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  2. Hello ! So my question may sound really stupid, because I have no idea about skinning and programming and stuff. But I would like really, REALLY, REALLY REALLY want to know the answer for this and if it is even possible to do that. In my screenshot I added the arrows and widgets if someone doesnt know what I mean. I would love to get those things back like it was in all previous version, for as long as I can remember, i think 10+ years if not even more. I dont want to click all the time to see stats, I want to have those widgets pinned on my screen all the time when I'm watchi
  3. To my understanding, fm does somewhat of a screenshot of your players in the db you load up. If you have 60k players at the start. you should have arround the same players in year 2050
  4. Thanks for the saves on this one guys, we're working to get it fixed ASAP. Any fix will be save game compatible
  5. i been using this one Knapp made not sure when but its been insane for me haaland has 43 goals 9 Assist in 15 games
  6. Thanks, that's brilliant! Is there any way to easily make the faces a bit bigger in relation to the pitch? Don't worry if not!
  7. So, I pre ordered the game and while playing the beta I had the above issue. I tried all was suggested in the threads here, but nothing worked. So, I said, it is ok, I`ll wait for the full game , nut nothing has changed, then I unistalled the game, and I have to play the fm 20 because I bought a game but is unplayable for me. I dont think is fair, it is not a bug , but a malfunction and nobody in SI is able to fix??? I am speechless
  8. January 2020 Great month of fixtures really. We were unlucky against Paredes and Ivanildo was amazing but we lost the games we were supposed to lose and we won the games we should be winning. The clean sheet at the end of the month did wonders for the confidence! Key match – Vila Real 2 – 1 Camara de Lobos This was a tough game against a very similar opposition. We should be winning these games but the confirmation was much needed. Great performance from all! Player of the month – Ivanildo Nhaga 4 goals in 4 games has secured Ivanildo the player of the month award
  9. My favourite skin by far in FM20, I am so happy that you released it for FM21 <3 Thanks for the great work!
  10. My general understanding is no it won't necessarily keep populating the teams outside your divisions selected with newgens. I'm sure it regenerates a few but I don't think it'll be to the extent of a full team. I could be wrong here, I've not actually paid attention to that.
  11. Hello :D So... this happened to me 2 times, curiously after losses (this never happened in beta). I finished the game and then I click continue and nothing happens, just the field camera on the background and no way of continuing... so I used task manager to solve that because there was no other way... Any idea of what should I do or it's a bug? Thanks for any help
  12. I am having the exact problem as you have. Hope SI will address it in the coming fix. thank you.
  13. Was loving it till then (great job btw) I named the file 'BrokenContinue After Match'.
  14. Could you put a screen or save? Because that's rare, I've played many saves during beta and it's never happened to me.
  15. Awesome that helps a lot really, I can adjust my database but your explanations are definitely what I need to help me have a fun long-term save with a database I want, cheers! 😄
  16. You should keep Match Preview - I believe its necessary for the pre-match tactical briefing (which has always seemed undercooked, but if I get red thumbs down my team usually performs worse so it must have some effect). I'm still on FM19 but I know some are included in the 'Big Match Preparation' scenario. Match Review after the match is a great session which is only available if you add it in, it doesn't appear in any of the presets. I would strongly advise doing so, even if you ignore the rest of what I post. I personally have found great success using - for my first team - schedules th
  17. Does loading players with a custom db from a specific division, for example, english regional premier divisions... does this just populate those teams with the actual players to start with, or does it then always keep them loaded up with newgens in the future>
  18. @knap Hello there, i have a question btw welcome back to fm 21 , may i ask , why you use 2 different attacking corner set up in some formations like 451 and 442 ect. in 442 is BEO44 and 451 is 6dyr, any explanation? and which of them are more effective as set piece? thanks in advance mate
  19. No worries, cheers for the info, sounds like you were just having a normal game up until this happened... What's the save called? A few got uploaded around the same time as you posted this... Any chance of that save and I'll take a look?
  20. Manchester united's club culture seems to be getting bloated a bit too much. I know there's a bit of an identity crisis on the field, but it could do with toning down. Things need to be running consistently to get added as a cultural philosophy of the club IMO; This year they are saddled with: * Play Attacking football * Develop players using youth * Sign players U22 for future * Sign high rep players * Sign English players * Play Entertaining football * Sign U23 for first team. That's a lot of additions from FM20's: * Play Entert
  21. Nothing out of the ordinary, just subs... each time I try again from the saved file, I get through to the same point and no further
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