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  2. Dundalk (IRL) vs FC Kobenhavn (DEN) In the same vein as Celtic, Kobenhavn would have been disappointed to begin their qualification process so early on. Whilst not boasting the same historic pedigree as the Glaswegians, the Danish champions were used to group stage football of one form or another, and would have expected a relatively smooth passage against Irish underdogs Dundalk. Seven minutes in, there was little reason for that prognosis to be re-evaluated. Left-back Ludwig Augustinsson hit a well-weighted ball in behind the home defence, and Cardiff City flop Andreas Cornelius lofted a beautiful chip over Gary Rogers on the diagonal from fully 20 yards – a wonderful goal and a superb start for the Danes. However, 10 minutes later everything changed. For reasons only he will know, Kobenhavn skipper Matthias Jorgensen decided that the best way to deal with opposing centre-back Brian Gartland’s possession on the edge of the box following a corner was to clean him out from behind, and the man known as Zanka saw red with 70 minutes still to play. Just two of them had elapsed by the time Stephen O’Donnell’s first-time effort deflected beyond the goalkeeper, and the hosts were right back in the game. With the extra man, Dundalk’s supposed inferiority was very quickly overcome, and with all 3,000 seats in Oriel Park cheering them on, the hosts began to dominate. Kobenhavn remained a threat purely down to the quality remaining in their ranks, but what was billed as a one-sided affair proved anything but. In the second half, it was the visitors who began to tire, fatigue setting in after prolonged periods of chasing the extra man whilst also attempting to create chances of their own. The 10 Danish representatives were visibly flagging as the clock ticked into the last quarter of the game, and when a burst of speed came, they couldn’t keep up. Veteran forward Dean Shiels started the move by laying the ball off 30 yards from goal, and timed his run to perfection to meet substitute David McMillan’s flick-on, burst past his marker and shoot low beyond Robin Olsen in the Kobenhavn goal. There was no comeback from the Danes, Rogers making a late save to deny Federico Santander in stoppage time, and Dundalk claimed a famous win to take with them to the Danish capital. Would they have enough about them to complete the shock? Dundalk 2-1 FC Kobenhavn (O’Donnell 22, Shiels 77; Cornelius 7, Jorgensen s/o 19) Fimleikafelag Hafnarfjardur (ISL) vs Alashkert (ARM) With relative giants appearing in the previous two ties, you would have been forgiven for thinking that this clash, between the champions of Iceland and Armenia, belonging in an earlier round of qualifying. However, that would be to do a disservice both to Iceland’s growing stature as a footballing nation, and Alashkert’s emphatic win over Andorran opposition in the last round. This one lacked big names, but promised plenty of intrigue. What it actually delivered was a game defined by its stop-start nature, niggly tactics from the Icelandic hosts preventing the visitors from getting anything going. Five men in the white shirts of FH found themselves in the referee’s notebook over the course of the 90 minutes, the foul count hitting 21 for the home side alone, and Alashkert found themselves kicked off the field despite enjoying the majority of possession. Despite finding the target with five of their nine efforts on goal – compared to just three from the same number by the home side – the Armenians would head back to Yerevan at a disadvantage. Given that they committed just five fouls in the match, it is perhaps a cruel irony that the goal came from the penalty spot, Atli Vidar Bjornsson converting after Dmytro Khovbosha was adjusted to have pulled back Veigar Pall Gunnarsson in an attempt to reach a cross. It was a lucky break for the hosts, and one they took gleefully. Otherwise, this was a less than spectacular affair that will leave Alashkert somewhat disappointed, having found themselves behind despite playing the better football. On the other hand, FH will travel to Yerevan knowing that a repeat performance could well be enough to see them through, so expect plenty more Icelandic fouls in the Caucasus. Fimleikafelag Hafnarfjardur 1-0 Alashkert (Bjornsson pen 21)
  3. Pre Season CupBetweenAjaxBarcelonaManchester UnitedSao Paulo Comments or requests are always welcome. Ajax -18 Youth Cup.fmf
  4. Stupid question perhaps: Excluding the newer roles, I assume that this is all valid back to games like FM15?
  5. New Signing. Jul 2042. JMM (BAS) (Bal) was my 1st choice target and I'm delighted that I was able to get him. We only paid £1.6M for him and he is already worth £1.7M. I expect his value to rise and rise when and if he starts banging in the goals. There should be more signings on the way, but as well as making sure I have the transfer funds available, I also want to make sure that I can convert some of my transfer balance into available wages. We have £10M+ available to spend on transfers and about £20M in the bank. Ideally I would like to spend a maximum of £5M more, leaving £5M in transfer funds that I could convert into available wages. I think "Nomadic" is a little uncalled for. He spent 3 and a half seasons at Pontevedra, 2 seasons at Tenerife, 4 seasons at Albacete, 2 seasons at Numantia and then 3 seasons at Cordoba before turning up here. The scout report is no longer available now that he's signed, (which is a bit rubbish), (unless of course someone know's where it's stored if it's available..... in fact, I know where it's stored. It's stored in this very thread!) Oh no. What a shame. I didn't post a copy of the scout report. All I have is this. I can now at least get a coach report. For what it's worth, he immediately becomes the 10th best player at the club, (by CA).
