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  1. Quick update from me Season 1 - Won the league easy smashing all sorts of records (ended with 119 points). Knocked out of both cups at the quarters stage by PL opposition. Jan was a quiet month with the only signing this lad for £6.75m (release fee) - looks good and will be interesting to see how he develops. Star players were Klich, Marin, Oxford, Douglas who all turned in some great stats. Note to Bamford as well who got 22 goals. Also Jack Clarke who played understudy to Bamford managed to get himself 9 goals. Season 2 - Transfers so far are... Ins Moreira - Loan for a season until I get Brexit, couldn't get Rajkovic due to no WP so thought I'd hold off Lerma - Transfer listed at Bournemouth as, sadly, Cook is keeping him out of the team. Normally I'd be chasing cook like mad now but the AI finally seems to have realised he's ace. Souttar - Really please with this, especially if we get a hard Brexit, £15.75m was his release clause and he looks like he could be very, very good Stenga - Looks like a great prospect, can play right and left and is only young. £17.5m by todays money is a good investment. Gomez - I like to get a few foreign loans are they're not as risky as domestic ones (risky in the sense you can only have 2). Will see how he goes. West Ham are also in the process of letting me have Oxford for another year (End of season 3 it will be) so am really happy with my defensive options. Outs I'm ok with all of the outs but am regretting Alioski a bit as I'm chronically short out wide now. Pablo retired, which is a shame as he would've got cameos off the bench. Klich wanted some big wages and with only a year left I thought £7m was fair. Forshaw, Anita and De Bock are still to go as I'm going to give Ideguchi a rotation spot in the DM position as he looks quite handy. Any recommendations for wide players - am scouting like mad but struggling to turn up much, really need some in. I could also do with a top class striker but Origi won't talk to me and I can't get Haaland on loan either. EDIT: So basically I have circa £30m still left to spend as I'm balancing the books well.
  2. @tobybilton1 Good season, what role and duty did you play Kelvin in?
  3. Cheers - he looks loanable in that first season at Salzburg then, can't believe they didn't play him more. His physicals are immense.
  4. So after a bit of messing around I've started what is my first medium / long term save. Transfers so far Oxford I have for 2 seasons as he's a monster on my game, will easily grow to be one of the best defenders in europe. Marin is brilliant. Wollscheid was brought in as back-up, back-up or if I need to switch to 3 at the back for any reason. Started superbly in the league And this in the cup. Don't be fooled by the stats, we we're 3-0 up and going amazingly well until we had the man sent off, closed up shop for long periods after that. Plan for January will be to ship out a few and try to bring in.. GK - BPF is fine as back-up and Blackman can go back RB - I'll bring Coyle back and have been looking at Jeandro Fuchs - He has PSG & Arsenal in for him and his contract is running down. Will also see if I get any offers for Ayling. CM - Would like a Premier League CM so Baker can go back OR Saiz / Klich get sold (all depending on the money) Haaland just looks incredible, I really, really want to sign him. Anyone got any news on how he's done / if and when he becomes attainable
  5. Half back, but very marginal. Nothing really got more than 6.8 - 6.9. I didn't try Regista, which I'll do for a few games tonight.
  6. @ruudvanwarren Was good away, few games that were very tight (and my first loss came away) but yes, excellent on the whole. I'm actually going to spin up a new test save as I would like to see what I can do with that DM position, I'm considering giving an attacking Libero a go, given you can now use them in the DC line.
  7. Good to see you JJ That's some tactic you've got @soldierblue123 well done.
  8. You know when FM gives you just a tiny moment of sheer joy? I've had mine for this year Took a while to stop smiling at this one...
  9. Going well TBH I'm hoping to lose soon, been playing around with a couple of roles as well as my DM isn't getting great ratings.
  10. Haha - No I didn't - that comeback was brutal though. What would you recommend as SUS - FB(D) and cautious mentality?
  11. 4141 going very well, cheers knap. This ME though 3 long balls over the top = a hat-trick in 5 mins.
  12. Share away, would be good to see what can get you those results.
  13. Question for someone who knows - are the ball physics purely cosmetic, or are they linked to the shape of runs?
  14. 43-14 is an awful ratio. Must've been shooting from the halfway line.
  15. Still a great season, looking forward to your premier league updates 👍