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  1. Not sure if anyone is still playing much, I've not really started any serious saves for a while, but thought I'd post a few of my favourite players who you may or may not have heard of or tried. Lewis Neilson - Can pick him up for compensation at game start, I've had him as IWB / BPD / A and he's brilliant, a young scottish steal Isak Bergmann Johannesson - Young icelander, very versatile and can play LM / LW / LB / DM / CM, if you can develop his technical stats he's a steal at circa £5m Francisco Conceicao - Can usually be got for circa £15m or free if he get's unsettled and runs his contract down. Incredible wide man. Charlie Setford - Young english GK at Ajax, has great passing (which I look for) can be expensive, but a fantastic back-up rotation option Iliax Moriba - £78m release clause but worth every penny, in 3-4 years I am yet to find a better central midfielder, can do everything Jamie Bynoe-Gittens - Winger from Dortmund, have picked him up on a free on multiple occasions, develops very nicely, the new Sancho Bright Arrey-Mbi - English German dual national - again, haven't seen any better left footed central defenders - a beast. Luca Netz - two footed german left back, wonderkid and can be got for compensation (circa £3m) Devyne Rensch - complete defender, can play every position. two footed. Michael Olise - At Reading, left footer who can play CM / AM or be retrained in any wide position.
  2. Yeah, my plan is to start to bring Gelhardt in from season 2 as Rodrigo transitions out - he's my long term view so I'll post updates on him periodically. My conscience is clear, just didn't want anyone getting the wrong idea - some people get overly sensitive about such things - I thought about a Dortmund save, but it's just not the same as managing Leeds - I may do one later down the line.
  3. Morning - I'm not going to to update on my current save, as - well frankly - I cheated and edited Moukoko in as a January transfer. I wanted to see how I could develop him from an early age to see how good I can make him and if (and how quickly) I can get him to be Leeds' all time leading scorer. Will still be playing as per the rules above, if anyone wants any updates or screenshots, shout up. Cheers
  4. In terms of squad aims / summary. Davis will back-up Dallas at LB Shackleton will be first choice RB with Dallas back-up Kenneh will long term replace cooper / Llorente Struijk will be back-up for Kalvin McKinstry will cover RW & LW as back-up for Harrison and Raph Olise will challenge Klich for first team Gelhardt will be back-up for Bamford Jenkins, Cresswell, Roberts will be in and around the squad. Summerville, Drameh and Poveda I'm undecided on, so they along with others will be reserves until I can set about sorting the academy out when all the loan players return in the summer.
  5. Spent a bunch of time last night researching and scouting for my Youth / UK save. Decided I would allow transfers but as a priority only young (under 21) UK (or dual) nationality players that won't block a pathway into the first team for academy players. As the save goes on I might allow myself the odd "Galactico" (Moukoko). Haaland still counts as he was born in Leeds. I'm also going to try and not sign any players I've had in my prior saves, although Arrey-Mbi and Musiala may make it onto the shortlist as they fit the criteria. where possible I'm also going to try and make a profit in each window I do business. I'm also probably going to sign Harrison and keep Bamford for at least one season. As a starting point I sold Ayling and Alioski, as they bring in money and are path blockers in the short term. My transfers in look like this. I don't think they will all develop, but it adds a challenge. Olise is the most interesting one, heard a load about him IRL, but would probably have never previously signed him, he's essentially Klichs replacement in CM.
  6. £31m for Bamford at game start is an absolute gift, I'd be delighted. Gelhardt is arguably not that much worse, and has the advantage of not having Bamfords PPM. Once I move away from the save I'm on with, I'd like to do a youth / UK Leeds save - McKinstry is another I think I could develop into a good player. In the meantime, this should be a fun window...
  7. Haha yeah. Best advice I can give to get him as early as possible is be shrewd in the first 3 windows. If you sign the likes of Ahmedodzic, Daka, Menino, Almada, Szoboszlai you can make some insane money and build a nice pot for him. You also need to get into CL asap, probably in the first 2 seasons. In this save I sold Szoboszlai for £170m. Keep your eye on Bayern, Dortmund, Barcelona and Ajax. They all let wonderkids go for way below value. Use the loan market as well, I got Reinier from Madrid for 2 years, which basically allowed me enough time to save up enough to sign Bellingham. Loans are brilliant and can easy put off a £50m-£80m transfer for a couple of seasons.
