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  1. left footed wingers on right cant cross, and vice versa, but I got doku since 18 on left wing and Sancho on right since 19. also slow possession lots of defence back, direct no one back
  2. Liverpool would always sack Klopp, but since update they my biggest rivals as blackburn
  3. I will it only costs 30 quid and you get beta
  4. Use the steam workshop. It has downloads like wonderkid shortlists for the best players.
  5. ryan gravenberch from ajax can be bought in jan. Thiago almeda can get a wp at end of season. Others are: David raya gk Peleya Morilla winger Oliver Batista MMeier : winger Sandro Tonali :cm
  6. Game: fm19 Age: 32 Can play whenever Timezone: gmt Username: Urotsukidoji2016
  7. I bought fiete arp when I got promotion with bburn in my first game. won European golden boy. Julian Carrenza (sp) is a cheaper option and has 5 star potential. but don't disregard adam Armstrong.
  8. takes me 2 evenings to complete a season. wouldn't play online with some of the above posters
  9. Buy Thiago Almeda or Sergio Gomez if you early in game
  10. 1. B.Kamara cb 2. Tonali 3. Marin 4. Sergio Gomez 5. Thiago Almeda
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