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  1. Game: fm19 Age: 32 Can play whenever Timezone: gmt Username: Urotsukidoji2016
  2. I bought fiete arp when I got promotion with bburn in my first game. won European golden boy. Julian Carrenza (sp) is a cheaper option and has 5 star potential. but don't disregard adam Armstrong.
  3. takes me 2 evenings to complete a season. wouldn't play online with some of the above posters
  4. Buy Thiago Almeda or Sergio Gomez if you early in game
  5. 1. B.Kamara cb 2. Tonali 3. Marin 4. Sergio Gomez 5. Thiago Almeda
  6. david raya is great at bburn, won league (epl) champs league with bburn for me, had no need to replace him as my clubs stature grows.
  7. nevermind I finally got the new stadium after 3 years of waiting
  8. Alessendrio (spelling) Murgia is a great bbm and can be bought for about 14m
  9. Used this tactic for 4 seasons with Blackburn (Stormcaller v14). 1st season won the championship, 2nd season finished 4th in epl and won league cup, 3rd season won epl and fa cup, 4th season finished 2nd in epl 2 points behind lpool won champ league fa cup league cup and community shield. great tactic.
  10. I was promised a new stadium 2 seasons ago and its still not happened. In this time I haven't been able to ask the board to expand or build new stadium. What might have bugged it was when I was promised a new stadium the board also agreed to expand my stadium (ewood park).
  11. bought him for 10m for blackburn 2nd season. found him to be in consistent and adam Armstrong performed better.
  12. game is way too easy. won championship and fa cup first season as blackburn manager using default 4 2 3 1 gen gen pressing tactic
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