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  1. Hang on. i can buy a Chromebook for like £149 from Argos and play FM super fast with loads of leagues and top GFX? I do like the sound of this
  2. So, I still can't get my head round this all. 1. I have a VERY average laptop (and even that is praise) 2. I have the internet. I have Chrome installed as my number 1 browser. I have 100Mbps Fibre + 3. I order Stadia. I can play ALL the Stadia games in top spec on my crappy machine? FM on my laptop? I just log on via a browser or put the chromecast in 4. If i'm so inclined I can play destiny etc on the tv using Chromecast stick and the controller? I want to get this, I don't want to pay 1k on a new laptop just for FM
  3. The average rating in the bottom appearance box, It doesn't show the complete line. Windowed mode v
  4. How did Salah/Mane do for you from the wide positions? I've had the on IF/S with a Complete Forward/s or a Pressing Forward/a but Mane only just made double figures, and Salah about 13. When I changed them to IF/A they didn't seem to get to involved in the game.
  5. Just bought on Voidu. Uk Based. £23.25 with BLUEWINTER discount code. Steam key was immediate, redeemed all ok. Just waiting for the Beta unlock/release
  6. To many attacking midfielders vacating the middle = Kane coming deep Also means we can't play from the back, as our only midfielder is marked our pressed
  7. I'm happy with what we've achieved. I think Southgate only needs minor changes to a system that isn't quite good enough yet... Our biggest problem is midfield. We have 1 midfielder, and 3 AMs running away from the ball. Kane then drops deep to fill that gap. 3 is too many.... It also hinders our ability to play out the back as Henderson is our only choice for our defence to play to, and he can be marked or outnumbered, so we have to go long We needed another man in the middle last night, so the formation becomes a more natural 343. Ideally you want that to be Henderson and a player that is happy playing the ball in tight positions, playing the ball forward and being sensible enough to offer numbers in the middle. Not Dier and Henderson. But Henderson/Dier + Another. Then we choose which 2 players (Lingard, Sterling) to play behind/with Kane.
  8. In fact, I think it should be a cracking 3-3 draw tonight. There's no way this is going to be 0-0 with those lineups.
  9. Belgium to line up in a 3 6 1 formation with no wide defenders?! T Hazard and Chadli as wingbacks?
  10. Nothing wrong with the line up. Excluding Kane its not massively weaker, but we now have more pace up front.. We're a squad full of similar abilities.
  11. This. I'd be well annoyed if my manager told me to lose, shows no belief you can beat any team to become World Champions...
  12. Also, how do the players understand that. Let England in. 'Yo, KOMPANY, HERE!' 'Let Vardy past you if he gets in' 'If you get chance to make a tackle, dive out of it' Or is it all a deliberate ruse to make us comfy and then to smash us!?
  13. WTF? I missed that. Even if you don't say it to your team it can't do wonders. LADS, lose this one because you can't beat Brazil or France in the quarters. It's pretty pathetic and that's my concern, I wouldn't lose for my 5aside team if someone told me we would get a slightly easier tie in the next round... MADNESS
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