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  1. just to let you all know , the tactic (424) will still work wonders even if you change the two striker roles , I have belotti and kane, and set them to their preferred roles (CF and AF) and if anything the tactics working even BETTER!! Thanks again for a great tactic Knap
  2. tactic is working just great for spurs. Corner routines are very good too. will post results when I have a few more games under the belt.
  3. short passing but taken off the instruction to get stuck in .
  4. I did indeed!! but I also signed berahino whose been outstanding, and kasper dolberg!! Eriksen has been class tho in the DLF role. Son and Lamela were both sold for a combined 70m!
  5. This tactic is well and truly the best (for Spurs at least) Mental results. thankyou Knap!! I'm just too scared now too even apply the latet update as don't want to risk it going down the pan
  6. it was the right back and the centre back lol! Its okay, ive turned off get stuck in, and managed to beat PSG 2-0 in the CL, so dosnt seem to have had such an impact, in the game with 2 sending offs, and previous games I was seeing 24+ fouls, turning it off reduced it to around 15-18 so its a start but like you say probably down to aggression stats. Three of the players I just checked who had been sent off had aggression of 17 so that's probably why! thanks for the tips.
  7. Tactic is great, only problem is the amount of fouls and red cards I'm getting! How bad an effect will taking off get stuck in ,do you think?
  8. available for testing? or could I just copy down the intstructions on your screenshot? or is there player instructions too? very interested in a 442
  9. just a suggestion as I just did the same in a separate save to test this tactic, put the right sided IF up front to the right of striker as a DLF role. No other changes. Seems to be working good so far
  10. yes I did retrain eriksen but tbh he barely got a game. alli and wanyama were my midfield duo ( dembele was injured for 3 months and never got back into the side)
  11. Check out llorentes stats from the season (his cup and continental form also!!) , I only sold him as I thought id get in some better players due to the increase in rep......its backfired though as not gelling as well lol
  12. bare in mind I'm in season 2, and won the quadrouple with knaps tactic, I play with harry kane , mauro icardi and alexis sanchez as the top 3, however before I got sanchez ( free transfer ) in season one, I was using llorente, icardi and florin andone as my top 3 (harry kane had 4 major injuries and played 8 times in season one!) icardi always as the top striker, llorente did very well as DLF as did Son before he decided he wanted to move on in January!!
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