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  1. So I've started my final save, no mass clear-out. I have just sold Roofe though, which I'm instantly regretting but it was basically a choice between selling him for £8.5m now or missing out on Morilla at his bargain release clause price. Signed Tonali for £6m mostly spread over installments as he's that good it's impossible to turn down signing him. Worried about my lack of firepower, I've got Roberts and Bamford for my sole striker role, hope they can carry me through to January.
  2. Whilst I wait for FMT to be updated, anyone started a new save yet? Anything to share?
  3. In my other save I got Tonali on loan with a £4.5m option and Marin you can get for <£2m. I have managed to regularly raise £15m - £20m in transfer funds off the bat (Roofe, Saiz, Hernandez, Alioski, Dallas) can raise that and more, you can also sell Klich & Cooper, depending on who you identify to replace them and whether you mind using loans. It's not impossible at all to raise enough to get 3-4 very very good players in. My thinking was: Clarke > Roofe Marin > Alioski Tonali > Saiz Selling others then gets you enough to buy another couple of good players, or get loans in with future fees. I've had Morilla, Mendez, Souttar and others in on season long loans with future fees agreed. Example: This was my first window signings in my second save. Didn't bother with Marin in this save I am trying out a narrow 4132 formation.
  4. Knap, looking for a 3 at the back for Leeds, 1st season. What would you suggest? Also, then if I get promoted, what would you suggest for first season in Prem? Cheers
  5. This. I think a lot of the problem (because I've experienced it) is not really being able to tell why you've lost a game. Some will be luck, some will be tactics, some will be bugs, but there's an ever decreasing number of reliable things to help people understand why games turn out the way they do.
  6. It's an emotive subject, people are attached in a funny way to this game. My post was an observation and a suggestion, I agree there's no place for rudeness and I also understand that there's a lot of these posts that you guys reply to, I just get why people get annoyed if they feel they are being dismissed.
  7. This doesn't really help either though, does it? You've posted some stats, and whilst I agree the post you're replying to isn't wholly constructive, why not post some highlights of how the through balls have come about?, or share some of your tactical knowledge to help the guy out?
  8. With the absolute greatest of respect, notwithstanding the rest of your post is totally fair - I can't help but think it doesn't help that when on occasion people get heated, simply saying "It's not broken we've heard it all before" could be taken as antagonistic. Just saying there are issues with the game, we're sorry and I promise we're trying our best, we all want the same thing might not be a bad tactic every now and again. No disrespect meant with this - just some empathy every so often goes a long way. From what I've read over the years there are just as many people who blindly defend the game, as there are those who are too aggressive and attack it.
  9. Sadly this'll be the first medium to long term break I'm taking from playing FM for a long, long time. I can't get to grips with it at the minute, I don't recall another version where I've felt less like I can impact what happens on the pitch. The balance feels all wrong at the moment, SI are clearly working hard to fix it and I don't believe for a single second (even though nobody will publicly admit it, nor would I expect them to) they don't know that they've a huge task in front of them to return this ME to somewhere even close to it's potential. The issues are well documented by lots of people, both here and in the bugs forum - so there's no need for me to go into detail (so I suppose this is a semi-rant). I hope the team at SI can fix it, but there is a bit of me that wonders whether they've hit a wall at the moment and are struggling to find anything like a reasonable balance.
  10. @jakes1991 Haha - I'm going to say thank you very much as you are spot one, it has in fact let me play them (which has rescued the save for me). Clearly a bug.
  11. Knap, not sure if you mentioned this elsewhere, but this tactic (the one posted 30/11) downloads as BEOWULF rather than PILGRAMAGE
  12. Ta, do they just randomly appear then?
  13. Would be interested to see know much you have increased Leeds' reputation by.
  14. Evening I know the "shouts" as they appear in full fat FM aren't in FM touch, but the text commentary constantly refers to them in respect of the AI. Are they available to the AI? - If not, where does the text commentary get it from / in what scenarios does it display?
  15. Tough one, but I'd usually take £50m no questions asked. It depends on your situation, are you right in the title / CL mix? I'd check loans as well, you could get someone very good in to cover. I'm also guessing Origi will be available on a Free in the summer - he's never been anything other than great when I've signed him.
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