  6. November 2019 Our woeful league form continued into November, and we really need to shake things up a bit to get rid of this sinking feeling! Premier Division: Burnley 2 - 2 Norwich: Jack Cork (11), Ben Gibson (57) EURO Cup Grp F: Ferencvaros 1 - 3 Burnley: Dwight McNeil (2, 16), Ashley Barnes (86) Premier Division: Leicester 3 - 2 Burnley: Chris Wood (43), Ashley Barnes (71) Premier Division: Burnley 1 - 3 Man Utd: Matej Vydra (56) EURO Cup Grp F: Burnley 7 - 0 AEK: Aaron Lennon (15), Matej Vydra (18, 53, 63), Robbie Brady (26), Dwight McNeil (39), Jack Cork (72) We broke our losing run with a draw at home to Norwich, but then conceded three times to lose to Leicester and Manchester United. Our European adventure continues unabated, but unless we can do something in the league or cups, we might not qualify next season. Down to 10th now in the league, and we haven't won in six league games. Our last victory was against Wolves in the final game of September, and maybe we are finally seeing the bite of not doing any transfers. Norwich currently sit just above us in the table, with Bournemouth and Brighton also flying high. Top five looks more familiar, with Allegri finally finding his feet at City. Hopefully December can provide us with some points as we face Fulham (A), West Ham (H), Southampton (A) and Bristol City (H)... we simply must do better!
  7. If I send a scouts to look for players aged, say, up to and including 21 he's obviously going to send me reports about players that he's scouted in that age range and my list of known and scouted players and the knowledge about them will increase. While he's scouting those specific players he's also going to observe older players playing in the same game as the younger players. If he sees an older player that he likes does he: - ignore him; or - send me a report on basis that, although the players outside my age range, he still thinks that the player is worth considering; or - even if he doesn't send me report does he add the player to club's list of players shown in the scouting centre under player search albeit with perhaps minimal information about the player?
  8. October 2019 October was a busy month for us, and we certainly had a bit of a wobble: EURO Cup Grp F: Burnley 4 - 0 Krasnodar: Ashley Barnes (11, 27), Matej Vydra (pen 16), Aaron Lennon (45+1) Premier Division: Arsenal 2 - 0 Burnley: None Premier Division: Burnley 0 - 3 Tottenham: None EURO Cup Grp F: Burnley 3 - 0 Ferencvaros: Matej Vydra (pen 23, 56, 69) Premier Division: Bournemouth 2 - 1 Burnley: Robbie Brady (40) Carabao Cup 4th Rnd: Burnley 4 - 0 Sheff Utd: Aiden O'Neill* (pen 6), Dwight McNeil (13), Mitchell George (43), Chris Wood (65) A comfortable win against Krasnodar was followed by double defeat against Arsenal and Tottenham. They have both strengthened significantly in the summer, with Timo Werner moving to Spurs the highlight. It is difficult to do a youth only save when you see players you normally target moving clubs and you just have to sit and watch. We bounced back against Ferencvaros in the Europa League, but then lost at Bournemouth. Our league form in October has been horrific, with our only wins coming in the cup games. No surprise here that we've plummeted down the league, but I am more concerned with the morale drop than our position in the league at the moment. Very disappointing performances, and we really should've gotten something against Bournemouth.
  9. Having major lag on certain screens on certain saves. Now my laptop is terrible and totally unsuitable for running FM. I'm operating at 2 stars if I only load the Premier League on a small database! So anything else is half a star. I have no issue with slow loading between days, I'm very used to that, but the recent lag is making the game unplayable. On certain screens (inbox, tactics, player search especially) the game lags massively and takes ages to load. But this is only on saves I've started on the updated database. I have used the large database with custom force loading of certain players but with only England as an active league. For reference: -Southampton save - updated database - got three years in before the problems started. Large database, about 25,000 players now due to loading several European nations as 'players from top division clubs' -Burnley save - updated database - figured I'd loaded too many players, so just put players from top clubs, for about 18000 now. But have only managed one season before the lag has happened. -Meanwhile, on a save with Sunderland on the OG database, with 26,000 players currently from force loading more players than the other two , now well into the fifth season there is no lag at all. So can it really just be the amount of players loaded if the larger, longer save has no issues? It's the same in all screen resolution modes. I have used the Real Names fix and a Face pack on all three, nothing else. My Intel graphics drivers are up to date. Any ideas? Thanks.
