my tactic relies heavily on them. @Welshace any ideas on good players for Prem mate? I don’t think I’ll get Haaland, he’s flat out refusing to even discuss terms. He would be a perfect replacement (pacey, beats offside trap), but impossible. Bellingham is an option to retrain as MR and replace Pablo. Also need a CB to cover for White going back and probably a new left back and right back.
  9. Which version of the ME is the Demo running please? I'm assuming not the latest.
  10. It is the Ryzen 5 yes. That's good to know thanks, it's a good chunk of saving.
  11. Good afternoon Been out of the PC market for a while as my trusty home build has just given up the ghost, need to build again. My PC only really gets 2 games played on it FM for me and Minecraft for the kids, but I don't have a ton of money to build a high end gaming rig. I'm looking at spending 400 - 500. My first question is does the Ryzen APU (3400g) run FM any good? - this seems the easiest way to save some money. Thanks
  12. So I've started my final save, no mass clear-out. I have just sold Roofe though, which I'm instantly regretting but it was basically a choice between selling him for £8.5m now or missing out on Morilla at his bargain release clause price. Signed Tonali for £6m mostly spread over installments as he's that good it's impossible to turn down signing him. Worried about my lack of firepower, I've got Roberts and Bamford for my sole striker role, hope they can carry me through to January.
  13. Whilst I wait for FMT to be updated, anyone started a new save yet? Anything to share?
  14. In my other save I got Tonali on loan with a £4.5m option and Marin you can get for <£2m. I have managed to regularly raise £15m - £20m in transfer funds off the bat (Roofe, Saiz, Hernandez, Alioski, Dallas) can raise that and more, you can also sell Klich & Cooper, depending on who you identify to replace them and whether you mind using loans. It's not impossible at all to raise enough to get 3-4 very very good players in. My thinking was: Clarke > Roofe Marin > Alioski Tonali > Saiz Selling others then gets you enough to buy another couple of good players, or get loans in with future fees. I've had Morilla, Mendez, Souttar and others in on season long loans with future fees agreed. Example: This was my first window signings in my second save. Didn't bother with Marin in this save I am trying out a narrow 4132 formation.
  15. Knap, looking for a 3 at the back for Leeds, 1st season. What would you suggest? Also, then if I get promoted, what would you suggest for first season in Prem? Cheers
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