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  1. Kana, Godfrey are your elite options that I've used, cheaper options - Drongelen (credit @welshace) and training Kenneh from the academy.
  2. Sorry for not getting back sooner, £4.5m I think.
  3. Long story short, someone has released a db that I'd like to try and I only have FMT. I can't load the saved game from full FM to FMT, so was going to buy full fat FM19 and do it that way but it seems to have gone from the steam store? Is it still possible to buy? Thanks
  4. With some retraining he'd be a good Regista I reckon. So long as he doesn't ever have to move.
  5. He started as USA. When I signed him he switched to English. I've just checked him now and he has declared for England and has U20 caps.
  6. All fair observations, but the tactic on the whole is very successful, it may be purely exploitative but it works. I'll keep monitoring him and see how it goes.
  7. No, you need to offer him a good contract so he accepts immediately (or at least that works in FM Touch).
  8. Hmm, shame. I don't think I have the system for him, would like to try him at some point.
  9. Sure, here it is. I've settled on CM(s) with "take more risks" at the moment, seems to be better.
  10. Been considering a Bilbao save for a while, love this thread. For you all who know the squad well, would this shape suit?
  11. Started my last save with the update, trying to sign different players and get a young british squad going. Have still signed Kana though, obviously Take a look at Panzo, I signed him at the start but as he's on loan he doesn't come until the end of the first season, I still think thats an absolute £5m bargain. Also allows me to train Kenneh as a CM which I haven't done yet. I also picked up Reyna on this save, he has English as a nationality, so there's a good chance he'll choose / play full internationals. Here he is midway through first season. I'm retraining him as a winger,
  12. Anyone had any experience with this guy? @Welshace one you've come across? He looks like he starts with a pretty serious injury, but some of those stats look amazing for someone you can get for £2.5m. Physically needs work, but at only 20 I imagine you could get these respectable. Or alternatively get him in a static Pirlo-esque role banging in long shots. 2 footed as well which is always a massive bonus.
  13. Pure vanity to be honest, the system overall is successful but I want to get more from this specific player, given he's probably my most exciting young prospect. I didn't want 2 DLP's in such close proximity, but yes you are right about the gaps in the middle - I'll have a play with the CM(s) role.
  14. Morning. One thing about my current tactic that bothers me is that the left centre midfielder in my tactic always seems to struggle to get good ratings, he's overshadowed by my attack Mezzala - which I don't mind - however I'd like to try and get him in a role that compliments. This is my current midfield line-up. The DLP and attacking MEZ are fine, I'm searching for a role that compliments this set-up. Any / all advice welcome.
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