  10. There are attributes that are important for both PM types - passing, vision, first touch, technique, anticipation, decisions, teamwork, off the ball, composure, concentration. Then there are those that are more important for a DLP, which does not mean it would be bad for an AP to have them as well - positioning, tackling, marking. And finally those that are more important for an AP (though not all of them are necessary), but absolutely not unwelcome for a DLP either - dribbling, agility, flair, balance, long shots, finishing. While OTB is important for both (as already suggested), it's slightly more important for an AP than a DLP, for the simple reason that - as @Atarin correctly pointed out - AP operates in (potentially) more crowded areas. Hovewer, you need to know that a number of players can successfully perform both roles. So when you make the decision on which role to choose, besides looking at the player and his attributes, you need to consider your overall tactical system and its balance. Along with the attributes, there are also player traits that are welcome for any PM - dictates tempo, tries killer balls often, comes deep to get the ball, likes to switch to the other flank, tries long range passes. Of course, a PM does not (necessarily) need to have all of these at the same time. And these traits make sense only when they are coupled with the right attributes.
  11. Hi, yes I added Portugal but not removed any of the leagues I started with.
  12. September 2019 Premier Division: Newcastle 1 - 3 Burnley: Chris Wood (14), Jack Cork (34), Robbie Brady (90) EURO Cup Grp F: AEK 0 - 6 Burnley: Ashley Barnes (11), Robbie Brady (37), Chris Wood (45+2, 51, 59), Aiden O'Neill* (77) Premier Division: Burnley 2 - 2 West Brom: Ben Gibson (14), Aiden O'Neill* (39) Carabao Cup 3rd Rnd: Burnley 5 - 2 Bristol City: Jack Cork (35, 66), Robbie Brady (40), Chris Wood (56), Ashley Barnes (87) Premier Division: Burnley 3 - 2 Wolves: Aiden O'Neill* (71), Johann Berg Gudmnundsson (80), Chris Wood (pen 90) Goals, goals and more goals! Whilst I am loving our attacking play, our defence is terrible at the moment. Joe Hart has been our first choice goalkeeper since Nick Pope picked up an injury in pre-season, and maybe Pope will be straight back into the team at this rate. Athens provided zero test for us, but the delight during this month is the form of youngster Aiden O'Neill. I started him against Athens as we rotated the side, and he performed so well that I didn't feel like I should take him out... and he picked up Young Player of the Month! And here he is, the man in question - note the * by his name is so I can keep tabs on the youngsters I want to blood into the first team this year: Still top after seven games, although you'll agree I could've had much tougher opposition so far. Norwich have looked excellent following their promotion, although Bristol City are having a very tough time adjusting to the pace of the Premier League.
  13. Hi, yes I added Portugal but not removed any leagues. I will upload the save file tonight Thanks.
  14. Left click on position role and duty, then hold shift and left click on the position column
  15. The problem is with the latest Mac OS update SI have stated previously they were working on a fix - presume they still are
  16. I changed a teams name to one that I created, changed the kit added a new town and stadium etc, and this seemed to do as above, any answers?
  17. I have problems with fm 19, when I play it is slow and not at all very good. I play on a Macbook Pro 15 from 2017 so it should be able to pull it, can you tell me what the problem is?
  18. August 2019 So season 2 begins, and with the performance last season breaking all expectations, I was scared with what the board would want this time round. Top half finish in the Premier League is reasonable after our exploits last season, as are the cup goals. If we get a similar group to last season, I certainly expect us to get through to the knockout phases again. Carabao Cup and FA Cup draws need to be a little kinder this season though if we are to progress! Premier Division: Chelsea 2 - 4 Burnley: Ashley Barnes (10), Jeff Hendrick (21), Donny van de Beek o.g. (51), Jack Cork (81) Premier Division: Burnley 5 - 5 Liverpool: Charlie Taylor (22), Matej Vydra (68, 77), James Tarkowski (88), Robbie Brady (90+1) Premier Division: Burnley 5 - 1 Cardiff: Charlie Taylor (15), Chris Wood (23, 76, 85), Aaron Lennon (55) Premier Division: Brighton 2 - 3 Burnley: Ashley Barnes (45+2), Johann Berg Gudmnundsson (66), Matej Vydra (70) The start to this season has been nothing short of ludicrous! Teams are beating everyone, goals flying in, and for us to start the campaign with a 4-2 win at Chelsea is just very bizarre. Follow that up with a 10 goal thriller at Turf Moor against Liverpool and it was a "don't adjust your tv" moments! We've scored for fun so far, and delighted to see the goals being spread around. Chris Wood is dominating again, and if he carries on like this, it'll be tough to keep hold of him. We're top of the league after four games, scoring a whopping 17 goals, but conceding 10! Always nice to be at the top, although such an awful long way to go lol Familiar foes in the group stage as we face Krasnodar and Ferencvaros who we faced last season, and AEK Athens. Should be an easy group, and I fully expect us to win it.
  19. I have tried all of which you have said and still no luck. It has also happened to me before on older FM's.. I just do not understand it.. It's like once you accidentally click on a tab there is never any going back to undo it
  20. Tried that and it still does not put them in order of position it just changes picked and unpicked players around :(
  21. Movement-related attributes like dribbling, acceleration, pace and off the ball will be more important to an AP than a DLP. Passing and vision will be important for both, but since a DLP would typically be making longer passes than an AP they are arguably more important in that role. If your DLP is on a defend duty positioning becomes especially important along with the other attributes you would expect in a defensive midfielder.
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