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  1. adam Armstrong at blackburn, got me promoted, and won European golden boy
  2. I play with a skin, its the best skin, but the shout button is just under another button, and if the wrong window opens again, I swear to god
  3. the 4 forward players need space, so your ifwd are best playing wide and coming in, if you play amc att if you want him to score, with maybe a dlf, or put him on support for more assists to your fwd. you can still give him the player instruction get forward. because you play inferted wingers, these suit attacking runs from overlapping fbs. fast football works with a more direct, but shorter quite fast can work if you are the better team 2 playmakers can be iffy, but can work with a short slow game your tactic suits playing offside trap complete fwds work better in a two fwd tactic
  4. I Would change dmc to hb to allow you to play att fb. and I would play wider to stretch play to break teams down and stretch the space between your 3 mids
  5. This is the perfect tactic. Even works with LLM, won title with York even though they were faves. This is the last time I update the tactic because it is my vision.
  6. seems to me like you got a good tactic. cant complain about opposition having no shots, you must be doing something right
  7. slow the pace down a little, go for less shots, more shots on target
  8. I don't arrange friendlies with big teams when im a small club. for money. I hate offering instalments or addons if I cant afford the transfer. I do it rarely if the player is basically one of the worlds best and im guaranteed European football the next season.
  9. there are two 442 I know of that work well Chelsea when they won the ecl = two banks of four, no pressing, stand back and then counter. Sit Deep etc. Concentrate on set pieces. daglish and Fergie = get the ball down the wings and get as many crosses into the box as possible for the two strikers to score.
  10. lots of chances but poor ones ie no cc = fast short/direct attacking and frenetic style low chances but good ones = slow patient build up, work ball into box. Find a balance
  11. Here he is aged 19 for my team, can play advanced forward or deep lying forward
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