  8. I have the same challenge. can you do anything about it on FMT?
  9. Coming towards the Jan window 3rd season. Going well in the league but still don't think I'll catch Liverpool, Chelsea are having a good time of it as well, so unless something changes, will be battling for 2nd place. Summer window was quiet aside from one big deal, I wanted a statement signing so managed to get Camavinga for £65m. He and Tonali are some CM pairing. Looking forward, I really want Haaland, Rodrigo will be cashed in on as at 31 he'll decline rapidly shortly, also Spurs are sniffing round Raphinha, and as good as he is, If I can get £60m for him, that will cover probably half of Haalands transfer fee. Elsewhere, Mbi is growing nicely, Musiala is a goalscoring machine and I have 3/4 very promising regens.
  10. Season 2 done, successful but felt like a slog at times. Finished second, miles behind Liverpool and just about as good as the 4 teams who finished below me, won the FA cup with some insane results (8-0 v Man City in the QF, 6-4 v Liverpool in the Semi). An injection of real quality required in the Summer, this season was very much done on the cheap - in fact since I took over we've spent £63m on transfers and sold £80m worth. Two of my favourite signings came from Bayerns second team, Jamal Musiala and Bri Arrey-Mbi. Musiala was listed at £6m due to refusing a contract and similarly Mbi was a free transfer that I then paid 75k to complete in the January window. Musiala is some player and ended up with 21 goals after a slow start - is only 19 and I expect him to develop a lot this year. In terms of summer targets, managed to get Tonali on a Free (I offered him a contract in January) - so that is the injection of quality I need in midfield. Tomiyasu is good, but I might go again at CB and push him to the RB slot. A replacement for Rodrigo is on the cards, as well as maybe a left back. Zagre doing well but I feel like I can spend bigger. Will also see if any big bids come in for current players.
  11. Good stuff @yorkshire22 progress being made. So far in the window... In Blanco - Free - As I mentioned above, be good to see how he develops Takehiro Tomiyasu - £28m - Never had him before but looks like the complete BPD, only 22 and had all the massive clubs chasing him. Arthur Zagre - £7.5m - Best value LB I could find, if I can get him developed he'll be very solid Armindo Sieb - Free - Never heard of him, but 18yr with 14 finishing, 16 off the ball and 15 pace is worth a punt. Came up on a scout report, a project for the U23's and loaning him out to see how he goes Out Cooper - £9.25m to Villa - With Tomiyasu coming in and Kenneh to get more game time, he had to go Klich - £22.5m to Arsenal - Wasn't sure about this. but with Bogusz back and Blanco coming in, I thought I would cash in. Worst case I can keep the balance healthy and reinvest in January. Maybe one or two more moves, but unless something amazing comes up, this will be a season to try and get top 4 again and consolidate.
  12. Season 1 completed saw us confirm a Champions League spot by avoiding defeat on the last day of the season, I had hoped for Europa League qualification, I think the CL has come too soon, but I can't argue with the finances and players it unlocks. Players wise the screenshot tells the story, my front three were all great. The CM slots didn't achieve brilliant avg ratings, but they are heavily involved all the time, the ME doesn't reflect their true value when calculating ratings. Aims for next season are to find a LB, DC and maybe a AMC /ST - but Greenwood and Gelhardt have both had good loans so they might get a chance. Kenneh will also get more game time. We also won the Carabao Cup with an excellent win over Chelsea in the final.
  13. Great, cheers. Yeah in an ideal world he'd play in the DM role, but obviously Kalvin has that locked down and I'm developing Jenkins to be his understudy. He'll probably replace Klich playing as a BBM, his finishing let's him down a bit, but if I can develop him he could be very well rounded as you say. I'll take that project as a free transfer any day.
  14. First season going well, reached Jan transfer window and was looking at the transfer list and came across this guy. I've got him on a free as his contract was up, needs some work physically but at 20 has time to develop. @Welshace any experience of him?
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