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  1. The above is in Feb with new tweaks. Im Frankfurt, im playing online Inside Forwards now scoring origifwd.fmf
  2. This is an alternative to my other 4231. Both tactics work, im not sure which is better, so i didnt want to tweak an already successful tactic. Your Inside Fwds will score, your forward will score, your amc will score your fullbacks will score. The above is a holiday test no signings 4231 merryxmas.fmf
  3. Hi this is my 532 which i feel deserved a new thread The tactic: Holiday results: No signings 1st with Napoli 2nd with Wolves The above is with no transfers and assistant picking team. Have fun Gulag.fmf
  4. try it now jd, for some reason pressing wasnt urgent and get stuck in wasnt checked
  5. New Tweak Aug 27th Long throw tweak, far post corner tweak, defending set pieces tweaked CM tweaked, now scores and assists more
  6. Your tactic has all the disavantages of having a high defensive line and pressing game without the advantages. You want to win the ball high up and then what do you do? hold shape and start slowly passing it around? Id speed up the tempo a notch change to the opposite hold shape. This would work, with all your other instructions. Id also play a little wider in a 3 man midfield. This is because the disadvantages of playing wide is runs through the midfield in a two man midfield but in your tactic you have a dmc, Then you would get the advantages of playing wide which is stretching the play and breaking teams down.
  7. Depends what league im in @basheer EPL and in europe - 22 first team players. I dont judge them on quality, because if they werent quality they wouldnt be in my team. I dont judge on age. I judge on fitness. I will always play 100% over 97% Lower Leagues - I sell all the rubbish and replace with quality. The problem with this is that small teams have small budgets, and sometimes 5%-25% transfer revenue available. This means i usually have a small but quality team. So grind it out with a first choice 11. You see what the pundits say on tv. Sat Tues Sat Tues. Its a mentality. I rest where i can with subsitutes and academy players
  8. OK Smogfart these are my results so far with an arsenal save. I bought Correa and Kluivert. I decided to release the tweak now so i can share it and because I know it will keep winning. And I know why. AMC banging them in IFWds performing better Changed BBM because i saw it needed improving. I have spent all night testing this tactic. I AM NEVER GOING TO LOSE CORNER ATT - By Me, Honestly you could throw any rubbish together with this tactic and still win Throw ins - Knap DEF CORNER - by e-pusey found on steam Freekicks - Thank you who told me to stick a tall defender on the end of the wall! Mission accomplished, IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY THIS IS THE BEST 4231 FOR FM20 THEN IM GOING TO HAVE TO POST MORE RESULTS.... WATCH THIS SPACE
  9. When testing tactics does going on holiday or instant results give you the correct examination. Does the match engine even come into play in these situations. Plz I need to know
  10. hold up smogfart, tweaking bbm and amc atm, getting better results tweak released after full testing later today
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