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  1. Actually the best formation I have used on this version I'd always go 433 but I just get no consistency, so cheers for this one
  2. Thanks mate, It was confirmed in the FM19 FAQs but doesn't say (As far as I can see) in the FM20 FAQs. I'll drop them a tweet. Cheers again!!!
  3. Not sure the best place to post this, but you seem a savvy lot. I've bought a new laptop (thanks @kevhamster for the advice) but doesn't come with a disc drive. All my previous laptops have come with a disc drive. I've also got every box from CM1 (amiga) onwards to FM19. Question is, if I buy Fm20 in the box, does it come with a steam code, so I can keep the box, and the disc never has to leave the box?
  4. I'm going to join the queue of people posting specs in here. Looks a good spec and deal at the moment. Just reduced from 999 to 699 https://ao.com/product/nhq59ek018-acer-laptop-black-72109-251.aspx Dedicated GeForce® GTX 1650 4GB graphics 9th gen Intel® Core™ i5-9300H quad core processor 8GB of DDR4 RAM delivers seamless multitasking 512GB SSD offers loads of storage & super-fast loading Acer CoolBoost technology for improved performance
  5. So, is this still a release day title? Still not on the Stadia list of games.
  6. Thanks for the updates Ben. Information has been hard to find, so your responses are appreciated !
  7. But will I be able to play it before I get the controller and chromcast? Has anyone got their Stadia code?
  8. I've pre-ordered and my delivery is the 25th November. Stadia comes out on the 19th. Football Manager will be a release day title (I think I read that somewhere). So, my question is... Will I be able to play Football Manager on the 19th on my google account? I don't need the controller or chromecast delivery to sit on my laptop. I presume I will log into my google account, go into Stadia and purchase the game. Maybe? Can anyone at SI Towers advise?
  9. I can like this. I'm working in a quiet office at work, I'm on my work laptop. I can't install Steam/FM due to admin privileges. I just log into my Google Account via Chrome (which we use at work) and sneak a few games out. I'm amazed, but that sounds possible right?
  10. So, I just can't find out enough information... I want to pre-order Stadia Premiere but will I get it on the 19/20 November? I can't pre-order FM2020 on Stadia, but I presume once I've loaded it up I can purchase it within the Stadia menus (which I have no idea what they look like either). Here's a video i've found too... But nothing about FM, no screenshots or videos Do I plug the chromecast into my laptop? Or just sign into my google account, you know, when I'm at work and fancy getting my FA Cup 3rd round replay out of the way?
  11. Hang on. i can buy a Chromebook for like £149 from Argos and play FM super fast with loads of leagues and top GFX? I do like the sound of this
  12. So, I still can't get my head round this all. 1. I have a VERY average laptop (and even that is praise) 2. I have the internet. I have Chrome installed as my number 1 browser. I have 100Mbps Fibre + 3. I order Stadia. I can play ALL the Stadia games in top spec on my crappy machine? FM on my laptop? I just log on via a browser or put the chromecast in 4. If i'm so inclined I can play destiny etc on the tv using Chromecast stick and the controller? I want to get this, I don't want to pay 1k on a new laptop just for FM
  13. A lurker with a mention in the quiz. Yay!
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